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Sabine's Internship

by Sabineteas©

Sabine was in her senior year at college and had gotten an internship at a large financial firm in the city.

She was a naive girl, had not dated much, but wasn't a virgin due to a high school boyfriend. She wasn't a hottie but was fairly good looking, nice full a bit better than B cup breasts, slim waist, rounded hips and butt.

She didn't have a car so the women in HR who had hired her set her up with a car pool group that went by the apartment she had found. It was a 30 minute drive to work and back with the car pool, and the only issue with it was that she was the only woman.

The guys were older than her and at the end of the second week, talked her into going to a younger bar on Friday after work. She didn't mind since she had no friends. The only issue was that the bar, later in the evening had a wet tshirt contest. She got really embarrassed seeing those girls on a stage, getting wet, and basically ending up showing their boobs to everyone in the bar. But as she watched, sneaking glances, she began to think that it was hot. Of course the guys were teasing her about her getting into the contest. Of course, she said no. No way was she going to let anything like that happen to her in a bar.

On the way home to her apartment, the guys kept teasing her about the next week that she should enter the contest. Sabine was silent but she was thinking about it. It got her turned on, just thinking about doing it, but she wasn't going to do anything like that in a public bar with a whole bunch of people watching her. For God's sake, some of the girls even lifted up their tshirts, showing bare boob and one of them even took off her pants and was on stage in just a wet shirt and panties!

The next week went by quickly and came to Friday. The guys talked her into going to the same bar again. And after work, they handed her a bag and told her she should change into the outfit in the bag.

Sabine was hesitant but decided to see what clothes they had bought for her. She found a white tshirt, a white pair of slacks and she was glad to know that she had on a white bra and panties. She though what could it hurt, and changed into them. The slacks were very thin and you all know what a tshirt is like.

So they went to the bar. The contest was announced and of course she was teased by the guys to enter, but she wouldn't do it. After several drinks and after the contest they left. On the way home they stopped at a convience store and one of the guys went in. Sabine wasn't paying attention and the driver wasn't heading towards her apartment.

She was a little buzzed from the drinks and the guys starting teasing her about removing her bra so she would be more like the girls in the contest. Finally she did, but didn't pull up the tshirt or take it off, she just pulled her arms in through the arm holes and slipped her bra off and pulled it out the bottom of the tshirt, thinking that she was pretty smart. And she was until...

The guy who had gone into the convience store showed her a bottle of water, a big bottle, smirked at her, opened it and poured some of it on her tshirt.

Now Sabine has large areaolas and large nipples and the water was pretty cold. She gasped.

"What are you doing?"

Then she looked down. Her nipples were sticking out like pegs and the shaped of her boobs was definitely displayed. She blushed and glared at the guy who had splashed her. He smirked again and poured a good amount on the white slacks which when wet went as transparent as the tshirt. And the white panties she had on did nothing more to conceal her bush. As she looked down her bush was very evident. The guys were laughing. She was cold and wet, very wet.

They were looking at her avidly. Then...

"Sabine, that tshirt isn't hiding much of anything. Why don't you take it off."

She just stared at them. She couldn't really do that, could she? She shook her head no.

The guy reached over and poured more water on her. She hadn't noticed but the driver had pulled into a Walmart parking lot, way in the back but under a light and she was not in the dark. Every thing she had was sort of showing. And the guys were egging her on to strip off the tshirt. She began to get kind of excited. But she was still thinking.

"If I do, no touching!"

The guys all agreed. But could she trust them?

Sabine thought about it, the situation, could she trust them? But she was buzzed and she was excited by how much they wanted it. And...

She grasped the bottom of her tshirt and pulled it up over her head and off. She dropped it on the floor and covered her boobs with her arms.

"No Sabine, no covering up. Come on."

She felt her face flush, get hot and she slowly lowered her arms. Her boobs, soaked and with very hard, erect nipples came into view. The guys loved it. Sabine was thinking very hard and she knew that she might be making a big mistake, but she leaned back against the door and slowly moved her legs apart. The wet slacks and panties were not hiding much at all. Sabine looked down and she could see her bush, her pubic hair and just a hint of pussy lip.

