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The Awakening of Jessica Ch. 04

by fantasymr©

Jessica and Emma were in a quiet corner of their favourite pub. Their girls' night out was overdue. They had finally arranged it. Jessica was driving; that meant that Emma could have more than one drink. That might help to loosen her up, thought Jessica.

They had been firm friends since Emma joined the school, two years after Jessica. They were similar in many ways, both were quick on the uptake and witty, but where Jessica was considered and cautious, Emma was bubbly and more impetuous and she sometimes opened her mouth before engaging her brain. She was a very good judge of character and could spot a phoney adult or an untruthful student instantly. She had guessed for weeks that Jessica was up to something. She couldn't figure out what, but she was dying to find out.

She was shorter and had a fuller figure than Jessica, though she was still slender. Her hair was fair but not blonde. Sometimes she lightened it; sometimes she kept the regular colour and just added blonde highlights. It was naturally wavy and she just went with that now. She had given up trying to make it into something it wasn't.

They were nursing lagers and talking about school and the children. Emma had a five-year old, Hugo, who went to the same after school childminder as Amy. Tonight their husbands were at their respective homes babysitting the kids.

They had been chatting for a while when Emma cut to the chase, "We've been here half an hour now and all we've talked about is SATs tests and marking schemes. That's work. I've been trying to get you on your own for months. You're up to something, I know. What's going on?"

Jessica had been waiting for this, "OK, 'Truth or Dare' - I'll ask first."

"OK" said Emma.

"Right", said Jessica. "Remember your hen night when you put on that gang-bang DVD?"

"I've never been allowed to forget it," said Emma. "Two of my so-called friends never turned up for the wedding after that. Why bring it up now?"

"It's not the video," said Jessica, "It's what you said afterwards. Do you remember?"

"Well, I was pretty drunk at the time," said Emma, "I probably wouldn't have shown it otherwise. Now half my friends know what my sexual fantasies are. I've got no idea what I said exactly; probably something about women being able to fuck more often than men."

"That's what I was getting at," said Jessica. "You said that you weren't going to stop being a superior woman after you got married and that William accepted that. What did you mean, exactly?"

"God, this really is 'Truth or Dare' isn't it?"

Emma paused and gathered her thoughts. Could she trust Jessica? Yes, she thought she could.

"Right, this stays with you, OK? No blabbing."

"I wouldn't dream," said Jessica.

"Well, have you ever heard of a wife-led marriage?"

"I think so, tell me more."

"For us, it means that in the bedroom, I'm in charge. William does what I say, when I say it. He never gets to initiate sex, it's always me. He likes it that way - and I do it quite often, by the way. Sometimes I don't let him come. He likes that as well, believe it or not. It's a power trip. There's more to it than that, but I've probably stunned you into silence already."

"Not a bit of it," said Jessica, with a grin. "It's exactly what I hoped you'd say. I need to know more."

"I'm not sure if I should. I trust you - there is William to think of, I've probably said too much already. Anyway, it's your turn to answer now."

The conversation was going exactly where Jessica had hoped it would. It looked as if William was already some way along the road that Robert had just started on. This was even better than she might have expected.

"OK, fair point. Fire away." It would be easier to explain about Gareth, now, but should she?

"Right," said Emma. "Where did you go when you left your car in school and went into town just before term started? Are you having an affair?"

"Well, kind of, but not exactly," said Jessica.


"Well, I have been seeing someone, but it's not an affair. I have been paying."

Emma was gobsmacked. Her jaw hit the floor. This was absolutely the last thing she had expected.

"You have got to be shitting me! You are seeing a prostitute? Is it a woman? You have got to be out of your mind. What are you going to do when Robert finds out?"

Emma had raised her voice. A couple of people by the bar turned around to see what was going on.

"Shhh!" said Jessica. "I am telling you, not the whole pub. I have my reasons. And it's a man. Robert is not going to find out until I am ready to tell him."

"You're what? You're going to tell him? How can that ever work?"

"Well," said Jessica. "I think it could work - and if I have just understood what you said about William, I think you know exactly why it might."

"Are you saying that Robert's a submissive?" said Emma.

"That's exactly what I'm saying," said Jessica. "We've both got submissive husbands."

