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Daddy's Breeding Slut

by aquamarine77©


For weeks after, Lucy went along with Ted's deal, half-heartedly. He shot his cum into her tender little womb a few times a day, always stopping short at her hymen. It was a test of willpower for him. How hard it was to stop there - how much he wanted to deflower her! But he wanted to save that for when she was hugely pregnant. In exchange, he would pleasure her clit with his hands, his mouth, even sometimes his cock. He would rub his cockhead onto her clit until her first orgasmic wave approached, then he'd shove his cockhead into her slit and relish the way it hugged his cock as she orgasmed, and his load would spurt into her womb.

Giving her orgasms made him feel better about what he was doing. She always enjoyed having her clit flicked, but the rest of the time, she made her disapproval of the whole thing known. She was just making the best of an unavoidable situation, really.

Meanwhile, Ted couldn't wait to find out if Lucy was pregnant. The excitement was unbearable - he didn't get to fuck his pregnant wife, but he sure as hell was going to fuck his pregnant daughter! And she wasn't going to stop him.


One night, after her uterus had received it's daily jizz-bath, he was studying her outstretched body and thought he noticed a bump in her belly. Still, it could just be the way her legs were raised. But the thought was already in his head and he was too horny to let it to. He carefully scooped out some of his cum from her pussy, and spread it around on his cock. Lucy was about to get her ass reamed.

"Ok, honey... this might hurt a little... but don't worry, it'll get better."

He tried to relax her some by stroking her clit a little. When she was sufficiently turned on, he eased a single sticky finger into her ass, instructing her to just relax. He left his finger in there and when her muscles loosened a bit, he moved it around. She seemed to enjoy it, so he plunged another finger in.


She really did enjoy it! Who knew his little Lucy was a butt slut? Encouraged, his cock began to stiffen again, and he replaced his fingers with it. Lucy hollered a little and ground her clit against his hand. With his other hand he guided her perky little ass onto his lap for better access. He ventured in deeper. The cum from her pussy, shot just a few moments before, dribbled out and helped lubricate her ass.

He couldn't believe how much she was digging it! He had never had anal sex before, but he knew from the way guys talked at work, it was hard to find a woman willing to do it. And here his innocent little daughter was, taking his entire thick cock in her ass on the first try!

Of course, he enjoyed it too. It had been a long time before he had had his cock totally buried in any part of a woman's body. And it was so tight! His wife had been a virgin when they first fucked, but even her tight pussy didn't compare with this!

Ted started fiddling with her pale pink nipples with his free hand, all the while rubbing her clit and fucking her ass. With this, her orgasm came quickly and it was a violent one. She sat up halfway and looked him straight in the eyes as she jerked her hips to and fro. Her wide, icy blue eyes were lit up in a way he hadn't seen - animalistic. She moaned, and kissed him, biting his lips.

Now, Ted had meant to stave off his orgasm some for the purpose of depositing another load into her pussy, just in case she wasn't pregnant yet. But up until now, their sexual activity had been pretty clinical - they never kissed, ever. He would cum in her pussy, and she would get an orgasm via hands or mouth as payment of sorts. But as his teenage daughter came, her tight ass muscles twitched around his cock, she raised up and KISSED him - he couldn't hold back. At the tail end of her orgasm, still kissing her hard, his cum splattered all through the rings of her snug asshole.

Awkwardly, he withdrew his cock from Lucy's ass. He berated himself for wasting that load in her ass, but still, it DID feel good to cum deep inside of her for once. He looked over at his daughter. She was sweaty, naked, and a little dazed. She looked ashamed that she loved having her ass fucked so much - by her own dad, no less! He left her alone to sleep.


The next morning, Ted announced it was time for Lucy to take a pregnancy test. After all, it had been nearly two months since he started trying to knock her up. He took her to the bathroom and made her pee in the little cup. He was surprised at how arousing it was to see the piss streaming from her pink folds, catching on the golden tufts of hair. He completed the pregnancy test and they sat there in the bathroom, waiting. Lucy looked nervous.

"I think I am...I mean, I haven't had my periods, but that might be because of stress..."

She was babbling. Finally, the egg timer went off and they looked at the test together. Two blue lines.

Ted picked Lucy up and whirled her around. It felt like the happiest day of his life. He had successfully impregnated his little girl.

Lucy looked close to tears. Ted carried her into his bedroom and lay her down. He wanted her to enjoy this experience, too.

"Lucy...I know you didn't exactly want this. But you'll see. This will be a fantastic experience for us both. I'll take good care of you, I promise. And hey, we love each other, don't we? So why shouldn't you have my baby?"

Lucy didn't look reassured, but she wasn't crying anymore, either. She forced a smile.

"Well, it looks like it can't be helped now. Maybe it will be fun, like you say. Maybe I'll even get big boobs!"

She giggled a little.

