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Forbidden Love

by 2lips4u©

She knew it was wrong. It had been several weeks since she realized that she was having fantasies about a man who should have been entirely off-limits.....taboo. Josie was beside herself with what to do about her secret yearnings. The subject of her desire was her niece's live-in boyfriend, and herself being a married woman!

"My God," Josie thought, "Carol is like a daughter to me. I practically raised her. I'm like a second mom to her!"

Yet still, Josie could not quell the heat between her legs whenever she thought about the gorgeous hunk of male with whom her niece was in a relationship. Eric was his name.

"Eric," Josie sighed as she rubbed her overheated pussy lips through her tight-fitting jeans. Eric wasn't a big man height-wise, but more than made up for his lack of height by his good looks and a great-looking body. He had dark hair with piercing blue eyes, and always sported a great tan. He obviously took pride in his appearance, and of course, encouraged others around him to do so also. Eric worked out frequently and sported a killer set of pecs that just screamed Touch Me! Eric was also almost 20 years older than Carol, making him just 2 years younger than Josie herself.

He was friendly towards Josie in the beginning, not overly friendly, but not shy. He was the kind of guy who made sure everyone was comfortable and well taken care of as a guest in his home. Josie seemed to spark some little bit of chemistry within him too, she thought. Their eyes would seek out each other's out across a room, as if to confirm some deep secret . Eric was still attentive and outwardly devoted to Carol, but as time went on, passing comments with double-meanings would start to slip into their conversations. Everyone would always giggle, but when their eyes met, they could both tell maybe something else was there. Something perhaps real?

Gradually their friendship started growing. Josie began finding more reasons to call her niece or go over to their home. At first Josie felt maybe she was just imagining things, until Carol called her and started telling Josie the compliments that Eric was saying about her. It was at a mini family reunion when the first of such "compliments" came back to Josie, with Carol reporting that Eric said, "Man, your aunt sure looked HOT today!" Josie glowed inwardly at the comment. At another family gathering not too much later after that, he was also reported to have said that Josie looked gorgeous in her dress.

Josie inwardly smiled at the thought of his gaze being upon her...looking appreciatively at her voluptuous curves. Josie, while never being model-thin, had been through some rough times with depression and a difficult phase in her marriage in the last few years, and had put on quite a few extra pounds. She had felt in recent months a why-bother kind of attitude towards her weight, but upon learning his comments, Josie started to reassess her thinking. Maybe it was time to start her make-over and convert herself into the truly stunning creature she could be. Josie had always boasted a big bust throughout her puberty and adult life. Even as a teen, she had size 36C breasts, but as the years and gravity took over, she had reached a bra size of 40D. Her nipples almost always stood out, erect and proud, with big areolas surrounding them about the size of a half dollar. They were light pink/brown in color, and became even darker when she tanned on a regular basis. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches, frosted blonde hair, Josie felt, besides her blue eyes, her breasts were probably the best feature she had.

One afternoon Josie received a call from Eric, asking for her assistance. He needed to go out for an appointment, but Carol was not yet back and someone needed to be there to watch their child. Josie was the only person he could think of at the moment to call. She was delighted to be able to help out. When she reached their home, she noticed worry lines about Eric's eyes. Josie asked what was up, and he sighed and said, "I don't know. Carol's doing her own thing lately, and I have no idea what that is. I really can't say anything, because I don't know what's wrong."

Josie wanted to reach out to him, but refrained and instead said, "That doesn't sound good at all."

"I know," he answered. Then he shook his head and said, "But I don't want to bring someone else into our problems."

Their eyes locked for several moments. Josie could feel the tension and felt she should do something, but just then Eric shook his head and walked into the other room getting his car keys and giving instructions as to where everything was.

"I should only be gone maybe half hour to an hour. I can't thank you enough for helping out."

"My pleasure," Josie said. "It's the least I can do for all the things you've done for me in the last few months."

