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A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 02

by Ingrid11B©

I had already been bathed, and my catheter changed again by Judy because Abby was assigned to a different hallway on the floor due to an unexpected absence. Judy was incredibly thorough as she washed my body, and by this time, I was steadily improving, as my headaches were less severe and my penis more sensitive as my genitals underwent the most complete scrubbing they ever had.

It was obvious that Judy loved this part of her job as she advanced her tiny fingers from my scrotum to my sensitive penis glans as she washed every single part of my body from my hair to my big toenails. I realized I was thoroughly clean long before she finally picked up her tools and departed to perform another patient's needs, but not before she cleaned my urethra one last time before Dr. Perez arrived with Dr. Carlson.

Judy was by their side as Dr. Carlson felt the back of my head and indicated she could still feel a small swollen area, but after she tested my vision and reflexes she said she thought I would make a full recovery, but she wanted to see me in her office after I was discharged and had Judy write it on my chart.

Dr. Perez lowered my sheet and asked if I was still experiencing pain from my scrotum as she asked me to pull up my knees so Dr. Carlson could check my scrotum and penis before they departed and continued their rounds. I said my testicles still didn't feel normal, but there was only an annoying feeling of constant discomfort and not sharp pains like before.

I sensed that Dr. Carlson was more concerned with my scrotum than my cranium as she searched my testicles until my shaft was fully engorged with blood and was pulsing in rhythm with my heartbeat. "I can see he is emitting pre-ejaculate, Amora," she commented. "So that's a very good sign. When he comes to my office we will get a complete sperm workup and have it analyzed to be sure he's all right, reproductively speaking."

As I lay there with my cock at full mast, I could see Judy was uncomfortable watching my throbbing cock, and I was quite sure she would like to finish me off right them. She was right if she were thinking it wouldn't take much for me to cover the doctor's white jacket with sperm, but I guessed she had a better place she'd like to use to absorb my pleasure.

As I lay there I realized I would never have thought about sex like this before my accident an I was beginning to think the blow to my head was having a lasting effect on my sexual appetite. I loved all of the nurses that handled my package, and even the older nurses aide on the second shift had me excited when she checked my catheter every hour. Something was different, and I was wondering when these feelings and desires to have women view my naked body would leave.

"Be sure to call the college and tell Ms. Adams she can come anytime after 2 PM today or over the weekend, as we're going to keep Mr. Barnes here until Monday," Dr. Perez called out. Then she added, "Don't allow any lawyers in his room as he's not well enough to make financial decisions."

When Dr. Perez stopped the following morning she was concerned that my temperature was still high, and what was equally bad, she said my scrotum was very swollen. The good news, she said, was the severe contusion was not as black as the day before. Judy was with her, and together they pulled me onto my side to search my testicles for any painful areas before she said she wanted to check my prostate.

She asked Judy to make sure my catheter didn't pull out as she used thin latex gloves to apply a coating of gel to my anus. This gave Judy an opportunity to hold my penis securely as the doctor probed my ass feeling that walnut-shaped gland above my scrotum inside my body trunk. I was thankful when she declared everything seemed normal up there, but I needed to stay a couple of more days before I could be alone at my cottage. Besides, she probably realized my expenses would be paid by the trucking company's insurance.


I heard Judy mention that Barb Adams from the college would be in to see me about 2 PM, and I was watching the clock closely to be ready for the woman Amy called a little spitfire. Apparently, Amy knew her from occasions when she showed up in the emergency room to assist college guys that were injured in sports or accidents like myself., and I overheard her telling Judy that she represented the absentee parents and kept the police and lawyers from talking to her engineering students.

Judy had left the room and said the college administrator was on her way up, and she was going to the next wing to help Amy with a patient. "Just buzz me if she gives you any trouble or you need help with anything at all."

As I lay on my bed with my feet elevated to avoid excessive movement, I noticed my sheet was nearly removed and my penis and scrotum were fully visible. I was pretty sure Judy did that intentionally, but on the other hand I mentioned I was too warm and needed some air.

