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Cumming To Ecstasy: My 1st Massage


This is my first non-fiction story. It actually happened this past July in San Diego. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had with a man, albeit non-coital. Anyway, enjoy!

The cab had pulled up to his building. It was a huge, white stucco place with an outside security gate. I had dialed him again to let him know I had finally arrived. He buzzed me inside and had me go to Room 19, on the first floor. I sure had butterflies and felt kinda nervous. It was just a massage, but it was my first one and I didn't know what to expect. It was going to be given to me by a guy named Kurt, and that was all that I knew.

I rang his bell when I approached his door. It instantly opened to a tall, rugged-looking man with a gentle voice and sandy-colored stubble. We introduced ourselves to each other as he let me in his apartment. It was about 11 p.m. that Friday night, and most of his lights were softly dimmed and his place was nicely furnished. He was finishing a quick meal, but told me to go ahead and get undressed. I did, all the while thinking of how awkwardly romantic the situation was. I must admit, Kurt did sound much younger over the phone, maybe in his early 30s. What stood before me was a fortyish, solidly built, athletic-looking gentleman with soft dark eyes and a relaxed demeanor.

"I hope he gets naked, too," I brazenly thought. "If I gotta do it, he should be willing too." He motioned me to a soft leather massage table in the corner of the room, and had me lay on my stomach. He then left for a minute or two to get the massage oil and stuff. When he came back, he had me totally relaxed and ready to begin. He started off by playing a slow tune with waterfalls in the background, and then began to glide his strong, well-oiled hands down my back, rubbing the muscles with his firm palms. I was flinching involuntarily, excited because of how soothing it was already starting to feel.

"Relax, don't tense up. Just relax," he reminded me as he continued down to my lower back and my ass, sliding his hands across my quivering behind. It all just felt so good to me. This was a real massage. No patting or pinching, just smooth, flowing energy from his hands to my tired, aching flesh. My body became more pacified as he continued to the backs of my thighs and back up to my lower spine. He made me feel tranquil, this incredibly attractive and sensual man making my entire body go limp. It was almost like the feeling you get after having great sex, only without the sex! He poured more oil onto my back as he carried on, kneading my back and making my dick grow hard against the soft leather of the table. I wanted to jack off my stiffening cock so badly, all I could do was moan. Kurt wouldn't let me touch myself. I had to keep my hands pinned to my sides.

"This is teasing the shit outta me," I said to myself. After completely numbing my backside, he had me flip over, exposing my now softening but semi-hard erection. I just stared up at him as he continued to help me focus and stay relaxed.

"How can I stay relaxed when I have this guy touching all over my naked body?" I wondered.

Kurt stepped back and removed his white cotton tank top, revealing a hairy, defined chest with small, hard nipples and a very firm abdomen. I threw my head back in awe. This was one of the most exciting times I had ever had, and rather than to get all jumpy, my fully subdued body remained cool and calm. He then proceeded to lather his hands up with some more massage oil, and ran them across my upper chest and torso, while I tried craning my neck to look at my fully hardened dick. He just glided his hands over me until I felt him brush past my hard dick. He worked the inside and outside of my thighs and down past my knees to my ankles and feet.

As I was drifting, I watched out of the corner of my eye as Kurt pulled down his blue gym shorts, and as he made his way to my chest again, I felt his soft meat tickle my side. I was slowly losing my inhibitions. I wanted to suck his dick so badly. I had been thinking this from the time I walked in. I wanted to touch his body the way he was touching mine. So anxiously I wanted to run my tongue along his furry chest, down to his thick pink member. I longed to have him in my mouth sooo badly! I was desperate and couldn't hold out anymore. I grabbed my thick hard-on and began to gently stroke it as Kurt watched approvingly. He kept rhythmically coasting his hands across my loose and tension-free muscles as I kept up a slow pace strumming my tool in my right fist.

Kurt walked to the edge of the table and climbed on it, in between my knees. I now felt the head of his warm rod poking my inner thigh as he gripped my starving shaft and started to finish me off. All this erotic, agony-inducing work and I wasn't able to touch him back. It drove me nuts! Kurt gave me an extreme stare as he knew I was on the brink of unleashing my load, his eyes flashing darkly, his mouth wide open. He kept fist fucking my dick as he lowered his mouth slightly over the head as I began to twitch and shake. My senses exploded as my rock hard man muscle mercilessly shot bursts of warm, salty nectar on his lips and chin. SUCH A HOT MOMENT! Kurt let me shower as I prepared to leave. He said I was more than welcome to call him back for another session, and as soon as I am able, that's just what I going to do!


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