Eric gathered himself up and left for his appointment. This gave Josie time to think. She definitely knew there was something going on with her niece. She was up to something, and because of Carol's past history with men and promiscuity, Josie feared the worst. Eric was so loving and so good to her. We all felt Carol was finally getting her life together, found a good man, and now this. Josie was torn. On one hand, she wanted Carol and Eric to make it. They made a very handsome couple indeed, and she seemed to be settling down happily, especially since the birth of their child. On the other hand, if Carol and Eric split up, that might make it easier for her to explore her feelings for Eric. What to do....what to do.

A short while later, Eric returned. He looked a little bit better, having gotten a hair cut and some necessary errands out of the way. Josie greeted him with her best "neutral" smile. He sighed again and said, "Carol called me on my cell. She's pissed because I called you to come over."

Josie shook her head. She offered, "You know, if you want to talk, I've got great ears and broad shoulders."

Eric smiled sadly and said, "Thanks, but I really wouldn't know what to say at this point. How about a hug though?"

Josie stepped forward and embraced him fully, feeling her generous breasts crushed against his hard muscular chest. They held each other for several moments before he broke contact and cleared his throat. His eyes were not quite watery, but looked on the brink. Josie felt it was probably best if she left now before she made a move that might prove to be more than either of them could resist. Josie picked up her purse and keys, and told him, "If you ever need someone, I'll be here for you."

"I know. And thank you," answered Eric.

The next few weeks passed without any more tense moments or touching, just quite a few "oh by the way, I needed to call you because..." phone calls. Josie and Eric both made reasons to call each other for advice on this or that. Of course, their conversations always led to other subjects.

One evening Josie was talking with Carol and thought of a computer question. With Carol being completely ignorant of anything computer-related, she passed the phone over to Eric. Josie asked her question which was very easily answered by Eric, and as usual, their conversation went on to other things. Somehow Josie let it slip that she had started working out in the gym again. This seemed to please Eric very much. He said, "I'm so glad you're doing this Josie. It won't be anytime at all before you're the stunningly beautiful person I know you can be. You're so pretty now, I bet you're absolutely gorgeous when you're at your ideal weight."

Josie felt a warm flush to her cheeks listening to his words, and an even warmer feeling creeping along the insides of her thighs and higher. She answered, "Yes, I'm going to be that mean, lean, sex machine I once was!"

"OH MY GOD!" Josie thought. "I can't believe I just said that to him."

Eric just chuckled and said, "When you get to your goal, I'll tell you, Carol and your husband better watch out! Your husband teases you now about me being your boyfriend...I might not mind that at all!"

Josie looked at the phone, stunned! She answered, "You got that right, BoyFriend! I may be married, but I'm not dead!"

Eric chuckled and said, "I better stop talking. Something's 'stirring' around here and I might get myself in trouble," chuckling again.

They hung up the phone, Josie hugging herself and feeling on top of the world. Yes!!! Now she knew. Now he knew too! Her questions were finally answered. "Now what am I gonna do?" Josie asked herself.

Her next opportunity to see Eric came quite unexpectedly the next week. Josie's tanning facility was undergoing renovations and she had been having to use the store across town next to the gym where Eric worked out. She was just coming out from a tanning session when she spotted Eric on his way into the gym.

"Hey there handsome," she said. Eric stopped and turned her way. She was greeted with a broad smile that lit up his entire face.

"Hi sexy! Fancy meeting you here," Eric replied.

Josie told him about the remodeling going on and why she was on this side of town. Eric seemed lost in thought for a moment, then said, "Well, I was going to work out for a bit, but I did want to talk to you about something. Do you think we could go over to the bar/grill at the hotel across the street, and I can buy you lunch instead?"

"Sure that would be fantastic," Josie replied.

They jumped in their respective cars and drove across the avenue to the hotel restaurant. Josie and Eric walked up to the hostess and were seated within a few minutes at a very private booth towards the back of the restaurant. They placed orders for drinks and the waitress moved away to get them.

Eric suddenly turned to Josie and grasped her hands in his. He looked deep into her eyes and that was when she noticed a slight sheen of tears forming in his.

"Tell me Eric. What is it? What is wrong?" Josie asked.

