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Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 11

by lilguy©

It was night time in Vegas.

Soon I would become Ms Candy Fortune. I was so happy. I would be her slave for life. It wasn't going to be a equal partnership. She was the boss. I was her property. For that I was glad. The wedding was going to be made up of just her friends and be at Vegas. It wasn't really going to be a white wedding. First I had to be prepared.

My male name was gone. My new name was Candy. I had pigtail and curvy legs. A tattoo that said "Property of Chantz fortune" was on my ass. She was kind enough to let me keep my dick and gave hormones so I had a girl voice and a c cup with extra sensitive nipples. My hair was now in blond pig tails.

Summer Cumming and Sky blue was putting my make up on.

"My my don't we look like a pretty little fag. Doesn't he Blue." Sky said.

Sky put lipstick on me and eye shadow. The women looked beautiful. Sky was shorter and blond. She was the leader of the relationship. Summer was tall and brunet with big giant tits. She resemble Betty Paige. She looked sweet but could be mean. She grabbed me by the face.

"He got nice blow me lips. A sexy sweet ass too. Didn't no chantz would pick just a girl." Summer said.

She grabbed my dick.

"Cute little clit though." Sky said.

They spread me with perfume and bent me over. Sky took some shaved me down and took some lube. She wanted to get my ass ready for the honeymoon. She slid her finger deep into my ass. Her index finger and middle finger parted my cheeks wider making a hole. The lubed force more and more in. Summer was in front of mean holding me so I couldn't struggle. She squeeze my neck choking me with a single hand. The girls had me help. I started to get dripping wet as she fist me. I was excited. My screams of pain couldn't be let out because Sky was squeezing my voice box.

"Ahhh think the little boy hurt." Sky laughed.

"Here put your face in my tits so it be ok." Summer said.

She smother the life out of me. Summer still had her neck squeeze around my neck. Sky had half her arm inside me slamming me. I passed out. Summer wasn't finish. She lifted my head up and slapped me awake. Summer smiled evilly and slammed a strapon for hours. The girls took turns fucking me for hours with the biggest strapon's they could fun. My ass was gaping wide when they were done.

"Look at that shit. Work of art." Sky said.

She look at my gaping hole fisting it some more till I screamed. She poured some scent liquid soap in my ass. They had all ready completely clean me out in there. Summer spit down it getting it nice and wet. I then licked their hands clean before getting my mouth washed out. I was put in a white dress with cut off on the ass, tits, and crotch area. I wore pumps and a garter belt. I looked pretty.

She walked me over. We were getting married in a church. A lot of mistresses and slaves were there. Chantz stood dress in white leather that was made to look like a wedding dress. They took me to Chantz. She smiled and lifted my chin up. She grabbed my neck and spit in my face. Her blue eyes pierce me and her blond hair hung down. She was beautiful.

"Time for your vows slave." Chantz said.

"Ok mistress."

"I am a mistress so I make no vows. Do you understand you nothing. My bug. You vow to do every I ask no matter how sadistic or repulsive? Do you promise to obey me and worship me like a goddess. To never question me." Chantz said

She held my neck. Her voice still made me shake.

"Yes I swear Mistress."

She laughed.

"You really are the most pathetic slave I ever met. You will be my dog understand?"

I nodded.

"Do you take Candy as you slave" The justice said

"I do" Chantz said

"Do you take Chantz as your mistress"

"I do."

"I now pronounce you Chantz and Candy Fortune."

Chantz kissed me. I felt safe in her arms. My legs went weak and my arms went limp. Her tongue entered my mouth as she grabbed my ass.

"Your old life is over. You are now Candy Fortune. I want no mention of the old you" Chantz said softly

"Yes mistress,"

She carried me in her arms and took me away to are honey moon. That night she made love to me. She made tender love to me as well as rough love. She took me inside her and then went inside me. Finally all was well.

Written by: lilguy

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