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My First Public Experience

by publicmasturbater©

This is a true story......

It was a day like any other day. I woke up had my coffee and as usual was extremely horny. I flipped through some of my girlie mags but they were quite old so I figured it was time to update my collection. I went to the mall and wandered for a while checking out the ladies as they shopped. Eventually I found my way to the tobacco store where I usually bought my magazines, found my usual fare paid and went out to my car. Once there i decided to do a little previewing before heading home.

I was keeping an eye out for anyone that might be coming to get in the cars parked beside me but as I flipped through the pages I took out my cock and was slowly stroking when a car pulled in two spaces to my left. I vaguely took note of it figuring that they would not notice what I was doing, boy was I wrong. I kept stroking as I looked at the girls in the magazine when all of a sudden a shadow stretched across my lap from my window and a voice asked "what ya doin there?"

I freaked for a moment threw the magazine in the passenger seat trying to get my cock covered but she just smiled and said, "Don't stop, I want to watch!"

She reached in and started rubbing my balls telling me to stroke my cock for her, that she wanted to see me cum. Well my cock had never been harder than it was at that moment so I wasted no time in stroking for her. I couldn't believe what was happening, there I was with this total stranger leaning in my car window assisting me as I jacked off. She kept rubbing as she told me how she looked over when she pulled in and saw me looking down as my arm moved in a way that could only mean I was masturbating.

I told her I was about to cum figuring she would want to remove her hand so as not to get messy but she just wrapped her hand around mine and pumped my cock with me as jets of cum shot high in the air before landing on our hands. She kept stroking me until my cock started to soften then said "thank you" as she walked away shaking my cum off her hand. I got myself together before heading home, on the way I reflected on the whole scenario and decided that this was my new past-time.

Over the next several days I had masturbated to the memory of my first public experience so many times I thought my balls would shrivel up but the more I thought about it the hornier it made me. I knew I just had to experience the thrill again so I decided to try it out at the beach this time. I got together the usual towels, oil, water etc. but I also included a lube I had just discovered at the time called ASTROGLIDE.

I have always loved jacking off but this stuff made my cock so slick that it felt like I had the most experienced mouth or pussy right in the palm of my hand. I zipped up my bag and headed to my favorite spot, a secluded area that never had all that many people laying out but always had plenty of people walking or running by. Usually I would just watch the women as they walked by checking out they're sunkissed bodies but today would be different, today I would be discreetly stroking my lube-slick cock as I watched.

When I arrived at the beach I noticed that there were only a few cars parked near the boardwalk. This was perfect for although I did want to be watched I wanted a more "selective" audience rather than just stroking for anyone who happened by. As I crossed the boardwalk to the beach I noticed only one couple laying out about 20 yards straight out from the boardwalk so I decided to walk down the beach a bit and let my audience come to me.

I found my spot about a ten minute walk down from where the couple was, a nice flat area that gave me a perfect view of anyone coming my way from either direction. At first I didn't see anyone coming but then after a couple of hours I saw some people coming, a group of about 4-5 females. I made sure to wear loose baggy shorts so all I would have to do is pull my cock out the leg opening also making it easier to put it away should I get a negative reaction. I took out the lube from my bag squirted a little in my hand and spread it over my rapidly hardening cock, to my delight I found that the sun had warmed the lube making it feel as though my hand was the hottest pussy you could ever imagine.

My cock throbbed in time with my rapid heartbeat as I watched them getting closer and closer. I could now see that there were five of them and they all wore bikinis except one that had a long t-shirt so I couldn't see what was underneath. They were approaching from my right so I sat up with my right leg propped up and my left laying flat. I had my left arm resting on my left leg as my hand slowly stroked my throbbing cock while leaning back on my right hand.

I kept stroking slowly as they waked by, they were about a hundred feet away straight out in front of me when my cock started to jerk in my hand. I was so excited but scared at the same time that I thought my heart was going to jump right out of my chest but the only thing jumping out was the huge load of cum I shot about three feet in the air as they looked my way with their mouths hanging open obviously shocked at what I was doing. They had stopped dead in their tracks while they watched me cumming eventually they started to giggle and laugh to each other whispering things in each others ears as they pointed my way.

I looked down at my still hard cock as I rubbed the last few squirts of cum on my cock mixing it in with the lube making for an incredibly slick feeling. The girls kept looking my way so I decided to be a little bolder and got up on my knees, spread them wide and continued to stroke my still hard cock.

Two of the girls walked down the beach a ways shaking their heads in shock but the other tree kept watching. I slowly slid my hand up and down relishing the feeling of being watched under the warm sun. One of the girls started whooping and hollering as she laughed with her friends well this only made me hotter so I reached down and squeezed my balls as I pumped my cock harder and faster.

This apparently pleased the girls cause they started cheering me on as the giggled and laughed as they enjoyed my show. I felt a second load boiling its way up my shaft and soon I was shooting another load high in the air but this time I aimed up towards my chest as the first shot hit my chest each squirt landing a little lower than the last until my cum just dribbled down my shaft. The girls clapped a little whooping and cheering some more before heading down to join their friends as I waved to them licking my cum from my fingers. This was definitely my new past-time.

* * * * *

I look forward to hearing any an all responses to this and future stories, especially from females that have witnessed a guy doing this in public themselves.

Written by: publicmasturbater

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