"It's Carol," he choked out. "She's leaving me. I can't believe it, she's leaving me for a damned monkey ass!" he blurted out. His eyes threatened to overflow with his tears.

"Oh, no!" Josie cried. "I'm so sorry Eric. I had no idea your situation had deteriorated so far." Instinctively, she reached over and pulled him closer to her, into her arms. They hugged for a moment, then seemingly of their own volition, their bodies drifted closer and closer. Josie was murmuring soft reassurances into Eric's ear, and he was breathing deeply, trying to gain control of his emotions.

Josie was warring with her deeply felt feelings for him, and her family ties with Carol. On one hand, she had a gorgeous hunk of a man in her arms, holding her, needing her, but on the other hand, she was Carol's flesh and blood Aunt. Josie was so furious with Carol at this moment...furious with her for hurting this fine man, and furious for destroying yet again another relationship in a long list of failed relationships and destroyed lives that she had created in her short life. Josie decided to opt for the here and now. Eric needed her, and Lord knows, she needed him, desperately.

Not wanting to break contact with him, Josie started stroking Eric's neck and head, running her fingers through his hair, massaging his tense muscles. She felt him start to relax and loosen up under her ministrations. Feeling a little bolder, Josie nuzzled closer in his neck and gave him several little soft kisses behind his ear. She felt and heard Eric moan softly, and his hands and arms started to subtly change their motions. Instead of just clinging to Josie, Eric started to return her stroking and massaging. He lifted his head from her shoulder so he could look into her eyes. There, seated at the table, still embracing each other, their eyes met. An electric jolt went through both their bodies and they knew. There was a desire, a feeling so strong, that neither of them could deny it.

At that moment, the waitress returned with their drinks. Josie and Eric both decided to forego any meal, finished their drinks, and got up to pay the check. Instead of going to their cars, however, Eric took Josie by the hand, and guided her over to the registration desk in the adjoining hotel. With no words needing to be spoken, he paid for a room and they went up the elevator to their room.

Once inside their room, Eric and Josie ran into each other's arms and kissed, passionately, deeply, and with raw emotion. Their lips met and parted, with tongues dancing in each other's mouths. Josie had never felt such an intense feeling in all her life. She started to quickly remove her clothing, but Eric stopped her.

"No," he said. "I want to do it. I want to do it slowly and savor every moment, every inch of your luscious body. I've wanted to do this for a very long time, but I felt you were so off bounds because you're married and Carol's aunt."

"Hush," Josie replied. "None of that matters. I haven't been happy in my marriage in a long time, and Carol obviously doesn't care about you and your relationship since she is so willing to throw it away on this other jerk. I love you Eric. I've loved you for a very long time."

With that said, Eric smiled broadly probably for the first time in months. He reached over and softly cupped her face in his hands and lightly kissed her on the lips. His hands slowly slid down to her blouse and began to unbutton it. One by one the buttons came open, revealing her nude colored, lacy bra. It was sheer enough to where he could see her pert nipples through the material. He slipped the blouse off her shoulders and she allowed it to fall to the floor. Next, he undid the button and zipper on her pants, and slowly slid them down her smooth, tanned legs. When he got to her feet, she stepped out of them, and Eric tossed them to the side. Josie was now standing in only her lacy bra with matching thongs, having tossed off her sandals when her pants were removed. Eric stood back up, raking his fingers along her skin on the trip back up. Josie's skin felt like it was on fire where he touched her. He brought every nerve ending to life. His eyes feasted on her body for a long time before he moved again. He stepped closer to Josie, took her in his arms, and kissed her deeply and thoroughly. He wound his fingers in her hair, and pulled lightly, making Josie gasp a little and open her mouth. He took advantage and slid his hot tongue inside, probing the depths of her hot mouth, their passion mounting by the second.

He slid his hands downward and unhooked the bra from the back, and stepped back. Eric slid one strap from her shoulder, and then the other. Josie shrugged the rest of the bra off, and offered her ample sized 40D breasts to him. He leaned forward and slowly licked and sucked around her areolas, first one side and then over to the other side, until both nipples stood out proud and erect, glistening wet with his saliva. Josie had always had very sensitive breasts and nipples, and so she moaned and threw her head back, enjoying every last lick.

