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The Awakening of Jessica Ch. 03

by fantasymr©

Jessica was about to suck a cock. It was semi-erect and visibly hardening as she watched. With one hand she was cradling the balls and holding the base. The tip of the glans was peeping out through the foreskin.

Jessica's mouth formed an O. Her lips pressed against the foreskin and slowly pushed it back and down, welcoming the unsheathed glans into her mouth. Her tongue teased the opening of the urethra and swirled around the head. The cock was now at full stretch and heading for the back of her throat. She kept a firm grip and began to bob her head up and down.

Ever so gently, she began to scrape her teeth along the underside of the cock.

Robert moaned. "Oh, God! That's fantastic. Where did you learn to do that?"

Jessica was making glugging and slurping noises. She had seen women do this on porn videos, so she supposed it was OK.

She paused and lifted her head from the cock. She looked up at Robert.

"Cosmopolitan! You like?" She grinned. Saliva was dripping between her lips and the cock. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"You can say that again," said Robert. "Please don't let me interrupt."

She lowered her head and resumed. Soon Robert was moaning. She had him exactly where she wanted him.

Phase one of the plan was underway.

Her other hand had wormed its way under Robert's bum. Now she had a finger between his cheeks. She was searching for his anus.

The pad of her middle finger hit the target. She increased her bobbing and swirling, while slowly pushing her finger into his rectum. Robert was beside himself. He passed the point of no return. His cock throbbed and beads of semen hit the back of Jessica's throat. She swallowed and kept on sucking until the throbbing slowed and stopped.

Jessica sat up and leaned over to the bedside table. She grabbed a tissue and lovingly wiped Robert's cock with it. Then she picked up a glass of water and took a swig.

"I've been wanting to try that for a while," she said. She looked like a very happy cat who had just swallowed the cream, which she had, of course.

Jessica and Robert were having a spa break at the Celtic Manor Hotel. There was a golf course, swimming pool and sauna and massage facilities. Robert had just completed a round of golf and had taken a shower.

Jessica had been swimming and then relaxing while a young woman applied cucumber goo to her face, or was it avocado? She forgot. She wasn't convinced that it did anything anyway, but it helped to pass the time.

Back in their room they were unwinding in a highly satisfactory way, before dressing for the evening meal.

It was half term. Robert had just been promoted and this break was a celebration. It was a big step up for him and came with a hefty pay rise. He was doing well for his age and was even being tipped as a future CEO.

The children were staying with Jessica's parents. This had become an autumn half term tradition. They loved it there, out in the Sussex countryside where Jessica had grown up.

Jessica kept a proprietorial hand on Robert's cock. It felt intimate and brought them closer, she thought. He didn't object, he liked it, but he didn't know she had an ulterior motive.

"I'm so glad we booked this place and we can spend some time together, just the two of us," she began. "We should do this kind of thing more often. We're not getting any younger."

She rested her head on his shoulder.

He nodded. "Well, we've got a way to go yet. The kids are still young."

"Well they're growing fast," said Jessica. "They'll be off to university before we know it."

"I'm so pleased we met when we did. Look at where we are now. I want us to grow old together."

"You're just a softy," Robert said. "Of course we will."

"There is one thing though," said Jessica. "There's something I really want to talk to you about and I feel kind of awkward bringing it up, but we're not kids anymore."

"Well, spit it out, old girl," said Robert. "It can't be that bad, whatever it is."

"Well no," said Jessica, "But I think it is important and it's something we kind of take for granted without ever discussing it."

"I'm all ears," said Robert. "Let's sort this thing out."

"It's sex," blurted out Jessica. "I have to talk to you about sex."

"What do you mean," said Robert. "You've just given me the best blow-job of my life."

"I know," she said. "I've been reading up. God this is difficult. I love you Robert, but when we started we were young and unsophisticated. I want us to have better sex as we grow older,

not get stuck in a rut and go through the motions."

"Is this about 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?" said Robert. Do you want me to tie you up and beat you?"

