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A Masters Wish Ch. 02

by psychotic_princess©

This time, I have tried writing from a third person point of view. I hope that you will all enjoy this. As I have said before, I am new at this, so please bear with me. Please please please vote and leave comments for me on the board, even if you don't like it. Again, any feedback or advice will be greatly appreciated, and thank you for the encouragement. It is my goal to write that which makes masturbation necessary!! Enjoy!!!

"Well hello there, my little sluts."

"Oh my God!" Carly thought to herself. "He's home so early! He is going to be very upset with me." Carly looked at her Master with fear in her heart.

"Well Master..." she stammered, trying to find the right words. "I couldn't have a new pet for you if I hadn't tested her myself."

Master looked at her very sternly.

"Admit it slut, you just wanted to please yourself to get off. You are such a greedy little whore, and you WILL be punished for it."

"Yes, Master, I admit, I wanted to taste her and wanted to cum, but it was in your honor."

Cara, who had been looking down at the carpet as if willing herself to disappear, glanced to see the face of the commanding, powerful presence that has recently entered the room. She was suddenly very frightened which magnified tenfold the moment Carly became submissive.

"And what have we here? Stand up, slut, so I can look at you," he commanded.

Cara stood up, frightened but not willing to admit it to this stranger, no matter who he was.

"Very nice. I can now see why you chose her, Carly, although I don't believe I gave you permission to test anyone for me. I am well aware of how to test my own pets."

"Forgive me, Master," said Carly. "As I believe you deserve only the best, and I was trying my hardest to get it for you."

"And what is your name, pet?" Master asked Cara.

"C-Cara." She was at a loss for words. This man seemed so in control of everything. She looked at him now, shyly, but wanted desperately to hide from him. He was quite handsome, 5' 10" tall with piercing blue eyes. He was built solid and muscular, not buff muscular, but built enough that many women would drool over. He had a shaved head and a light brown goatee cropped close to his chin. He was smirking, laughing at her discomfort, if only inside, for there was no mistaking who was in charge here, and he knew it and now so did Cara.

"Carly, prepare the bedroom for us. Tonight there will be much punishment, I have had a rough day and have many frustrations to dole out upon you two. Be sure that you have my equipment ready for me."

"Yes, Master, right away," Carly replied.

"Now Cara, I desire a hot shower, and you are going to wash every inch of my aching body. You will find the bathroom down the hall to the left. You may go and start the water running. And be forewarned, if you do not please me, you will be punished. Do not push me today, love, as my patience is waning. The best thing you could do for yourself is be a good girl. Now run along and get the water going and towels ready."

"OK," said Cara.

"OK? OK? Do you not understand the rules of this game, slut? Come here....NOW!"

Cara obeyed, almost running over to him. She didn't want to displease him. He grabbed a handful of her hair and twisted her arm roughly,

"When you are in my presence, YOU WILL ADDRESS ME AS MASTER! Understood?"

"Yes, Master. Please forgive..."

A moment later, he decided to punish her a little, to see how she responded. SMACK!

"Ohhhhh" Cara yelped. Now she was shaking, partly with fear, partly with anticipation, as she was still wet from Carly's ministrations earlier. Her pussy was getting wet again.

"You have a very nice ass, slut, and I shall enjoy this evening thoroughly. Now GO GET THAT SHOWER RUNNING!"

"Yes, Master!"

Cara half ran down the hallway to the bathroom and looked around. The room itself was ceramic tiled everywhere; even the walls were tiled. The color motif was burgundy and beige. The focal point of this room was the large garden tub. It appeared to be the perfect size to share with another person.

"Nice place," she thought.

There was a large brass showerhead above the tub that Cara immediately attempted to figure out.

"I have got to get this going or who knows what will happen," she thought.

She turned the water on hot as he asked and looked around till she found a linen closet. She grabbed two towels and a washcloth. She then sat for a minute on the marble counter surrounding two sinks.

"This place is great."

Having second thoughts, she started to worry about her fate for the evening. Once again she was wondering if she could get out of here without these people noticing.

Carly was upstairs in the bedroom, preparing for their guest when Master entered the room. He walked over to the edge of the bed where she was sitting and gently touched her cheek.

