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My Mom the Whore

by hose_21©

I grew up admiring and being aroused by my mom. She was always a very gorgeous and extremely sexy woman. The fact that she's Asian only adds to her erotic appeal. You can say that I was a very lucky kid. My mom worked full-time as a nurse, so our only opportunity to talk was in the mornings before she went to work and I went to school. So, we would talk while she got dressed, which I lived for.

As a nurse, pantyhose was a required part of the hospital's dress code, so she wore them daily (I found out later that she wore them ALL the time). But she took the dress code a little further. Not only did she wear pantyhose, but also NEVER wore panties under them, and always wore very high heels and either short tight dresses or skirts and NEVER wore a bra. I would get so hard watching her each morning slide her silky sheer pantyhose over her sexy legs, tight ass, and moist pussy. My friends would always tell me how hot my mom was and how their dads all wanted to fuck her, which is where my story begins…

There was one of my friends' dads, Don, who visibly and conspicuously showed a sexual interest in my mom. When they would run into each other after school when picking us up, he always got a hard on talking to her. I would see his eyes run up and down my mom's sexy body, starting with her pantyhosed legs, up her silky thighs, then to her full plump 34D breasts. In fact, he would always try and park in a way so that he could see her stepping out of her car with her skirt hiked up high, fully exposing her legs as she spread them getting out.

Once in a while he was lucky enough to get a glimpse of her dark-haired pussy pressed up against the crotch of her pantyhose. What really got me aroused is that she seemed to enjoy it. She wore her tightest and shortest skirts on the days she picked me up, skirts that barely covered her ass, and was very careless getting out of her car, spreading her legs wide, knowing he was watching.

As you can see from the description of my mom, it wasn't hard for me to develop a pantyhose fetish. I would go straight to her room when we got home from school so that I could go in her laundry hamper and smell her used pantyhose from the week, sniffing the feet and crotches, taking in her strong, pungent foot odor and pussy aroma. It was during one of these pantyhose revelries that I found something very curious. The pantyhose I was playing with had a hole ripped in the crotch and some dried sticky substance around it. I quickly realized it was dried cum, and my heart and cock started throbbing uncontrollably. My mom was fucking another man, and I had a good hunch as to who it was!

Then came the day when my suspicions were confirmed. A few days later I was watching my mom get dressed as usual when I noticed that I could see her cunt clearly. She was wearing those pantyhose I had found with the hole in the crotch. I asked her why she was wearing ripped pantyhose, and she told me that it's easier to pee, since she doesn't have to pull her pantyhose down. It made sense, but sounded very suspicious. When she struggled to slip into the shortest tightest skirt I had ever seen her wear, I knew something was up. It was so short that you could see the bottom of her ass cheeks every time she took a step. I found out later what the occasion was.

That afternoon my mom had to pick up both me and my friend from school, so we drove to his house to drop him off. Don was working in the garage in a pair of tight shorts with his shirt off and sweat glistening off his hairy chest. That day was extremely hot, so hot that you would sweat simply being outside. My mom had her blouse unbuttoned so low you could see the tops of her breasts and there were wet spots forming around her breasts, making her plump nipples clearly visible. Sweat was forming on her legs as well glistening off her silky pantyhose.

My friend got out as Don came walking up to our car. I looked over at my mom and noticed that her short skirt had ridden up and that part of her sweaty pussy was visible. She didn't budge as Don came up to the car. Immediately I saw his cock harden as he took the slutty image of my mom all in. His eyes were glued to my mom's juicy pussy and hers to his bulging cock. All of a sudden there was a clicking sound coming from below the steering wheel. Don told my mom to open the door so that he could check it out. Instead of getting out of the car so he could lean in and look under the steering wheel, she simply took one leg out, spreading her legs and making her cunt completely accessible to him. He leaned in to take a look at the car, but instead of looking at the problem area his eyes locked in on her pussy dripping with sweat.

