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He Could See Her Pussy!

by magmaman©

Silvi is my second wife. Pretty little thing, she has her hair done up in shades of reddish blonde, and she is slender, in shape.

I won't go into the first wife, she mostly wanted me to work so she could spend money like water.

I met Silvi at a beach, she walked up to me and said, "Hey, fella, you need some oil! You are getting burned up!"

That ended up with her oiling me down and then a drink, dinner. Nice roll in the hay, it had been awhile. Silvi is firm, small busted and slim hips. Her 5' 4" frame fits perfectly in my 6'1" and 230 pounds.

It wasn't long before we both saw the obvious, I asked her, she smiled and said yes. Half a decade of life went by, and life with her is easy.

No pushing, no yelling, house always spotless and in shape. Dinners are on time and well cooked, I guess we are the average American dream.

My business does well, and is growing, so we have money. Every few months we visit a resort somewhere. Very seldom do we ever go to the same place more than twice, new places and sights are fun.

A few years ago I spotted a flyer in the hotel room advertising massage. Over the years I had had a couple, and I got some down at the gym from time to time. I asked Silvi if she was interested in one, she said "sure!". So I made the call.

The lady came to our room, dressed in a set of scrubs. First Silvi, then me, nice normal massage, just like all massages everywhere.

That got to be a habit, every resort we visited either had someone on staff or someone they could call. Just pampering, enjoying life.

Life was pretty good. Silvi and I would go out dancing, she knew I liked her to look hot when we were out of town so she has no end of slinky dresses and outfits that do a fine job of turning heads. She has one long evening gown I especially like, she wears it braless and if she stands with the light behind her, her body is outlined nicely.

I know when she puts that on that a magnificent evening is coming. We usually end up back in our suite rolling around on the bed fairly early.

Normal stuff.

One day I was reading a men's magazine and the story was about a guy who watched his wife get a massage by a handsome massuer. The story was erotic, and pretty detailed. I found myself getting an erection reading it, a bit of a surprise to me.

Up until then all of the therapists we had hired had been women, they used full careful draping. No big deal, neither one of us even thought about that. The massages I got at the Gym were all men and it was the same way. But an idea popped in my head.

The next trip, I called the resort desk and asked for a Massage. I got the usual, "Male of female therapist?" and I opened my mouth and "Male" came out.

Silvi was in the bedroom, she came out drying her hair. She asked me if I found a massuese. I told her yes, but it was a male therapist. She hesitated, then told me to go ahead, she would just go shopping.

I told her it was all right, it was just a massage. But I was suddenly excited inside at the prospects.

"Well, all right if you are sure."

"It will be fine." I told her, trying to act perfectly normal.

About an hour later the massuer arrived. He was around 30, a few inches shorter than me, muscular.

He set up and stepped into the bath as Silvi undressed and got on the table, snugging the sheet around her nude body. I sat back in my chair and pretended to read a newspaper like always.

The guy's name was Dana, he came out in a tight T-shirt and went right to work. He did a nice full body massage, but during the entire session the closest he came to anything private was the tops of her breasts. Then he pulled out a small towel and lay it across Silvi's breasts, and slipped the sheet out from underneath. He worked her abdomen, then it was my turn. I was excited and a little disappointed at the same time, but said nothing.

But I had an erection, it would not go down. I took deep breaths, tried to get my mind on something else, no avail.

As I lay on my back, likely bright red from the tent I was making in the sheet, Dana asked, "Would you like me to take care of that, Sir?"

Well, that was obvious as hell, I turned him down. He collected and left.

Silvi had an odd look on her face, I was finding it tough to meet her gaze.

"Why did that excite you?" she asked.

"It didn't, you did."

"Me? But..." Realization flashed across her face and she smiled and reached for me.

"Whatever works." she giggled.

Our next trip, I asked Silvi where she would like to go.

"Let's go to that same resort." she smiled.

I called and booked us, and in the fanciest suite this time. We arrived and settled in, I was getting ready to call the desk for a therapist, it was almost a habit by now.

I was planning to ask for a female, no way did I want to be embarrassed again when Silvi popped up with, "See if you can get that same Dana guy."

I looked at her, no readable expression at all. But I almost instantly had that same tingling in my loins.

I called, the lady on the desk told me that Dana wasn't available but she had one named Len on call. I hesitated, then agreed.

