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Fucking My Step Mom-To-Be

by young victor©

My name is Victor I am 18 year old, and the story I am writing is the real life experience and little bit fiction to make my story more erotic. I live with my father (40) he is the best father in the world for me as he is my friend more than my father (Mike). and about my mother(Anita) she divorced my father. Now my father is in love with one 35 year old lady(named Beth). she is real hot number. This is my dad's word. He even told me her figure 38-26-36. and also that he will be marrying her next month. I always get a hard on when ever she is around me. Because she always wears deep neck tops and short skirts. I love to be with her. And my dad always keeps putting his hands in side her dress in front of me.

He always tease me look son have you ever seen sexy lady like Beth. Beth always use to gives that sexy smiles. She stares me and many time I have noticed that her eyes falls to my crotch to find whether I am aroused or not. I don't know why dad does that but I really like his frankness. Once dad had gone to New York for a day and he has asked Beth to help me with my house work and asked me take food at her place. Next morning around 10 am I just woke up having a hard on, I was dreaming about Beth, in my dream I saw Beth standing in front of my bed and then she said wow Victor you looks so sexy, I have never seen you without your t-shirt your really have muscular and strong body as your dad says. ohh look at your prick it looks it will tear that shorts of yours.

"Victor you are making my pussy wet you sexy boy, " said Beth. Then she comes close to me and started kissing me full on my lips. I started feeling her body and I said "Beth I was waiting for this day for so long. you look so sexy Beth you always give a hard on to me. I wanted to fuck your pussy and suck your tits from the first day I saw you. And I always wanted to fuck you in this sexy summer dress of yours."

I know Victor, every time I come in front of you I have feel you undressing me, and that always turn's me on. come on now don't waste your time I need that cock of yours I am very horny for your cock Victor fuck me now. Then we started to undress each other, in few seconds we were in sixty-nine position. I was licking her pussy and she is licking and sucking my 9" cock. Her pussy lips were puffy and wet. Her pussy juice was very tasty, I started lick here pussy and putting my tongue in and out of her pussy Mmmm you taste lovely Beth. She said Mmmm Victor that's what your dad also like. your cock is harder boy Mmmm aahh your cock is bigger then your dad. Mmmm I need that cock of yours in my pussy Victor. Its so hard I had never in my life had a cock of your size boy. then I got in the position where my cock is just to enter in her hot and wet pussy. First I only put my cock head in her pussy. She started to moan and shout fuck me Victor, fuck me hard as your Dad do to me. Fuck me harder my to be son aahh fuck me hard. Yes fuck it feel sooo hard inside my pussy my to be son. I love it ahh yeahhh fuck fuck I am cumming fuck me hard...

Then suddenly I heard a door bell ringing and I woke up with a hard on wow what a hot dream it was. Fucking Beth Mmmm she is really sexy then I went to open a door forgetting that my cocks hardness can be seen. As I opened the door...

Written by: young victor

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