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Depravity Pt. 05

by pennyd1992©


I looked down at the tablet. These new cameras were really fantastic, I could zoom in on the peas on Steve's plate and count them, all by the flick of a finger on the touch screen.

"It seems our friends our having a dinner party." I said.

"Uh." grunted Bonnie.

I turned up the volume and listened to their dinner party conversation. I discovered that the blonde woman was called Sarah and her partner was Mike. They chatted incessantly about their 4 month old daughter. How interminable I thought.

"Uh, uh, uuuughh." Bonnie's moans grew in intensity.

I glanced over at her. Her head was buried in the pillow, her knees tucked under her, with her arse stuck in the air. Her arms were pulled back behind her with her hands shackled together in handcuffs.

An extremely well hung athletic black man, by the name of Curtis was burying his huge cock into her, and building up a punishing rhythm. Bonnie let out a long wailing moan, as her body started to convulse.

I reached over to the 'pleasure and pain' drawer and removed a ball gag. I approached her signalling Curtis to hold off, while I attached the device to her, muffling her ecstatic wailing. I couldn't have her interrupting me after all.

I returned my attention back to the tablet. Perhaps I could liven things up a bit. I took out a mobile, double checking it was the untraceable one I wanted, and phoned Steve's home.

Looking at the tablet I heard the phone ring in the background. Come on Louise answer the phone. I really didn't want Steve picking it up. Judging by their positions around the table Louise was closest.

"Oops there's the phone I'd best answer it." I heard her say on the tablet.

She got up and I split screened the display so I could see the phone in the hallway while maintain a view of the proceedings in the dining room. I muted the volume on the tablet, so she couldn't hear.

Louise walked to phone and picked up. As she did I said, "Hello Louise."

"Who is this?" she replied.

"It's me, Michael. How are you?"

"What do you want now, I'm in the middle of something...."

"Yes I know. A nice cosy dinner party, with Sarah and Mike. How sweet."

"How do..." She started, but then stopped. "Spying on us again, like the perverted voyeur you really are?" she whispered angrily.

"That's not very nice is it Louise? Here I was, just going to tell you tomorrow's challenge in advance so you er... have more time to prepare."

"Fuck. Haven't you had enough of your perverted games. Aren't you getting bored yet?"

Bonnie whimpered loudly in the background.

"What was that?" quizzed Louise.

I ignored her.

"I'll never get bored of teasing you Louise."

"Well tell me what your stupid challenge is, and I'll go back to my dinner party."

"Hmmm, since you were so rude maybe I'll wait till tomorrow."

"Oh fuck you." she swore.

"Don't put the phone down." I said anticipating her next response.

"Give me one reason why not?" she asked."

"Because, Louise, I haven't finished with you. Every time you're rude to me, I take it personally and I want to punish you."


"Now before your friends start getting suspicious, I want you to do me a favour."

"A favour for you, yeah right."

"Don't worry it's perfectly simple."

"Go on."

"Lift up that rather fetching flower print dress you're wearing and show me your knickers."

"Look I'm in the middle of a dinner party, can't this wait."

"Just do it."

I thought I might have to blackmail her some more, but she complied willingly this time. Perhaps my training was working.

She lifted the hem of her dress to reveal some rather fetching pink patterned knickers. I panned and zoomed the camera in so I could get a good view.

"Very nice."

"Had a good look now?" Can I lower my dress?"

"Yes but first drop your knickers to the floor and step out of them."

"You're joking."

"Louise." I uttered her name with disdain in my voice.

"Oh for fuck's sake." She quickly removed her knickers with one hand holding the dress with the other, so I got the briefest glimpse of that cute stripe of pubic hair.

Bonnie always kept a perfectly shaved pussy and it was a bit of a thrill for me to see Louise's simple stripe of fluff.

"Happy now, look I've got to get back." She picked her knickers off the floor and stuffed them behind the cabinet.

I looked to the other camera.

"Don't worry your friends are still being engaged by one of Steve stories."

"One last thing I need you to do."

"What now." she said like a stroppy five year old.

"Try and get Steve to put his fingers in your dirty snatch during the party."

"Are you for real?"

"Trust me, he'll enjoy it, and I'm sure deep down you'll get off on the thrill of it."