I remembered her name, but I couldn't put a face or body to the name, but I decided to allow my exhibited nearly naked body regardless because it was the only thrill I could get while confined to the hospital. I heard a soft rap on the door and a soft very feminine voice say, "Good afternoon, Mr. Barnes. I'm Barbara Adams from college administration," as she walked to my bed.

I watched her eyes through tiny slits as she looked at my naked body before she returned her eyes to look at my neck brace before she returned her stare toward my elevated penis and scrotum. I feinted sleep until I heard her soft feminine voice asking me if I felt well. She placed the back of her petite hand on my forehead and then she noticed the vitals indicated on the wall behind my head.

"Your vitals are good, Mr. Barnes, and I received a message from your doctor saying you will be discharged to my custody on Monday. I agreed to pick you up and get you situated in your home."

I pretended to be waking and asked, "What did you say Ms. Ah, Do I know you? I think I must have dozed off."

She took my hand and said she was Barbara Adams but I could call her Barb. She added that she just arrived and worried that I might be chilled as I had apparently kicked my sheet off my body as she reached to my feet and began to cover me. I assured her that I always seem to be warm lying here, and I was looking forward to getting back to Grandpa's cottage on the river. I told her how peaceful it was sitting on my porch watching the canoers float down the river.

She asked, "Do you live with your grandfather when you're not residing on campus, Bill?"

I explained grandpa died a bit over two years ago, and I inherited his cottage along with enough money to get a degree in engineering. I continued saying I love the cottage more than anything, but I need to winterize if before I can stay during the winters, instead of leaving it empty on those bitter cold weeks in January and February.

"What did you say your name was Ms...was it, Adams?" I asked

"Yes, Bill, Adams is my last name but you can call me Barb."

I thanked her for coming, and she said she would drive me home on Monday after the doctor discharged me. I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. Barb, you already told me you'd take me home, but I'm still a little confused sometimes. I was proud of my charade, and I was convinced she didn't know I saw her exploiting my sleepy eyes or that I was more cognizant of her actions and words than she believed. Now, all I needed to do was get through three more nights in the hospital and I expected it would be boring.


My clothes were ruined in the wreck so all I was wearing when Barb picked me up on Monday afternoon was my hospital gown, and as I slid across the front seat fabric in her Thunderbird, I was clearly visible from outside the car. She excused herself and returned to obtain a large disposable diaper for me to drape over my crotch while she drove me to my small cottage on the river.

I sensed it would be a wonderful day to sit on my cottage porch, but I didn't expect Barb to stay with me until it was nearly dark. She helped me change into shorts and my favorite exercise shirt and understood why I didn't want undershorts tightly pressing on my still recovering scrotum. She saw that my refrigerator was stocked with easy to prepare food, as she couldn't, not that she should be with me every waking minute. There were other college students demanding her time, and she was scheduled for a mid-week trip to a gathering of college administrators in Charleston.

The first few days were difficult getting around as I was still having pain which was radiating to my groin from my testicles, and I was without my totaled truck or even transportation to see Dr. Carlson. My insurance agent called and said he wanted to send an investigator to get a statement about my accident and Tracy said she would stop to visit me at home after she finished her office calls on Wednesday, but it might be after six o'clock when she left the office.

The first thing on Wednesday morning I received a call from the insurance investigator, and I could tell she was a young lady, probably new in her job, and she said she was coming in from the regional office in Pittsburgh on Thursday night and would see me Friday morning if she arrived too late on Thursday. At noon, Sharon Logan called to remind me that Tracy would be visiting at 6 PM and she was bringing dinner for two.

Those calls got my blood simmering again as I anticipated an opportunity to display my stuff, but I knew I'd need to develop a plan. Dr. Carlson was already familiar with my case, and she had personal experience handling my recovery. Tracy was a hard-working doctor that wasn't afraid to explore a patient to get to the bottom of their complaints and she wanted to discuss my accident when she arrived with two carryout dinners.

