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A Moulin Rouge Lesbian Foursome Ch. 2

by Trident©

Back to the other duo again, Mya was now indeed lying on her back, stretched out, and Pink was stroking her hosed legs, as she was licking at the bottom of Mya's feet. She tasted the nylon as her tongue slithered upwards, 'till her tongue was circling around Mya's toes, starting from the little one, licking the bottom of them one by one, until she had come to Mya's big toe, which she licked at quickly. She then took it in her mouth and sucked on the hose covered toe with audible smacking and slurping sounds. Mya squealed in delight and had an enormous smile on her face as the girls looked each other in the eye. And as Pink smiled back, she took hold of the nylon with both hands, and ripped it to shreds so Mya's foot was uncovered.

"You have beautiful feet, Mya," said Pink honestly, "They look like I could just lick them all day and not get tired of it. Your toes look so goddamned succulent I just have to taste them in my mouth. Would you like that? Would you like me to suck your toes, Mya?"

"Oh god, yeah. Please suck my toes, Pink. Take them in your mouth and taste them. Nobody's ever done that to me."

"They're nuts. How could anybody see these feet and not have their mouths water?"

Pink then slowly flicked her tongue at the bottom of Mya's big toe as their eyes kept locked on each other's. After teasing Mya enough Pink finally sucked it between her lips and enjoyed feeling it on her tongue. She bobbed her head and slid her lips up and down it as if she was sucking a cock. Drool was running down it along the wrinkled bottom of Mya's foot. This kept going on for minutes, as Pink gave both of Mya's feet this treatment, until they both were spit soaked completely.

Finally Pink let her tongue slide from a foot upwards, past an ankle, along the leg, licking over a soft thigh, higher still, across Mya's flat stomach, back down the other side to let her tongue go back down the other leg, driving Mya nuts.

"Oh no, you fucking tease. Enough of that. Get your face in my crotch," Mya giggled loudly.

"You're quite the impatient little slut, aren't you?"

But Pink decided to give the petite caramel-skinned singer what she wanted anyway. As her face got closer inch by inch, the odors coming from Mya's steaming snatch got Pink into a horny high. As she pushed her nose against Mya's protruding clit, and smelled at Mya's fragrant cooze, she simultaneously lapped hungrily at the slit between her swollen brown pubic lips. Licking, nay, slurping at the leaking pink gash Pink made Mya quiver of delight. She dragged her tongue from bottom to top, from crack to clit, time and time again. Mya made her hot crotch accessible as much as possible, spreading and lifting her legs, bending at the knees, and curling her wet toes. The position made her buttocks spread automatically, exposing her crack and small asshole.

"Slurp…slurp…" was the sound Pink's mouth was making as Mya groaned loudly with a smile on her face. Pink looked Mya in the eyes as she lashed the tip of her tongue at Mya's pink clit. After whipping Mya up to greater and hornier heights, she spread the dripping crease with her fingers and drilled her tongue into Mya's cunt, then pulled back, and then pushed it all the way back in again, slowly tongue fucking her pussy with great pleasure. Sloppy sounds were audible and accompanied Mya's moaning and Pink's groaning.

"Ohh shit. That's it. Fuck my cunt with your tongue. Stick that tongue in there. Deeper. OH YEAH, LIKE THAT."

All of a sudden Pink stopped licking Mya's pussy, which made Mya look down with a disappointed look on her face.

"Why did you stop. Keep eating my cunt."

"I'm done eating your pussy right now," Pink said, "now it's time for me to eat out your butt."

"Oh Christ. Whatever. Just stick that tongue in any of my holes and make me cum."

"Don't worry. I'll make you cum so hard you'll scream so loud they'll call security."

And after having said that, Pink stuck her face between Mya's butt cheeks, and fused her tongue against Mya's dark pucker, grinding the tip into her chocolate starfish. She felt the wrinkled opening twitch under the lashing of her tongue and enjoyed the taste of Mya's butt. Mya moaned and let her fingers run through Pink's hair as she felt her backdoor being licked deliciously by this white woman's tongue. But she wanted it in.

"Stick it in me. Fuck my ass with your tongue. Rim me hard."

Hearing that, Pink started to roughly bob her head up and down and penetrated Mya's dark hole with her sloppy tongue. In the meanwhile she rubbed fast and furious over Mya's clit, making the ebony singer scream in delight. It didn't take long for the small woman to release her body into a shuddering climax.


And as Pink left Mya's butthole alone and returned to lapping at her delicious pink cuntslit, she was welcomed with a tidal wive of warm, sticky female ooze, literally gushing from her contracting snatch. Mya grabbed Pink by the back of the head and pulled her face tightly against her sensitive hole to make sure she didn't miss a drop, which she didn't. Pink wouldn't dream of missing a drop of Mya's delicious juices, as she licked, lapped and slurped from Mya's fountain of sex.

When she finally has licked all she could from Mya's loose slit, Mya calmed down, and Pink crawled on top of the singer and kissed her on the lips time and time again, until they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Both of them had already decided this was not going to be the last time they would go down on each other. As a matter of fact, it was just the beginning of a long, and passionate friendship.

But as Pink and Mya were dreamily lying in each other's arms, there were moans, yells, and obscene words in the air only 12 feet next to them, as Lil' Kim was lying on her back, with Christina Aguilera on top of her in a 69 position. Christina was scraping her tongue along Kim's ultra sensitive cunt, barely rested from the multiple orgasm it had endured minutes before. But Christina loved licking the black rapper's loose and sopping snatch, and at the same time feel the naughty black artist's long pink tongue fuck her own steamy hole as her fingers rubbed at her swollen clit.

