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A Leaky Shower?

by Adena©

Mia glanced at herself in the mirror, and wondered if he was going to be late today, she ran her hands down her body, she wore a tight black skirt that had a slit up the side to reveal a slice of creamy thigh, her black jacket was un buttoned at the top and fit snugly around her small waist.

She lifted her breasts in her hands and watched as they jiggled in the silky black bra they were encased in. She was running her fingers through her hair when the door sounded.

She took a breath then opened it, she felt her heart drop when she saw it was only a neighbour, "Hi Mia just wanted to give you this" Paul handed her an invitation then said good bye and strode away Mia shut the door and about 10 seconds later it sounded again.

She opened roughly expecting Paul to be there again, he was nice enough just a little strange, she started when she saw the plumber, he had his t-shirt tucked into his tight blue jeans showing off his broad chest and slim waist line.

"Hi" Mia stuttered she could already feel her body responding as she felt his gaze on her; she licked her lips and moved from the door to allow him entry.

"Leaky shower?" he enquired raising an eyebrow

"Oh yes, its through here" Mia lead the way to her bathroom, it all seemed formal and Mia decided he'd lost interest.

"Could you turn the shower on for me? So I can see the problem" the plumber asked.

The shower was fairly high up and Mia being a short 5 foot 2 meant she had to stretch. The plumber leant back against the sink and watched as the tiny black belt he assumed was a skirt rode up her thighs to reveal a tight round ass, which didn't look covered.

He stood up and standing behind her reached to turn the shower on with one hand whilst the other found its way beneath her skirt, he felt the string indicating a thong.

Mia felt a flush of pleasure as the plumber's hand cupped her ass she yelped as he slapped her hard, he grabbed her roughly and turned her around dragging her mouth to his.

The kiss was his to command and she melted into it, his hands slid into the jacket to cup her breasts his thumbs running over her already hard nipples, she moaned into him as little shockwaves rippled through her.

He ended the kiss and stepped away from her, she felt his hand move between her legs one finger stroking the soft material, she felt her self moisten and pushed her hips up, wanting him to push the thong away and bury his fingers inside her.

The plumber stopped and pushed her down to the side of the bath; he pushed her legs apart and knelt between them. In one movement the thong was gone and her soft pink cunt was open to his eyes, he bent down and kissed her swelling lips making her gasp.

He took her clit in his mouth and sucked it gently Mia moaned, the plumber pushed 2 fingers into her hot tight cunt and twisted them making Mia cry with pleasure and pain, she bucked her hips and cried out when he nipped her clit, causing her to cum flooding his fingers, he lapped up her juices, enjoying the easy pleasure he'd given her.

He stood and kissed her hard, Mia could taste her self on his lips turning her on even more, she took his fingers and one by one she sucked them clean, making sure she sucked them deep pursing her lips softly her tongue swirling, her eyes on his, she enjoyed the way they darkened and narrowed.

"Strip" he demanded hoarsely. Mia stood and undid her jacket letting it fall to the floor; she unclasped her bra and let her full breasts bounce out her pink nipples hard and aching, she bent to unzip her skirt and let it slide down her shapely legs before stepping out of it.

She stood before him naked she felt his eyes on her body, suddenly she felt embarrassed and went to cover herself, but he reached and stopped her, she dropped her hands to her sides.

He moved close to cup her breasts, he bent his head and took a nipple into his mouth, she felt her breath catch in her throat as her nerves tingled in response sending sharp waves of pleasure straight to her core, she gripped his hair and arched her back, he turned his mouth to the other nipple and lavished his attention on it, making her moan and sigh.

She was gasping by the time he lifted his head, he turned her to face the bath, she heard the sound of his zip and felt herself getting wet as she thought of him deep inside her, he pushed her over gently making her grip the sides of the bath to keep standing, he used a knee to spread her legs wide.

Her breasts felt hot and heavy as they hung unprotected.

He rubbed his hard hot cock down the crack of her ass making her shiver, he spanked her hard watching in amusement as his hand print appeared, Mia whimpered enjoying the pain and heat.

He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her hot wet slit, Mia pushed back, he grabbed her hips and slammed hard into her making her stumble, he held her tightly.

Her hot wet cunt tight around his cock made him moan. He thrust slowly as she tightened her muscles and squeezed him, he moved his hips thrusting into her deeper and deeper, he bent reaching round he grabbed her breasts rubbing his thumbs over her sensitive nipples.

She pushed her ass back groaning as he slid deeper each time, she reached between her legs and began playing with her clit, which was engorged, she rolled it between her fingers and almost buckled.

The plumber grabbed her hips his fingers digging in as he slammed his cock faster, she could feel his breath on her back, her cunt was soaking, she pushed back against him hard, she pinched her clit and came screaming, one more thrust and he spilled his seed, filling her, their juices running down her thigh.

Gasping and panting she felt like she was on fire, her head spinning she gripped the bath to steady herself. The plumber moved behind her and lifted her under the shower, she lifted her head and enjoyed the cool refreshing stream.

When she looked he was gone but she smiled, he'll be back she thought knowingly.

Written by: Adena

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