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School's Over

by skip.69©

A year or so ago my school had to close owing to falling rolls. I was transferred to the only vacancy in my subject at that time, which happened to be at a girls' school. Not that I minded, and I was not the only man on the staff. There were two others, but they were in their late fifties, so I tended to mix more with my own age in the staffroom, with some of the younger women teachers.

However, the end of the School Year was at hand, and Susan, one of these younger teachers, and actually the games mistress, approached me about two days before the end of term.

"Some of the sixth form girls wish to see you," she told me. "Something about a leavers' party, but they said that they would explain better when they see you."

So, during break, I knocked on the Upper Sixth form door, and was invited in. The girls still wore uniform - it was that type of school. But their interpretation of uniform could at times challenge St. Trinian's! There was a rule at this school that on reaching the age of eighteen a girl could alter her own uniform as long as it conformed to the school colours and was something like the uniform that the rest of the school had to wear. This rule was designed to assist the girls in their growing-up process, so that they were treated more like adults on reaching Upper Sixth and especially after their eighteenth birthday. All of these girls were now eighteen as it was the end of their final school year. They had actually finished all lessons for the year, and were now only paying lip-service to school, but by law had to attend until the last day.

I was greeted by a titillating display as the girls lounged around quite blatantly not caring what was on show, even in front of me - a male! Some of them were actually sitting with both feet up, heedless of the fact that their skirts had risen to allow their knickers to be on view, whilst others had unfastened their shirts to the waist in the heat, their youthful breasts hidden only by bras which could never have been part of a school uniform!

"You all wanted to see me," I began, when Zara, the Head Girl, interrupted me.

"I'm glad you have come," she said to me. "What we are planning is an end-of-term, end- of-year, end-of-school party just for the school netball team. We have already invited Miss Jennings, or rather Susan as we will be able to call her in exactly twenty-four hours, and as we shall all have our own boy-friends there she will be on her own, so to speak, and we would like to invite you to make up the numbers. And before you reply I think you should know that we have all seen how you look at her, especially when she is in her netball skirt or her swimming attire. We've noticed you mentally undressing her (and us, sometimes, but we don't mind) as if you have the hots for her."

Before I could respond to that outrageous but truthful remark, though, Zara continued, "Mind you, we used to call her Susan when she was still a pupil at this school and also a prefect and we were in the third form, and I still do whenever she comes round to our house to see my sister - they were both here together. That's when I have heard her telling Sophie how she has been teasing you by wearing her netball skirt on occasions when she didn't need to, just so that you could catch a glimpse of her knickers when she bent down! So she has the hots for you, too, in a way."

Again I was unable to speak for a second or two. These revelations were giving me cause to think. Susan knew when I was ogling her, and so did these girls! And she had been responding by deliberately flaunting her knickers!

Zara forestalled me. "So you will agree to be our guest at the end-of-school party, then?"

I nodded agreement, whereupon the other girls in the room let off a cheer.

"You won't be disappointed, sir, or should I get used to calling you Jeff?" said Cindy, the netball captain. "We won't have our school uniforms on any more, and you'll be able to see how we really can dress when we celebrate. And see how Susan dresses when she lets her hair down, too, of course."

When I got back to the staff-room Susan looked at me and asked, "Well?"

I told her what the girls had asked, and she replied that she knew, but that she had insisted on the girls asking me themselves so as to reassure me that I would not be gate crashing.

Anyway, to cut the story short, it was arranged that I would pick Susan up in my car and drive round to the hall where the party would be held. The "hall" was actually a large barn belonging to one of the girls' fathers, but it was to be spotlessly clean, Susan told me.

So, the day school finished I went home, bathed, changed into shirt and flannels, then drove round to the address Susan had given me.

It was actually a block of flats, and so I rang the bell with her name on it, and a dismembered voice told me that she would be straight down.

I hardly recognised her! Gone was the plain teacher look, and instead her hair was loose and hanging to her shoulders, her blouse somewhat transparent in spite of only having beneath it a half-cup support bra, which allowed her nipples to be on view beneath the nylon covering of her blouse. She wore an extremely brief skirt, as short as her netball skirt at school, and a pair of very high-heeled shoes. As she swung into the car beside me I was not surprised to see that the brevity of her skirt caused her lacy white panties to come into view momentarily. But she made no move to cover up, smiling broadly at me knowing that I was looking directly at her most intimate garment. Zara's words flashed through my mind as my eyes remained fixed, about how Susan used to deliberately show me her knickers under her netball skirt.

Breaking into these thoughts Susan said to me, "Do you like them, or should I change them for another pair? Or I could take them off altogether!"

I was taken aback somewhat by this forthright approach, but Susan laughed and said she had watched me trying to peep at her knickers whenever she was dressed for netball, and she had noticed how attracted I was to the groin of her swimsuit, which she always tried to tuck between her pussy lips when she knew I would be watching. She actually used the word "pussy", and again I felt a slight shock, or actually more of a thrill at hearing her use this word.

