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Sasha's Big Score

by whispersofasexualnature©


This is a full on non consent story with forced sex between non consenting adults. If this is not your bag then please jog on mate.


Sasha hopped up onto the ledge and crept towards the window. The brunette had been casing the mansion all week waiting for the right time to make a move. She would jog past in her skimpy running shorts and sports bra taking mental notes with each pass. After she memorized the guard's patterns she set her plan into motion.

It was so dark out that she couldn't see the bottom of the mansion from her position. The young woman's heart raced as she clung to the brick wall. She wasn't sure whether it was determination or desperation but whatever it was it moved her forward.

Sasha stood and shimmied along the ledge's smooth granite surface till she reached the open window she spotted earlier. She sat hesitant for a few seconds listening. After a few seconds making sure the coast was clear she carefully slipped into the room. Sasha slowly made her way over to a wall and reached into her bag and pulled out her flashlight. She stood for a moment admiring the shapely silhouette she gave off in the moonlight.

The young thief was a brown eyed beauty. She wore a tight black hoodie that showed off her perky round breasts and kept her hidden in shadow with black leggings that covered up her curvy little ass.

Sasha gave the room a once over through the eye holes in her mask. She scanned the room until the light landed on a dresser with lots of drawers. The young thief went through drawer after drawer and found nothing but clothes. Fancy clothes, but nothing to write home about. She was about to leave the room when she finds one of the drawers is locked.

'Jackpot,' she thought to herself. Sasha then took off and looked into her backpack. She took out and got to work with her lock pick kit. " it," she whispered to herself.

Sasha heard the click of the lock opening and then her heart stops. In a panic she switches the flashlight off and crouches to the floor. The busty thief turns around slowly quivering as she watched the door to the room swing open.

Sasha had never attempted such a large task as robbing a mansion. The average empty jewelry store in the dead of night was more her speed but her fence got pinched and selling things herself has been less than successful. She figured something like anything she could find in even just one of the rooms of the van court manor would set her up for at least the next few months.

Sasha froze. As hard as she tried to think of something to do she ended up kind of just sitting there. She could just barely make out a tall shadowy figure standing in the doorway. She hoped that because she was wearing all black that maybe he didn't see her.

Slowly Sasha turned around to try and see if she could wedge herself next to the dresser to quietly make sure she stayed hidden. That's when she heard the sound of the man's footsteps.

"Thunk thunk thunk thunk!" Sasha bit her lip to keep from screaming as the panic filled her. The footsteps got louder and closer and in a fearful mistake Sasha spins around and flicks on the flashlight. The light shines on a man's chest.

Time seems to stand still. Sasha is entirely too scared and can't seem to get herself to move. She looks on in horror as the man takes one last step before kicking Sasha right in the gut. The young girl slams into the dresser and the flashlight slips from her hands. Stunned and struggling to breathe Sasha slumps to the floor landing on her knees.

Holding her stomach and trying to draw breath Sasha struggled but managed to stand. All she could do was bring her arms up to block as another kick sent her into a nearby desk. "Ahhh!" she screamed feeling her back hit the wood. Her head then bounced back as she felt what could have only been a punch to the face.

The last fight Sasha had was in second grade and even then it was nothing more than a hair pulling match. Nothing in the young thief's life could have prepared her for the pain she was feeling right now.

Sasha stood slumped to her right by the desk holding her right eye. Her breathing was erratic and she felt light headed. The pain was so distracting she almost forgot she wasn't alone.

She took another shot to the side of the head and then another and another. Every hit came as a surprise in the dark. Her women's self defense classes had not prepared her to fight a man seemingly three times her size in almost complete darkness. It dawned on her how useless her rape whistle would be right now.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see the window she came in through bathed in moonlight. She was barely standing and for some reason the man who had been pummeling her stopped his barrage of punches.

'Now is probably the only chance I'm going to get to get out of here,' she thought. Sasha took off losing what little strength she had left to propel her forward. She didn't really know what she would do once she reached the window since she dropped her bag with her climbing supplies but she had to try something. Maybe she could scream for help.

Sasha ran for what seemed like forever. She stretched out her gloved hand only to have her fingers fall just short of the window sill.

The man grabbed Sasha by her feet and lifted her into the air. As he held her above his head she realized just how massive he really was.

With a grunt he tossed Sasha spinning through the air. She could do nothing but scream before she collided with the wall in a gut wrenching thud. The young girl fell to the ground in a heap.

Sasha lay there motionless tasting the salty tang of her own blood in her mouth as tears glazed over in her eyes. She struggled to catch her breath hoping some way; somehow she could muster the strength to get up. She felt all hope for survival slip away from her as she heard the dreaded familiar thumps of her attacker's footsteps.

Sasha just laid there with her eyes closed waiting for it all to just mercifully end.

"Blaaaaaach!" Sasha screamed as loud as her injured body could as she was kicked one last time in the ribs rolling her over onto her back.