Sitting on the porch was relaxing, and my meds relieved the pain as well as increased my need for sleep. I heard her car pull up the driveway and the car door slam so I met her at the entrance to my porch and thanked her for making home visits. She said it was the first one she had made in her two years of private practice, but that she longed for the old days like when her father regularly visited patients at their home.

Over dinner, we discussed my accident, and she told me she would be willing to testify to my pain and suffering if there was a trial over the settlement. It was that evening I realized I might be a rich man in a year or two and having a doctor supporting my claims would be incredibly important. That's also the time I learned Dr. Perez would be a witness if needed.

I was looking forward to Tracy's visit for other reasons though, and I remembered Tracy said she would collect a sperm sample for analysis when I visited. I must have expressed my disappointment when she told me she'd need to postpone collecting my semen because she needed a clean environment and someone to help collect my sperm.

When she asked me to remove my clothesifI was excited again because at least I could exhibit my body, and that always created sensations I loved. She helped me by pulling my shirt over my head, but I was able to lower my shorts, as I carefully avoided squeezing my scrotum as I stepped out of the oversized bottoms

While she sat in a kitchen chair with her black leather Blackstone medical bag containing her medical tools, I stood in front of her with my hands on my hips. She had already checked my head and neck after removing my neck brace and now she was probing my scrotum, which was still painful but losing its ugly black and blue contusion marks.

I was surprised when she asked if I was disappointed that she didn't plan to take a sperm sample, and I'm sure I blushed as my throbbing cock ached from inattention. I admitted I hoped she would relieve my pain, but I worried you would need to do it in your office.

Bill, I need to do it when Sharon can help me, and I couldn't ask her to come here. Besides the sample must be stored correctly and obtained in sterilized containers. As she talked, Tracy rubbed my scrotum softly and noticed precum being emitted from my urethra. She asked if my penis was sore, as she moved her hands to harness the pulsing erection as she wrapped her long thin fingers around my long thick shaft.

I told her my penis didn't hurt except for the craving kind of hurt a man feels when he hasn't had sex in more than a week. She stood and took my hand and led me to my bedroom and asked me to lie back as she wanted to check my groin for a possible rupture. As she pressed her fingers around I told her there was a constant aching, but nothing that I thought was a rupture.

"Bill, I think I can reduce your discomfort, but it's sure to return in a few hours or certainly in a day or two. Do you have some Kleenex," she asked?

I told her there was a box on my dresser and she brought the entire box and said, "This isn't the best position, but I'll help you ejaculate to ease your stress. Are you comfortable," she asked as she began to slowly use her right hand to stimulate my shaft as she held some tissues in her left. It was the first time a woman ever jacked me off, and I was enjoying every moment of her generosity.

I could feel the climax coming as I thrashed on the bed, and I saw her open mouth as she quickly covered my helmet and captured my copious effluent as it erupted into the Kleenex. As she departed my cottage, she said she wanted to see me next Wednesday in the office, and if I were still without transportation she'd send a cab and have her receptionist, Vicki, take me home as she lived near me. "She's my niece and I'm trying to get her to go to college, but she seems satisfied being my assistant."

As she drove away, I thought, I feel like a new man.

Vicki Malloy arrived Friday about 10 AM after getting lost trying to find my cottage that rainy day. The river was noisy as the fast-moving water crashed over some boulders that were barely above the waterline.

I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasn't someone so young and dressed like she was on Wall Street in Manhattan. She had everything except a top hat as she carried her briefcase to the porch and pulled her soaked raincoat off and placed it in my outstretched hand, I knew this young chick thought she had bigger fish to fry than working the backwoods of West Virginia

Vicki was a slim black lady with long straight hair, small breasts, and straight hips, and I guessed she worked diligently to keep her outstanding shape as she toured these southern towns. I decided early that I wasn't going to like her because I sensed she was a little pushy and in a hurry to get to her next appointment before her long drive home that night.