But I warned her that we were going to the girls' leaving party, and would probably have to behave ourselves.

"Why?" she asked wickedly. "You don't know those girls like I do! You know that I was at school with Zara's sister. Well, I was at their house last night and Zara confided in me that she intends wearing the briefest mini-skirt she can find without any knickers on at all! And knowing the other girls I feel certain that some of them will be the same."

"Actually, Zara's sister, Louise, and I did the same thing at our leaving party, except that miniskirts weren't as short as they are now. But we partied all night without any knickers on at all. And remember, I know these girls better than you. Being a games mistress it means that I can shower with them after netball practice. I don't have to join them in the communal shower, but I do, and that is when a lot of so-called secrets come out. For instance I know that not one of these girls is a virgin, and that they all shave off their pubic hair like I do. Actually it was when they saw mine so smooth that the whole team decided to do the same."

I was feeling quite light-headed at these disclosures, but at the same time I could feel my erection growing hard, so much so that it was beginning to get uncomfortable.

I reached down and surreptitiously tried to adjust it into a more comfortable position, but Susan saw me. "I do believe I am turning you on!" she laughed. "The girls will be amused if they see you like that. They have often told me in the showers that they would like to see you in there with them!"

"But to come back to my knickers. I would not have worn any tonight, either, but the girls have insisted that I wear some. Evidently they are going to be one of the main prizes after one of the games."

By now we had reached the farm and following our eyes to where a huge outbuilding was lit up I drove there and parked my car along with a few others.

Susan led the way in and was greeted by Zara with a kiss which would never have normally passed between teacher and pupil, following it with giving me the same treatment. As we broke apart, Zara cheekily asked me, "Has she told you she will be losing her knickers later on?"

When I nodded, she continued, "We want them as one of the prizes for afterwards, but none of us could give ours because none of us have any on at all tonight! And you'll have lots of opportunities to find that out for yourself. But come in and meet the rest of the gang. You know all the girls here, of course, but all our boy-friends are here as well, and they are also looking forward to seeing Susan lose her knickers. Not that we girls haven't all seen what lies between her legs before - she always plays with herself when we are in the showers! Either that or she plays with one of us!"

Looking round the room I could see the rest of the girls, plus their boy-friends, mainly standing by the table which served as a bar. "Help yourself to drinks all night," said Zara. "They are all free. Or rather, we have clubbed together and bought them."

I poured one out for Susan and one for myself, as Zara crossed to a microphone.

"Boys and girls," she began. "And that includes Susan and Jeff tonight. Welcome to our first party since schooldays! Just one or two things I would like you all to remember. This is not an orgy, although none of the girls is wearing knickers or bra. Fondling will be permitted, but only on top of clothing. No hands must stray under any clothing - at least, until the final game which will be announced later. But we are starting with some slow music for dancing, after which I intend introducing our first game. So grab a partner, and remember - fondling allowed but only through clothing!"

With that she came straight across to us and asked me to dance with her. "The rule tonight, Jeff, is that any girl can ask any boy for a dance." She put both arms round my neck, the way she would have done with her own boy-friend whilst in a doorway or similar, and again planted a kiss fully on my mouth. As I responded her tongue inserted itself inside as well, in as intimate a kiss as if we had been lovers. We continued this way until the end of the record, when she broke away to announce the first game.

"Put all the chairs in a circle for musical chairs," she instructed. "One for each boy here, and then each boy to sit on one."

"Now, girls, I've recorded some music on tape, so when the music starts you go round as usual, but when the music stops you will sit on the nearest boy's lap. The last girl to sit down will be out, as will the boy whose knee she was about to sit on. But remember - the fondling rule still applies - only outside the clothing!"

She started the music and the girls marched round until it suddenly stopped. Immediately Janet dropped onto my knees, and, as Zara had done earlier, she kissed me, grasping on of my hands to take it to cup one of her breasts. "No bra," she whispered into my ear, "so you can fondle it properly and feel the nipple going hard. I've always wanted you to do that!"

This was repeated a few times, and a different girl dropped onto my knees each time until Susan suddenly appeared.

"At last!" she exclaimed. "I thought I was not going to reach you before I was 'out' but I have done so at last. Now, where are your wandering hands?"

As I had done with the other girls before I cautiously placed one hand over her half-covered breast, for her to say, "Silly! Fondling through clothing is allowed, and my knickers come under the heading of clothing, don't they? And if I lift my skirt up your hand won't be under it, will it?"

What an invitation! I had secretly drooled over her for the past twelve months and now here she was practically throwing herself at me! My hand wasted no time in placing itself right on the hot crutch of her knickers, displayed even more owing to the way she was spreading her knees. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Zara standing by the tape recorder, her hand apparently on the buttons. I suddenly realised that she was actually holding down the 'pause' button whilst looking straight at us!

But if Susan was so willing, I could go further! My finger pushed against the material and I felt it yield as her pussy lips parted and allowed the gusset to be pushed right inside. Immediately her outer lips came into view, and I gently stroked them, even though this was strictly against the rules.