Sabine was waiting for them to reach for her boobs but they didn't. But the guy with the water reached down and slowly undid the slacks and pulled the zipper down, folding the slacks away. Then he sat back and just looked at her, bare to the waist and her panties transparent. Bush showing plainly, clearly. Sabine pushed her shoes off and looked at each of them. She took a deep breath.

"If you want them off, go ahead. Just the slacks and I am not having sex with any of you."

The guy with the water moved over to her, grasped the waistband of the slacks and Sabine lifted her butt off the seat. He worked them over her hips and slowly pulled them down and off her legs. Now she was just in a pair of white transparent panties. At least the front of them. She furned over and lifted her butt up in the air.

"That isn't wet, is it?"

The guys laughed and the one with the water poured water over her butt and back.

"Nice ass crack, Sabine!"

Sabine began to rotate her wet ass, leaned her forehead against the window, reached back and slowly pulled the wet transparent panties down a bit, showing a good portion of her ass.

"Like it, like what you see?"

"Oh, yes!"

Sabine pulled them down further so the waistband was below the tuck of her ass, baring it all. She was getting very turned on. She moved back to sit and the panties were barely covering her bush. She glanced around at each of the men. Then she eased the panties down further in front, so a bit of her bush was visible.

"Do you want me naked, want these off?"


"Go ahead, strip them off me, but no sex. Just strip me."

Another one of the guys moved over to her and looking into her eyes, grasped the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. Down her legs and over her feet, tossing them on the floor, leaving Sabine bare ass naked in the car pool van. Naked with four older men who she really didn't know that well, had only met three weeks ago. She glanced around to each of them, then slowly opened her legs.

"I'm naked in front of you and I don't mind it."

The guys were all staring at her, the college senior intern, bare ass in front of them.

Sabine spread her legs wide, even though she blushed doing it. She looked down and then back up.

"I'm showing all of you my pussy and I'm OK with it. You're only the second guys to see my pussy."

Sabine was thinking naughty thoughts, not of screwing them, but of what she could do...

"Take some pictures of me like this. Then you can blackmail me to do it again."

The cell phones came out and flashed in darkness, even though she was in the light of the parking lot lights. She shivered.

"Drive me around like this, take my clothes away from me. Make me be naked for you. Make me do it. You can make me do this again. I want you to make me do this, but not every day. Make it a surprise for me. Next Monday come and get me an hour earlier for work. I'll let you strip me again if you want."

The guys took a lot of pictures of Sabine. A lot of them. She shivered as they did. She knew that they were going to keep them and she didn't care. Just being naked was arousing her.

The guys kept her naked for 40 minutes and drove her back to her apartment naked. Then they parked and had her get out of the van naked before they would give her the tshirt and slacks, no underwear. That had been tossed out of the van a long time ago. Sabine dressed in front of them, standing in the parking lot of her apartment. Then she went inside and stripped again, got in her bed naked and masturbated to orgasm.

Monday morning came and Sabine showered, put on makeup and dressed and was out in front of her apartment building waiting as the van pulled up. She was kind of excited.

The side door opened and she got in, surprised to see that two captain's chairs behind the front seats were gone. She was going to sit down, but...

"Just stay standing Sabine."

The guy who said that eased up to her, undid her slacks, grasped them and her panties and pulled them down her legs. The other one removed her suit jacket and began unbuttoning her blouse. Sabine shivered but didn't object as the two guys stripped her, within seconds of her getting into the van. Stripped her naked. She watched as her bra and panties were tossed out of the van. The driver pulled into a mall parking lot and stayed to the back, far away from the stores. She was sitting on the back bench seat when the van stopped and the two guys in the front seats got out and in the back with the other two guys and herself.

They all looked her, the naked her, smirking.

"Spread your legs Sabine."

"You want to see my pussy?"

"Yeah, spread them."

Sabine did. She showed them her pussy. She felt herself blushing, her face got very warm, but that didn't stop her from doing it. She looked down, she hadn't trimmed up her bush, it still covered most of her, but her lips were puffy and slightly swollen and protruding.

"Do you like me naked?"

"Yes, we do, Sabine."

"Like it when I show you my pussy?"

