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Impressions Ch. 11

by sadkins116©

This story was originally posted with different character names. These names have been changed at the request of the woman whose fantasy this depicts.


Sarah stood near the small stage on the side of the bar. Clare was standing beside her with her arm around Sarah's waist, partially to hold her up, partially to keep her calmed down. She could feel the tremors flowing through the slut's body.

"Now everyone here knows what was going on for the last hour or so. Now that Miss Prissy pants here, has sampled our best, she gets to choose her favorite. And that favorite cock can have this slut for the next ninety minutes. That means she will go with you and you can use her however you wish, except for her cunt. That's locked up until she decides if she's really a slut." Clare announced, to the two dozen or so men and a couple women. They all burst out laughing at Clare's comment. Hell, the slut just sucked off the entire bar.

Once the crowd quieted, Sarah looked around trying to see the owner of the cock of her dreams. He was wearing a plaid work shirt, it was unbuttoned and the dirty wife beater underneath only added to his allure. The Man was tall, standing well over 6' tall. Sarah just knew he was tall. The shirts, chest, and cock was all she saw. Not seeing him she started to panic. It was the only cock she watched for and disregarded all the other as soon as she saw it. It he wasn't there she didn't know what to do.

Sarah looked around the bar even more feverishly. There were no red shirts, plaid or not. Now panic was really setting in, she was sure she let him know he was the one. Sarah stepped off the makeshift stage and started to walk around the crowd. Finally, there he was, sitting in a booth on the far side of the bar. He looked at her and smirked, "Looking for something slut?" His voice deep and gravelly.

Sarah groaned her response and started towards him, but he raised his hand, stopping her in her tracks, a confused look on her face.

Sarah looked in his eyes but the look didn't last and quickly dropped her eyes to his groin. She tried to look elsewhere but her body didn't obey. She heard a chuckle and blushed at what she was about to do. Sarah didn't know what to do, so she stood there half-dressed looking at the floor when she heard.

"Crawl bitch!"

She wasn't sure if she was relieved or frightened, but her body pulsed as shivers went up and down her spine. Each pulse ending at her dripping cunt, still locked behind her chastity belt. But she immediately dropped to her knees and started to crawl, her eyes fixed on her target. Again, she heard him speak.

"STOP! Crawl naked!" He barked.

Sarah quickly pulled her blouse over her head and tossed it aside, quickly followed by her skirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and the chastity belt was her panties. She was now crawling across and nasty dirty floor, naked but for her slave chastity belt. Sarah was beyond excited; her mouth was drooling, as saliva was trickling down her chin, leaving a long trail hanging down towards the floor.

"What are you?" Her dream cock barked again.

Sarah stopped in her tracks. Her mind freezing and it hit her. She was willingly crawling, naked, after fondling and sucking every cock in the bar, towards the cock of her dreams. Her head dropped and she spoke in barely over a whisper. "I'm a slut."

"WHAT, I CAN'T HEAR YOU, WHAT ARE YOU?" The voice screamed.

"I am a slut." She said again louder.

"LOUDER, OVER AND OVER, UNTIL I SAY TO STOP." The voice commanded.

"I AM A SLUT. I AM A SLUT. I AM A SLUT. I AM A SLUT. I AM A SLUT. I AM A SLUT." Sarah screamed over and over, again and again, each time a little louder and with more feeling. It was as each statement left her lips, a piece of her self-esteem went with it, and she slowly accepted what she was. By the time, she heard the word to stop; her body was pulsing with arousal with every word.

Sarah was now right between his legs. She was still drooling at the thought of sucking it down her throat, rendering her mind useless. Sarah Looked up at his face for the first time, and this time every muscle in her body shook. He was perfect. He must have been of Norwegian descent, his blond hair, blue eyes strong chiseled features left her breathless. She started to reach for his buckle but once again he stopped her.

Sarah was very frustrated and sat back on her heels. She started to speak but he held up his hand.

Sarah did as he ordered and watched as he pulled off his belt. She gasped thinking she was going to be beaten, but he again surprised her as he looped the belt and slipped it around her neck. The feeling when he pulled the belt, now a leash, overwhelmed her senses. She was no longer Sarah, Vice President Marketing of a major corporation, but a naked slut crawling after an anonymous Master.