I learned fast that Vicki was a professional and undoubtedly looked down on the heavily bearded river rat she approached. I was wearing my favorite short shorts with a black Mountaineer T-Shirt and knew she would remember the Panthers' loss to us the previous fall. She didn't say anything about football, as she immediately opened her briefcase and took her Mount Blanc pen and a notebook out to record my answers to her questions. She asked if I objected to her recording device because she admitted sometimes she got too involved listening and neglected to write when she was intrigued.

First, she explained my truck was totaled and she wouldn't be able to offer me much because of its Kelley Blue Book price estimate. I wasn't surprised as it was fifteen years old, but I told her of the sentimental value and that my grandfather gave it to me.

She smoothly moved to my injuries and hospital expenses, but she said she'd recommend I receive $2000 for the truck. "Will you tell me about the accident, Mr. Barnes as my information is that you were not at fault and arrest was made because the truck's brakes were faulty and the driver was unable to stop for a stop sign.

I admitted I didn't know any of the details of the accident as I was knocked unconscious and didn't awake for two days. "The last thing I remember was a stabbing pain in the back of my head and my neck until I finally awoke as a doctor and a nurse were examining my injuries, I commented.

Vicki asked me if I was fully recovered, and I told her about the consistent headaches and stiff neck, which was just removed from a brace a few days earlier. I told her I had some other more minor cuts and bruises, but my most severe issue is a very private issue.

"Are you being treated for the private matter, Mr. Barnes," she asked. I assured her Dr. Carlson was doing the best she can, but I have consistent pain there, and the horrid black and blue contusions are finally fading. I just wish the pain would dissipate because I don't take medicine well."

Vicki explained that all of my medical bills will be paid by my insurance company, and she said they we will assist me in recovering a fair settlement from the other company. She said,"I recommend you hire a good lawyer, Mr. Barnes, and I should be careful to explore all of my options." I knew there were many shyster attorneys, and again she warned me to be very cautious.

While we were talking, I realized my penis was poking its head out past my shorts and Vicki observed where my severed bruises were located. I was surprised when she had tears flowing down her brown cheeks as she said it was apparent where my private injuries were, and I should make every effort to assure I wasn't rendered impotent.

I blotted her tears with a Kleenex, and unbelievably she pulled me into her open arms and patted my back. I told her I was planning to be tested in a few days and that I expected to recover fully. I guess my doctor plans to take a sperm sample and she said it would only take a few days to give me the results.

She said she didn't mean to pry as she stopped the tape recorder, but she'd never seen anything so horrid. I said it's not that horrid, Vicki and if it'll make you feel better I will show you. I explained I have been nude for a week and all my nurses and doctors are nurses, so I have gotten over the embarrassment of having women explore my naked body.

I sensed that Vicki was turned on and wanted to see, but she knew that wasn't her job, and if word ever got to the office she could lose her job. She didn't want to ask, but I said, "If you want I'll lie down on my bed and you can see for yourself. It might be something that will help you if I get an attorney.

She took my hand as I led her to my single bed and asked her if she'd help me get my shirt and shorts off, as I was still having difficulty reaching up and bending down. I could see Vicki's eyes spotting my thick penis as it began to grow longer as it slipped further down my leg as she lifted my shirt over my shoulders as I ducted to give her more room to lift it over my head.

I started to pull my shorts lower, but she intercepted my movements and lulled then to the floor so I could step out of them and lie back on my comforter and pillow. By now I was fully erect, and I could see the wonderment in her eyes as she said, "Gee, I thought black men were supposed to have the big cocks." Then she laughed and added, "I guess this qualifies as a black cock, doesn't it?"

Her hands weren't big, but she placed both around my shaft and the helmet was still exposed. I think she surprised herself as she dropped my cock like a hot potato and apologized.

"What's to be sorry for, Vicki?" If I were a little abler, I'd want to touch your body today." I told her one of my life's goals was to make passionate love with a black woman just like her, but I'd never had the opportunity and I guessed I never would.

"Why do you think that Bill," she asked. "You would be a catch for any woman regardless of their color, and if you were able I'd take you right now. I'll bet it's been quite a while since you've taken a lover."

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