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A Masters Wish

by psychotic_princess©

I woke up this morning with a new sense of anticipation. I had my morning coffee and was thinking about my day, but I absolutely could not concentrate. I went into the bedroom to get dressed. I then looked into the mirror after applying my makeup and I paused. I look absolutely hungry. Not hungry for food but like I am so ready for some hot sex. I smiled into the mirror, a devilish smile, my blue grey eyes now looking more like smoke. I gave my hair a quick run through with my fingers to make sure there were no knots as it is halfway down my back and the color of autumn leaves, reddish, light brown, and yellow. Ok I think I can do this.

Last night you gave me a new mission - to find you another slave to play with so you could enjoy the pleasure of two. I was a little hurt by the concept as no slave wants to see her Master enjoying another slave. But a little competition has my creative juices flowing, and I am already thinking of things I could do to outdo my soon to be competitor.

Ok, I think that will do so I set out to find you another pet. I go to the gas station and sit for a bit, watching. I see nothing interesting there at all, so I head to the grocery store. I get out of the car and go in pretending to shop, looking around at the various female possibilities. I get a few promising smiles from the men, and as much as I would enjoy it, I don't think Master would appreciate another male this time. I am looking absently at the products on the shelf when out of the corner of my eye, I see her – this absolutely gorgeous woman. She has long brown wavy kind of wild looking hair, is about 5'6", and voluptuously hot. I am checking out her shape, as I am seeing her from behind and have not seen her face quite yet. She then looks at me and smiles. I am getting wet already as I know Master would be pleased with this choice. Her eyes are emerald green, and she has that pouty stuck up look to her. Ok now I must gather my nerve and figure out how I am going to get her to agree to my Master's whims.

I smile back at her with a flirty smile; then I approach.

"I haven't seen you here before, are you new in town?" I ask.

"Why yes, I am. I don't know anyone here, I just moved in from out of state for a job offer. My name is Cara."

God she is hot. So hot, that I am getting absolutely soaking wet.

"My name is Carly. Nice to meet you," I reply.

We are making small talk and I keep looking at her lips and thinking of them around my Master's cock. I ask her if she would like to hang out some time, and she says yes she could use a friend. We decided that she should come over that afternoon so we could talk more. I was absolutely thrilled and excited; I couldn't wait to talk to her some more. I just hope she is adventuresome enough to let us play with her.

I go home and tidy up a bit waiting for her to come over. My Master is still at work, so he has no idea what he is in store for. I want to make sure she is willing before I introduce the two. She arrives right on time, and I am wearing nothing but a robe and a white lace teddy underneath.

"Don't mind me, I like to be comfortable," I tell her.

She looks me up and down and smiles appreciatively. I am watching her, but the look she just gave me made my clit throb. We go into the living room and I invite her to sit.

"So what do you do for fun?" I ask.

She looks at me and says, "I will try almost anything once."

I cannot believe my luck! So we talk about life and love and lovers past, then I ask her some real personal questions.

"So what's the kinkiest thing you have ever done?"

"Well, I used to date a guy that was a swinger," she replies.

"Ooooh, that sounds so hot!"

My robe is open at my waist and I run my hand down my inner thigh and rub my clit through the lace of the teddy. I am gauging her reaction now because this will tell me if she is right for the job. I undo my robe and proceed to rub my breasts.


She is looking at me, watching me and appears to be enjoying my little display.

"Should I stop, Cara?" I ask, just to make absolutely certain that I don't make her run away.

"No, Carly, I love to watch," she says almost purring.

I take the robe completely off, and she moans, looking at my body. This sent shivers up my spine. I am rubbing my inner thighs and spread my legs wide so that she can see how wet my little pussy is. I am so excited at this point I could almost cum without any stimulation whatsoever. But I refrain, to see how far she is willing to go.

"Have you ever touched or been touched by a woman?" I ask her.

"No, but I have always fantasized about it, and I love watching women on porn movies, It gets me so fucking hot."

She is rubbing her body now; she was wearing a short black cotton skirt and a white v-neck tee shirt.

"Touch yourself for me," I purr.

She moans, and then slowly runs her hand up her thigh, parts her legs, and exposes her hot little pussy to me. I groan at the sight of her. She is just as wet as I am.

Still testing her, I ask, "Have you ever had a Master?"

She gasps for air and is half panting when she replies. "No, but I would like that as well."

I go over to her and kneel in front of her on the couch and run my tongue up her thigh, stopping just short of her pussy blowing my hot breath on it.

"Well my dear, this is your lucky day as I have a Master, and today my mission was to find another slut for him to play with. Do you think that you can be a good little slut when he gets home?"

"Oh yes," she gasps, now really hot.

"Well you have to pass my test first! I can't very well have you be slave if you aren't obedient now can I?"

"No, "Mistress," she says.

"My! That's a good little slut. Master will be pleased at your willingness to learn."

