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The Awakening of Jessica Ch. 02

by fantasymr©

It was Thursday September 1st - a new academic year beckoned. Autumn term was due to commence on Monday. Jessica Stone always went into school for two days ahead of the start to prepare for the coming onslaught. This year was different. As far her family were concerned, there was no change; her mother was staying to keep an eye on the children, just as she usually did, but for Jessica, there was an important variation to her schedule.

She had got into her car, driven to school and parked in her regular space, but after taking some papers into the office, checking her emails and opening her post, she had slipped out again and headed for the tube station. It was conveniently located less than five minutes' walk away. She had an assignation with Gareth Jones.

Just over ninety minutes later, she was standing proud, aroused and naked. Around her abdomen was a harness. Attached to the front of the harness was a realistic and detailed facsimile of a penis. She was weighing it in one hand and pointing it at the anus of a newly collared Gareth Jones. He was also naked and was tied to the bed by ropes that ran through rings in cuffs attached to his wrists and ankles. The ropes were taut and had been looped around the feet of the bed. His arse was a uniform, pleasing shade of red. It had recently been rendered thus by the hand of Jessica Stone, who had just administered her first spanking.

She was also holding a tube of lube, which she was about to apply liberally to her newly acquired cock and Gareth's deliciously vulnerable back door.

Then she was going to fuck him.

Jessica Stone was a resourceful woman. She was also good at juggling. With a demanding job, three children, a husband and parents, she had to be. Now this extra complication was testing her ability to cope. She welcomed the challenge and had risen to it.

She had been suffering from withdrawal symptoms. To say that Gareth Jones had transformed her outlook on sex was an understatement. For the first time in her life she had experienced lovemaking as it should be. She had felt the power of a monster cock when it was wielded by a man who knew how to use it. She had come more times in an hour than she thought was possible. She was weak at the knees from just thinking about the way his tongue had entered the parts of her that no other man had dared to reach.

His fingers had wrought sensations from nerves she didn't know existed. She would never think about her anus in the same way again.

All this would have been sufficient justification for renewing her acquaintance with such a handsome and well-endowed young man, but there was something else. She had developed an interest in sexual domination. How and why this had happened to her so relatively late in life she didn't know. She had pondered this conundrum at length over the last few weeks.

It is true that no successful schoolteacher is without the ability to control, to maintain order and command respect. It is true that when Jessica knew what she wanted, she usually got it. It is also true that she rarely took no for an answer. These are also qualities that a successful dominatrix possesses, so she was a perfect fit for the role. What she had lacked up to now, was any interest in or knowledge of domination and therefore she had no motivation to go there. It had simply never appeared on her radar.

Until recently, she had never thought much about sex at all, whether good, bad or indifferent. It was what you did. It was part of life. When it was good, it was good, but she could go for days without it crossing her mind. Sometimes the sight of Robert's bum in the shower turned her mind to lust. Those were the days when she made sure they pleasured each other in the evening, though in truth, until recently, their coupling had seldom got past being mechanical.

So what had happened? She could only assume that a vague awareness of the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' phenomenon had seeped into her subconscious and was finding its way out, though she had neither read the books nor seen the film.

Then there was Emma. She'd always wondered about Emma - she sometimes let slip the odd comment that brought you up short, but then the conversation moved on. Maybe she should get her on her own and talk to her about sex if she could work out a way of raising the subject. Anyway, here she was. Sex was suddenly centre stage and she had embraced it.

Like a tornado, it was throwing all the pieces of her life up in the air and it was up to her to rearrange them in a new and more satisfactory pattern when they fell down again. She did not underestimate the difficulties that this life-changing passion would create, but she was confident, almost to the point of arrogance, that she could succeed.

The first piece was in place - Gareth Jones. This business with AdultWork had taken her by surprise. She was seldom impulsive, yet she had embarked on a calculated exercise to get herself thoroughly fucked by a man she didn't know. Well, OK, she did know him, but she didn't know she was going to know him before they started.