The man stood and started to walk for the door. Sarah wanted to resist, to not be paraded in public naked on the end of a leash. But the last of her resistance was eliminated as soon as she felt the leash pull. She crawled after him her eyes locked on his shoes, not able to look around. She saw the door open and was pulled through, her eyes having trouble handling the noontime sun. She was now out on the street, her building just up the block and her office in clear view. Cars were driving by honking their horns, and passersby all either laughed at her or said a snide remark. Swat had no idea if she knew anyone as her eyes were locked on the sidewalk and her Master's shoes.

The man pulled her around the front of the bar and to the parking lot beside it. Sarah was relieved to be off the street and somewhat out of sight. That was until he led her to a dirty, nasty, very old pickup truck. He opened the tail gate and pointed into the bed. Sarah looked up at him, frozen for a moment, until she felt the tug. She stood and climbed into the bed. It was covered in mud, grease, oil, and lots of trash. She stooped down trying not to let any more of her body touch anything than the soles of her feet.

"Unless you want to be seen by everyone in town, I'd suggest you lay down flat, and I'll cover you. But if you don't lay down, no cover!" The man spoke again.

Sarah didn't know what to do. He could drive right past her building and someone will certainly see her that knows her. But the truck bed was so nasty laying down in it was worse than death.

"Don't worry slut, it's just oil and grease, I pick up waste oil from a few repair shops on the side. Now get your ass down."

Sarah cringed but slowly sat down, the grease squished between her cheeks. He pointed down and Sarah lowered her body into the grease covering her entire back but holding her head up and her hair in her hands.

"It's a bit of a drive you might want to drop your head slut." The man said with a chuckle as he pulled a dirty blanket, soaked in oil over Sarah's body. The blanket was heavy and stunk. Sarah had to drop her head just to get her nose out of the foul-smelling blanket. She could feel the oil soak into her pours and knew she couldn't go back to work.

The drive didn't take long and she felt it turn and bounce like there wasn't a road. It bounced for a minute or so and stopped. Sarah didn't move, afraid as what she might see. The motor turned off and the door opened and closed. When the blanket was pulled off her, at least a dozen men were surrounding the truck bed. Sarah started to cover her body with her hands but her body was covered with oil grease and mud. She couldn't stand to touch her own body, and could only moan.

Several gloved hands reached in and lifted Sarah out of the truck and down to the ground. She winced as the rocks were hurting her ass. She quickly got on her knees and looked around her. She was in the middle of a large construction site. Around the perimeter was a tall fence blocking out any pedestrians from entering the site. That however didn't hide her from any of the taller buildings around the site.

The Adonis holding her leash laughed as he and his friends commented on the filthy slut, naked and covered in grease and oil wearing a leash.

Sarah was panting her body was so aroused. Her cunt was blossoming and the pink inner lips showed brightly against the grease and oil covered skin surrounding it as the belt split her lips. Sarah's mind wasn't functioning any longer and went into autopilot. She adjusted her position and put her hands behind her back and pushed her shoulders back. It was a position her Mistress required when in the presence of her betters. And right now, everyone was her betters.

Sarah looked at each man surrounding her, but she wasn't looking at their faces. Her concentration was on their groins. As each cock came into view, Sarah's desires grew. Still she hadn't seen the cock that brought her here.

Suddenly a hand touched her shoulder. She turned to see the Adonis standing behind her smiling.

"So, slut, I understand that the belt stays on until you declare to your Master that you are a slut. Declare that you are a slut that will fuck anyone, anywhere, and anytime for his pleasure. So that leaves us with a two-hole whore for the next hour and my friends are going to make very good use of the time."

Sarah heard his words and cringed. She knew that she was very close to surrendering her body and soul, but at this moment all she could think of, was cocks and cum.

"Now slut, get on your hands and knees and get to work." Adonis continued.

Sarah quickly scrambled into position and looked back over her shoulder, her oil and grease covered body fully exposed, and wiggled her ass. She prayed that the cock that had haunted her dreams would finally take her and complete her journey to slut dom. It was as if time stood still as she watched to see if he would take her, when his hand slid down to his pants and started to open the button. Sarah's breath stopped as she prayed he wasn't teasing her. So far, he had surprised her more than once. But he opened his pants, slid them down his legs, exposing his majestic cock, still soft but even better than she remembered. Sarah looked up at him with pleading eyes. She wanted to swallow it down her throat, but if he filled her she didn't care where.