"Well, no, not exactly. I mean I don't know. I want us to open up more. I think we should talk about our fantasies. If we do that we can go off in new directions. You're a very private man, Robert. Sometimes I feel as if there's a part of you that nobody touches."

She paused. There was silence. They looked at each other. She kept her hand on his flaccid cock and gave it an encouraging squeeze. She wiped the corner of her eye with her other hand. She tried to persuade herself it wasn't a tear, but she knew it was.

Robert looked back. Suddenly he seemed nervous, older and more serious than she had ever known him.

"Well," he began. "Since you have asked, do you really want to know? You might be shocked."

"I love you, Robert. Nothing will shock me. I'm your wife."

That's how many couples have fallen apart," he said doubtfully, "overconfidence."

"OK. I'm ready. You really are something else, aren't you? That's why I married you," he continued. "I'll start at the beginning. This is going to be hard."

"When I was twelve," he began, "my Dad asked me to get a screwdriver for him from his toolbox in the garage. I went in there and when I was fumbling around I nudged it and it started to fall off the shelf. I quickly shoved it back but that's when I realised that there were some magazines wedged behind it."

"I picked up the first one and opened it. It gave me quite a shock. It was a kind of crude comic book full of drawings of women in strange costumes and men who were being hit with canes. I was twelve, remember and I was just getting to grips with the idea of what sex was all about."

"These magazines looked wrong, somehow. I knew they must be Dad's and I knew I wasn't supposed to see them, but there was something instantly compelling about them. I wanted to read the stories and find out what was going on."

"I grabbed one and shoved it down my trousers and tucked my shirt over it. Then I went back in the house and gave Dad the screwdriver."

"That night I started reading it under the bedclothes with a torch. I got very turned on by it and of course I masturbated. That summer I worked my way through the whole set. There must have been about ten of them. I used to sneak in to the garage when nobody was about and put one back and pick out another one."

One day I went in to put one back and they had gone. Dad must have hidden them somewhere else. Maybe he suspected that I had found them, but nothing was ever said. I couldn't put one back on its own, so I kept it. I still have it. I've never told anyone before.

I used to read that book over and over and imagine those powerful women with ridiculous clothes doing unspeakable things to me.

Then I grew up and met you and put it all behind me. Now you know all about my sordid teenage years. The End."

Robert gulped. "Your turn," he said.

Jessica had eyes like saucers. She was processing what she had just been told.

"So practically your first thoughts about sex were that people were tied up and beaten?" she said. "You must still think about this now. Why didn't you say anything before? I had no idea."

"Well, it's not the kind of thing you talk about with your gorgeous twenty-year old girlfriend, when you're trying to impress her, is it?" said Robert. "You would have run a mile and everyone would have laughed at me. There was no way."

"So, basically, what you're saying is that if I walked in here now wearing a leather corset and stockings and holding a cane and I tied you up and thrashed you, you would like it?"

"Like it?" said Robert, looking awkward, "Well, I've never tried it, but I have certainly thought about it. You would look fantastic dressed like that, but you would never do it. You're a liberated woman. I would never try and turn you into some kind of dominatrix."

"But you know that there are such women," replied Jessica. "You know the word. You read the papers. How do you know I might not be one of them?"

Robert looked dubious and disbelieving.

There was a pause while they both looked at each other.

Jessica was almost speechless. Not only that, she was ecstatic. While Robert had been talking, something else had been happening. His cock, so soon after she had emptied it, had grown hard again, really hard, less than half an hour after she had milked him.

The idea of Jessica as a dominatrix was doing things to Robert and his body couldn't hide it.

She looked down at it and gave it another squeeze.

"Robert, you're hard," she said. "Telling me that story brought it all back. You're really turned on."

"I suppose I am," he admitted. "Old habits die hard, I suppose - no pun intended!"

He looked confused and sheepish.

"But, don't you see, this is brilliant," she said. "This is just what we need."

"I don't see how," he said. "I can't see you dressing up in leather and beating me. It's not exactly in line with modern feminist ideology, is it?"

"Fuck that," said Jessica. "We're talking about female empowerment. It sounds pretty empowering to me. When we get home, you're going to find that magazine and we're going to read it together. Then we'll see about acting some of it out."