The two friends gazed at each other across the pub table. They were both running through a range of emotions. Something clandestine had suddenly become a common interest. They were smart enough to be able to see that this might lead to some very interesting times - or at the very least to them having many kinky conversations.

Suddenly they were grinning from ear to ear.

"I think we should drink to that!" said Jessica. They clinked their glasses and downed their drinks.

"My round," said Emma, "What'll it be?"

"Tonic water, ice and lemon," I'm afraid, said Jessica. "It'll have to do."

"Well I'm having a pint," said Emma. I've just had a shock."

Emma went to the bar while Jessica worked out where to take the conversation next. Emma returned and sat down.

Jessica dived straight in. "Now I want to know exactly what you get up to with William, because I have started to train Robert."

Emma was still struggling. "Hang on, let me get this straight. You're paying for sex - from a man - and also Robert is a submissive and you want me to tell you how to train him. You don't fuck about, do you?"

"The paid sex thing - he's called Gareth," said Jessica. "I'm not paying him now - that's just how it started. I was frustrated and it seemed like a solution."

She lowered her voice, "And he's got a big cock and he knows how to use it. He was one of my pupils."

"Now you've gone too far. You could be prosecuted!"

"No, no. He left ten years ago. I've just met him again. It's a coincidence, but a very lucky one. I had the hots for him when he was in sixth form, but nothing happened then. He left before you started here."

"So your former pupil is now on the game. Doesn't sound like a conventional career path."

"Was on the game. Have you heard of AdultWork?"

"Was that the MumsNet thread a while back? God those bitches destroyed that man for having a bit of off piste fun."

"Well that's how I found him. I Googled it. It's something else. They have men too, not just women - submissives, big cocks, you name it. It's amazing."

"So how big is his cock? You're making me wet now. I'm going to do William when I get home. I don't care if he's asleep, I'll wake him up."

Jessica held her hands apart to indicate Gareth's vital dimension.

"And this thick," she said, holding her thumb and forefinger in a circle, but adding part of her other forefinger to enlarge it.

Emma raised her eyebrows and whistled. "I could use that," she said. "Can you put in a word for me?"

Old Tom, propping up the bar commented very loudly, "Huh, women fishing now. There'll be nowhere men can go to get away, soon."

"Well at least he can't hear what we're saying," said Emma.

"Why don't we drink up and talk in the car outside your house," said Jessica. "That way we won't be overheard."

"Good idea," said Emma. "Meanwhile have you seen Ben Wright's little girl? She is so cute, you could eat her. Makes me want to have another."

"Not me," said Jessica, "Three's more than enough."


The conversation in the car was wide ranging and thorough.

"So, cards on table, you like this guy, what's his name, because he's got a big cock."

"He's called Gareth and yes I love his cock but it's also because he's submissive. He lets me spank him as well," Jessica smiled. "And he really, really knows how to use his mouth."

She continued, "The cock thing is interesting. I never really get there when I'm fucking Robert and I've concluded that his cock's too small. He's great with his mouth though. But with Gareth - well I practically come from just looking at him. He completely fills me up, like nothing else I've ever felt. I think it's the girth mostly. Well after having three kids, things are never quite the way they were before," Jessica paused. "Now I'm embarrassing myself."

"No, you're just being honest. I respect that. You are one monster woman, Jessica Stone and you're so demure. Nobody would ever guess."

"So what you're doing is cuckolding Robert. That's a serious fetish for men. You could say it's trending, though if he doesn't know you're doing it, I guess it's just adultery. Of course if he did know, he might get off on it. . . ."

Jessica raised her eyebrows. Cuckolding was not a subject she knew much about, outside of Shakespeare and Chaucer, where it could make for an interesting discussion in the classroom. She hadn't appreciated that it was a modern fetish, or that it was popular. This was interesting.

Emma continued, "Of course if you were going to really cuckold Robert, you wouldn't let him fuck you at all. You'd tell him he was inadequate and you had to have a superior man. Then you would just let Robert lick you, maybe - and watch you being fucked properly. Some people take it to extremes."

Jessica was both shocked and aroused by this idea. Shocked, yes, she got that. It was a pretty mean way to treat your husband, but aroused? - why did the idea arouse her?

