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A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 01

by Ingrid11B©

Amora Perez was my doctor, and when she made the rounds that morning I was just beginning to feel the effects from the accident. I barely heard someone tap on the heavy door, and call out my name. I was unaware that I had been hospitalized for three days and kept medicated to prevent movement from multiple contusions. My head was throbbing as individually my doctor opened my eyes with her fingers so she could shine a small bright light to explore into my unfocused eyes for something, but I wasn't sure what.

"Abby, I heard her say, "Mr. Barnes has been here since Saturday afternoon, and I think he's starting to come around now. I see nothing to believe he's going to have any permanent damage from his multiple wounds, but the severe head and neck injuries continue to concern me, and he exhibits every sign of suffering a concussion."

It was beginning to come back to me as I lay helpless as Dr. Perez pulled my sheet from my body and continued to look closely at the deep bruises when she said, "I'm also concerned about his scrotum, which looks like he was hit by something solid, Abby. If I didn't know better I'd think his testicles were squeezed in a vice."

As I lay there, Dr. Perez asked Abby to lift the bottom of the hospital bed because she wanted to make sure the testicle swelling was subsiding, and then she said she wanted my catheter removed and after she completely bathed me, she wanted Abby to insert a new one. She lifted my penis to observe the discoloration on my balls, and then she added some notes to my chart. "Maybe Friday or Saturday he can be discharged, but I'm concerned that he doesn't have lingering issues with headaches or from his obviously damaged scrotum," she added.

Just as Amore was about to leave, she asked Abby to teach Judy how to change my catheter because she's a new nurse here, and she needed to be sure someone can take care of me when Abby was off for the weekend if I didn't get discharged by then. "Bill will be a good person to use for teaching because he's probably not very sensitive there now anyway. Why don't you get her to help you do the bath and catheter at the same time after I finish my rounds this morning."

As they walked towards the wide exit heavy door, I heard Abby say, "Dr. Perez, we have received two calls from Terrance College of Engineering requesting to have Mr. Barnes' academic advisor visit him because this is finals week and he's going to miss all of his tests. Ms. Adams is concerned Bill is stressing out over his absence, and she wants to ease his mind and wish him a fast and complete recovery."

The doctor said she thought that was a good thing, but right now Bill was barely cognizant of where he is or why he's here, so please write that request on his chart, and I'll review it in the morning. "Just call her and tell her I'll approve for her to visit tomorrow afternoon if he shows progress between now and then."

I heard the conversation through my daze, and after a minute or two, I recalled Ms. Adams who was an administrator, not a professor, but I'd never met her personally. He recalled she talked to the incoming freshmen in September when college requirements were discussed, but he couldn't picture her now as he felt extensive pain from his head injury.

I hadn't seen Dr. Perez or anyone else since the accident until that morning, and my eyes weren't well focused enough to see them clearly, but the doctor looked younger than I expected, and I decided the nurse was about the same age of thirty or so. I heard the door close when Abby pulled the sheet up over my body, and I heard her softly say, "You sure are a hairy fellow, Mr. Barnes," and then she mumbled: "well endowed too," as she departed my private hospital room.

It was about an hour later when Carrie, a nurse's aide, entered my room after knocking with a portable table and said, "Good morning, Mr. Barnes," as she mixed some solutions and said she'd get the nurse for my bath. My eyes were seeing clearer now when Abby brought a much younger nurse into my private room and introduced her as Judy Collins after she asked if I was awake. Now, as they stood at the bottom of my bed adding latex gloves, I could see I was going to be bathed by two very attractive women, one in her early twenties who was only a year or two older than my nineteen.

Abby was a bit older, but I decided my first guess through my foggy eyes an hour earlier was probably too high and reconsidered her to be closer to twenty-five. They were wearing green smocks without a nurse cap, but they removed their jackets before they began something I was looking forward to for the past hour.

I wasn't a shy man, and I participated in college sports where I showered openly with men, but I had never been nude in front of two attractive ladies that were going to be handling my stuff. I thought I was pretty normal for a young man, but Abby's comment about my being well endowed resonated in my mind for the previous few minutes, and I was actually looking forward to hearing confirmation.

At nineteen I had had sex before, but neither of my partners saw what I pounded into their pussies, and actually, I didn't see much of them either. Sure I played with their breasts, but I didn't suckle their nipples or touch their clitoris with my fingers before I entered them. I wasn't sure they considered me a good lover, and it bothered me that perhaps my penis was insufficient to bring them to the climax I saw on adult videos. I just wasn't confident in my abilities, and I wasn't sure my cock was fully developed and able to satisfy a woman, so I was looking for supporting evidence from Abby or Judy.

