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Daddy's Breeding Slut

by aquamarine77©

Ted couldn't pinpoint when exactly he decided to impregnate his daughter. It was probably a culmination of his Catholic upbringing, and his wife's rejection of his sexual advances. Just so you know where he's coming from, a little backstory is necessary.

Ted grew up in a very Catholic household and went to a strict Catholic school. He was never very religious, but accepted the teachings of the Church without thinking through them much. He had bigger fish to fry, ultimately, and planned to make a success of himself one day.

He met the love of his life, Sharon, when her family moved onto his street when he was 15. She was 14. Ted was struck by her loveliness as soon as he saw her - her fair, smooth skin, her golden hair, her slight figure - to say nothing of her wide, pale blue eyes. She was the very picture of innocence. After several years of sweet courtship and pursuit, she finally agreed to marry him.

She was twenty one when they married. She was Catholic, too, and had been taught most of her sexual education by nuns in school. Which basically amounted to, "Don't do it until you're married." She was blissfully ignorant of sex when they married, but thankfully Ted had bits of knowledge about it, mostly culled from what little he could get out of his father, and the lewd gossiping of the boys from school. After a bit of initial fumbling, they had quite a good sex life, as all newlyweds should.

Ted felt like he was the top of the world. Fresh out of college, he had landed a good job with an esteemed company, and he had just married the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Ted's new-found happiness was short-lived, though. Only two months into their marriage, Sharon announced she was pregnant. Because Sharon was so devout in her religion, she decided their sex life had to go on hiatus while she was pregnant. After all, wasn't it a sin to have sex only for pleasure? It had already done it's job as far as procreation went. Not to mention the fact that her body was now a temple to motherhood, and she didn't want to do anything unchaste with it. Ted and Sharon bickered about this for weeks. Surely his sex life wasn't going to end so soon after it began!

Finally, he relented. He didn't want to cause her undue stress, especially in her condition. Besides, seeing her happiness at being an expecting mother was almost compensation for his frustration. Almost. He had never really thought of children - he supposed he wanted them, and assumed it was unavoidable - but his company had plenty of room for growth, and he could definitely afford a big family and a big house.

Ted buried himself in work and soon got promoted. He set about looking for a new house. He was eager to get moved before Sharon's pregnancy advanced too far, and they moved from their makeshift apartment into a beautiful, secluded, spacious 6 bedroom house.

It was only around Sharon's 6th month of pregnancy that the sexual frustration really hit him hard. Sure, he had been jacking off pretty regularly since his sex life died - but he would simply do it and be done with it for awhile. Now, though, he was watching the changes to his wife's body with great interest and excitement. Her figure had always been slight and lean, and her rounded, taut belly made a sensual contrast. Her breasts, which before were so small they didn't even need a bra, were swelling gradually, and he supposed they could probably fill a B or even C cup now. He was fascinated. She would move about the new nursery in a flimsy nightgown, decorating the room for their coming child, and he would gasp when she moved in front of the window, the sunlight outlining her beautiful new shape.

He went berzerk. He started masturbating several times a day then. In the shower, at work in the bathroom, sometimes even in bed next to his sleeping wife - all the time imagining her new, plump breasts swinging and shaking as he fucked her, running his hands over her huge belly. As her pregnancy progressed to the ninth month, he became a man obsessed. Sharon complained, only half jokingly, that she never saw him anymore. That was because he was always hidden away somewhere else in the house, pretending to be busy while desperately wanking off.

Then the unthinkable happened - Sharon died in childbirth. Ted's world collapsed. The baby was fine, but Ted couldn't bring himself to care. Sharon had been his only reason for living, and without her, the baby didn't seem important. Nevertheless, it was his responsibility. He named the healthy baby girl Lucinda, after Sharon's grandmother, called her Lucy for short, hired a full-time nanny and went back to work.

The woman he hired to take care of Lucy was a godsend. A Russian immigrant, Anouska was proud, strict, disciplined, and responsible. She also took great pity on Ted for having been widowed. He found Anouska through a coworker, whose children were growing up and no longer needed a nanny. She wasn't cheap, Ted's coworker warned, but she was amazing. Ted snapped her up and she was moved in and taking care of Lucy within a week of her birth.