She realised that bumping into Gareth again in such an unexpected manner had been an incredible stroke of luck. She had found a friend who was also a sex worker who also had a big cock, who also knew how to use it and who wanted her to dominate him. That was a win, win, win, win, win situation in her book, however you looked at it.

Gareth Jones was willingly facilitating her entry into this new world. She could not have found a better mentor. Jessica Stone had featured in many of his teenage masturbation fantasies. In them she had always been in control. Now she was offering him the opportunity to turn these adolescent fantasies into a reality that far surpassed his dreams. It was a task he relished.

Jessica was going to take the long view, but first she was going to take the short view. After their first encounter, she had sent an AdultWork message to Gareth, thanking him for his excellent service. She had even posted a 'field report' on his AdultWork webpage, giving him ten out of ten. "LondonLover's skill with his hands, cock and mouth are unbeatable," she had written. "Grab him while you can, ladies."

Gareth had replied and they had continued their undercover tryst. She had given him her HorneyMilf Outlook address, so now they kept in touch without needing to use AdultWork. Their relationship quickly became more personal than business, though she had vowed to see him again as a client as soon as she could.

She had two reasons for this; firstly, she believed that a skilled worker deserves to be paid the going rate; secondly, she felt empowered by the total control over him that this would give her. It was as though her inner tiger had been uncaged for the first time. She yearned to dominate Gareth and punish his delectable body.

Domination and submission quickly became the focus of their correspondence. It was a subject she had become intensely curious about. It had become an obsession.

Gareth's occupation as a sex worker had enabled him to explore his submissive tendencies with several powerful and demanding women. They had left field reports on AdultWork complementing his ability to take a sound beating without complaint. Reading these reports turned Jessica's stomach over. She was definitely going to have some of that. The image of Gareth's toned, sexy body surrendering to her will made her wet and horny. Leonardo DiCaprio and Hugh Grant were duly consigned to the dustbin of fantasy history.

She began to do her own research. She learned of toys and whips; collars and cuffs; she asked him about harnesses, dildos, butt plugs and nipple clamps. Her knowledge of kink was expanding fast. Her next visit to Gareth's flat was going to be ground breaking. He advised and she planned. He had also agreed to set aside a second hour so that they could chat about the future and how she could incorporate domination into her life without sacrificing the rest. Jessica Stone was determined to have it all.

A new Jessica Stone was taking shape - one that men would worship, respect and perhaps even fear.

The summer had passed in a blur. The Tuscan holiday had recharged her batteries, but the sight of all those Italian men in their budgie smugglers on the beach had done nothing to restore her equilibrium. True, the absence of the pressures of daily life had allowed her and Robert to increase the frequency of their fucking. At Gareth's suggestion she had taken the opportunity to make things more interesting by going down on Robert more often and encouraging him to do the same for her.

He enjoyed her newfound enthusiasm for oral sex and when he returned the favour she had found that by using a few encouraging words at the right time, his skills had improved out of all recognition. Now her orgasms were mainly being delivered by Robert's mouth and she had concluded that the problem she had in achieving climax during vanilla sex with him was mainly down to the mediocre size of his organ. When Gareth had fucked her with his superior cock she had come almost instantly. It was a problem she would have to return to.

Now there was the autumn term to prepare for. All too soon the treadmill of work would resume. There would be one window of opportunity for her to indulge her newly discovered passion for Gareth Jones and his body. She intended to take it.

So on this early September morning, when Gareth Jones opened his flat door he was already naked and he knew exactly what was going to happen to him. The anticipation had set his nerves on edge. There was something simultaneously terrifying and overwhelmingly erotic about submission to a powerful, sexy woman, as he had already found out. Jessica Stone was the sexiest woman he knew. He had no doubt that she also had the potential to become the most powerful.

In a trice, she entered the hallway, handed him an envelope and headed for the bedroom, where she quickly removed most of her clothing. Gareth looked on, his cock growing as more of his new mistress's body became visible. She did not have specialist fetish clothing. That could come later. The important thing was control and practice. There was no time to lose.

She sat down on the bed, clad only in her panties. Gareth walked towards her and lay on the bed across her lap. His cock pointed downwards between her thighs. His buttocks were firm and inviting. They demanded to be spanked. She couldn't resist stroking them first.