She wanted to be unconscious; she wanted it more than anything. Sadly, the pain kept her awake and alert. Agony washed over her in waves setting her nerves on fore.

She struggled to move but it was no use. She was almost certain the man had broken something. Sasha closed her eyes hoping the next attack would be the last. Then just as suddenly as the attack started it was over.

The sound of footsteps faded and the room was flooded with light.

"Holy shit, you're a girl!" the man yelled standing in the doorway of the room.

The man stood there thinking for what seemed like minutes before his serious face turned to that of a smiling one. He turned away from Sasha and turned off the light.

The man slowly walked back over to where Sasha was ling and kneeled down on one knee. He placed his hand on her stomach and felt her tremble at his touch. She struggled again to move but he held her down.

Sasha tried to speak only to be hushed by the man's palm over her mouth. "I never would have been so rough if I'd have known you were a girl," he said apologetically.

The man, she now identified as Gregory van court the lord of the manor she tried to rob, patted her down was surprised to find none. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to the center of the room where her body could be seen in the moonlight.

Lord van court stood in the shadows and took off his jacket. Sasha turned her head to see the jacket only to see his shirt tossed on top of it. The beaten girl turned just in time to see the man unbuckling and stepping out of his pants.

A new fear dawned in her mind as his next move made it clear her ordeal was just beginning.

Lord van court kneeled at her feet and reached up pulling down her tight pants. "You came here to rob me now we'll see what kind of goodies you've got for the taking."

Sasha wanted to kick him and she wasn't sure whether it was the pain or the fear that stopped her but she just laid there and let him have his way.

The man licked his lips as he spotted her purple lace panties. Sasha always wore sexy underwear. The man's dick hung low and grazed against her legs as he inched his way up her body.

Sasha looked away as her eyes welled up with tears making her eyeliner run. He ran his hands up her thighs relishing the opportunity to have such a thing of beauty all to himself.

Lord van court slid the zipper down on Sasha's sweater exposing her large breasts. "Mmmm exquisite," he said reaching for one. The man reached up and slowly slid his hand up along the smooth curvature of her breast.

Sasha clenched her eyes closed wishing he would just knock her out or let her go but lord van court was enjoying himself too much.

He rubbed his erect member along her covered crotch as he fondled her breasts. He brought his fingers closer to her nipples teasing her.

Sasha hated it but she could feel her body responding positively to his groping. "Please... please don't do this," she pleaded.

"Don't bother," is all he said as he brought his mouth to her nipple. Lord van court bit down hard on her nipple causing Sasha to scream. "Usually I have to pay to hurt my girls," he said biting harder. "You won't be enjoying this baby, sorry."

He raised a hand and slammed it down striking one breast then the other. "Ahhh!" Sasha screamed in pain. He continued to slap and pinch her breasts hard. "Fuck you!" she screamed through her mask.

"Fine, Ill accommodate you." Lord van court said reaching down and pulling her panties to the side. He positioned his long hard cock at her wet opening.

"No, plea-!" Sasha screamed as Lord van court tore into her with his massive cock. He stretched her passed her limits and relished her agonized pleas to the heavens. "Aaaaaaahhhh!" she sobbed into her mask as the large man had his way with her.

"Uh, uh, yeah fuck you are one tight piece baby," the large man said as he fucked her hard and fast. Sasha's breasts bounced in the man's face as he smacked them and kept pounding his cock into her. "Fuck girl mmmm I might just keep you."

The thought of being raped repeatedly by the large man filled Sasha with a sense of dread she still hadn't felt before. She needed to do something and fast.

"Hooo I'm getting close girl. Mmmm so close." the man said speeding up his thrusts hitting deep and hard against Sasha's cervix. The pain was excruciating. She felt as though she were being torn apart from within.

"Oh... oh yes!" Sasha screamed. She wrapped her legs around his waist fucking him back as he slammed into her hard.

"Fuck you like this you little cunt?" Lord van court asked confused.

"Mmmm ah, ah, ah, ah, yes!" she screamed again arching her back for her assailant.

"Fuck I'm so close baby," he moaned leaning in close to her ear. "You are mine baby. If you like this I'll show you a world of hurt that's gonna make you cream for me baby."

"Yes, mmmm, fuck me baby," she screamed.

Lord van court placed Sasha's legs on his shoulders and kept fucking her for dear life. "yes baby ye-"


Lord van court pulled out falling back and cuming all over himself unconscious.

"Meg Ryan, eat your heart out," Sasha said. She had never had to fake it during sex before but she knew pretending to like his assault was the only way to distract him long enough for her to reach her tazer from her bag.

She tazed him another few times leaving him with just enough life in him to survive. Sasha then cleaned out all the valuables from the drawer and snuck out of the manor.

She recovered slowly but eventually she was back to planning jobs and stealing people's valuables. Preparing for the next big score.




This was my first foray into a full on non consent story. I'm still very new at all this erotica stuff. Thanks for reading.

Sasha will return in: Sasha's vengeance.

Written by: whispersofasexualnature

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