Juices were dripping from her slit to her small blond patch of pubic hair, and Kim used this to smear into Christina's bud. Kim on the other hand tasted a lot of pussies before, some salty, some sweet, some smelling like fish, some smelling like roses. This blond singer's cunt, however, was smelling like perfume, and tasting like the sweetest candy. And she loved the taste of the sticky warm cunt syrup that slid along her tongue into her mouth. The lips of Christina's cunt squeezed at Kim's tongue, pushing it out, only so Kim could fuck it back in again. Kim was tongue fucking her pussy and jacking off her clit for minutes without Christina giving in, which obviously meant she was a practiced girl when it came to having someone eating her out, since Kim was considered being one of the best when it came to giving head to a guy or girl. She wrapped her legs around Christina's head, pushing her face tightly against her crotch as the women kept slurping away at each other's cunts.

Kim looked at Christina's tight, light brown anus as she slithered her tongue inside her pussy, and imagined it was a relatively virginal hole. It looked just too damn tight and small to have cock-experience, unlike her own, which was fucked by the thickest, longest black and white cocks she could get her hands on.

So she wet her fingers inside Christina's pussy, and starting smearing torrents of sticky juice into her asshole, prompting Miss Aguilera to look back with a smile.

"Oh yeah, rub my asshole for me. Make it wet. I love to feel your fingers on my butt."

"You love to feel my fingers on your little asshole," Kim asked hornily, "you like feeling me rubbing your white slut butt? Do you like this too?"

At which Kim suddenly slid her middle finger all the way into her ass. Christina cried out in pleasure as she felt her pucker suddenly being invaded by Kim's finger. She didn't expect it, but it turned her on immensely. She had never felt the finger of a woman in her ass, and she only felt a man's finger in there once.

"Do you like this? Do you like my finger in your ass?"

"OHH, I love it. Fuck my ass with your finger. Fuck it in and out."

"Beg me to do it, bitch. Beg me to finger fuck your tight ass. Beg me or I'll take it out."

"No please don't it out," Christina cried out desperately, "please, PLEASE fuck my butt with your finger. I need to feel it in my ass."

"You thought you could resist me, huh? Not giving in to me when I sucked your juicy cunt. But I found your soft spot now, you white slut. Your ass is grass, and I'm gonna smoke it. Squeeze your ass around my finger. Push my finger out. I'm not gonna take it out. If you want me to fuck your ass you're going to have to push it out yourself, so I can push it back in."

Christina squeezed her anus, pushing Kim's finger out of her ass, which was followed by Kim pushing right back in. This continued time and time again, and was done later with two, and even three fingers, which was more than Christina had ever felt in her almost virginal ass.

"I think you're ready for something warm, wet and soft in your little brown hole," Kim groaned as she spanked Christina's ass, "so I'm gonna stick my tongue up your butt. I'm gonna tongue fuck your asshole, Christina. Would you like that?"

"Oh Jesus Christ, yesss. I would love to feel your tongue in my butt, Lil' Kim. Please, PLEASE fuck my asshole with your warm, wet tongue," Christina pleaded in her sweetest voice.

"That's more like it," Kim replied, "You're starting to get the hang of it. As a reward I'm gonna give you what you crave for."

Then Kim started lapping rapidly at Christina twitching little anus, tasting it and liking it. The tip of her tongue flicked fast at the blond singer's pucker, lathering it with a thick coating of spit. Then Kim tried spreading it open as far as possible with the tips of her fingers, and push her tongue inside. It went in just a little bit, but after bobbing her head hard for a number of times, using lots of saliva, Kim was able to get in further and futher.

As Christina was screaming her head off, she could feel Kim push her tongue deeper and deeper. The saliva made the rim of her asshole feel increasingly slippery, making it easier for Kim to fuck her butt more deeply with each thrust. She was almost there, she was almost cumming, and with a low whisper, mostly to herself, expressed that.

"God, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum. Yeah, tongue fuck my ass, keep tongue fucking my asshole," Christina whispered softly, barely audible.

After Kim was already able to get her whole tongue inside, and had been fucking Christina's ass with her tongue for over three minutes, she suddenly felt how her tongue was pushed out, felt Christina's juices squirting against her chin and throat. Christina started yelling and shaking violently on top of Kim, whipping her butt cheeks against her face a couple of times, as Kim stuck out her tongue and caught as much of Christina's pussy juice in her mouth as possible.

When Kim had swallowed almost a glass full of warm liquids, Christina finally calmed down, and laid quietly on top of Kim, breathing loud and fast.

"Shit, that was unexpected," Kim said, licking her lips. "You need to warn me next time before you hurt my face with that ass of yours."

Christina smiled back at Kim. "I learned how to cum softly so I could get myself off without anybody hearing it when I'm touring, but your tongue was just too much. But if it happens like this again, I'll warn you."

Lil' Kim kissed each of Christina's butt cheeks, licked one more time at Christina's slit and asshole, then laid her head back and together with Christina, fell asleep.

The steamy atmosphere that the shoot of the video had created with the four women was unleashed into a wild night at Lil' Kim's place. But the next day it would all continue where they left off, to the point where Kim even called some of her "hung" male friends to give the whole experience a more complete feeling.


Just a fictional example of the many sexual experiences among celebrities. They won't ever admit it, but things like this undoubtedly DO happen. And I'll continue in the future to write tales that very well MIGHT just be, in some variety, true.

The end.

Written by: Trident

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