With Lucy looked after properly, Ted dedicated himself to climbing the corporate ladder. He spent time with Lucy on the weekends, although honestly, he only enjoyed it as she grew older, when he introduced her to tennis, riding horses, and swimming.

Most of the time, he rarely noticed he had a daughter. He hired private tutors for her and she spent alot of time studying and reading. Occasionally, Anouska came to him with matters such as Lucy needing her first bra, but Ted simply told her to use her best judgement, something that pleased Anouska greatly.

By the time Lucy was 17, it looked like Ted was going to be able to retire early. Quite early, in fact - at age 40. He decided he most definitely would, and by that time, Lucy would be 18. They could spend some much-needed quality time together. And Anouska would be sent on her way.

Up until then, Ted hadn't looked at his daughter with lust. She looked almost exactly like her mother, a fact that more often saddened him than aroused him. One day, though, a coworker put an idea in his head as they were chatting around the water cooler.

His coworker was talking about a recent doctor visit. He was relaying a story his doctor told him about a girl who had come to the hospital pregnant, yet denied ever having had sex. The man thought it was hilarious. "A pregnant virgin, can you imagine? That would be the second time in history, if it were true!"

A pregnant virgin. Ted mulled it over later that night, in his study. He had been bombarded with images of the Holy Virgin Mary as a child and teenager, and always loved the images where she was heavy with child. She looked so beautiful and sweet and pure - but also, strangely, pregnant, which in all earthly cases besides hers was a telltale sign of sexual intercourse. Thinking about it, was this why he had found his pregnant wife so irresistable? He found himself extremely aroused by this thought, and said to himself, "Damn! What I wouldn't do for a pregnant virgin..."

He stopped himself in mid-masturbation. Technically, it was possible. A girl's hymen would be intact if she were a virgin, but there had to be holes in it, to allow for menstruation. If blood can get out, semen could get in. Before he knew it, he had jerked all over his lap, thinking of his semen seeping around the hymen of a young virgin who would soon be carrying his child.

The thought had served it's purpose for that night, and he went to sleep satisfied. But it would haunt him again and again through the months, and he would work himself into a frenzy over it daily.

One night, he was in his study engaging in his favorite activity - jerking off with thoughts of a pure, chaste pregnant virgin. He noticed he had left his door ajar, but his big mahogony desk would shield Lucy or Anouska from seeing his cock, if they were to peep in. As the crucial moment came upon him, he saw Lucy tiptoe outside his study, probably going to the bathroom. The introduction of this imagery into his fantasy worked its magic on him. He thought of his young, sexually ignorant daughter and her slim, boyish figure, and what she would look like growing huge with his baby - bigger and bigger every month. His orgasm was powerful, and he bit his lips hard to avoid making noise. He was lightheaded, and sat there in a daze, his wasted sperm in his lap.

When he recovered, he lit a cigar and came to terms with what he had to do. He was going to impregnate his virgin daughter.

Ted went on early retirement a few days before Lucy's 18th birthday, having made more money than he or she could ever use. Lucy was done with her lessons for the day and was outside swimming. He pulled Anouska aside and told her how wonderful she had been to Lucy, how he couldn't have gotten by without her. It was true. She had guarded Lucy's chastity, even sitting in on lessons where the tutor was male, ever with a watchful eye. Most girls weren't virgins when they were 18, but thanks to Anouska, his Lucy was still intact. He was extremely grateful to her, and dismissed her with glowing references and generous compensation.


Anouska left the night before Lucy's birthday. She opted out of telling her goodbye, fearing it would be too emotional. On the morning of Lucy's birthday, Ted got up early and made breakfast. His heart was beating triple speed as he heard her stumble sleepily down the stairs.

He turned to greet her. She looked disoriented and squinted in the morning sunlight.

"Daddy? Where's Anouska? Why aren't you at work?"

"Sit down sweetie, and I'll tell you." She dutifully sat down, and he poured her a glass of juice. "Well, sweetie, I've decided to retire. Since I won't have to work anymore, I let Anouska go. Besides, you're an adult now, you don't need a nanny anymore! And now that you're done with school, I thought we could spend some quality time together this summer - at least before you go to college."

Ted monitored Lucy's reaction carefully. They weren't as close as they should be, and he was curious if she would be excited to spend time with him. She delighted him with her reaction.