Adonis smiled down at the pathetic slut begging him with her eyes and pointed at his cock. He wanted to see which hole she was going to offer him first.

Sarah quickly spun around and lavished kisses all over his cock as it hardened from her attention. Sarah was living her fantasy. The same fantasy that had been haunting her in her dreams, with her on her knees sucking the most beautiful cock, surrounded by men about to ravish her body and loving every second.

She licked the head and probed the slit, licking up and fluids leaking from it. She looked up at his eyes and swallowed the first few inches. Relishing the taste of sweat, urine, and soap, Sarah almost came right then. She pulled back and shoved forward again, this time taking over half of the now hard cock. She gagged as the head reached the back of her throat, but suppressed the reflex and pushed forward again. She was a slut and sluts take every inch of any cock presented.

Sarah pulled back again and took a deep breath and pushed forward again, this time the massive probe went down her throat blocking any air from her lungs.

Sarah held it deep down her throat, as she struggled to keep from gagging. Just as she started to get light headed, she pulled back until the cock slipped out of her mouth as she gasped for air. Phlegm, mucus, and saliva poured out of her mouth following the cock.

Sarah's mind cleared from the lack of oxygen and quickly pushed his unit back in her mouth and started to fuck her own face as if it were her needy cunt.

Adonis had closed his eyes as the dirty slut consumed his manhood repeatedly, taking the entire cock each time down her throat. Sarah could feel his cock swell and knew it was time, pulled her dream cock from her mouth and spun around and wiggled her ass. She looked directly in his eyes and spoke in a clear voice, "TAKE THIS SLUTS ASS AND FUCK ME SILLY!"

Without a second's hesitation, Adonis grabbed her hips, reached for the plug filling it and roughly pulled it out. Sarah gasped but it wasn't for the pain, although there was a fair amount of pain. It was from the last vestiges of self-respect leaving her mind and body. She felt him line his cock at her small pucker and push. Her brown ring already loosened by the plug, welcomed the intrusion as he filled her rear passage. Sarah was in heaven, the pain and pleasure emanating from her ass filled her body and mind leaving her consumed with lust. She closed her eyes tightly as the cock of her dreams slowly fucked her ass.

Sarah felt something brush her cheek and without looking opened her mouth. She knew it was another cock and she welcomed it deep inside her mouth. Sarah's mind was overwhelmed with the thoughts of what was happening. She was naked, covered in filth, on her knees outside on a construction site with cocks filling her mouth and ass. The humiliation as to how far she had fallen in only such a short time was consuming her very being. She knew she should run away, but both her mind and body wouldn't move. The cocks, the exposure, even the filth combined to force her to accept she was a low-class slut that would fuck on demand and welcome the opportunity.

Sarah felt Adonis's cock swell in her ass and explode sending his seed deep in bowels. She screamed around the cock buried in her throat causing it to spew its essence filling her mouth and flowing down her chin.

She was right on the verge of a massive orgasm when both cocks left her body leaving her screaming for more. Sarah didn't have to wait long as another cock touched her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked it home needing that feeling of completeness that only a cock down her throat gave her. Sarah felt a pair of hands grab her head and force the erect male member down her throat with another cock slipped in her anal passage. This time there was no pain as Adonis had stretched her sphincter allowing him to impale her completely with one stroke.

The two cocks quickly worked up a rhythm and to Sarah it felt like one cock entering her ass and coming out her mouth. She was rapidly ramping back up to the top of the mountain when again both cocks released their spunk and withdrew from her body.

Sarah was no longer in control of her body as her bladder released and pissed all over the ground forming a puddle around her knees and hands. She tried to speak and tell the remaining cocks to fill her again but all that came out was gibberish.

She didn't have to wait long before the next cocks entered. This time she didn't have a chance to come down and exploded in a massive orgasm as soon as she felt their groins on her lips and hips. Her eyes were open but she wasn't seeing anything as each touch set off sensations that only increased the orgasm that consumed her.