This was a later evening booking, so Silvi and I went out dancing. She wore that dress I loved, we had a fine time.

We got back to the suite at 10 PM to clean up and get ready for the 11 PM booking. I had thought it was odd to be so late but this was a resort.

Len arrived right on time. He was almost as big as me, and perhaps 25 or so. He set up and stepped into the bath, like normal. Silvi and I were both wearing these huge bathrobes the resort supplies to the fancy spa suites. She dropped hers and hopped on the edge of the table.

I took one look and my jaw dropped, she was shaved as clean as a whistle except for a heart shaped patch up top! This wasn't normal, Silvi keeps herself lightly trimmed for bathing suits but that is it.

"You like?" she gave me a wicked smile as she snugged the sheet up over herself.

I managed to mumble something, still not sure what, and gathered the robe around myself to hide my fast growing erection. I was in quite a state, she had been teasing me all night.

Len came out, oiled his hands and slipped the drape down to Silvi's waist. He began to work her back and shoulders, she lay there quietly, relaxing.

The table was set up at an angle to the chair I was sitting in, I was pretending to read a magazine. Len was working on Silvi's legs, he had his back towards me. Oddly he was standing on one side and working on the opposite leg.

I noticed that instead of pulling the drape under her leg he just folded it towards himself. He went around to the other side and did the same thing, the sheet now formed a "V" between her legs, both were completely bare all the way up and over her cheeks.

As I watched him work, Silvi rolled a little one way, then the other, parting her legs a bit in the process. Len's hands worked slowly up her legs closest to me, then he switched and started doing little strokes towards himself.

I am sure I was staring now, as his fingers reached her knee, then higher. He was reaching deep down around the inside of her leg and pulling slowly towards himself, each stroke overlapping each other.

I watched in fascination as he reached down to the end of the "V" formed by the drape and folded it back. I could see the curve of her behind from where I sat, the drape reached only about halfway down.

Those hands began again, it seemed like in slow motion, higher and higher. He was now more than halfway up her thighs, each time his fingers reached around, vanished, then slid up and over her leg.

Another little flip of the end of the drape and her behind was now completely bare. He stopped finally, he could not have been more than an inch from actually stroking her.

He walked around to the side I was on and repeated the process. I was leaning over, straining to see, he took a good 10 minutes again.

Then he did some more fast sweeping strokes up and over her back. I settled back, thinking it was about over, I was pretty sure he had a view right between her legs at several points.

Then he did something amazing! He stepped to the foot of the table, placed one hand on each leg, and started stroking upwards. That same almost slow motion, higher and higher until his hands went up and over her glutes. He pressed them outwards, exposing her completely!

I watched as he did this a good 20 times, each time holding her open. I looked at him, he was staring right down between her legs.

Silvi's muscles were like butter at this point, each press he made with his hands moved her legs open, I realized she now had the toes of each foot hanging over the sides of the table.

Then suddenly he stopped and had her flip over.

"Are you bashful about your breasts?" he asked simply.

I expected her to say yes.


Len reached up and slid the sheet to her waist, and went to work.

Silvi's nipples were like little needles, I watched as his hands went everywhere. Then he was working on her legs again.

He did that same movement with the sheet, opposite side with each leg, forming the little "V" at her crotch. Then his hands dropped in between her legs and he started those slow motion pulls again. He had his back to me at first, he was getting very high up her legs again.

Then he stepped around to the other side, and started in again. Halfway up, he folded the drape back, leaving her barely covered. Higher and higher, just as I thought he was going to actually put his fingers right on her, he stepped to the foot of the table.

Starting at her feet, he began those long strokes, finally he was right there. The drape was still hanging low enough to cover her vagina, but that was all.

Then he did a long flowing glide with his hands, I watched as his thumbs slid out and down, then gently up and across her pussy at each side, not really touching her, just alongside. He let his hands move the drape up, she came uncovered.

He repeated the motion, I could see her lips slip open, her little nubbin seemed to move out, then up from the pressure of each stroke.

I saw her legs tremble, slide apart. Her hips came up, she orgasmed. Len's strokes quickly became slower and even more gentle, he simply went with her. Right there in front of me!

He pulled the sheet over her, patted her down.

"You are next." with a grin.

Silvi sat up, smiled at me.

"Like that?" she said, with a look on her face I never saw before.

"Don't let him finish you, I want to."

Written by: magmaman

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