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For Mom, The Son Also Rises

by didier©

Karin was helping him, too. She was delirious with delight at the feel of his large---very large---penis pumping in and out of her vagina, so much so that she instinctively lifted her ass off of the couch and thrust her pussy up to suckle on her son's dick. The more she rolled up her ass off the couch, the more of her son's penis her vagina could swallow. That felt so good that she had to have even more of him, more of the sweet, hot sensations his manhood was giving her maternal body.

With every thrust of his hard sword into her softly opening vaginal sheath, a mother felt like she was the sea of dark warm waves. Deep down in her watery trench, the hot fathoms parted and rolled asunder, in long, simmering billows of currents racing up and breaking the surface as wispy crests of foam, spurting up over slick pussy lips as they opened and closed over the plunger pistoning in and out of the oceanic center between her trembling, parting thighs.

It felt so good! The plunger diving to the roiling depths of her maternal sea so fucked Karin so well that she couldn't help raising her long legs into the air and spreading them in a wide "V." "Oh, Yes!" Karin gasped. "Ooooo! So Much better!" She moaned again. Spreading her legs wide and in the air for her son let escape a miracle to feel. Out of the corner of his eyes,

Brad could see his mother's long, shapely legs, spread high and wide just for him, with her pretty feet and curled toes on either side of his face. Before being swept up into her tides, Brad looked at her outspread legs and loved it, loved it, loved it all. Brad had more room–––and more encouragement––– for his penis to "comfort" the deepest depths of his Mom's vagina, rubbing right up onto the portal of her womb. It was working. The plunging, the tides, the foam, the heat, the fucking, yes, the son fucking his mother, all of it was sweeping them both up into their own perfect storm. So perfect was the gathering storm that Karin pulled her long, outstretched legs all the way up toward her ears, and curled her toes even tighter.

That took an already fantastic plunge to an entirely deeper level, with Brad now thrusting his penis in deep, long, hard, and ever-faster strokes. Now Mom and son were saying things like, "Ooooo," "Unngggghhh," Ohhhhhh, yessss," and they said "God," and "Oh, God," a lot as well.

All of that thrusting, kneading, and pounding stirred the depths of her sea, roiling, heating, it, making it boil deeper, deeper, deeper down to the creamiest, slipperiest, and hottest depths of her pussy. The raging tide made Karin twirl her ass around, in tight, concentric circles, drawing her son's dick right into her womb. Mother and son were kissing each other deep in the mouth. Again and again, their tongues were snaking and swirling over each other as if mother and son mouths were sharing in the same tidal rush as the one his penis and her vagina were getting.

It was then that Brad was rocketed back to the beginning. The twenty-five year old son felt like he was once again a naked baby on his Mommy. He kneaded and suckled Karin's breasts and hard nipples with his mouth, famished and nursing on his Mom's full, nourishing tits. His mouth felt like the power of Man and the vulnerability of infant on Karin's hard, sweet nipples. Her nipples tingled and crackled with electricity. It spread. It spread to her quivering tit mass, racing to join storms erupting throughout her writhing, squirming, wet body.

And this suckling of Karin's nipples joined the tingling storm in her tits and pussy, setting off volcanoes in her boiling watery depths. That deep tingling began to feel less like a boiling sea and more like fire and lava, like it was creation growing deep in her cunt, spreading its fiery fury like fingers up over her belly, her tits, down her long spread legs into her curled toes, and right up to her fevered brain.

Such was the pussy-pounding plunging of her son's cock that her frothing cunt and jiggling tits and outspread legs undulated, jiggled, and writhed below his every rise and fall. Creation's tingling fire arose, boiling away waves and water, and now hotly devouring the foaming, sweet and salty sea raging in her cunt. Her cunt was burning in a new, strange thirst, as wet as it was. It was suddenly that simple and that clear. Mom was hoping her son would soon pump a "lotion" into her vagina and quench it's thirst. Such is often the reasoning of a woman on the verge as her lover's cock rubs her clit into an oblivion of heat, fire, and bliss.

Brad was feeling it too, right in the boiling depths of his balls and the throbbing, ecstatic crises rising in his cock. His tongue sought out refreshment in his mother's dew and juices, flickering and sliding upon her big, jiggling tits, on her neck, and in the wet spicy crevices of her underarms. She gave it all to him, her body commanding her boy, "Oh son, drink, drink!"