"You mean it, Daddy?" Lucy jumped up and threw her arms around Ted's neck. Ted felt her small breasts against his own tough, toned chest and quickly eased her away before she could notice his growing erection. He didn't quite have the nerve to seduce her, yet. She clapped and laughed.

"I always hated all that time you spent at the office! We never got to do anything together, except on the weekends, sometimes! This will be so much fun!"

Her joy was genuine. Happiness lit up her fine, doll-like features and her pale blue eyes glowed. She looked almost identical to Sharon, except for the dimples that she got from him.

"I'm glad you feel that way, darling. We'll do whatever you want today, deal?"


Lucy might have been an innocent, untouched 18 year old girl, but she WAS still an 18 year old girl. So, naturally, she wanted to go shopping.

Lucy dragged him all over town - from this exclusive boutique to that one. He indulged her. In one, she was looking rather nonchalantly at the lingerie. He knew she had been wearing childish underthings all her life - Anouska wouldn't allow her any material except cotton, and any color besides white or beige was off limits, too.

Ted bent down and whispered to Lucy, "Tell you what. You're an adult now. Don't you think it's time to buy some grown-up lingerie? Grown ladies don't wear white cotton all the time!" He was astonished at his own brazenness.

Lucy looked embarrassed, and giggled. A deep blush struck her cheeks. Still, he couldn't contain his excitement when he saw her pick out a short, bold pink nightie with matching bikini panties. They headed to the checkout.

The salesgirl smiled sweetly at them, and made a remark about how they were a lovely couple. Now it was Ted's turn to blush. Did he really look that young? He glanced over at himself in a wall mirror. He was only 40, but he could have passed for 35 or even 30. He hadn't given much thought to his looks, since he hadn't bothered with dating since Sharon died. But his hair remained dark, not yet tinged with excessive grey, and his features were still strong and handsome, not yet burdened with signs of aging. Maybe he wouldn't have such a hard time seducing his daughter, after all.


They got home, at lunch, and took a nap. By the time they woke up, it was dark. Ted settled down on the leather couch in the den. He felt invigorated by his nap, and decided to make a play. As Lucy ambled into the den with snacks and sodas, he stopped her.

"Don't settle in just yet, hon. How about trying on that nice pink thing you got today? Just for fun?"

"In front of you?" Lucy giggled. "Would that be ok?"

"Of course, dear! I'm your dad! And you know, I've never seen you in a bright color before. Go on!"

Lucy looked at him, a little unsure, and then bounded up the stairs. Ted impatiently rubbed his cock through his trousers; what was taking her so long?

Lucy tiptoed down the stairs meekly. She stuck her head in the doorway and whispered, "I'm embarrassed!"

"Oh honey, don't be! Look, I've seen you in swimsuits lots of times!"

This seemed to make sense to Lucy, and she slowly strode into the room. Ted struggled to hide his emotions, but really, he was hugely impressed.

Lucy usually dressed in solid, drab colors, which made her look taller somehow. Now, in her pink nightie, she looked markedly petite. She must've been only 5 feet 2 inches tall. For a short girl, her legs were rather long, and stuck out of the pink nightie like long, lean, toned golden beams. Her meager chest didn't quite fill out the front of the nightie, but the peekaboo slit in the front showed off her flat tummy wonderfully. He gazed at it. It wasn't muscular at all - she was young enough that she didn't need to do crunches to keep her tummy flat. It was just smooth and perfect. Her pink bikini panties hugged the slope of her cunt, and he noticed a tiny bit of golden pubic hair peeking out of the top and sides.

He realized he was staring, and looked up at Lucy's face. She was looking back, expectantly. She wasn't aware of any awkwardness.

"Well!" He finally said. "More colors for you, I think! You look great, hon, you really do."

She grinned, having won her Daddy's approval.

"Should I change back, or...?"

God, NO! Don't ever take that thing off! He screamed inwardly.

"If it's comfy, I don't mind if you keep it on" was what he managed to say.

She settled on the couch next to him, her slightly curved hips resting against him. They watched some TV, and soon, her head slumped onto his shoulder. She was sound asleep.


Ted got up to make some coffee. When he got back, she had stretched out completely on the couch. Her arms were curled up around her head, and her legs were splayed. Her panties had rolled down around her thighs some, revealing more soft curly hair. He was transfixed.