"Oh God, Eric," she sighed. "I never knew it could be this wonderful." She arched her back even more, aching for him to take her nipples back into his mouth, her need for him growing ravenous.

Eric proceeded to lick and suck some more, massaging both breasts, then nibbling lightly. He slowly licked his way around both breasts thoroughly and the proceeded to lick his way down her belly, to her belly button. There he paused again, licking in and around her navel, causing shivers of delight and anticipation in Josie. As his exploration of her body continued, Eric slowly sank to his knees, and proceeded to peel down her lacy thongs. As he did so, the strong scent of her arousal could be smelled, filling his senses, and driving him further in his need to have her. His tongue burned a path from her belly, down to her neat patch of hair just above her swollen pussy lips. Josie could hardly stand by this time, shaking in her desperate need for him to take her. Eric, sensing her impatience, decided to give her a little sample of what was in store for her. His tongue darted around her love bud, licking up and down her lips, diving once or twice into her hot, juicy pussy, but never directly hitting on her love button. Josie started to grab him by the hair and guide his mouth to her desired destination, but instead, Eric stood up and started to finger her pussy. She was so wet, his finger slid easily inside her. He plunged his finger in and out and in and out, making Josie practically hump his finger seeking relief. He then inserted a second, and then a third finger into her starving hole. This new invasion into her pussy sent Josie spiraling into her first orgasm. She grabbed a hold of Eric's shoulders, eyes rolled back into her head, and her whole body shuddered with ecstasy.

When Josie's breathing became more normalized, Eric held her, and kissed her deeply again. He took her by the hand and guided her over to the bed. There, he sat Josie on the edge of the bed, and stood between her open legs. He lowered himself down to his knees once more, and immediately dove into her hot, steaming pussy with his tongue. He was ravenously hungry...hungry for her taste. His tongue darted everywhere, lapping her exquisitely distended clit, licking her juices, and plunging his tongue into her hot, steamy pussy. He could not get enough of her taste. She had the most sexy aroma when she was aroused, and he wanted to drink every drop of her elixir. He continued licking, sucking, and teasing her clit, then inserting one or two fingers into her tight pussy and started to finger fuck her. When his finger was well lubricated, he removed it from her pussy and slid it down towards her ass. When he gently probed at her anus and found no resistance on her part, he inserted his fingertip. This, combined with his talented tongue on her clit, sent Josie over the edge once again, and she collapsed back on the bed in another mind-blowing orgasm. She spasmed and jumped all over, humping his tongue and fingers, grabbing his hair, and screaming out his name.

As Josie was peaking in this magnificent climax, Eric stood over her, and inserted his very hard, very excited 8 inch cock deep inside her quivering pussy. She was so wet he was met with no resistance, and was easily accepted all the way up until he met her cervix. Unknowingly, Eric had just performed the greatest turn-on he could ever have done for Josie. She loved having a hard cock slammed into her just as she was cumming hard, and she was loving every second of this. After a few minutes of hard and fast fucking, Eric slowed his pace, wanting to savor every moment, every feeling, every expression on Josie's beautiful face and body.

Eric was such a loving and patient lover she discovered. He had staying power well beyond any lover she had ever experienced, and seemed to know instinctively what she wanted, or needed, and anticipated her every desire. Josie went on to cum over and over again, under the expert loving and care of Eric. Eventually, Eric could contain himself no more, and once again increased his tempo, feeling his load building stronger behind every thrust. Josie could feel his balls tightening and his cock swelling and anticipated his ejaculation. When she felt him begin to release, she squeezed his cock with her tight pussy muscles, milking every drop from his rod, and loving the pulsations and feeling of fulfillment she was experiencing.

Eric collapsed on the bed beside her, his cock still inside her, as they both lay there, looking into each other's eyes. Josie smiled at Eric and he grinned back. They knew this was just the beginning of something very special.

Written by: 2lips4u

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