That's when the just-about drowned voice of conscience gasped its last: Should a mother let, no, make her son pump his lotion into her vagina? As she thought about this, Brad's hand snaked under her and grabbed tight of her sweaty ass checks, fingers slipping into her butt crack. His hand started squeezing her moist, round ass, and her anus began to be tickled and touched.

That' when Karin's tingling sensations became a strong, rippling wave throughout her body. The wave of pleasure made her pussy suddenly tighten up to its maximum. Just when she thought her pussy could get no tighter, it did. Then there was a blinding flash of light in Karin's brain and a sudden, searing explosion from deep in her vagina that raced over her clit and burst throughout her body and being.

Whatever Karin was thinking about ended. Wave after wave of merciless pleasure erupted deep in her pussy and swept over to inundate her entire, trembling body, blasting over flesh and thought in a tidal wave of intense, pulsing, tingling bliss.

Somehow, amidst the fluttering and convulsing of her cunt canal, and all of her moaning and wailing, Karin felt hot streams of pleasure literally flowing from her vagina's walls, spraying over her son's penis and out onto her anus. She was finally spurting her own lotion all over her son's penis, and a lot, too. The sensations rocked her to her core, making her feel as if her body was exploding into a million pieces of pleasure.

Instinctively, desperately even, Karin suddenly threw her round, hard thighs upon her son's sides, wrapping her long legs around his waist. She locked her ankles and crossed her pretty feet tightly above his pumping ass. Now he was hers. She owned every straining, trembling fiber and muscle of him like she never commanded of any lover or husband. With her long legs wrapped around her son's waist and her pretty feet crossed over his pumping ass, she now pulled him deeper into her body and at the same time clung and grasped on to him for dear life.

As she did, she pumped hard and fast as she could, smearing all of her lotion over every inch of Brad's penis. It was working. Brad immediately plunged his basted cock deeper and harder into her. Her pussy muscles squeezed, flexed, and rippled up and down his throbbing dick. Mom was cumming all over son's penis. It was beyond incredible. It was spiritual. It was the big bang in her matronly universe, exploding and expanding between her squeezing thighs.

Feeling his Mom's hot fluids spraying all over his dick and balls made Brad want to finish the "comfort session" right away, with a "big bang" of his own.

His body began to jerk. Karin was squeezing her legs tightly around Brad's waist and suddenly crying out the secret words of her deepest, darkest dreams, "Ohhhhhhh God, Brad! Oooo, yes! Cum! Give it to me! Yes! Oh, yes, that's it! You want to…do it! DO IT! CUM INSIDE MOMMY! FILL UP HER PUSSY WITH YOUR HOT CUM!!"

Brad gasped helplessly. He was losing the struggle to hold on, to wait, to stretch out paradise one more minute, one more second, one more lifetime. But Mom was not to be denied or disobeyed!

Karin arched her back and thrust her ass high off the couch. Mom was now grinding her ass like all good mothers do, jamming her hairy pussy up onto a manly lover's bristly crotch. Mom was sliding her hot, foamy cunt lips right up over every inch of her son's cream-covered cock over and over again. It was time to end this "talking session" with that very big bang.

Karin's hands slid down his back and onto her son's ass, her fingers digging into his flesh as her lips sought his and his tongue slipped into her mouth, meeting hers. Karin felt her son's cock suddenly grew fatter and harder, making her gushing pussy feel like it would burst. "OH GOD!! OH GOD!!" she screamed. Another wave of pleasure exploded in her pussy, followed by a second torrent of her lotion. Stars and sparks burst before her eyes. Her own son's swelling cock was impaling her to her very womb, pinning her to the couch.

The dream was real, so real now for both of them. Brad gave a choking sound as he felt his balls suddenly contract and his cock balloon. Karin thrust her legs wide in the air to welcome her son's impending gift. That's when her son's body buckled and trembled. He shoved his cock in, all the way in, burrowing it into the hottest, wettest, deepest depths of his mother's sizzling, buttery pussy folds. There he abdicated, frozen still in the maddening flutters of excited Mother pussy. His flesh trembled. His ass cheeks quivered.

Sweat poured off his forehead, raining in rivulets all over his Mom's big, jiggling tits. Feeling her son's cock begin to jerk and twitch hard in her cunt, Karin hurriedly wrapped her long legs again around her boy's sweaty, bucking waist, squeezing him to her body in the ultimate display of maternal love.