Robert looked simultaneously doubtful and incredulous. What had he done? What was happening to his wife?

"I can just see us doing that when Amy has one of her nightmares and barges into our bedroom," he said. "And I can't believe you would really want to do any of that stuff. It's perverted. It's for weirdoes. I'm embarrassed just admitting this whole thing to you. You asked me, so there we are. I'd die if anyone else found out."

"We'll find a way," said Jessica. "And you might be surprised at what I might want to get up to. If it's weird, then your Dad's a weirdo, you're a weirdo and for all you know, I might be one too. Then there's Emma at school. I've got my suspicions about her," she concluded.

"Now you've got that hard-on again, I think we should use it," she said. Then we'll have to dress for dinner.

When we come back I'll tell you about my fantasies. A deal's a deal."

Jessica closed her eyes and whispered a silent prayer to Gareth Jones. He had just rebooted her marriage. Suddenly immense possibilities were opening up in front of her.

She slid down the bed and spread her thighs. She was feeling randy and wanton. She gazed up at Robert with her best 'come-hither' look.

After dinner and another drink at the bar, they returned to their room. They talked long into the night. Jessica told him of her newly awakened interest in domination.

"I don't know what started me off," she said. "I guess it was the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' thing. Half the staff were talking about it. They were reading it on Kindles. At first I thought it was rubbish, but then, it was written by a woman, so I knew it wasn't just about fulfilling male fantasies. That's when I started reading the occasional magazine article about BDSM in women's magazines. I found something appealing about it. You know I was always called a bossy kid and now I'm a teacher. I like having people do as they're told. My brothers' had a terrible time when we were growing up. I think they were glad when I left home."

"This dominatrix thing gives me a buzz. I really think I could do it. Will you let me try?"

It was Robert's turn to be amazed by his partner.

Before they settled down to sleep, Jessica tied Robert's wrists together with the belt from his bath robe. Then she spanked him. The effect on his cock was electrifying, so she wanked him into her mouth again. Then he went down on her. They both slept very soundly after that.

Their marriage was never going to be the same.


It was Saturday morning and they were back in London. They had collected the children the previous day. On Saturdays, Jessica often went to the gym, where she attended a yoga class or had a swim. She followed that with a cappuccino and a browse through the newspapers in the café. That's where Robert thought she was, but Jessica Stone was elsewhere.

Gareth Jones opened the door to his flat. A breathless Jessica bounded in. This meeting was purely for pleasure, not business. Gareth had been updated with the news of Robert's comic book assisted adolescence via email. Jessica wanted to talk things over.

She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

"Gareth Jones, you are a genius," she said. She hugged him again.

"Robert is a submissive. I am so lucky; I can't begin to tell you. Now I can lead him willingly into a life of depravity. I get wet just thinking about it. My whole life is changing and you made it happen."

She kissed him again.

"Steady on, steady on," said Gareth. "You did it, I didn't. All I did was give you the courage to talk to him. This is just the first step. You can't do this all the time. You have to make time when you're both not living your regular lives. You've got a job and a family."

"I know all that," said Jessica. "It's going to be an occasional treat, but boy oh boy; it's going to be fun when it happens. It will be something to look forward to."

"I feel so excited; I could spank you."

"Well you can if you like," said Gareth. Have this one on me. How much time have you got?"

This time, Jessica tried out Gareth's paddle. She spanked him first, to warm him up and then switched over to the paddle. It was easy to use and it reddened him up beautifully in no time. This was a lot more fun than yoga and it was probably aerobic exercise, she thought.

Gareth was raring to go then and Jessica didn't need any more warming up. Spanking a man was the best form of foreplay she had ever known.

Soon Gareth's cock hit the spot and they were both in the throes of a simultaneous climax.

There was only time for a very quick shower before Jessica had to leave.

Just as she was getting dressed, Gareth told her his news.

"I've got something to tell you as well," he said. "I've got a new job. I'm giving up sex work."

This was a bombshell. "What are you going to do?" said Jessica.