After the orgasm, Sarah was no longer aware of her surroundings. The only thing that mattered was the next cock that filled her and continued the orgasm that wouldn't quit.

Sarah opened her eyes and looked around her. She had no idea of where she was or what time it was. She looked around at the room and the cot she was laying on. It was small with no windows. There was a chair and a sink but nothing else. She looked at her disgusting body and slid her hands up and down spreading the grease, oil, and cum and relishing the feel. She knew she was filthy and cum covered but she loved it. Her hand drifted down past the belt and felt the plug filling her ass. She snickered thinking if she pulled the plug how much cum would pour out of her abused ass.

When the door opened, Sarah didn't try to cover her body, her hands never moved from her tits or her ass. She just looked up and hoped that someone else was there to fuck her.

"Well bitch, you're not so high and mighty, anymore are you? What have you got to say whore?" Jamal spewed.

Sarah groaned as she was slowly tweaking her nipples and slowly playing with the plug in her ass. "No sir, I'm not better than anyone, I am a dirty slut that wants her Master to take possession of her body to use as he sees fit. I am a slave to my husband's boss's wife and I have no control over anything and I accept what I am and will accept whatever my Master desires." Sarah mind was shocked at what left her mouth, but she couldn't deny the truth and answered honestly without reservations.

Jamal had finally broken the slut and he leaned in and whispered. "I'm proud of you my slave. I am your Master. I am Master Cock!"

Sarah's eyes grew large and looked into her Master's eyes and rolled off the cart to the floor. She dropped her head and kissed his shoes. "Oh, Master please take this slut and use it as you see fit. I pledge to serve you with all my heart. I will do whatever you wish Master."

Jamal loved it, leaned down and patted her head as if she were a pet. "Yes, slut I accept your offer and will fulfill your needs for cock." Jamal answered. His cock rock hard and now wanted her to give up her last orifice and become what he trained her for, a three-hole slut.

"Well cum slut slave, what have you got to offer your Master? Look at you! You're filthy and covered in cum. You smell like a whore too. What can you give to your Master?"

Sarah looked up at her Master and recognized him at one of the janitors. Just a week ago she wouldn't even speak to him and now the only thing she wanted was for him to take possession of her. She continued to grovel at his feet, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her make-up or what was left of it was smeared all over her face. Sarah's mind trying to comprehend what to offer her Master. Her mind finally clearing enough to say, "Master, I give you everything. I am yours to use, each and every part of my body is for you Master. Please Master, remove this belt and take possession of your slave." She rose to her knees and spun around, her ass now pointed at Jamal. Sarah looked back over her shoulder and groaned. "Master, Please, I'm begging you. Take possession of my soul, my ass, my mouth, and my cunt. Please Master Please!"

Jamal couldn't be happier, he had Sarah right where he wanted and with her boss's wife helping, he just might end up with a lot more. He reached down and smacked her ass, HARD.

Sarah groaned and her body jumped at the pain, but instead of cowering she leaned back and gasped, "Thank you Master, may I have another?"

Jamal proceeded to pound Sarah's ass as it turned from her normal caramel color to pink and finally to deep red. Sarah counted each stroke and asked, then begged for another. When he final stopped, Sarah was crying uncontrollably but still begging to please her Master. Her mind was empty except to serve her Master. She had no husband, no son, no marriage, no high level executive life, but a slut that wanted nothing more than to be used.

Jamal stripped out of his clothes, exposing his long fat black snake. Sarah looked back and her eyes locked on the impressive black piston about to fill her body and almost orgasmed on the spot. She was panting as her eyes clouded with lust. Her entire world centered on the cock right behind her offered ass.

"Please Master, may this slut touch your majestic cock? May this slave prove her submission? Please Master, please?" Sarah begged as she continued to wiggle her ass. She didn't care that she was acting like a bitch in heat. The only thing that mattered, was worshiping her Master's cock.

Jamal slowly stroked her dark red hips, sliding his fingers around the edge of the chastity belt that locked her away. God, she wanted that belt off. Her cunt had never felt so needy, so ready to be owned. She felt the fingers slowly work their way up the belt to the waist. Sarah held her breath and prayed.

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