"I am very pleased with your choice, slave; however, I am displeased that you came without my permission." He told her.

"Oh. Master, I am SO very sorry. Please forgive me," she pleaded.

He grabbed her wrists and pulled her to her feet. He then grabbed a handful of her hair, brought it to his nose, and inhaled deeply. He loved the scent of her. He then pulled her face to his and kissed her with hostility, roughly sucking and biting at her lips and tongue. She was squirming relentlessly, trying to escape his grasp, wishing he wasn't quite THIS rough with her. He pulled her head away from his, and with her hair still in his hands, he sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled her down across his lap and gave several quick hard blows to her ass with his large powerful hands.

"OWWWWW!" Carly protested, jolted by his startling punishment.

Carly was now in fear, and her pussy was throbbing with excitement. Her heart was beating rapidly in her chest, and the adrenaline rush she was feeling was only the beginning for her she realized.

"Now then, my naughty little slut, perhaps you have forgotten your place in life? Let me remind you!" He delivered 3 very loud, very hard smacks to her bottom. SMACK SMACK SMACK!

She whimpered, but knew better than to make a sound, as she knew full well she deserved this punishment, and, to be truthful, she has somewhat provoked it. She craved the pain and the fear and the rewards that came with it.

"Slut, or SLAVE rather, YOUR place is at MY SIDE, fulfilling MY DESIRES, not your own, and, from this point on, you would do well to remember not to think for yourself or about yourself, but only WHAT PLEASES ME! ARE WE CLEAR ON THAT? Do I need to be firmer with you, or can you understand this SIMPLE instruction I have just given you?"

Carly nodded her head in agreement.


"Yes, my merciful Master, I understand, thank you."

"That is much better, but let me warn you, I am in NO mood for any more disobedience tonight!"

He grabbed some leather tethers out of a dresser drawer and tied her hands to the top of the two posts at the foot of the bed. He tied her ankles to the bottom of the posts.

"Now then, you have been a very very VERY bad little slut."

He ran his hand down her back, pausing when he reached her buttocks, lingering over the nicely rounded orbs. He got behind her and kissed her shoulders, and she leaned into his touch. His hands moved up and down her hips and she tried to grind her ass up against him. She was breathing very heavy, and he ran his hands in front of her hips and used his right hand to slide between her thighs. His left hand teased her nipples, pinching her hard. He rubbed her clit and reached farther down to play with her now dripping wet pussy. She moaned and tried to push against his hand.

"MMMM you are pretty wet for me slut, I am pleased." He breathed into her ear.

"Master, always for you," Carly moaned.

He moved away from her, and she whimpered in protest. She was writhing as much as she could, considering the restraints. He got undressed now and decided to assault her a little more before heading back to the shower where his new little slut remained. He was now standing behind Carly, and the hair on his chest rubbed against her back. She moaned, and he took his cock and slipped it between her thighs, sliding it back and forth to feel the wetness and to torture her some more.

"Now, Slave, it brings me great pleasure to inform you that you will remain tethered here until I return from my shower with my new little pet. But before I go, you must be more thoroughly punished."

Carly tensed with excitement and fear. She knew her master was sometimes relentless with his punishments. And as much as she feared it, she craved it as well.

He pinched her nipples, twisting and pulling, and was rubbing her dripping wet cunt with his very hard cock. He stuck the head of it at the entrance of her pussy and pushed the head in. Carly was groaning and writhing around restlessly. He then stopped and she almost cried out. He kneeled down behind her and starts to lick her hot cunt, running his tongue all around her clit and that hot little hole. Then he rammed his tongue in her cunt and she was trembling, so bad was her lust for him at that moment. He then slid a finger up to play with her asshole, and she all but burst that second. He then stopped assaulting her pussy and slid his tongue up the crack of her ass, licking her, tasting her, wanting to fuck her but she must be punished for her insolence. Suddenly he stopped.

"Ohhhhh Master, please!" She begged him to continue.

"Are you begging, slut?" he asked.

"Master, I so desire your cock. If it would please you, will you fuck me now?" She pleaded, knowing somewhere deep down it was to no avail, for this was part of her punishment.

"Slut, you need to know that you will cum ONLY for me, at MY command, and only when I say so. This should teach you that lesson and more."