The next scene still gets me hard today. Don began to caress her glistening legs instantly jolting my mom with arousal. He slipped off her shoe and began licking and sucking her sweaty pantyhosed toes and feet. My mom's nipples shot out like darts as he slowly worked his tongue and mouth up her legs and her thighs. Suddenly my mom realized I was still in the backseat and yelled at me to go in the house and play with my friend. I complied, but instead of going in the house, I hid behind a bush so that I could witness this moment.

Don quickly resumed licking and kissing the inside of her thighs as her breathing quickly picked up the closer he got to her sweet spot. She was moaning in ecstasy and expectation, when he stopped and swiftly moved to her sweaty tits. He fondled them recklessly as he sucked on her erect nipples. He was abusing them as my mom moaned with pleasure. He then finally attacked her pussy, furiously licking and eating her exposed cunt. He plunged his tongue deep and hard into her pussy as she cried, "Oh my God Don, stick it in deeper and harder. She had her legs propped up on the dash now as he mauled her pussy with his wild tongue. She came instantly, her pussy juices flowing freely as Don licked up each drop.

Then he led her out of the car and into the garage. He sat down in a lawn chair as she got on her knees on the filthy garage floor frantically unzipping his shorts. She gasped with pleasure when his huge black throbbing cock jumped out. She grabbed it immediately and began taking it in her mouth inch by inch. I watched in amazement as I saw my petite mom deep throat his entire cock, causing her to gag a few times. She started licked and sucking on his cock, bobbing her head up and down like a jack hammer. She was relentless as she continued to blow him. Then his body tensed up as his cock was ready to shoot. This caused my mom to press her lips even firmer around his cock as he shot load after load into her mouth. I watched her throat as she gulped thirstily for each drop.

They then got up, my mom looking like a trashed whore, her pantyhose stained with black smudges on her knees from the floor, her hair messed up and cum remnants on her lips and sides of her mouth. Don then led her to a work table and bent her over. He slid his enormous cock into her pussy from behind and started fucking her frantically. She was screaming from the pain and the pleasure. Don said, "I wanted to fuck the shit out of you the second I saw you. You teased me all the time with your legs and tits. I knew you were a whore and was begging for some black cock. How do you like it bitch?" My mom yelled out, "Don't stop, I love the way you fuck me like a slut. I want to be your Asian whore!" They fucked like dogs until they both came, Don shooting his load into my mom's pussy.

Instead of stopping there, Don held her down bent over on the table. My mom struggled to get up, but he held her down overpowering her. She yelled, "Hey, what are you doing, let me up. It was great, but we're done now. I have to get home, my husband's probably waiting for me. Save some for next time." Don replied, "I don't think so bitch! You are going to pay for teasing and playing with me. I'm going to fuck your ass so hard you won't be able to walk." My moms screamed, "No, don't! It will hurt too much and you'll tear me up. You're cock is too big for my asshole. I don't like getting fucked in the ass."

"Too bad bitch, I'm going to fuck the shit out of your ass, and you're going to like it," he said.

As Don forced his huge cock inch by inch into my mom's tiny ass hole, I watched mesmerized, as he raped her, the tears of pain flowing down her dirty whore face. Surprisingly, after a few minutes, the screams turned into moans and then she stopped resisting. In fact, she was beginning to grind his cock and move rhythmically with his thrusts. "See bitch, I knew you were a whore. You like it don't you?"

"Oh yeah, don't stop. I love your big cock in my ass," she said.

Their pace picked up in speed and intensity and Don unloaded his cum for a third time into my mom's ass hole. When they finished, they kissed passionately for a minute, and then she tried to clean herself up to no avail. Her blouse was drenched with sweat, her nipples and tits showing clear through. Her make-up was smeared all over her face. Her pantyhose had cum stains all over her legs and ass and smeared black stains on her knees. Most obvious was that she couldn't walk straight as Don had completely killed her. My mom called for me to get going, and I obediently ran from behind the bush, completely aroused and satisfied at what I had just seen.

Realizing that I had seen the beginning of the fuck fest, my mom smoothly explained to me that Don was cooling her off by licking her legs and sucking her toes. SURE...

Written by: hose_21

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