That's when Brad let escape the long, pained groan he had hid in his wet dream but could hold back no more for his Mom: "OOOOOOOOHHH!!" His thing suddenly erupted inside his mother. Mother and son cried into each other's mouths. His cock gathered itself up again and again, unleashing its explosions. Torrents of hot, white cum squirted hard and into Mom's molten canal. Karin's eyes and mouth flashed wide open as she felt her son's hot seed flooding her insides.

Brad's cock was in full firing mode, hotly squirting volley after volley of his pent up cum deep into his beautiful mother's body. She was taking all of it, all of it, and more. Her pussy tunnel vibrated and undulated over his pulsing cock. And he filled up his Mom's love tunnel and womb with gobs of a sizzling goo, a son's thick soup of boiling, incestuous cum. Karin's arms and legs squeezed him down into to her wet, hot body as she writhed, bucked, squirmed, and squealed wildly under his trembling weight, and her pussy swallowed every volley of his hot baby-making juice.

And it was an especially hot lotion spewing from Brad's son's fat, twitching cock. As Karin moaned, she rolled her convulsing cunt all around his squirting dick, adding her own juices and forcing the overflow up over her quivering pussy lips. A thick, gooey stew of pussy juice and cum from Mommy and son soon slid down the crack of her upturned ass.

Brad was moaning, triumphantly. He was doing it! He was really doing it! He was on top of his mother, his tongue in her mouth. He had his cock buried balls deep in Mom's pussy, firing away strand after milky strand of his hot cum. And when he opened his eyes, it was no dream, no shame, no substitute. It was his Mom! Brad loved it. He loved how incredible it felt Motherfucking his own Mom. When he admitted this to himself, he nailed his mother extra hard and finished emptying himself into every inch of her grasping, hot love canal.

And Karin felt every one of his scalding hot discharges. It was so wicked. It was so beautiful. She loved it. She loved every sinful second of it. She was living out every mother's secret fantasy: she was taking the perfect lover she helped create––her son–– right back into her pussy and into her womb, her own beautiful flesh and blood. She trembled, hissed, and wailed as her son's pulsing cock spent itself in her sweltering, receptive depths.

Brad rode out his cum on top of his mother, kissing her on the mouth, thrusting his tongue inside. His Mom's eyes rolled to the back in her head as her pussy absorbed load after scalding load. She sucked on his tongue like a baby, but her pussy sucked on his cock like the whore slut she had become for her son, swallowing up rope after rope of his goo right down her vaginal gullet.

After Brad finished shooting all of his sperm inside her pussy, he remained on top of Karin. He was exhausted. So was his mother. Thus the first time ended: His cock was in his mother's pussy and his tongue inside her mouth. That was absolutely the perfect ending, Karin and her son thought, to the most special "talk" ever: Brad had made Karin cum, using his son-cock on her mother-pussy.


Brad slowly but surely collapsed atop of his mother as the explosions subsided, his eyes tightly closed, Momentarily too spent to even pull his now shrinking dick out of his mother's love tunnel. The two were a wet, sweaty, exhausted heap of quivering flesh. They Momentarily sank into the couch, covered in the sheen of their exertions, redolent of the scents of their illicit and explosive lovemaking. Dazed, drained, and descending from the high of their cum, both quivered in the chill of the room and their nakedness to the world. It felt stunningly perfect. He was drained and she was filled in every sense of the word

But as his senses began to return, Brad started to think about the enormity of the sin he committed. Brad had fucked his own mother! Brad was a motherfucker!

Even more sinful, he had fucked her after she had an emotionally charged confrontation with his father. She had been vulnerable, and he took such sordid advantage of the situation and her. What had he done? He kept his eyes closed, afraid to face the world and his mother, having broke taboo, laws, challenged the gods––and fucked his own mother full of his cum.

He withdrew his dick from her and then rolled to his side. With no small effort, he forced his eyes open to face her. She wasn't mad. She wasn't shocked. She wasn't feeling at all guilty or shamed. Instead, she was smiling gently and contentedly at her son. Karin was glowing, her cheeks red and her long brown hair matted back in sweat over her shiny temple. Her eyes were glimmering a contented afterglow.

She shushed him quiet with a finger to his lips. She then gently pulled her son against her long, moist, naked body. He was again between her legs, unraveled from his back, lowered from the air, and spread in beautiful repose upon the couch. So Brad slipped into his afterglow, laying upon his mother's naked, dewy body, his shrunken cock squished up upon her gooey pussy lips, and resting his head between her big, fleshy tits. There they lay, Mom cooing softly her love for her precious, sexy son.