He grabbed the riding crop from the equipment she had lain out for him. He slid it down her back, barely touching her with it. He reached her ass and SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!!!!!!! Carly was almost in tears already and he had barely begun. He continued this assault on her ass and back. Now she had tears streaming down her face and a very bright blush to her cheeks. He stopped and kissed her tenderly on her shoulder.

"Hush, little one. I will be back soon, and we shall continue this later."

Meanwhile, Cara was still toying with the idea of bolting when the door was flung open. The master entered the room, already nude, and Cara jumped.

"I see you are still here, little one. I am pleased to see it. Now come with me, love, and do my bidding."

He stepped into the shower, and Cara followed. He looked at her sternly and handed her the soap. She was a little nervous. This was not a regular lover whom she was comfortable with, but a new man and she was not quite sure what to expect yet. She was looking at the soap as if she didn't know what to do with it.

"You can start by washing my cock with your mouth, slut, and I mean good. You so liked licking my little insatiable Carly's cunt, now you can taste her on my cock. Get to it!"

Cara immediately dropped to her knees and took his large, still erect cock in her hands. She studied it momentarily, enjoying the texture and rigidity. She meekly stuck out her tongue to lick the head of his cock when he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head backwards, almost sending her scrambling because of the slippery wet floor of the tub.

"Quit toying with me girl! I gave you a command, and I EXPECT you to obey me. Understood?"

"Yes, Master," Cara said, blinded momentarily by her tears.

She then took his engorged cock in her mouth and started sucking it with great fervor, dropping the soap on to the floor. At first she had her eyes closed, but then decided to look at his face while she attempted to milk his cock with her hot, wet mouth. His eyes were on her, staring intently at her. When she looked into his eyes, what she saw scared her. He looked at her so coldly. It was as if he was staring right through her. Such was the menace he portrayed. She almost stopped so startled was she by the cold blue stare he gave her, but then something strange happened. She was suddenly overcome with lust and desire for this man. She no longer cared if he hurt her or not. All that mattered was him fucking her, fucking her in every way, filling every hole, and then some.

At this surprising revelation she began sucking his cock with such intention that she could tell he was getting into it and this got her very very excited.

"Perhaps if I please him," she thought, "He will in turn reward my good behavior. Now I get the game!"

She continued slurping his hot cock intensely, when he threw his head back and growled with pleasure. He filled her hungry little mouth with cum, and she lapped up every bit of it. She looked at him and smiled.

"Very good little one, you are such a good little cocksucker. Now I believe you are to be washing my body, so stand up and get busy."

He turned his back to her, and she immediately retrieved the soap from the tub floor and began lathering up his back, placing light kisses as she went. He murmured with pleasure at this, and Cara's excitement grew as she now had a little idea of how to please her new Master. She worked the lather into his flesh. Then she worked her way down to his muscular ass. She almost groaned with desire as she felt how taut his ass cheeks were. She then slid her hands lower, massaging the lather into his chiseled legs and thighs. She was getting very wet, despite the fact that they were in the shower.

When she finished, he turned around and she, still kneeling, bent forward and placed a kiss on the head of his cock. He smiled appreciatively as she did so.

"My god, his smile is as intense as his anger," she thought to herself.

She then began working the lather of the soap into the front of his legs. Feeling his legs like this was driving her mad! She got to his cock, which was semi erect already, even though it had emptied its hot load in her mouth just moments before. She began lathering it, stroking it, soaping it, to get it nice and clean for whatever was to come later. She finished this task quickly for she did not want him to get impatient with her fascination with his cock. She stood up now and lathered his arms, chest, and neck. She reached up to lather the back of his neck when her nipples brushed against his hard hairy chest, and she groaned aloud. At this he smiled seductively.

"Soon, little one, but since you have washed me so well, I will now wash you."

She shivered at the thought. He took her head in his hands and kissed her, very deeply, very intently. She melted against him, entwining her tongue around his. He started moving his thigh in between hers, and she gasped. She was hot and ready now. He released her and commenced washing. He started with her neck, lathering the soap around her neck as if he meant to choke her but with little pressure. She was heaving with lust. He smiled and then lathered her shoulders and arms. He leant down to take a nipple into his mouth, and she jumped. His touch was electric now, and she couldn't hide the effect nor did she want to any longer. She moaned and nearly begged him for more but thought better of it. He stopped and she whimpered, but he paid her no mind. He lathered up her breasts, taking great time with her nipples, pinching and pulling on them, until her clit was throbbing. He ran his lathered hands down her sides, to her ass, and pulled her against his already stiff cock.