"You know your stuff, don't you?" she said. "This is a real life for you two."

You bet," said Emma. "It's huge fun and it makes us both incredibly horny. I have this power over him. I can pretty much make him do anything. It's way more than just sex."

"Going back to the cock thing, what I've done with William, is I make him wear a cock extension - a penis sleeve. They're sold on all the usual online shops, not M&S though," Emma laughed.

"It makes him much thicker. I really feel him going in. He doesn't like it much, but I do. I bought him one with bumps on. Wow, that feels good, I can tell you! I'll send you the link if you like. You can get one. I'd lend you mine, but I need it. You won't regret it."

"If he fucks me really well, I let him lick me afterwards. That's his reward. That's part of the training you were asking about. Everything they like must have a price. If it really gets them off, they have to do something for you, like letting them spank you or fuck them in the tradesman's entrance. Have you done that yet? I take it you want to? That is awesome. I love having my own cock. I'd wear it all the time if I could"

"Well I have fucked Gareth," said Jessica. "That was a blast. I came just from the pressure on my clit. I will be doing it again. The feeling of control was great! And I've bought a cock and harness, Robert knows, but what with the kids and everything, we haven't had a chance to use it yet. I keep it in a shoebox in the wardrobe. I think he's nervous, if I'm honest, but that's going to be part of the fun."

She grinned.

"Now we're on the subject, you're not bi are you?" said Emma. "I've often wondered."

"Well I guess I could be if the right woman came along," said Jessica, "Are you hitting on me? We've pretty much covered everything else."

"Well I might be, if that doesn't put you off."

"Kiss me," said Jessica. "Let's see."

The kiss was genuine and passionate. Emma's hand pressed the back of Jessica's head and suddenly they were both spiralling out of control. Jessica pushed her away.

"That works for me," she said, "But not now. I have to go and you have neighbours with twitchy curtains. I haven't thought about lesbian sex before, but you got me there. You can seduce me another time - but not at school."

"God, no," said Emma. "We've just started something tonight, but we can take it slowly. It's my guess that the boys are in for a shock."

"What about Beth," said Jessica. "Isn't she? . . "

"Well, you'd think butter wouldn't melt between her thighs," said Emma, "But when she started here she was living with a woman - and I don't mean just as flat mates. It didn't work out, but I know she still has an eye for the ladies, even though she's shacked up with a man now. She is a very interesting woman, is Beth. She knows how to use both ends of a dildo, if you get my drift!"

"Something to think about," said Jessica, giving Emma a special squeeze and patting her knee as she opened the door.

"We can run over things by email," said Emma. We can't talk in the staff room.

"See you tomorrow, Mistress!" said Jessica with a wink.


Robert was enjoying a quiet night in. He had got the kids into their rooms. He didn't care if they were asleep or not, as long as they were quiet. Then he settled down to watch the midweek football. It was a European Champions League game, second leg. It was all to play for.

Robert was a simple soul at heart. He had come from a good home. His parents were ambitious for him and he had repaid their support by working hard and going to university - where he met Jessica. He shared his father's skill at accounts so he followed up his degree with an MBA in London. A few enquiries, a quiet word from his father, a couple of interviews later and he was on his way. 'Get your foot in first and then show what you can do' was his philosophy and it seemed to work. He was smart and fair and funny. If you oiled the wheels, everybody got along.

He put the hours in and welcomed responsibility. The buck stopped with him and that was fine. Back home he made a contribution but he was pleased that Jessica ran the home and took a lead with the kids. It allowed him to relax and recharge. He was also enjoying her new-found sexual liberation. Being told what to do was refreshing after spending all day doing the opposite at work. Having a powerful woman push your buttons was exhilarating.

Game over and he headed for bed. Why did English teams always get knocked out in the group stage? Never mind, he would power up the laptop, put some porn on and have a wank. Jessica wouldn't mind. She wouldn't know. He would be asleep before she got back.

Here it was. Private browser. Porn Hub. Lesbian orgy. What's not to like? They certainly were enthusiastic and one of them was very able with a strap-on. It looked like the one Jessica had bought recently. It was tucked away in a shoe-box at the bottom of the wardrobe. They were waiting for a good time to try it out, although he was a little nervous as he knew that his arse would be on the receiving end. Meanwhile he was being stretched by a series of progressively larger butt plugs, when Jessica decided to use them on him. Life was certainly more interesting, these days.