While she was babying him, the phone rang. Brad got up and went to answer it. It was his father, Jim. He wanted to know if Brad knew where his mother was, and if so, if she was alright. Brad stood naked by the table, the phone in his hand, his cock covered in his mother's cunt cream, and he looked over toward the couch.

"Oh, yes, Mom is here. She's doing alright, " Brad told his father. She was there, "alright," resting naked and peacefully, freshly fucked by her own son. She was lying peacefully with her big tits bare and her son's cum still in her pussy. Jim had no idea that as he was speaking with Brad on the phone, that very son's overflow cum and his own mother's pussy juice was sliding out of upturned pussy lips and running down the crack of a missing wife's ass to stain her very own son's couch.

Brad reassured his father. She was safe and had stayed at his apartment. Jim asked to speak with his wife. Brad told his father to wait; his mother had gotten up and went into the bedroom to lie down curl up under the covers. Brad brought the phone over to his resting mother. As she spoke a few terse words with her husband,

Brad became intensely aware of her nudity. His cock started to harden, right in front of his Mom. She sat up on the bed and crawled to the edge where her son was standing. As Brad took back the phone continued to fend off his father's enquiries, Karin took her two hands, cupped her son's hard cock and pulled it deep into her mouth.

The voice of his father faded into nowhere as the sweet hotness of his mother's mouth and her wicked snaking tongue sucked on her boy's now revived cock, commanding it to give up another outpouring of her son's love.


It had been at least two weeks since Karin had been able to visit her son at his apartment, and she was in an incredibly tense, aggravated mood. She hadn't been feeling all that well as of late, either, and that did nothing to improve her mood. Jim had to fly out on business that morning, and he wouldn't be back for another three days. Brad had come by to drive his dad to the airport, and he promised Jim that he would check in and perhaps stay with Mom. So where was Brad? The plane had taken off almost two hours ago.

Finally she heard Brad's car drive up in the driveway. When Brad came in, Karin was awaiting: "Where have you been? You said that you would be here over an hour ago!"

Brad responded sheepishly, "I'm sorry Mom. Dad was as disorganized as usual at the airport, and the traffic was nightmare going in"

Karin shot back, "It doesn't matter! You know this is a difficult time, even more so than usual with your father, and I haven't been feeling well." Mom certainly seemed a bit out of sorts these days, Brad thought.

He tried to calm her nerves by responding, "I know Mom, and I'm here, okay?"

Karin brusquely went upstairs toward the bedroom, and tersely asked the housekeeper, Maria, what she was still doing there. Brad went upstairs and called Maria over. "Look, my Mom's not been feeling her usual self; look, take this and you can go early. It's Friday; take the day off. My father won't be back until Monday afternoon, and Mom will be back at her office on Monday morning; you can come back then."

Karin awaited impatiently in her bedroom for Maria to leave. The fifteen minutes seemed like another fifteen years, but finally she heard Brad show her out. The house was suddenly quiet. Another five minutes. And then she heard her son bounding up the stairs and walking up toward the bedroom she shared with his father.

She was beginning to feel much better than she had this morning; she was feeling better with every step she heard coming toward her and her husband's bedroom. As she waited, Karin began. She let down her dark brown hair, which had been fixed up in a swirl at the back of her head. She was wearing an ankle length peasant dress that left her shoulders bared. Her full breasts, which were now larger than ever, jiggled provocatively under the thin fabric.

A narrow elastic band held the dress up over her breasts. There was another band drawing in her waist. She was barefoot. Her breathing was rapid as was her pulse. She stepped out of the bedroom to greet him.

"I missed you." Karin finally said. Brad added reassuringly, "I missed you, too." They kissed, chastely, as any proper mother and son. Then Karin began to interrogate her son: "Did everyone go?"

Brad replied, "Yes." Karin countered, "Did you lock all of the doors?" Brad responded in the positive, but Karin kept up with the thousand questions until Brad said with exasperated finality," Yes, Mom, yes, okay? Would you just trust me? Everything is just fine. I saw Dad get on board the airplane and I watched it take off."

Brad then placed his arm around her waist and gently but hurriedly guided her into the bedroom. He could feel the firmness of her body and its heat through her dress as she leaned her head against his, as she was lead in toward her marital bed, exactly where she had been waiting for so long to go.

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