He had meant to seduce her. But it had been years since he had seduced Sharon, and even then, she was the only girl he had been with. Maybe it would be easier to just take her and not worry about seduction. He hooked his fingers around her panties and slid them slowly down. She shifted a little, unconciously, and straightened her legs. He wasted no time and pulled them completely off. He unzipped his trousers.

As he pumped his cock over his daughter's sleeping body, he gazed longingly over her body. The soft thatch of hair nestled between her thighs, her puffy little nipples that the nightie was just barely hiding. And that perfectly flat tummy that would soon be growing and growing...

Lucy made a sweet little noise and shifted again. She was deep in sleep. She kicked her legs apart, as if she were going along with Ted's sinister designs on her. Slowly, he crawled onto the couch between her legs. He examined her exposed vulva - it was perfect, too. It was pink, delicate, inviting, unprotected, and most importantly - it was virginal. But he wanted to make sure.

He spat on his finger and slowly slid it in, constantly looking at Lucy's face to make sure she was still asleep. He knew she was a heavy sleeper, but most women would wake up at having their cunts prodded. She was still dozing.

He pushed his finger in only a little way, and found her hymen. Yes, she was still a virgin. He spat on his cockhead, preparing it for entry.

It didn't take long - his beautiful, pure, semi-nude virgin daughter was laying there in front of him, practically begging to be impregnated. He pushed only the head of his cock into her tiny opening and his semen splashed against her hymen. He knew some of it would spurt through the holes in it - and his sperm would be on it's way to working it's magic in her fertile little tummy. His work done, he withdrew his cock and looked up at Lucy's face. Her mouth was open in horror, her eyes bugged out wide.

"Oh GOD! What are you doing?!"

She scrambled to get up, but he pushed her back down. He didn't want his cum to drip out before it had a chance to knock her up.

"Listen, honey. You won't understand this yet, but trust me, nothing bad is going to happen to you."

He fumbled for words.

"Look...I don't know how much Anouska told you about sex..."

"Am I going to have a baby?"

He grinned.

"Well, I don't know. Maybe. How do you feel about that?"

She looked shocked and confused.

"Well...Anouska told me its bad to have sex when you're not married. And we're not married! And that it is an even bigger sin to have sex with your family, because the baby can be deformed..."

She started to cry.

"I'll have to get an abortion!"

"No, you won't!" He shouted. She cried harder. He softened his voice and stroked her thighs.

"Now, look. We're Catholic - you're NOT getting an abortion. And the baby won't be deformed, that's just a myth. Besides, you don't know you're pregnant. You might not be. Ok?"

Lucy sniffled.

"That feels nice", jerking her head toward Ted's hands on her inner thigh.

"Oh, you like?"

He moved in closer to her cunt. She lifted her legs, which he was glad for, because the cum was almost about to drip out of her. He stroked around her pubic hair, and then closer to her clit. She tried to look like she wasn't enjoying it, but he saw her nipples harden.

He stuck his finger into her gooey cunt and rubbed some cum onto her clit. She was now writhing under him.

"Look, Lucy. I want you to have a baby. MY baby. I don't care if you want to or not, and you'll do as I say, because I'm your father. Understand?"

He rubbed her clit more aggressively. Her face was a mix of ecstacy at approaching her first orgasm, and fear at realizing she was becoming her daddy's breeding slut. Finally, she gave way to the ecstacy, and as Ted ground his fingers against her clit, her body shook and she cried out to the heavens.

They stayed that way for a few minutes, her legs still in the air, Ted holding them up.

She broke the silence.

"Can I put my legs down?"

"No, sweetie. I'm making sure all the cum I shot into you stays in for awhile, so we can be sure you get pregnant."

She looked like she was going to cry again.

"But Lucy! Didn't you enjoy that? Didn't it feel good? Look, you just let me shoot my cum into you, and then you have my baby - and I'll keep making you feel good like that - ok?"

She weighed it out in her mind.

"It did feel good Daddy - but I still don't think it's right. It is NOT right!" She said resolutely. "What will you do if I refuse?"

Ted looked at her sternly.

"Then I'll make you."

He wasn't lying, either. After she drifted off to sleep, he set about locking all the outside doors and hiding the keys, and taking the locks off all the doors inside. She wasn't going to get away.

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