Of course there was a diary in Jessica's bedside drawer. He had to list every sexual event on a daily basis in code. F - for fuck; W - for wank; S - for spanking; B - for blowjob; O - for when he went down on Jessica; P - for when she tested him with a butt plug; SF - for strap-on fuck. They hadn't used that one yet.

Robert hadn't asked in advance for permission to wank today. It had slipped his mind. It was a new rule, after all. He was a busy man.

Jessica had drawn up an agreement which he had signed willingly. In it he handed over control of his sex life to her. Now she picked the time and chose the type of activity and had the option of introducing new fetishes as well as punishments for transgressions. Most of the punishments were painful or involved a period of orgasm denial. Wanking without permission was verboten.

The women on the screen were well on the way to multiple orgasms. There was nothing like watching a woman who knew how to fuck. The strap-on seemed liberating. Maybe it was. He was sure Jessica would take to it instantly when she got the chance.

His cock was responding to the video and his skilful hand movements. He just wanted to delay orgasm until the end of the film. Two more minutes. Could he do it? He was teasing himself and staying on the edge.


Jessica was feeling heady as she drove home. The full impact of Emma's revelations was beginning to dawn on her and she still felt dizzy from the kiss they had shared. She had always appreciated other women who took care of themselves, but she had never thought of this as a sexual feeling.

Well applied make-up, a good haircut, full breasts and a cheeky curved butt had their place and Emma's free and easy philosophy had placed all these things within Jessica's reach. What would it be like to nuzzle Emma's breasts and suckle her nipples? Could she tease another woman's clit with her tongue and revel in the orgasm she could deliver? Jessica was turning herself on as she drove.

Her thoughts turned to Robert and what she would do to him when she got home. She knew that when she was on a girls' night out and Robert was home with the kids, he often had an early night and settled down to wank. The evidence was on the tissues in the bedroom waste basket and he had never tried to hide it. Jessica was cool with this. She knew what men were like. She had grown up with brothers and had surprised them in mid act more than once.

Now things were different. There was little doubt that Robert would be up to his usual tricks, but he had not asked permission. She parked the car and quietly opened the front door. She set her bag down on the floor, slipped off her shoes and tip-toed up the carpeted stairs.


The bedroom door opened. It was Jessica. Robert hadn't heard her come in. Damn. He was slightly red in the face. His hand stopped in mid stroke. He hadn't had time to close the web page. Female voices could be heard quietly moaning from the laptop speakers.

"Ha! Caught you!" said Jessica. "I thought I might. Who's a naughty boy then? You didn't ask permission, did you?"

Robert was looking shamefaced. "Sorry, I forgot," he said. "I didn't think you'd mind," he finished, lamely.

"You didn't think I'd know, more like," said Jessica. "Well you may as well finish, now you've started. I will get into bed and join you. Just pause the video for a second. I want to see what's getting you off."

She looked at Robert.

"And you know - there will be consequences," she concluded ominously.

Jessica swiftly stripped off her clothes and donned her robe. She lifted the corner of the duvet and slipped into bed next to Robert. She fixed him with a glare.

"This is what we're going to do," she said. "Firstly, you're going to clasp your hands together behind your head. Then I'm going to restart the video - actually I might skip it back a bit, so's I can get into the swing of it. Then I'm going to wank you and you're going to hold back until the end - OK?"

Robert could do nothing but nod. He knew he had to do as he was told.

Jessica's hand was on Robert's cock and her eyes were on the screen. The women were good looking and very flexible. She particularly liked the way one had gone down on her friend while being fucked from behind by another girl with an impressive strap-on. It was giving her ideas. Thoughts of fucking Emma with her own strap-on popped into her head. It really was a possibility now.

Robert was well on the way again. If there was one thing Jessica was good at, it was wanking her man. It had been a favourite activity with her first boyfriend and it was like riding a bike - once acquired, you never lost the skill. The film was near the end and so was Robert. Was he going to last? Yes, he was. Just as the moans from the laptop reached a climax, so did Robert.

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