I look up at her and take her head in my hands and pull her to me looking into her eyes. "Do not be afraid. I will not harm you save for the whip and my hands, love."

A soft moan escapes her lips. I put my lips against her cheek and kiss her sweetly. Then I get close to her mouth and breathe against her lips.

"God you are so hot," I whisper.

I flick my tongue across her lips and hers darts out to play with mine. I am getting so wet by this creature. She is perfect! I kiss her deeply moaning into her mouth, my tongue exploring her hot mouth; her tongue circling mine. I withdraw after a few moments, and we are both panting, hot from all this delicious play.

"Ok, here is what we will do. I will tell you what to do, little one, and you will obey without question. If you do disobey, then you will be punished however I see fit. You will address me as Mistress and my lover as Master! But he is not home right now. Do you understand?"

She looks at me a bit shyly and replies, "Yes, Mistress."

I go back over to the couch I was sitting on and tell her in a firm voice, "Now then, let me get a look at you. Come over here and let me see your ass."

"Yes Mistress," she replies and complies with my wishes. God she is good. She stands in front of me with her back to me. I feel her ass, hmm nice I think to myself. I run my hands between her thighs and feel her juices running down her legs, and I haven't even touched her hot little pussy yet. I am breathing pretty hard; this little vixen is driving me mad!

"Now turn around and strip for me slut."

She looks a little hurt by the tone in my voice, and I tell her, "It is only a term of endearment love, a pet name if you will."

At that she smiles and continues to do my bidding. She pulls the white tee over her head, and her c-cup breasts are overflowing the little white under wire bra she's wearing. She then leans over to pull down her skirt showing a little cleavage and moving very slowly, seductively. The little wench is showing off! She then reaches behind her to undo her bra, and her breasts heave a bit relieved from their restraint.

"You have such beautiful breasts, love."

"Thank you, Mistress."

She is making me so wet. She then turns around so I can see that she is wearing a matching thong, and slowly bends over to pull it down. I touch her ass for a moment and then SMACK! I smack her ass, and she jumps as she was not ready for it.

"That was for my pleasure, slut."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good girl. I am very pleased so far," I tell her.

"Now I want you to turn around, kneel, and suck on my nipples."

"Yes Mistress."

She kneels, taking my already rock hard nipples into her mouth and sucking them with fervor.

"MMMMM, good girl."

I then pull the teddy the rest of the way off my body.

"Now I want you to lick my pussy, and you better make me cum, slave, or there will be hell to pay."

She kisses my breasts once more, and then licks her way down my stomach to my hot quivering mound. I lie back to fully enjoy this pleasure. She licks my pussy lips teasing me and then runs her tongue around my clit. Oh God I am going to cum soon.

"May I finger your pussy as well, Mistress?" She asks.

"Yes you may. That's a good girl, and so eager. And slide your ass this way so I may play with your hot cunt, too."

"MMMM! Yes, mistress" she moans into my pussy lapping happily away. She is now licking my clit and fingering my hot cunt, sucking on my clit so hard I am close to cumming. She has no idea. I am feeling her hot juices on my hand rubbing her clit, and I then run my hand up the crack of her ass to play with her asshole. She is very hot and wet and is sucking and fingering me hard and fast.

"Now, slut, I am going to cum, and you are going to lick up every bit of it."

"MMMMMM! YES, MISTRESS!" she moans into my pussy and frantically licks and sucks at me.


I am bucking my hips wildly covering her whole face with my pussy juice. She is about ready to cum too, and I stop fingering her. She whimpers slightly in protest, and then I roll her over on to her back lying on the floor.

I lay on top of her, using my thigh to rub against her clit. I put my hand around her throat lightly, and she is wildly excited. I then kiss her neck and work my way down to her nipples. I take it in my mouth and tease it with my teeth; she is squirming like crazy now.

"Now my little slut, I am going to make you cum."

She moans in pleasure. I replace my thigh with my fingers now rubbing her labia and clit.

"My you are a hot little thing, aren't you?"

She moves her hips upward in answer and I continue my assault on her hot little body. I am rubbing her clit frantically, and then I shove two fingers in her hot little hole.

"MMMMMMMM... MMMMMMMM" she moans.

I am still biting her nipples, and she is about to cum. I remove my fingers and jump down so I can lick her hot little cunt. I run my tongue around her clit, and then lick her up and down really fast. I then jam my tongue in her cunt and fuck her with it.


I rub her clit with my hand and continue tongue fucking her,


At that her whole body starts to shiver, hips bucking wildly as I continue tongue fucking her hot pussy.


She cums and I lick all her sweet juices from her pussy. I then move back up to kiss her, and we both taste each others juices.

"Well love you have passed the test. Master will enjoy you as greatly as I have. He will be home in le... "

"Well hello my little sluts... "

Master was home early! How much did he see?

Written by: psychotic_princess

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