But Zara must have decided to start the music again before things got too much out of hand at this stage, and reluctantly I had to let Susan go. But next time the music stopped Diana, who was dropping onto my knees, slipped and fell on to the floor. I was more than pleased that this meant her skirt fell back to show her exposed pussy, but it also meant that we were both out of the game.

There were only two left in the game, now, though - Susan and Carol. It was obvious, too, that Susan must have suspected that she should not win any of the prizes, for she made no effort to sit down when the music stopped, leaving Carol to be declared the winner, with her prize to come at the end of the evening.

More dancing followed, and again followed by a game. This time it was a team game, played with a netball, as this was a netball team (or rather an ex-netball team). We were divided into two mixed teams, and the idea was that the ball had to be passed overhead to the end of the line, who would then crawl underneath the rest of the team to get to the front. And as these girls all wore miniskirts and were without knickers the crawlers had some glorious views. The girls seemed quite brazen about their lack of dress and had no qualms about the boys looking up their skirts as they crawled forwards!

More dancing again, by which time I had danced with every girl in the room, as there were three or four records each time. I had also kissed every girl in the room, and had also cupped their breasts through their blouses, and had my own erection fondled through my trousers by each and every one of them.

There was a running buffet all this time, in addition to the bar, and both of these were frequented by everyone.

One or two more games followed, each with winners, and once again each winner was told that they would receive their prize towards the end.

But eventually Zara called for everyone's attention, and asked Susan to stand on a table which Zara had now placed in the centre of the room.

She then called for the five prize-winners to come forward and told me to stand at the side of the table. Calling out the first name on her list she announced, "Carol - one pair of shoes!" Susan looked towards me and raised her foot, indicating that I should take her shoe off. When I did so she raised the other foot and again I removed her shoe, handing them to Carol, who took them and went to join the others where they were standing.

Next she called out Diana, who had won Susan's blouse. Susan obligingly bent down towards me so that I could unfasten her blouse, leaving her nipples on full view as they rested on the half-cup bra.

"Mark," she called out next. "You have won Susan's bra."

Mark came out looking really pleased as Susan once more bent forwards for me to remove her bra completely.

Although she had been fondled there by every boy in the room it had only been through her clothing, and now that her breasts were completely free she stood proudly facing everyone, tweaking her nipples to harden them.

"Finally," announced Zara, "the last prize of the evening goes to Damien. He is to be the really lucky one who takes away Susan's knickers. Whether he will give them to Stella, his girl-friend, or whether he will keep them for his own purpose is up to him, but Damien, come and remove your prize from where it is still in place. Take as long as you wish, and don't forget to let your hands stray. Susan won't mind. She likes her pussy being played with in public - ask any of the netball team!"

This time I stood and watched as Damien walked up to Susan, her prize knickers being just about at his head height owing to her still being on the table.

Deliberately he put both his hands inside the legs of her knickers, and pulled the gusset to one side, freeing her delightfully smooth pussy lips for everyone to see. Then, with a tug, he pulled them right down to her ankles where she readily raised each foot in turn to allow him to slide them off. But then he obeyed Zara by becoming rough. He screwed the knickers into a ball and thrust them right up her leaking hole, where the moisture was already sufficient for all of us to see. He manoeuvred them around inside her for a second or two, and then he brusquely tugged them out again, holding them to his nose before throwing them to Stella, who promptly put them to her mouth!

Zara led the applause, then, suddenly unzipping the front of her dress from the top to the bottom hem she flung it off to stand completely as naked as Susan.

"The previous rules are now ended," she called out. "Touching anywhere is now the ruling, and that goes for Susan as well as me!"

That was the signal for the orgy to start. Before I could get to her Susan had already been helped down by Kirsty and her boyfriend, both of whom were kissing her both on her mouth and on her naked pussy. As I watched them she suddenly twisted round and grasping hold of Kevin's trousers she freed his cock and pulled him into her, whilst at the same time she tugged at Kirsty in order that she should straddle her until she was able to reach her pussy with her mouth.

I was grabbed by another of the girls, who started to undress me as I saw that all the others in the room seemed to be in a similar state.

So close were we altogether that we became one mass of naked bodies, thrusting, sucking, until I finally found myself spurting powerfully into one of the girls - I was not sure who. But eventually the frenzy died down and we became a room full of exhausted naked individuals. One or two began to slowly dress and make their way out and, presumably, home.

I managed to find sufficient to wear, but on finding Susan she was still completely starkers, as all her clothing had been given away. One of the girls came to her rescue, though, when she suggested one of the paper tablecloths which had been used for the buffet. Susan simply draped it round her like a toga and she was decent enough for the ride back in my car.

Somehow we arrived outside her apartment block, when she asked me if I would make her happy by coming in for a nightcap. As soon as I agreed, though, she laughed and said, "But I make no guarantees as to what receptacle it will be in or what kind of a drink it will be! I can only guarantee that it will take the rest of the night to savour it at its best, and that my bed is also yours for the rest of the night."

Written by: skip.69

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