"Oh, there's nothing wrong with your boobs..."

He took a little pink nipple in his mouth began sucking, dreaming of the day she would start lactating. Lucy gasped and pushed his head between her legs.


Now that he didn't have to devote anymore effort into knocking Lucy up, Ted decided to was time she learn to suck cock. One night, they were settled on the couch, watching TV. Lucy was wearing a white t-shirt and white panties - something that would have looked plain and dull a few months before, but now showed off her new expanding shape in a way Ted loved.

"Listen, baby. You're pregnant now...which means I won't have to cum in your pussy anymore. Now, I want you to learn to suck my cock." Her eyes widened in fear a little. "No, it's not hard or scary at all! Just you see. Get on your knees."

She settled on the floor between his legs with him still perched on the couch. He unzipped his trousers and took them off. His cock swayed ominously, just inches from her face. He realized, watching her eyeball it, that she had never actually given it a good look before. In fact, she had never really touched it. He took her hands and placed them on his cock.

"For starters, here's how you move your hands on it...see?"

She followed his motions, and he removed his hands from hers. Her hands were clasped around his member, pulling gently at it.

"That's really good, hon. You're doing fine. Now... put your mouth around the end."

She opened her rosebud mouth and placed it over his cockhead. It was a strain, not only because he was blessed with impressive girth, but because her mouth was so small. It took her a few minutes to accomodate to the size.

"That's just fine! Mm, it's really good, darling. Ok... now suck. Just a little, at first. You can move it further into your mouth, when you feel ready."

Lucy clumsily began to slurp a little on Ted's cock. She looked up at his face to see if she was doing ok. His eyes were closed and his head thrown back, and he was breathing heavy. It had become important to her now to make him happy, since she was having his baby. Feeling she was doing ok, she moved his cock a little further into her mouth, and sucked a little harder. Ted grunted and looked down at her. She looked so cute, her blonde hair in a ponytail, her cheeks hollowed from slobbering on his cock. He grabbed her head and eased it in fully. She choked a little, and her eyes watered, but he held her in place so she couldn't get away.

"No, no! Don't think about the way it feels in your throat. Just don't think about it, and it won't make you choke. See?"

She obeyed, and soon her mind surmounted the matter of her gag reflex. He moved a bit more swiftly, in and out, breaching the depths of her throat. Suddenly, he pulled his cock out and sprayed her right in the face. Her mouth was still open, and a little spunk landed on her tongue. Most of it hit her cheeks, lips and chin. He groaned with satisfaction at seeing his little Lucy's face splattered with cum.

"See all this?" He swiped a little cum off her cheek, showed it to her, and then forced it into her mouth. "That's what Daddy would put in your cunt, that's what made you pregnant. Do you like the taste?" He didn't wait for an answer. He scooped up all the cum from her face and shoved it into her tired little mouth. She swallowed it dutifully, and crawled into his lap. She fell asleep with him stroking her slightly bulging tummy.


In the months following, Ted would go out to lingerie shops and buy skimpy, sexy little numbers for his daughter to lounge around the house in. He didn't buy maternity clothes - those weren't sexy, and did more to hide a pregnant belly than showcase it. He bought regular lingerie, and it thrilled him to it clinging to her big tummy.

Lucy continued to give him blowjobs, each time getting a little better and a little more confident in her skills. Although she wouldn't admit to it, she loved getting assfucked, too, and he gave her plenty of it. He loved to make her get on all fours while he banged her ass, so he could reach around and hold her giant belly. She was really showing - it was probably her 7th month by now - and her slenderness made the baby belly all the more striking. Her body was still lean and trim except for the huge, round belly. He would take her ass with her lying on her back, too, and hang on to her big baby-filled tummy while he fucked her. And most of all, he loved shooting his load on that big belly of hers.

Lucy was still a virgin. Although he had violated her ass and her mouth, and had dumped countless quarts of cum into her pussy, he never ventured past her hymen, which was still mostly intact. He decided he wanted to wait until her ninth month to properly fuck her, but in the meantime, there was lots of fun to be had, as she had just started lactating.

He spread Lucy out on the floor and grabbed her boobs. They were filling out nicely, too, from nearly flat to a nice handful. They were rock hard and ready for milking. He squeezed a little, and some creamy milk shot out. He straddled her torso with some difficulty because of her belly, but since she was carrying the baby low he squeezed in. He placed his dick between her tits. Slowly, he squeezed her tits together to encase his cock in titflesh. More milk dribbled out, this time onto his cock. Now he was lubricated and ready to titfuck her.

"Lucy, I want you to try and lick my cock whenever it comes near your face. Ok? And keep your mouth open. Daddy wants to cum in it."