"Is that my challenge?"

"No that comes tomorrow. Bye for now."

I put the phone down. I watched the next few minutes of the dinner party but then turned it off. It didn't matter if she did or didn't get Steve to finger her, just the possibility of it would be a turn on.

I wondered if I'd be able to tell if she had succeeded from Steve's attitude at work tomorrow. He was bound to have an extra spring in his step if his wife let him finger her at a dinner party.

Roll on tomorrow.


I awoke with a bit of a hangover. After Michael's phone call I'd drunk a shed load more wine than I should have, and was feeling a bit worse for wear. When I returned to the dinner party, I'd joined in the banter but knowing my pussy was naked and available under my dress kept me from concentrating fully on the topics of conversation. I was sitting on the opposite side of the table to Steve so it would have been incredibly difficult for him to subtly reach under the table and touch me up, not unless he was Mr Tickle. I did think about putting my foot on his crotch but was worried that he wouldn't be able to contain himself with such a blatant move, and I'd embarrass Sarah.

Instead I knocked back glass after glass of wine, and contented myself that it wasn't a challenge. Fuck Michael. Even when I'm not ordered to do something I'm still somehow trying to please him. Fuck, fuck, fuck him.

I waited impatiently for the text to come in, pacing around the house like a caged animal. But by lunchtime it still hadn't arrived.

Right that's it I'm going out I thought.

No sooner had I thought this than BZZZT. the phone buzzed and played the 'Michael Melody'. I should have picked the theme from Jaws, or the Darth Vader one, but that might have aroused suspicion in Steve.

I checked it.

'How's your hangover Louise? Today's challenge is simple, and must be completed by tonight. You must participate in anal sex. You can perform this act in any room in the house but it must be visible by the cameras: You cannot do it under the cover of the duvet.'

"You bastard I said aloud to the cameras. You know I wouldn't let Steve do that."

"Why now you sicko?"

"I'm not doing it. No. 100% not doing it." I reiterated.

Was he watching?

A half hour, then an hour went by, then two hours...still nothing.

Finally Just before three o'clock, a text came through.

'Louise - please don't feel that you have to complete this task if you don't want to.' Phew I thought.

It continued though.... 'If you don't complete it your forfeit will be so much worse and will affect both Steve and yourself. Your choice'

Shit, I didn't like the sound of that. It was very threatening. I knew Michael didn't like to fuck around.

I didn't quite know what it would involve but it sounded too ominous to ignore.

I turned on the iPAD and typed in 'anal sex' into the browser. There were some forums for people who liked to do it and they gave some advice, but I was distracted by the porn videos where women would be fucked by guys with huge dicks up the ass. One video after another showed the same thing, women writhing in pleasure and moaning as dicks slid in and out of their tight little assholes.

Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad? The advice I read suggested lots of lubrication and trying it out with a butt plug first.

I didn't own a butt plug but I had a dildo, but there was no way I was going to give Michael a free cam show of me masturbating with a dildo in my ass.

No, but I did have an idea.

An hour later I was nervously approaching the sex shop in the city's rather seedy area. As I entered the door sounder registered I'd come in with a long beep. The bored looking man at the counter glanced up at me and then back down at his magazine. He had piercings all over his face and more tattoos than a dog has fleas.

The shop was garish and had an awe inspiring collection of every conceivable sex aid possible. Dildos of every size assailed me as I mooched round looking for the butt plugs section. 'Butt plugs section' sounded funny as I said it to myself, and I giggled out loud. The man looked up again. He must have thought I was giggling at the merchandise.

I found what I was looking for, but then was struck by the diversity of the things, glass ones, black ones, metal ones, ones with tails, all different sizes.... arrrgh.

I quickly chose one that looked fairly bland but functional, - a black rubbery one that wasn't too big, and as an impulse buy I threw in a dildo that promised 'The most powerful orgasm you'll ever have.' We'll see I thought.

I took it to over to the man and took out my card, but then thought cash might be better... The bored assistant seemed to come to life, "You need any lube with that purchase?" the man asked in an unexpectedly polite manner.

"Erm I guess I should, shouldn't I?" I replied, turning a deep shade of crimson.

He reached across the counter and grabbed a tube of KY jelly.

It didn't look particularly big.

