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Making Of A Slut

by ebonimaster©

"You sure look pretty tonight Ms. Davis," Eddie said.

Tina looked up at the black janitor over her glasses. He always said the same thing.

"Why do you interrupt me with the same nonsense every night? And turn off that damn radio in my office. What's wrong with you people?"

"Real sorry Ms. Davis," Eddie said.

Tina couldn't help but notice how Eddie's muscles flexed smoothly, even under the loose fitting green janitor overalls he wore. She crossed her legs, giving Eddie a good look at her smooth, long legs, encased in silky stockings. Her skirt stopped just short of her ass. She saw him looking and smiled.

"Shouldn't look at what you can't have," she said smoothly.

"You right about that ma'am. You have a good night," he said, pushing his cart along.

Tina watched him go, again noticing how the smooth muscles of his back rippled under the janitor's overalls. She wondered briefly what he looked like without it on. She'd never seen a black man naked. Her daddy, who owned the building she worked in and nearly half of downtown would roll off his chair if he saw her looking at a black man. But she couldn't help wondering.

A couple of hours later, Tina had forgotten all about Eddie, and she packed up her lap top, grabbed her jacket and headed down to the parking lot.

"G'night Ms. Davis," Alan, the night guard called as Tina walked out of the building.

She always parked around back. It was dark back there, but it was a closer walk. Besides, no one could get past building security. Tina was just deciding on Chinese for dinner when a strong hand grabbed her from behind and pushed a horrible smelling cloth up against her mouth. A few deep breaths, and the night was lost to her.

"Come on Ms. Davis, wake up now girl," a deep voice said from somewhere far away.

Tina shook her head groggily and tried to brush her blond hair from her face, but she couldn't move her hands. Why not?

She opened her eyes a little and saw only dark, shadowy light. A silhouette of a man stood in front of her.

"You like my place Ms. Davis?"

"What the fuck's going on?" Tina said. "Who are you?"

The stranger stepped into the shadowy light and Tina gasped in surprise.

"Jesus Eddie, what the Christ is going on here?"

She looked at herself and realized she was wearing only her black lace thong panties and her black lace bra. Victoria Secret buys. On sale. Why was she thinking about stupid shit like that?

"Where am I Eddie?"

"Don't you recognize it Ms. Davis?" Eddie said.

She took a good look at him. He didn't look like the slumped over janitor anymore. He had on jeans and no shirt. His chest was smooth and heavily muscled, sloping down to a stomach ridged with muscle. His bald head gleamed in the candlelight. Candlelight? Where the hell was she?

"No. I don't recognize it," she said, straining at the bonds that held her hands. "Where am I?"

"In your daddy's building," he said. "A sub sub basement. They built right over it. I found it, and now I live here. Rent free. Cheapest living in the city. Siphon off the electricity and I'm in paradise. I lit some candles, to be romantic."

"You'll be sorry. Let me out of here. Now."

"You ain't in no position to give orders Ms. Davis. Can I call you Tina?"

"Fuck you." She spat at him.

His big hand slammed across her face.

"That wasn't nice. I'm gonna have to teach you some manners before I fuck that pink pussy."

The slap and his words infuriated Tina. But she felt a warmth between her legs she'd never felt before.

"Now, tell me you're sorry," Eddie said.

She looked up at him in disbelief. "What?"

"You heard me bitch. Apologize. Or I'll slap you up real good. Nobody can hear you scream down here."

He raised his hand to slap her again.

"I'm sorry," she said quickly.

"Good bitch," he said and stroked her face softly where he'd slapped her.

She pulled her face away from, but he didn't let her. He grabbed her blonde hair.

"You ever had black cock in your mouth Tina?"

"Look Eddie. Just let me go. I won't tell anyone. It'll be our secret. OK?

He smiled down at her, then suddenly pulled the hand in her hair into a fist and pulled cruelly hard.

"Answer me bitch. You ever suck black cock?"

"Once," she said, gasping in pain. "In college. I was drunk."

"Your daddy know his rich little white girl likes black cock?"

Eddie grinned down into her face.

"Don't deny it. I seen you looking at me. I seen you wondering what I look like with no clothes on bitch. I know how to treat your kind."

He let her go and stood between her legs. She was tied to a chair with arm rests. It was a wide chair, so her legs were spread pretty wide.

"Tell me bitch, is that pink pussy getting all wet thinking of my black cock?"

"No," she said in a low arrogant voice.

He ran his big strong hands over her full, rounded breasts. To her horror, her nipples leapt out to meet his touch through the lace bra. Her back arched slightly, pressing her tits into him, before she could stop herself.

"No bitch? That pussy ain't even a little wet thinking how good I'm gonna fuck you?"

He ran his hand down her smooth belly, then down the tops of her thighs, then down between her legs. He ran one long finger along her slit beneath the black lace thong.