"I'll be working for a think-tank." He said. "They're looking at public policy and the law on social and ethical issues. They have a big grant to look into things like DNA research and the implications for manipulating the genes of embryos to eliminate inherited conditions - and also voluntary euthanasia - oh yes - and they're launching an inquiry into considering the decriminalisation of sex work, like in New Zealand. It's a big opportunity for me."

"It does have its downsides though," he shrugged.

"Yes, what about me?" said Jessica.

"Well I've been thinking about that," said Gareth. "I like this new path you're taking with your life. You're going to have a big job on your hands learning more about domination and taking control of Robert. Maybe it's right that I back away and let you focus on home."

"On the other hand, if you want to keep in touch and meet up from time to time, I'd love to carry on seeing you, purely as a friend and submissive, of course. You have always been my fantasy mistress and you're getting better at it all the time. You might want to try things out on me, before you do them to Robert." His eyes sparkled. "I'll still be here."

Jessica was thinking. From average and boring sex she had moved on to very interesting and fulfilling domination. In less than six months she had transformed herself. Now she had two willing men at her feet. She felt very comfortable with this state of affairs, but the way she was thinking, two men might just be the start.

For the new Jessica Stone, the sky was the limit.

"Yes, Gareth, I would like that very much. I would like that very much indeed. You will be hearing from me."

She embraced and kissed him and was gone.


Jessica and Robert were sitting in bed poring over his old and tatty comic book. It had been written and illustrated by a man called Eric Stanton and was called, 'A Woman's Scorned'. The illustrations were something else. Eric Stanton had been a very kinky man.

Robert still couldn't believe that his wife wasn't just tolerating his boyhood fetish; she was actually encouraging it and wanted to act out his dreams. He had always known she was special. She was beautiful, charming, a great mother and a great teacher. She had time for everyone and everything, but he was only now beginning to realise just how special she was.

He turned and looked at her as she read the cramped typed words accompanying the bizarre and unlikely scenario that featured in the comic. It was like a guide book on how to dominate your man. Jessica couldn't help being aroused by it. Some of the phrases leapt off the page and lodged in her brain:

"How exhilarating to have Ted helpless beneath her. She could do anything she wanted to him. . . She shifted her position so that her crotch was pressed fully against his mouth."

"So that's what it takes to make a man want you! Just a few touches of pain, a sense of absolute helplessness. You enjoyed it!"

"This was JOY! A knowledge she had never hoped to know. To be absolutely supreme. To have complete power, life and death control. To make a man continue to know pain long after he had passed what he thought was his final threshold. Then at long last, satisfaction."

"Again the whipping with no possibility of escape, no mercy only pain.

"Yes he was hers, totally, completely."

Jessica Stone was open mouthed.

"This stuff is incredible," she said. "What a mind he must have had. What drawings; the leather skirt; the over the elbow gloves. What a woman he created here. She lived only to dominate and punish a weak man who loved to suffer. It's absurd, of course, but I can see why it's compelling. And yet. . . " she paused and looked at Robert.

"You poor boy! You had to read this stuff and then meet real girls and try to make sense of them. I wonder how you came out of it so normal - or maybe you didn't."

"Well I went to an all boys' school," he said. "That makes everything to do with women seem bizarre anyway. It's like they come from another planet. That's why I was so pleased when I met you. You're so down to earth and normal."

He gave her a hug.

"Well you might think I'm normal now, but that's not going to last," she said. "I'm going to study this and when I get the chance, that is, when it's just the two of us, I'm going to start trying things out. This is giving me so many ideas. When we are in bed, or alone, I'm going to turn you into my slave. Does that idea appeal to you?"

She reached for his cock and checked its status.

"No need to reply. I can see it does."

"Let's start now. I'll be in control. You have to repeat after me and then you have to do what I say. OK?"

"What now?"

"Yes, why not; say it then - say: 'You're in control and I will do what you say.'"


"You're in control and I will do what you say," said Robert.

"Good. Let's start with something easy, to get you into the swing of it. Right, what I want you to do is strip off. Take your pyjamas off and kneel on the floor over there."

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