"Are you ready?" he said.

"Yes," said Jessica, "As ready as I'm going to be."

She began to spank him. Initially, she was slightly tentative; then as she got into the swing of it she became more confident and methodical. She smacked one cheek first and then the other. As she stepped up the pace and the power, his buttocks began to take on an attractive rosy hue.

Her ministrations also seemed to be having an interesting effect on his cock, which was hardening appreciably as it nestled between her legs. She paused briefly and prised his thighs apart so that she could insert a hand, grasp his balls and stroke the smooth skin of his penis, reminding herself of its size. Gareth moaned slightly.

She kept a hand there as she continued to spank with the other. She paused again when he said, "I think you should fuck me now. Shall I get the harness?"

"I think you're literally topping from the bottom, Gareth," said Jessica, revealing her newfound understanding of BDSM terminology. "I am your mistress now. I'll stop when I think it's time."

She gave his cock a squeeze and continued spanking. There was no mistaking the fiery hue of his arse now. It was very satisfying.

"Right," she said with a grin. "You look pretty red now. I enjoyed that hugely, but my hand is beginning to get sore. I think I'll use a paddle next time."

Gareth stood up and gingerly rubbed his backside.

"Mistress - you're a quick learner," he said, ruefully. "That was pretty hard, but I deserved it."

He moved over to the bedside table. He picked up the harness, onto which he had already attached his favourite dildo - one that he had been fucked with several times before. He handed it to Jessica. Then he knelt down before her. He looked up and she nodded. He put his hands either side of her panties and slowly drew them down her thighs. She stepped out of them.

He moved his face towards her and inhaled her urgent female scent. The act of spanking had stimulated her and she was very wet. He grasped her buttocks and she parted her legs. He pressed his mouth to her sex, kissed it and licked upwards. His tongue was rewarded with a taste of her arousal. She stroked his head.

"Let's begin," she said.

She stepped into the harness and he helped her to fasten the buckles. Now she was ready to penetrate a man for the first time. It was a powerful feeling. She couldn't resist fondling the cock and stroking it as if it was alive.

She moved towards the bedside table and picked up a collar. Gareth bowed his head and Jessica fastened it around his neck. He held out his arms and she fixed the wrist cuffs. Then she knelt down and attached the ankle cuffs. He was about to be restrained, but before that, he was going to suck her cock.

He knelt down again and she towered over him. "You know what to do," she said.

Gareth grasped her cock in one hand and moved his head towards it. He licked the tip and his mouth enveloped the glans. He pushed more of it into his mouth and began to move his head back and forth. It was a role reversal that Jessica found both amusing and arousing. She looked down with a smile as his mouth paid tribute to her manhood.

"I think that will do," she said. "My cock is baptised. Now get on the bed."

Gareth's bed had ropes looped around each foot. He clambered onto it and lay down, spread-eagled. Jessica soon had him immobilised by looping the corner ropes through the rings in his cuffs, pulling them tight and tying them. He was now helpless.

Jessica had never had a restrained and vulnerable man to work with before. It was exhilarating.

Gareth's buttocks were spread wide and still glowed attractively. Jessica knelt on the bed and squirted lube into her palm. Then she pressed her palm to the crack of his bum. She slid her hand up and down and without warning plunged two fingers into his anus. She could feel his sphincter first resist and then yield around them, welcoming the invasion. She slid the fingers in and out, enjoying the sensations.

He spoke, "God that feels good. Fuck me now, you wonderful woman."

Jessica put the lube down and smacked his shimmering arse.

"You will call me Mistress now; you know the rules."

"Sorry Mistress. I meant please will you fuck me Mistress if that is your wish."

"That's better. Show me respect and we will get along well."

She was now applying lube to her cock.

A phone rang. The sound was coming from her bag on the floor.

"Damn, who's that? Nobody ever phones me."

She climbed off the bed, abandoning the prone Gareth and scrabbled around in her bag using her unlubed hand. Her shiny cock brushed against the bag as she leaned over. She retrieved the phone and checked the screen.