"What's this bitch? You're as wet a whore. How come?"

She dropped her head, unwilling to look at her tormenter. But he didn't let her get away with it. He grabbed her hair again and pulled her head up, forcing her to look at him.

"How come you're wet bitch? You like being treated like a whore?"

He ran his finger down her slit again and this time, he bent low and ran his tongue across her hard nipple through the delicate lace of her bra. Tina jumped at the unexpected heat of his tongue against her. A tiny moan escaped her. He pushed the lace aside, and slid his finger gently into her wetness and found her clit. He massaged her hard little nub, looking down into her eyes.

"That white bread college boy you got get you hot like this bitch?"

"Please," Tina said. "Don't."

He took his finger out of her and slid it into her hot mouth.

"Suck on it bitch. Show me how you're gonna suck my cock."

Tina turned her face away, but he slapped her lightly and grabbed her hair. She sucked on his finger, tasting her own juices. She couldn't believe how hot he was making her.

"You're my bitch tonight, you hear?" he said, sliding his finger in and out of her mouth.

"I'm gonna use every hole you got, you fucking spoiled rotten brat."

He slid his finger out and slapped her face again, harder.

She cried out. "Why'd you hit me? I didn't do anything."

"I hit you ‘cause you're my bitch. And I do what I want with you. You got it?"

She nodded slowly, almost in a daze.

"You're gonna rape me, aren't you?" she said in a low voice.

"I won't have to. By the time I give you my cock, you'll be begging for it."

He reached out with a sudden movement Tina didn't expect and ripped her lace bra from her tits. Her round breasts stood tall and proud, with softly pink, hard nipples in the candlelight.

"Your tits are just as nice as I knew they would be," he said.

He moved between her legs again and ran his hands over her tits looking down into her face. "You need this Tina," he said, running the rough flesh of his thumbs over her hard nipples. "You need a thick black cock fucking that tight pink little pussy real hard. Don't you?"

He bent and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and reached a finger into her wetness. He pulled at the lace between her legs, and it gave way, letting his finger slide right into her. She humped his finger, caught, helpless between the twin sensations of his hot tongue on her nipples and his finger massaging her clit. She moaned softly, arching her back, pressing into him.

"Please," she said softly.

But it was no use. He kept on, licking her nipples and alternately biting them hard, then licking around them again and again while he massaged and rubbed her clit. She thought she'd go crazy. When she was just about to come, he stopped.

She looked up at him, breathing hard, her face flushed and beautiful. She watched eagerly while he stood back and undid his jeans. He slid them down over his hips and revealed his nakedness underneath. His thick, black cock stood straight up, reaching past his navel. The thick head was slick with pre-come. Veins grooved the hard flesh.

"You want my cock in your mouth bitch?"

She could only nod, looking at his hardness.

"Say it," he said.

"Please," Tina said. "I want your cock in my mouth."

He stood between her legs, towering over her, like a muscled god, and brought his thick cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and took his cock deep down her throat, moaning softly. He worked her nipples while she serviced his cock. He grabbed her pink little nubs between his thumb and forefinger and massaged them and squeezed them, driving her crazy.

He looked down at her pretty pink lips stretched tight around his chocolate cock, sliding in and out of her hot, wet mouth.

"Yeah bitch," he said, pumping his hips into her mouth, "that's it. Take that big black cock. That's whores like you are good for."

His movements were long and rhythmic, using her mouth to pleasure his throbbing cock. He grabbed her hair and held her still while he fucked her face. His head lolled back on his shoulders, his eyes closed while he pumped his cock deep down her throat, enjoying every inch of her hot mouth.

"That's it bitch. Suck my cock. Take it all," he said, humping her face faster. His thrusts became more desperate.

He clenched his teeth and drove hard into her mouth, choking her. But he gripped her hair tight, not letting her escape the monster cock in her mouth. Sweat trickled down his muscled chest. The only sounds in the room were her small moans of pain as his cock hit the back of her throat again and again and his grunts of pleasure as he fucked her hot mouth.

"Here's my load bitch. Swallow every fucking drop you whore," he said and pulled her face down on his cock. He exploded inside her mouth, sending hot loads of come jetting down her throat.

"Oh, fuck, yeah," he said, stroking into her mouth. Come dribbled down her chin.

"Clean my cock," he said, pulling out of her mouth and pushing her head down onto his sticky cock.

Her hot tongue licked up and down his cock and around his balls, licking up his come. He could feel himself starting to get hard again.

"You're my come slut now," he said, and stroked her hair softly while she licked his cock clean.

She looked up at him, afraid.

"I guess so," she said.

He slapped her, but not too hard. The bitch had sucked him off good.

"What are you?" he said.

"Your come slut," Tina said, crying a little.

She was afraid, because she knew that, after tonight, she could never say no to his cock.

To be continued…

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Written by: ebonimaster

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