"Yes, but it would be better if you didn't have so much hair."

Sabine felt aroused and suddenly very naughty. She reached down with one hand and pulled her pussy lips apart.

"Like this?"


One of the guys came to sit next to her.

"Sabine, what does a girl want when she gets naked in front of guy?"

"To show off, I guess."

"No, Sabine, usually she wants to fuck. Do you want to fuck, Sabine?"


He reached over and cupped one of her tits, running his thumb over the nipple. Sabine moaned softly.

"Like your tits felt, Sabine?"

She just moaned louder. He squeezed her tit and put his other hand on her belly. She jerked slightly. The hand slid downward. Sabine tensed but didn't do anything else. His hand touched her pubic hair, slid through the hair. Touched her pussy lips. Wormed a finger between them. Eased a finger to her hole and slowly worked it inside her. Sabine whimpered and her hips lifted slightly.

"Like me feeling your cunt? I've got a hard on, Sabine. You know where that goes, don't you? Right up that tight hole of yours. Damn, your cunt is nice and wet! Want me to take my cock out and feed it to you Sabine?"


Sabine could have closed her legs, but she didn't. She just let him finger fuck her.

"You are such a little bitch Sabine. You want a good fucking. There's four guys here. You could get fucked four times you hot little bitch. Getting naked last Friday, letting us strip you bare ass today. You want to get fucked, don't you?"


"OK, fine, I'll just feel these nice soft tits of yours, play with your hard nipples and finger fuck you then."

Sabine moaned again and her hips started to buck. The guys started to chuckle. Sabine was naked, no protest, she had just let them strip her and now she was letting one of them feel and finger her. Her hips began to buck faster...


"Want some cock Sabine? I've got a nice stiff piece of meat for you. Something to really fill up that hole of yours. I'd love to dump a load up in that twat of yours and then watch most of leak out of you. Take some pictures of your creamed twat with your face in them. So everyone I show them to would know what a filthy bitch you really are."

"Don't fuck me, please don't."

"Why not Sabine?"

"I'm not on birth control...OH Fuck! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!"

Sabine was humping his hand and fingers like crazy and then she blew...


The guys were laughing at her, seeing her naked and humping their buddy's hand and fingers. He pulled his finger out of her and lifted it to her face.

"Lick your cunt juice off my finger you little bitch."

Sabine obediently opened her mouth and let him thrust his finger into it. She closed her lips around it and softly sucked on it, tasting herself. It wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.

The guys kept her naked for the next 40 minutes and on the drive to work. At the parking ramp, they made her get out naked before they let her have her slacks and blouse. She dressed at the side of the van, nervous but excited. Then they all went into work.

At the morning break one of them came to her work station. The other people who worked near Sabine had gone to break. He turned her to face into her work station, then reached over her shoulders. He slowly began to unbutton her blouse until he could fold her blouse back, baring her tits. Then he took hold of her tits, bare, in the open, in the office, being felt up. Her nipples had stiffened nicely. He leaned his head next to hers...

"Before your internship is up Sabine I am going to feed my cock to you, right up your tight college girl cunt. Right up to my balls. I'm going to stretch your cunt open with my cock. Then I'm going to fuck you. And I am going to stuff my cock balls deep inside you and empty my balls in your tight little cunt. Then I'm going to take some pictures of you, bare ass with cum oozing out of you. Yeah, I know, you aren't on birth control. But I don't give a fuck. Maybe take a video of you fucking me. How would like it if I made a web site for you, for all the pictures of you bare ass, a video of you fucking? Make you give me email addresses of your friends so I can give the site address to them. So all your friends can see what a dirty bitch you really are, Sabine. Would that excite you?"


"I think that I'd like to have you on the internet Sabine. Buck fucking naked, legs spread, tits showing, cunt showing. What do you think about that? I've got some pictures already but I can get some better ones. I have my digital camera with me today. Make a series of you stripping off, then spreading your legs for the camera. What do you think?"

Sabine shuddered and closed her eyes. As much as what he was saying scared her, it also made her aroused thinking about it.

"I don't think I want a web site."

"Well, hell girl, I'll have the pictures so you won't have a lot to say about it anyway. Unless you fuck me, then maybe I won't."