"It's Robert. I'd better take it."

"Hi darling, what's up?"

Robert's faint voice could be heard emerging from the phone.

"I forgot to tell you, it's Brian's leaving do tonight, so I won't be back until late. I'll go straight from work. Don't worry I won't drink much and I'll get a cab if I need to. How's school?"

"Oh you know, same old, same old," said Jessica.

"I'll expect you when I see you, then" she added. "Mum's fine with the kids anyway and I won't be late. Actually I'm a bit tied up at the moment, at least what I mean is . . . "

"Don't worry, no prob, got to go now anyway. See you later, love you."

"Love you", she replied and hung up. She switched off the phone.

"Phew. Sorry about that. Good job it wasn't Skype. Now where was I?"

"You were about to fuck me, Mistress."

"Indeed I was. Prepare to be invaded."

Back on the bed, Jessica leaned forwards, aimed and hit the target. She pushed her cock home. It was a wonderful feeling. Now she was really on top.

She pushed in and out slowly, almost withdrawing her cock completely and then plunging it back into Gareth's appealing backside. He was making quiet grunting sounds in time with her thrusts. She was taking him into a kind of subspace.

'This fucking is a physical business,' she thought, 'but an appealing one.'

She was at an angle, leaning on her arms, while Gareth lifted his abdomen to make access easier.

The pressure from the base of the cock was impacting on her mons and clit in a highly sensual way. It made her want to fuck harder and faster. Soon she was thrusting with vigour and Gareth's arse was being pounded mercilessly.

To her surprise, she was approaching a climax already and she was able to adjust her movements to maximise and extend its duration when it happened.

Gareth was reduced to the status of a willing receptacle. He was loving it. None of his boyhood fantasies had prepared him for the real Jessica Stone in full flight.

Jessica kept on coming, paused, then picked up speed again and built herself up to another orgasm. When she eventually slowed and stopped she was hot, sweaty and exhausted.

She withdrew and began to unfasten the harness. She set it to one side for Gareth to deal with later. Then she unfastened the ropes and freed his cuffs. He turned over. She fell into his arms and kissed him.

She realised that this was most un-Mistressy, but she didn't care. She would make her own rules.

"You are a special man," she said to him. "I need more of this in my life."

Gareth's cock lay between them and she realised that it was still rock hard. It needed to be dealt with. She decided to fuck him again. This time he would be inside her.

"I'm going to sit on your cock, cowgirl style. OK?" she said.

Gareth nodded. "Yes please. Can you pass me a condom, Mistress?"

She did so and his cock was soon clothed. Jessica was dripping. She knelt astride him and took control. She lowered herself onto his member. It went straight in to the hilt first time.

At first Jessica didn't think she had the energy to ride her submissive and achieve another orgasm, but she was wrong. They both ground into each other until she felt Gareth's cock throb inside her. It triggered her third climax.

Then they slowly drifted downwards like gossamer on the breeze. She was in a state of total bliss. She closed her eyes and almost fell asleep, but Gareth's words prompted a response.

"We need to talk," he said. "That's one reason why you're here."

"Yes," she replied. "I need to talk this whole thing over with you. It has knocked me sideways, as you know. I love Robert and I love the kids. This might seem like a mess but there has to be a way around it. I'm not going to give up my life and I'm not going to give up amazing sex, now I've found it."

"As I see it, the problem is Robert. He obviously doesn't know it. He is lovely but he has never been a stud, or anything like. He has never been any more than average. I know that's my fault as well, but we were fairly young and pretty inexperienced when we met. I never knew any different. I let him take the lead and sex seemed OK, so I never questioned it. Then the kids came along. Before you know it, half your life's gone."

"I've tried to work on him and at least he is good at oral now, so I am getting somewhere, but that's not enough. I want to transform him. I want him to share my new enthusiasm. What can I do? It's so hard to talk to him about it. It's a subject we never bring up. How can I start now without making him suspicious?"

She paused, looking downcast.

Gareth waited before replying.

"Well he's a bloke isn't he? Most men don't talk about stuff like that, but I think it can be done. I have an idea."

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