"Erm maybe another tube..." I added.

He fetched another and rang up the purchases on the till.

"Do you want it gift wrapped?"

Was he taking the piss, who buys a butt plug as a gift?

I gave him the Paddington Bear hard stare and paid him and hurried out embarrassed as hell.

Now I couldn't go back home and try out my purchase, because that would mean giving Michael his free anal cam show he was probably hoping for, but I did know there was a rather large and totally private room in the local supermarket - the disabled toilet. It wasn't ideal, since it was in a public place, but seeing as it would only be me in there I couldn't see much harm.

I could lube up my butt plug, strip off in private and experiment sticking it up my ass. I had an hour or two before Steve would return home.

This sounded like a totally ideal and reasonable plan. It was only when I was walking into the supermarket did I realise how nuts I was.

For Christ's sake I was seriously thinking about playing with myself in a public toilet....with a butt plug....up my ass. Louise you're mental.

But then the logical side of my brain kicked in again. What other choice did I have, - say no to Michael and face an even more warped forfeit? Go home and lie on the bed hidden under the duvet, sticking a butt plug up my ass, erm nope. I strode purposefully towards the disabled toilet.

It was a single room, which was always empty from my previous trips to the supermarket toilet - I sometimes used it when there was a queue for the ladies or just because the ladies toilets were a bit smelly.

I know I was probably disadvantaging someone or other, but who wouldn't want a big ol' private room to do your business in? I could always fake a limp if I walked out and there was someone in a mobility scooter waiting.

Anyway I entered the room, and quickly stripped down to my underwear, neatly folding my clothes in some kind of weird respect for the cleanliness of the room. Then self consciously, (even though there was no one around), I lowered my knickers and bent over. Because it was for disabled people the mirror was low down which suited my nefarious purposes perfectly since I could bend over and see my ass in the mirror over my shoulder. I took the butt plug out of the bag, uncapped the lubricant, struggling with the seal and spread a generous layer over the rubbery device.

I pushed it close to my ass confused by the mirror inversion, mixing my left and right movements up. I've never been that coordinated.

The tip of it pressed into my ass, and I gently eased it further in. After the first centimetre or so penetrated my virgin ass I became more confident and pushed in some more. It began to hurt me slightly so I withdrew it and added more lubricant, even squeezing the tube of lube over my ass crack. Outside I could hear the bustle of people using the toilets and a tannoy announcement for more checkout assistants on till 4.

I dropped to the floor, the cold tiles freezing my ass cheeks and back as I leant against the wall. I scooted forward so I could rest my feet on the toilet and access my ass. I was feeling so glad I did this here and didn't attempt it at home, it was hardly painting me in the best of lights.

I licked my fingers and rubbed my clit, trying to get aroused. I thought dirty thoughts, and continued wanking myself to make myself moist.

When I was sufficiently turned on I pushed the butt plug back into my ass. This time it slid in gracefully 1 centimetre, two, three. In and out, each time increasing the depth. I closed my eyes and rubbed my pussy some more, groaning sensually, forgetting where I was.

The butt plug slipped in deeper and deeper until my ass sucked the entirety of it in. Fuck. It felt oddly disconcerting, but at the same time rather sexy. I put my finger into my pussy and could feel the hardness of the rubber through the thin separation of internal tissue.

I worked my fingers in and out in conjunction with the butt plug, and felt myself beginning to cum...


Someone hammered on the door.

"Are you alright in there." came a female voice.

My heart started pounding as I thought someone was coming in. Adrenalin pumped through my body and I felt palpitations ripple through me as though I were in shock.


"Erm yes. I'm OK." I managed ....

"I'll be out soon."

Looking down at myself naked with my fingers up my twat and a plug up my ass, feet up in the air. What was I thinking.

I flushed the toilet to cover any noises and quickly dressed.

Making sure I'd got everything, (I didn't want to leave my butt plug for some unsuspecting old lady), I checked myself in the mirror and opened the door.

No one was outside waiting, though one of the supermarket staff was watching from a few metres back. Was it her.

Who knows. I left the supermarket and made my way to the car.

Tonight Steven Carter, your dreams are about to come true, I thought to myself.

Steve arrived home later that evening. I'd had a bath and glammed up. I'd put on white Bardot crop top and a short black high-waisted slit skirt.

