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Innocenct Halloween

by FieryRedhead30©

Frightful night, scared out of my mind
this Halloween night and he will be mine.

Nervous and shaking, trembled with fear,
will this be simple or will he make a tear.

My womanhood, my sacredness plunging within,
is this right to our spirits or one evil sin.

Taunt me, touch me, feel my inner demon,
pound me softly fill me with your semen.

Tantalize my inner soul,make me beg and groan,
let my monster out,scream, yell, and moan.

Excite my devilish side, so ready to commit,
grab me by the ass and suck my erect tit.

My inner madness calls out like some beast,
waiting for u to linger and have one full feast.

Licking, lingering, making me quiver with fear,
for i know it is to come the ending is so near.

He is now breathing over my tender creamy mound,
will this go easy or will i make a curdling sound.

My legs start to quiver,as you hover over me,
spreading me open for his eyes to see.

Positioning his cock ,to enter me in rhyme,
feel me, in me, now we are intwined.

For tonight was so scary , for this is to be seen,
I lost my virginity on the night of Halloween.

Written by: FieryRedhead30

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions