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Oh Yes, It Can Get Worse

by Sabineteas©

I awoke in the morning with Rob holding me once more, his hips pressed to my even tenderer ass. I could feel his morning erection nestled between my ass cheeks once again. I tried to get out from under his arm without waking him, but it was impossible. Rob held me tighter and kissed the back of my neck. I felt nice when he did that; it was nice to have him be loving to me. All things change, however.

Rob got up.

"Roll over on your stomach, Beth."

I did as I was told, my stomach clenching, wondering what he was going to do to me now. Rob walked into the bathroom, whistling, and returned, sitting beside me. I felt something cool drip onto my ass and peeked back to see what it was. Rob was setting down a bottle of lotion. His hands went to my cheeks and I winced, but he gently spread the lotion over my ass and rubbed it in. It felt so nice! After a bit he took his pillow.

"Lift up, Beth."

I wondered what he was going to do. I was a little nervous but I lifted up anyway. Rob folded the pillow in half and pushed it under my tummy. This lifted my ass up and made the cleft open, baring my anus and making my pussy more prominent. He began to rub my cheeks again and I almost started to purr, it felt so good. Then I felt the lotion drip between my cheeks. I wanted to clench them together. I was feeling very suspicious of what he was going to do to me. I should have been suspicious and nervous.

Rob got up on the bed and between my legs, making me spread them wider.

"Rob, what are you doing?"

"I'm just curious Beth."

"Curious about whaaaaa……."

I had just found out as Rob's finger spread the lotion over my anus and then slowly penetrated it.

"Rob, don't, please don't. I don't like that, please."

He ignored me and pushed his finger further inside me.

"Rob, please don't."

"Shush, Beth."

"I don't like it, take it out."


I shut up. I was afraid of being spanked again, and even if I didn't like his finger in my butt, it was preferable to his hand smacking my ass again. He pushed inside until his knuckles touched the inside of my cheeks. I choked down my unhappiness and closed my eyes. After a few minutes of his fingering my anus I didn't feel too uncomfortable. He felt me relax and as I did, he added a finger.

"Owee, Rob, please stop it, please."


Now with two fingers in my anus, Rob took his time to push them inside and out. I was pretty stupid. I had no idea what he was leading up to. Rob had a good idea where he was going, though.

My ass was up in the air, held up by the pillow under my tummy, my legs were spread wide because Rob was between them. I felt him inch up behind me. His cock pressed against my pussy and I realized I was wet and ready. Then the head found my hole and Rob pushed forward, making me grunt and gasp as he filled me. I was resigned to being fucked, but Rob just slid into me and stopped. He kept playing with my anus, pushing in and out and rotating his fingers inside me.

His cock felt good and I began to push up a little, making him chuckle as he realized I was trying to fuck.

"What is this, Beth?"

I lay under him, wondering what he meant. He rotated his fingers again.

"What is this?"

"Ah, my anus?"

"Use a different word, Beth."

"Ah, um, my asshole?"

"Good girl. What's in your asshole?"

"Ah, your fingers."

"Does it feel good?"

"Ah, no, I want them out."

"You do? Are you sure?"

"Yes, Rob, please take them out."

"All right Beth, whatever you want."

I felt him move back and his cock slipped back and out of me, making me moan. His fingers slipped out and I felt him lean back into me. The tip of his cock touched my anus and then I realized what he was doing to me.


Rob pressed further and tip of his cock pushed against my ring.


I felt my ring give and his cock began to push into my asshole.

"Rob, don't, stop, don't, I don't want, please stop, please."

"Shush, Beth."

Rob knew what I was going to do and his hands came down on the small of my back, holding me down. I began to bawl uncontrollably. I felt the head push, push, push and my ring spread wider. I was panting and bawling. I didn't want this, I didn't! Rob isn't huge, but the head of his cock was much larger than his two fingers. I began to babble.

"Rob, take it out, I'll suck you and swallow, I'll let you come on my face. I'll fuck you, take it out, take it out!"

He ignored me and pushed a little more and I felt the head pop through my ring. I gasped and whimpered. Rob stopped pushing in and I groaned and panted under him.

"You can suck and swallow later, Beth. Right now I want to try this."

My ring was spread wide with the widest part of his cock prying my tiny asshole open. He was patient and let me accustom myself to the stretching. When he heard my panting slow, he pushed a little more.


His cock slid deeper and the widest part went by my ring, easing the pressure. I gulped air. I felt more lotion drip on where my ass was impaled by his cock and he pushed some more. The pressure in my asshole eased and then he pulled back, stretching me open again.


Then he pushed deeper and my tiny hole spread again and as the thickest part of him passed the ring, I gasped again.

"God, Beth, you are so tight."

I could only whimper as I felt his cock slide deeper inside my rectum. I began to cry softly. Rob ignored my soft sobs and pushed, his cock going deeper inside me. Then he pulled back. He ignored my pants and sobs. His dick was up my ass and I was held down. His strength made my begging, bawling and small struggles moot. He was up my ass and it was going to be fucked no matter what Beth wanted. He fucked my ass slowly and gently and I could hear him groan behind me.

"Beth, you are so tight, so tight. It feels so good."

He pumped my ass some more, making me gasp and groan. Then he slid a hand under me and began to tease my clitoris. My gasps changed to pants. He knew how to play me. My hips began to move. I whimpered softly as he got to me and I knew that as I involuntarily worked my hips that I was helping him. I wasn't long before I felt his cock swell. I had had him often enough that I knew he was close to coming. No matter that Beth was not close. No, not at all. I felt him grow, become thicker and harder and then I felt the spurting inside me. Rob, the shit, was coming up my rectum.

He pushed in and out harder, making me whimper and he forgot all about my clitoris. I bit down on my pillow as he came up me, tears of anger, shame and humiliation trickling from my eyes.

When Rob finished coming in my ass he still held me down with his hands. I just wanted him out of me. Now that he had stopped teasing my clitoris I was beginning to feel uncomfortable again. He leaned over me and cupped my breasts and flicked his thumb over my nipples until they were erect. Then he left them hanging. I had pushed up on my elbows as I had tried to get away from him without success. I felt him soften slowly inside me and then Rob grunted. He pulled back making my asshole stretch out again as the big part of him slid back to the opening. I didn't scream but it felt like my ass was turning inside out as he pulled his cock out of me.

"God, Beth, that was great! Your ass is so tight."

I said nothing, just panted. Of course it was tight you ass, there never had been anything in it before! He stroked my cheeks some more and then whistling, left for the bathroom. I lay on the pillow feeling like my ass was gaping open and I could feel a small trickle of sperm leaking out. I reached my left hand back and gently touched. Oh man, it was gaping open!

I sniffled and dropped my head to my pillow. I lay there until Rob came out of the bathroom, whistling again. I didn't care that my ass was up and cheeks spread.

"Cute, Beth, very cute."

I just moaned softly and got up. When I did sperm gushed out of my ass, running down my legs. I gathered up as much dignity as I could and giving him a glare I went into the bathroom. I silently vowed to never let him get me on hands and knees again. I showered, washed my hair and my bottom. I felt tender there, but the gaping was going away, thankfully. I looked at the clock and figured that he had left for work, so I put on a robe. I picked up some of my other clothes that had been lying about and hung them up or put them in the hamper. Then I headed downstairs. Rob was at the kitchen table, drinking coffee. He looked up at me from the paper. I stopped, surprised that he was still here.

"The robe, Beth."

"Rob, shouldn't you be at work?"

"The robe."

I sighed and removed it, hanging it on a chair.

"I thought I would take a couple of days off and we could go up to the lake."

"But, I mean, your job…."

"I can take a few days off, besides I have a lot of vacation saved up."

At first I was happy that we were going to have some time together, but then I got suspicious. What did he have on his mind? Was I going to be embarrassed again? Rob didn't give me time to wonder too much as he got up, poured me some coffee and sat me at the table in plain view of our glass door. It figures, I thought to myself, naked and almost in the open. He cooked us bacon and eggs and it was nice not to have to do it myself but I was very self-conscious even if we were inside. People could be looking. I kept peeking at the door, imagining Dan and Liz looking at me or Mr. or Mrs. Jenkins on the other side or the Matthew's behind us.

After we had eaten, he poured me some more coffee and cleaned up for us. Then he headed upstairs. I heard him rustling around and followed him. Rob was packing clothes in a suitcase. He had a lot of clothes. I looked in and I saw two tank tops, no bras. I didn't have any more bras. I saw three pair of thong panties that I didn't have before. I saw two pairs of tiny shorts with wide legs. I picked up one pair of the panties and saw that it was sheer in front and blushed.

I also had a strapless sundress, one that my caddie had picked out for me a few years ago. That made my face heat up more. I couldn't help but remember how shameless I had been that summer. Thank god Rob had never found out! He would have killed me or divorced me if he knew.