It didn't take much to get Steve's motor running but me showing some flesh; thighs, or stomach, or in this case both, then no matter how tired he was he would be putty in my hands.

He kissed me when he walked in and took a long appreciative look at what I was wearing.

"You look...incredible."

"Do I?" I said innocently. "I haven't done anything special."

"Tell me about your day... while I serve up dinner." I said.

He started talking about his day at work - some deal or other, which I quickly lost interest in, while I plated out one of his favourite meals, fillet steak in a red wine sauce with vegetables.

He was obviously impressed, and as I transferred the green bean casserole to his plate, he came up behind me, gripping me round the waist and nuzzled my neck.

"What have I done to deserve this?"

"I just thought you might deserve something special." I replied. "If you're good, you'll get a special treat later on too."

He squeezed me, and kissed the back of my neck.

A little later on we snuggled up on the sofa watching some film or other. I rested my head on his shoulder and curled up cat like.


Sitting on the sofa, with Lou cuddled next to me felt wonderful. It was another one of those nights where she'd gone to a lot of effort, what with dressing up in an alluring outfit, and serving me fine steak for dinner.

The film was a war film, and I could tell she wasn't really interested.

"You OK, hon?"

"Yes," she replied. "I was just thinking, maybe instead of this we could watch something a bit more racy?"

"Really, what do you have in mind?"

"You know..."

Was she really suggesting what I think she was suggesting? We'd never ever watched a dirty movie together. Obviously I'd watched loads on the computer when she wasn't around and I was always careful to hide my browser history, but I think she knew I'd watched them in secret. This must be a trap.

"No, I don't know what you mean." I lied.

"I think you do, something a bit risque...."

This had to be a trick, I was going to put a porno on and she was going to say ...'I knew it, I knew you watched them behind my back.'

I gave her the TV remote.

"I think I'll let you choose...."

She worked her way through the menus to the pay per view sites ....

"Red Hot Housewives or Triple X Amateurs?" she asked.

This couldn't be happening.

"Erm, your choice." I croaked.

"Let's go for the housewives, see if I have any competition.."

I felt my cock stir in my pants before the film had even started. Holy mother of fuck, this was going to be fricking awesome....

The film began with a pneumatic blonde in a luminous two piece swimsuit cavorting around a rather plush house.

I looked on, feeling slightly embarrassed for some reason.

"She's kind of hot, wouldn't you say?" quizzed Lou.

See it was a trap, I thought.

"In an obvious way maybe, but not compared to you." I mentally patted myself on the back for such a diplomatic answer.

The woman had stripped off her top and was thrusting her fake tits into the camera.

We watched in silence for a couple of minutes when she was joined by two men, one white and one black, dressed only in shorts, who began sucking and squeezing her tits.

Louise reached for my crotch, feeling for my stiffening member.

"Seems this film is giving you the horn?"

The guys had removed their shorts and the woman knelt between them alternately, hungrily sucking one cock then the other. Ropes of drool fell from her mouth as she frantically grabbed the cocks and rammed them into her mouth.

"Would you like me to suck your cock like that?" Louise asked shyly.

I didn't know what to say, and before I could form any words she reached for my fly and unbuttoned my trousers.

"I think I could be a porn star. Do you want to audition me?"

"Erm. yes." That was the best I could come up with? I berated myself.

Louise opened up my trousers and I lifted my ass so she could pull down my underwear and trousers.

My cock sprung up into her face.

She plunged her head down engulfing my cock in one deep throat motion. She held it and then pulled up, gasping.

The woman on the video knelt beneath the black guy and tea bagged him, taking his ball sack completely into her mouth.

Louise deep throated me some more, taking my whole length in and out, in and out, like some filthy fellatio world championships.

The way her mouth manipulated my cock left me groaning with pleasure each time she released it from her slick lips.

Then, she dropped between my legs and started licking my balls, darting her tongue as far down underneath as she could reach. She slurped and sucked and licked me for all she was worth.

She took my cock in her hands and wanked my wet manhood slowly, looking directly into my eyes as she did so, daring me to look away.

"You think I'd make a good porn star?"

"Oh fuck yes," I grunted. "You'd be the filthiest dirtiest fucking porn star in the world."

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