"I am not going to fuck you!"

"Do up your blouse Sabine."

She buttoned her blouse up and just sat in her chair.

"Stand up."

Sabine did it, feeling stupid but also aroused by being told what to do.

The guy sat in her chair and moved her in front of him.

"Look at me."

As their eyes locked, Sabine felt his hands at her slacks. She thought she knew what he was going to do and that both scared and excited her. For God's sake, she was at work with other people there! But she focused on his face, shivering.

He undid her slacks and pulled the zipper down. She could see the smirk on his face. His hands slid around to her ass, under the waistband and slowly pushed down.

"Don't, please don't."

He chuckled and pushed down more and her slacks came really loose and slid down her legs. After stripping her that morning the guys had tossed her underwear out of the van, so had no panties on and her bush was right in the open.

He chuckled again.

"I just wanted to see your cunt again Sabine. Move your legs apart a bit."

Sabine didn't want to but she it anyway. God she hated that word! He pulled her lips apart and looked at how pink and wet she was, how her clit was sticking out and he slowly worked two fingers inside her. He thrust in and out and rotated his fingers inside her. She began to moan again. It felt good but she was really scared.

"Show me your tits."

Sabine's hands went to her blouse and slowly began to unbutton it. She pulled it open to let him see her tits and nipples. It wasn't all the way undone but enough to display herself to him. He pulled his fingers out of her and wiped them off on her nipples. He chuckled again.

"A little cunt perfume, hey Sabine?"

She whimpered softly. It was humiliating but arousing.

He stood up, stepped back and looked at her. Her blouse open, tits showing, her slacks around her ankles, no panties on, bush displayed. She looked at him, looked down her body, back up to him and shivered, closing her eyes.

"Get yourself back together bitch."

"No. Get your camera, hurry..."

He chuckled and walked away. Sabine leaned back against her desktop and waited. He came back with his camera. Sabine looked at him and he took a picture. She shuddered, she was still scared, still aroused. She undid the rest of her blouse and slipped it off, dropped it on the floor. He took a picture. She toed off her shoes. Then she pushed her slacks off so she was completely naked. He took a picture. She sat down on her chair and hooked her legs over the chair arms. He took a picture. Sabine looked at him.

"Like me naked?"


"Take another picture."

He did. And another one. God her nipples were hard and tingling and so was her pussy. Sabine reached down and pulled her pussy open.

"Take another one."

He did. She licked her lips. Then she pulled on her slacks and blouse and did everything up. She smiled at him now.

"Did you enjoy that?"


"So did I. But I was really scared, nervous."

He smirked at her and left. She sat on her chair thinking about what she had just done. It was stupid but it made her hot. Later on she buzzed him on the intercom.

"Don't go for lunch until I see you."


As lunch time came Sabine got her nerve up and walked down to the guy's office. He had a private office, thankfully. She walked into it, smiled at him and closed the door. She looked down, she was feeling a little embarrassed. But she was excited. She looked at him, just the two of them in the office.

"Strip me."

He chuckled.

"Come over here."

He pointed to the side of his desk. Sabine walked over. He took her wrist and pulled her closer and began unbuttoning her blouse. When it was completely undone he pushed it off her shoulders and down her arms. Her nipples were stiff and sticking out. The blouse came off and he tossed it behind her. He reached out and undid her slacks and unzipped them. Pushed them down, bent and lifted one foot and pulled them off that leg, then lifted the other and pulled her slacks completely off her.

"Take off your shoes."

Sabine toed them off as she watched him ball up her slacks and toss them behind her. He picked up her shoes and tossed them after her clothes.

"Get your ass up on the desk and spread your legs, show me your cunt."

"Can't you use pussy?"

"No, it's a cunt so that is what I am going to call it."

Sabine eased up on the desk and spread her legs for him.

He reached out and pushed her pussy lips apart.

"Jesus you are wet! You have to be just dying to be fucked."

The camera came out.

"Pull yourself open so I can get a shot of that pink, wet cunt of yours."

Sabine felt her face getting hot, embarrassed somewhat, humiliated a lot, but aroused at being naked in front of him. The she said something really stupid.

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