"Get your makeup and stuff, Beth."

I trooped into the bathroom and gathered my makeup, shampoo, brush, toothbrush and toothpaste. Back into the bedroom, where Rob took everything and put it in the suitcase. Then he closed it, leaving me standing there naked.

"Rob, I need some clothes. I can't drive up to the cabin naked, I can't."

He smirked at me and then he handed me another sheer thong, a tank top and another pair of shorts. I was so glad to have some clothes I almost leaped into them! I found out that Rob had kindly adjusted the tank top for me. He had cut off some of the bottom so my midriff was bare and didn't fit snugly because of that, but hung down from my breasts, slightly open on the bottom. Great, just great, I thought. I put on the pair of sandals he handed me, the only shoes he was letting me wear lately. He thought for second and went into our closet and came out with heels to match the sundress. They went in the suitcase and he picked it up and taking my hand led my downstairs. We went into the garage and got in the car and Rob opened the door and off we went.

"Just a couple of stops first, Beth.

We ended up at a mall where he led me to a shop that sold swimsuits. I busied myself looking a full one piece while Rob was looking at two piece suits.

"This one is nice, isn't it, Rob?"

I turned and held up the one-piece suit for him to see. He was holding two hangers with two piece suits on them. He just shook his head at me and even though I didn't want to, I hung the one-piece back on the rack. Rob led me to the dressing room.

"Get inside and take off your clothes."

I reached for the suits, but he held onto them.

"Nope, get inside and take off your clothes."

I wanted to scream. I didn't. I opened the curtain and stepped inside, tugging it closed. Then I sighed and resignedly stripped.


I almost shrieked as the curtain pulled back and I saw Rob and a sales girl standing right in front of me. I was so shocked! I bent over and covered my breasts and my other hand went right to my crotch. My face was burning up and I couldn't look up. Rob held out his hand holding the suits. I didn't know which hand to take them with as I looked into the woman's shocked face. Fuck! I finally turned sideways and used the hand over my pussy, keeping my breasts and nipples covered. I turned, showing my bare ass and stalked back into the dressing room, pulling the curtain closed again. That's when I noticed that the suits were strings and with thong backs to them. I stuck my head out, still flushed from my exposure.

"I can't wear these, Rob."

He didn't say a word. I stared at him, glaring heatedly, ignoring the woman who was still standing next to him.

"Rob, I said I can't wear these."


My mind pictured myself being pulled naked out of the dressing room, bent over and spanked right in the store. I pulled my head back in and took the first one off the hanger. It was indecently small. I pulled the bottoms on and re-tied the strings as tight as I could, feeling the cool air brushing over my bare ass. I put on the top and tied it as tight as I could too. I looked at myself in the mirror. A middle-aged woman, slightly protruding tummy, with just two triangles covering her smallish breasts, nipples prominent. The bottoms were not much better. They barely covered my mound. I adjusted the top and bottom to get the most cover as I could.

"Rob, it's too small."

"Let me see."

"Rob, it's too…."


I hurriedly opened the curtain. I stood there, glaring at him. The woman was still there. I blushed even more.

"Turn around."

"Rob, I don't want…"


I turned around, showing my bare ass to the two of them. When I was facing them again, Rob, smiled at me.

"Is the other the same size?"

I backed into the dressing room, not wanting to show my ass to them again. I picked up the other suit and checked the size with the one I had on.


"Good, we'll take them both."

I pulled the curtain shut again, fuming. I put on the tank top and then untied the suit and pulled it out from underneath. I had to take off the bottoms before I could get my panties on but I faced the wall first so if he opened the curtain all that would be showing was my ass. I was so pissed off!

I got the panties and shorts on, slipped on my sandals and opened the curtain. Rob was talking to the woman.

"I apologize for my wife. She doesn't pay much attention."

HE was apologizing for the fact that he had opened the curtain when I was NAKED! The utter shit! I fumed some more as I walked to the register. Still a little red-faced. Rob paid for the suits and handed me the bag, smiling at me. He took my hand and walked me to drugstore where he bought a small pair of scissors. Then we were off to the car.

Now he drove to a seedier part of town and parked across from an adult shop. He got out and motioned me to follow. Reluctantly, I did.

"When we go in, I want you to go to the counter and ask the clerk to show you their selection of lubricants. Then pick one out, remembering that you will want a good one, Beth."