Before the girl brought the nurses aide brought the table and materials for my bath, I would have been shy and probably objected to these women seeing me nude, but that morning I felt completely different and looked forward to showing myself to two women that were more attractive than the others I had screwed. Carrie pulled my sheet down and checked something on my catheter as I continued to watch through my eye slits, and although I couldn't feel anything, I knew she readjusted my penis as I lay there. Carrie was about forty, and she gave no indication she thought I was abnormal down there.

I saw the Carrie carefully prepare the liquid solution for the nurses, and there were some other materials along with a large bottle lotion I assumed would be rubbed into my skin when they declared I was clean. From the beginning, Abby seemed to be the talkative one that took charge by asking Judy to bathe me starting at the top after she asked Judy to remove my catheter.

I could see the plastic tubing reaching from my penis to a clear plastic bag hanging on the side of my bed that was half-filled with deep yellow urine. It was Judy who said she believed she should remove my catheter before she continued, and I could feel my penis swelling as she lifted it to remove the flexible plastic tubing from my bladder. I watched her hold my penis firmly and then gently she retracted the tubing from my bladder before she blotted my urethra to absorb a few drops of urine. She disconnected the unit that collected my urine and carried it to the bathroom to dispose of everything including the tubing.

Whatever they were using to bathe me wasn't soapy, but it did have the fresh odor of disinfectant as Judy gently started with my face, neck, and ears before she wet my hair and added some baby shampoo. It was stimulating, as I lay there naked while Judy worked her way down my arms and chest. After she finished my stomach, Abby helped me sit erect while Judy washed my back.

Abby left the room to dispose of the catheter while Judy helped me lie back down while she worked on my feet and legs. I was still excited with the feeling of having a beautiful woman exploring every little nook and cranny and realized I would have been embarrassed and resisted being so completely revealed before.

Before during and after I was finished with my bath, my cock was a full-fledged boner, and when it was time for Judy to wash there, I could see the tip of her tongue sticking out from between her narrow clear glossy coated lips. Abby walked to the door to answer a page from another patient, and I was positive I could feel Judy gently sliding her small fingers up and down my throbbing shaft until Abby knocked and reentered the room a few minutes later.

By then my bath was finished, and Abby told Judy that Dr. Perez wanted the young nurse to install the new catheter. Judy said, "Abby, I haven't done one for at least a year, and that was when I was in training, so I'd appreciate it if you'd watch. Did Amora say what size she recommends? It appears to me like he will need at least a size 20 or maybe even a 22 as his urethra is large."

Abby quickly said she has been using size 22 and they seemed to be tight enough to avoid leakage. She added, "You're right, Mr. Barnes has a large urethra, and that's the largest catheter we have anyways." Judy prepared me as she swabbed my penis with different sterilizing fluid before she began to insert the tubing into my cock, after she added fresh latex gloves to prevent infections, and again, I heard her mumble that these larger catheters are actually easier to insert than the smaller size as she held my inflexible cock in one hand and gently pushed the catheter into my urethra and into my bladder.

That morning was the time I first developed the desire to have anyone see my penis, and I knew it was because Judy was being so attentive and barely audibly saying words that excited me as she washed Woody that first morning when I woke up after the accident. Abby never said anything, but I knew she was impressed later in the day when she came by one last time to check my catheter.

She asked me to help her lift my knees because she needed to see if the swelling and blackness was subsiding on my scrotum, and her gentle latex covered fingers traced the sensitive cords from my testicles up into my body. We were there alone as she tugged a bit on the catheter, and she said she had the weekend off, but she would see me in the morning. Before she pulled my sheet up over my penis, she asked, "Are you comfortable, Mr. Barnes, or is there something else I can do?

I knew she was going far beyond the limits nurses were permitted, but I told her that I appreciated the attention she provided, but I didn't say how wonderful it felt when she carefully inspected my scrotum and to be sure I wasn't suffering.

"You're lucky that Missy will be here all night and Judy will be here to remove your catheter in the morning." She added, "I see on the chart that Dr. Perez is planning to check your prostate in the morning too and that she has requested Dr. Tracy Carlson to check you over and be the discharging physician. Because you don't have a family doctor here, Tracy will probably take you into her practice if you wish. You'll like her, Bill, she's incredibly thorough, and if you're still here on Monday, I'll see you then." Then unbelievably, she kissed her fingers and touched them to my helmet before she pulled the sheet over my body.

I didn't expect to see Abby again when she departed, as I expected to be sitting on the front porch of my cottage before the weekend. My first year of college was finished, and I had just spent my first night alone before a large panel delivery truck hit me from behind. I realized I was fortunate to be unconscious immediately and not suffer the anguish of two blunt force blows to my most important body parts, but now I was concerned I would never lose this new desire to expose myself to women.

Written by: Ingrid11B

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