She raised her head up a little and got ready. He started gliding his cock between her milk sacks, squeezing ever so gently to release more milk for lubrication. When he'd move forward, there was Lucy's mouth, her tongue darting frantically around his cockhead. Soon he was titfucking her roughly, and there was milk everywhere - all over his hands, his cock, her neck and hair. He must've grabbed one of her tits at a strange angle, because when he pressured them for more milk, a strong white stream came shooting up out of one of the nipples - and hit him in the face. His orgasm became uncontrollable then, and he fucked her tits harder and harder, milk spraying everywhere, and she caught his load in her mouth like a good girl. It dribbled down her throat.


Lucy's due date was nearly here, and Ted still hadn't taken her virginity yet. He knew he was leaving it late, and decided to get a move on.

He sat her down on the bed.

"Lucy... I know this is hard for you to believe, but all those times I came inside your pussy? Well, I didn't have my cock inside completely. What I mean is... virgins have this barrier that is broken when they have sex for the first time. And I never broke your barrier. I went right up to it, but never past it. You're still a virgin. But tonight, darling, I'm going to take your virginity. And soon, you'll be giving birth to our child."

Lucy looked at him, trustingly. She still had never condoned his actions, never gave him the satisfaction of telling him she was excited to be pregnant by her own daddy. But she was. She knew it was wrong, and she wouldn't admit it - but the way she had come to enjoy sexual play with her father left no room for question - she loved being his breeding slut. The flicker in her eyes told him everything.

She lay back and waited. Ted moved over her, kissing her sweetly and softly. She pushed her big baby-belly into him. He stroked it gently, and moved up to her nipples, pinching them a little. She squealed a little.

"Daddy - you know I want this. I was just afraid of saying so, afraid of going to hell. But the truth is, I've wanted this for so long. I want you to take my virginity! Being pregnant has made me feel so sexy, especially seeing the way you love my body now. I think as soon as this one is born, we should have another. And then another! I don't ever want to stop having your babies."

Ted was stunned. He knew Lucy had really come to love some of their sexual activity, but he never dreamed she would say all this!

While he was coming to grips with his daughter confessing she loved being knocked up, Lucy was busy undressing him. She removed his shirt and unbuttoned his pants. Her hands moved up and down his stiff cock, almost expertly now. She gave him a meaningful look. She was ready.

He kneeled between her legs. He could barely even see her face behind her taut, stretched tummy. He pushed his cockhead into her cunt, just a little, like he had done so many times before. He rocked it back and forth, pushing on her hymen a little. Flicking her clit with his finger, he felt her lubrication spread around his cockhead. He wanted her to be good and ready for when he fucked her - after all, he didn't want to hurt her.

Lucy was wiggling and bucking, begging him to go ahead and fuck her already. She rubbed her big belly and began talking dirty to him - saying things he never imagined coming out of that chaste little mouth.

"Go want to fuck your pregnant little daughter... I've wanted you to fuck me ever since that night you knocked me up, remember? I want you to drop your load way down deep inside me...I want to feel it shower my insides..mmm..."

Ted felt his cock strain with these words. It would feel so good to finally have that tight pink twat wrapped around his cock completely... he didn't waste any time. Drawing back a little, Ted plunged through her hymen, tearing it to shreds, and buried his full length inside her. Her cunt spasmed, trying to adjust itself to such a huge tresspasser.

Lucy gasped. She was in some pain, he could tell. He held his cock still inside her, waiting patiently for the pain to pass. Holding still also helped keep his orgasm at bay some. He was afraid he wouldn't last long - he had been dreaming of this night for almost a year!

"Ok, I'm ok now. Go on, Daddy."

Lucy gave a smile and he started to drill her pussy a little. She was indeed ok, he realized, as she bucked back and forth. He grabbed hold of her big belly with one hand, savoring how tight the skin was stretched around it. With the other hand, he pinched at her nipple some, drawing milk from her full, heavy breasts. He drove his cock in again and again, and each time it met with a louder than before.

He raised up some and grabbed hold of her hips, which had widened some since her pregnancy began. He pulled her down over and over onto his stiff, pulsating cock - and when he felt her body tense and her cunt muscles squeeze and encircle his cock, he knew he could let himself go, too. He came with her orgasm, sending what felt like a huge load into her already-filled womb. He could feel the spunk draining from his balls as it sprayed her cervix. They both went limp, and he collapsed onto the pillows beside her.

She was still breathing hard, and she looked over and smiled at him.

"Oh, Daddy. That was fantastic...I couldn't have wished for a better first time...OH!"

Alarmed, Ted sat up and looked at her.

"What's wrong?"

But he could see what was wrong for himself. Her water had broken.

"Oh my gosh! My water! Oh, we have to get to the hospital!"

Lucy was yelling and panicking, but Ted soothed her. He bundled her up in the car and they made tracks to the hospital. He was excited about the baby, certainly - but his mind was already on trying for the next one.

Written by: aquamarine77

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