"Is this what you want my sweet little whore?" He whispered.

"Oh Master, yes, yes! Master, I want your cock," she breathed.

He bit her shoulder then and she groaned with desire. She was trembling, so electrified was his body against hers. He kneeled down and kissed her belly, tracing a path down to her navel with his tongue. He stuck his fingers in between her legs, not quite giving enough pressure to her but lightly teasing her pussy lips. She was shaven with a patch of hair on her pubic mound. He flicked his tongue between her legs, sending a shock to her clit, and she was consumed by her lust now. She was trying to grind against his face, but he stopped her. He lathered up her pussy and continued to wash her. She was in tears now. He had teased her to that point. He finished her legs and calves, and stood up. He then took her wrist and spun her around so he could wash her backside. She was angry now, and was quite tense. He lathered up her shoulders and back, and massaged the soap into her ass cheeks. He then pushed her torso forward, forcing her to throw her hands against the wall to brace herself. He held her there while he shoved his cock into her, making her scream. He started fucking her hard, and she was moaning and screaming. He then stopped. She started sobbing now, as she couldn't take much more.

"Don't cry, love." He wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. "This will all be worth it in the end. Now let's go upstairs and see how my other naughty little slut is."

They exited the shower and she toweled his hard body dry, still upset that he was not fucking her right this second. Her face had a crimson glow, and she could not hide her displeasure. He touched her cheek and smiled that evil, wicked smile that set her ablaze. They then proceeded to the bedroom where Carly awaited, still tethered to the four poster bed. When she saw them, she moaned softly. Master walked over to the bed, and lay on the black and grey comforter which elegantly draped the mattress. He looked at Carly and began to stroke his cock. Cara looked at him as if awaiting instruction. She was standing close to the bed, and he reached out, grabbed her hair, and shoved her face towards his groin area. She understood and immediately began to suck his hard cock. Carly was watching the two of them with jealousy, she so wanted to cum. He used Cara's hair as a handle and bobbed her head up and down on his thick shaft. He then yanked her head, pulling her up and away from his cock.

"Ok my little love toys, now comes the fun. Cara, I want you to get behind Carly and seduce her. But don't make her cum or you will be severely punished."

"Yes, Master," she replied in a husky whisper.

She went over behind Carly and started kissing her, looking hungrily into the Master's eyes. She locked his gaze defiantly, as she proceeded to lick Carly's shoulders and kissing and biting her neck. She reached around Carly with her hands and cupped her large, supple breasts. Then she pinched Carly's nipples roughly, eliciting a low guttural moan from her.

She then ran her right hand down Carly's flat belly to her navel, and then to her inner thighs, to tease her mercilessly. Carly's hot juices were glistening as they flowed down her spread thighs. Cara rubbed her juices into her thighs as if it were body oil. Carly was moaning and thrashing about. Master was stroking his cock a little more enthusiastically.

Cara then stopped. She moved to Carly's left, and raised her arm, and with one swift movement - SMACK!!!! Carly jumped, totally shocked by the assault she has just received. Master looked at Cara appreciatively, and appeared to be about to cum.

Cara then kneeled and licked Carly's thigh seductively, making her shiver. She then licked Carly's outer lips, teasing them, Carly was writhing recklessly about. She then rammed her tongue into Carly's hot pussy, tongue fucking her hot little hole, and Carly started to shiver. She then stopped.

"Master? I fear if I continue, she will cum."

"Yes I believe you are right my hot little angry slut. But you have done well, and for this, you shall be rewarded."

He got up off the bed and untied Carly.

"Lay down," he growled at her.

She complied, and he grabbed Cara and got behind her. She bent over the bed to lick Carly's hot hungry pussy. Master got behind Cara and rubbed the head of his cock on her hot sloppy wet cunt. She moaned into Carly, and started sucking her clit with great fervor.

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