I looked at him in horror. He couldn't expect me to ask someone for that kind of stuff.

"If you don't, I will hold your hand, ask for the best lubricant for anal sex and take you with me to pick one out, Beth."

My mouth opened and then clamped shut. I glared at him again. He started off and I scurried behind him, fuming. I was getting very angry. We entered the shop and I saw immediately the section with porn magazines and several men standing there looking at the covers. Rob walked up to the counter and I followed him, but when I got there, I couldn't talk. I was furious and embarrassed already and my mouth just wouldn't work. Rob stood for a few seconds.

"Can I help you Mac?"

I looked up to see a large man with a mustache, long hair and tattoos down each arm. I knew what I was supposed to do but my mouth just worked and nothing came out. Rob looked at me and just shook his head. Then he spoke in a voice that everyone in the shop could hear.

"She wants the best lube you have for anal sex."

I could have dropped through the floor. I was so embarrassed. I peeked over and every man in the porn section was looking at us. I turned bright red. Then he made it worse.

"Honey, pick out a nice dildo too."

I looked up at the clerk and he was smirking at me. I wanted to die! A couple of the men edged closer to see the slut who wanted anal lubricant and a dildo. My nipples got hard and poked out, making the tank top indecent. I finally got my mouth to work.

"Ah, um, ah, where are the dildo's?"

The clerk smirked at me again and pointed. I turned and saw them on a display right next to the magazines. Shit, damnit! I slowly walked over to it and could see a couple more guys edging closer to see me. I crossed my arms over my erect nipples and stood in front of the display. I didn't really see any of them, just reached out and grabbed one and walked back.

"Are you sure you want that one?"

I finally looked at it. It was a very realistic depiction of an erect cock, but quite a bit longer and thicker than Rob was. I wasn't going to walk back there. I just nodded, blushing harder. The clerk held out his hand and I handed it to him. He smirked at me again.

"The nine incher huh, lady?"

I blushed more and didn't answer. Rob chuckled next to me and I wanted to kill him! I wanted to rip out his throat right there and watch him bleed to death on the floor! Rob paid for the lube and the dildo and we left. I was shaking I was so angry. As soon as we were outside I glared at him.

"How could you, Rob? How could you embarrass me like that?"

"Beth, not one of those guys knows who you are. Who cares?"

"I do! I was humiliated!

"Then why are your nipples standing up, Beth? And I didn't even make you take off your pants to make sure the dildo fit properly."

I blushed again, feeling the heat in my face. Bastard!

We got in the car, me still fuming and red-faced. Rob fished around for the packages and handed them to me. I took them and set them down.

"Take out a suit and the scissors, Beth."

I did but I was curious as to what he was going to make me do now.

"Take the scissors and cut out the lining on the suit."

"Rob, I don't want…"


I sighed and dug out the scissors, opening the package and stuffing that back into the bag. Then I pulled out a suit. I turned it inside out and began to snip out the lining on the bottom. I knew what would happen without the lining. It would make my lips and hair more visible and on the top my nipples would show more and my aureoles would be really visible also. I might as well not have a suit as one like what Rob wanted. However it was better than having to be naked so I was a little happier than I should have been.

I finished the first after a few miles and dropped the scraps of material in the bag with the package from the scissors. Rob had been watching me and waiting until I finished.

"Now why don't you change into it and get some sun on the way up."

I glared at him. Stubbornly I stared ahead. I wasn't going to, I really wasn't


I pulled my tank top over my head, baring my breasts and nipples, my nipples that were still erect. I reached for the top.

"Just get the rest off and then you can put the suit on, Beth."

Fuming again, after I had calmed down from my earlier humiliations, I pulled down my shorts after kicking off my sandals. I looked around to see us still in traffic. I sighed and lifted up to pull down my panties when a horn went off next to me. I jumped and glanced over to see a man and a woman peering through the driver side window of a pickup right next to us. I turned beet red again and my arm automatically went over my breasts. The woman was clapping and they both were seeing more of me than what I was comfortable with, but at least they were in a different vehicle. I just thought ah give it up. My panties went down and off. My breasts were bare and the pickup was matching our speed. My nipples tingled. I moved the top aside and picked up the bottoms. I bent and let my breasts dangle from my chest as I stepped into the bottoms. I lifted my butt up and pulled the bottoms up with just my shoulders and feet touching, the rest of me up in the air. The horn honked again. I glanced over to see the man grinning from ear to ear and the woman clapping again. Shit! Damn!

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