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Fuckin' Thanksgiving

by The_Darkness©

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The snow had come early, a sure sign of a bad winter. Living in the mid-western United States, you quickly learn that snow storms can kick up out of nowhere, last for hours, and take days to recover from: all the perks of living in the mountains with none of the scenery.

The old battlewagon was moving slowly for some reason this weekend; there was a smell coming from the engine that wasn't quite exhaust, burning oil, or anti-freeze. Whatever it was, it was bad. The old beat up Chevy wagon had been through hell and back, and it was due to die soon. I kept trying to coax it through just one more winter and I'd let it die this spring. I had to get it there first, and winter had just begun its 4-month reign of ice and snow. First, I just wanted to get home from the horror that had been Thanksgiving with my in-laws.

8 hours of bickering, bad food, and not nearly enough alcohol in the eggnog had more than dulled my appreciation for the holiday. To top it all off I had a fight with my wife because of things brought up by her sisters that happened before Tanya and I had even met. I was so pissed off I said I was going to just go home. She told me off and said she was staying with her folks until we both had calmed down. I got in the car and started barreling down the highway for the 4-hour trip back to the empty house. Yet another holiday down the drain. Fuckin' Thanksgiving.

The wind had kicked up out of nowhere. The snow started falling soon after. Then came the sleet. It got so bad so fast that the windshield wipers on the car froze in mid-position. The already-setting sun was disappearing rapidly and the weather consumed the fading light with a voracious appetite. I braved the conditions for 20 minutes without a problem, came around a curve in the road and hit a deer. The car lurched to the side and up-ended into the ditch. I remember hitting the brakes in panic as the car was already sliding, and I remember my airbag rushing toward my face when the sound of crunching steel screamed to my ears. Then there was nothing.

I came to sometime later. The car was without power and I didn't have my watch on. There was a thundering in my ears and I thought I heard a tapping on the window. I looked over and saw a figure outside. A flashlight shined in the window, waved by an unseen hand.

"Well, there's at least 2 of them," I thought slowly and the darkness and pain overtook me again.

The second time I came back to reality, I was someplace warm and stretched out. I opened my eyes slowly and realized that I heard three voices. The word music doesn't even begin to do justice to the voices I was hearing. The soft feminine crooning of a lullaby permeated the car and everything in it. I felt the music penetrate me to my very soul. Its beauty eased my pain. I looked up and realized that my head was in the lap that belonged to one of the voices. The face singing looked down on me. The vision could only be described as angelic.

Long red curls framed a pale face. The most penetrating blue eyes shined as sapphires on an alabaster sea. The fullness of her lips made me realize that my pants were uncomfortably tight. The very tip of her pink tongue flashing behind the white pearls of her teeth made me shiver slightly; the movement was an eruption of pain that was quickly abated by the sultry tones of the three voices.

Her mouth turned up into a smile as she sang and I barely made out the words "Go to sleep my little one," before I passed out again, only too happy to stay where I was. Besides, it only made sense to do as the lady said.

Consciousness found me again, this time I was in an old farmhouse. My coat had been taken off and so had my shoes. I was lying on a fur rug in front of a fireplace; the smell of the hickory logs burning slowly was a welcome scent. The smell of cooking food drifting in from an adjacent kitchen met my nose happily; I couldn't place the meal, but it smelled like meat and potatoes. I turned my head lazily and looked at the place.

White wallpaper, oak trim, cast iron stove in one corner, a brick fireplace in one wall, and two windows in every wall except the wall to my left decorated this room. Large over-stuffed furniture was place cozily around the room with more oak furniture intermingled. The whole place emanated antiquity, though nothing was dirty and the air was not musty like most old farm places. I heard a door open and those three voices drifted in like a dream. I heard clanking in the kitchen and I sat up on the rug. I was about to try to stand when the redhead came back in and shook her head, still smiling at me and seductively pointed back down to the rug I was now sitting on. I lay back down and took in the site before me. She slowly pulled the zipper of her parka down, exposing a tight cable-knit sweater underneath. She took the coat off and gently flung it into the chair next to her.

Her boots were next to go. They were lace up boots, like combat boots, but they were lined with fur. She took them off slowly and I saw her bare feet emerge from their leathery confinement, her deep crimson toe-nails flashing in the light of the fire as she crunched her toes up into little fists a few times. Her snow pants came off next, slowly peeling from her body, revealing miles of denim encased legs under the insulated coveralls. The fabric pooled around those soft toes and she stepped forward.

The sultry tones of their singing rose in a harmonizing note and their voices turned to gospel music. Never in all my life had old gospel music sounded so sensuous and reacted with my body in such a manner. The simple sound of those sexy voices was enthralling me more than any site my eyes have ever beheld. The red head shook her hair out and pulled the loose locks back over her shoulders, exposing her slender neck. The vixen swayed out of the room slowly and returned with a plate of food a few seconds later. Following her were the owners of those other two equally sensuous voices. My eyes rolled off the redheaded vision before me and I soaked in the visage of the other two.

The first one in the room was already stripped of her winter gear. She was of Native American decent, that much was sure from her nearly oriental eyes and beautifully tanned skin. Her long silky hair hung around her body like a nymph's shawl, its brunette beauty almost glowing in the ambient firelight. Random tight braids protruded and danced among the rest of her silken strands, those too were playing in the firelight, with one strand of the braid lightened to almost blonde and the other strand having been darkened to the deepest ebony. Her face was narrow and had an almost royal quality to it, those deep black orbs drawing my eyes from her cheekbones. Her lips were unpainted, but were the most beautiful shade of natural pink I had ever seen; it was almost like seeing the color for the first time.

Tearing my gaze away from her alluring face, I took in the rest of her. Her neck flowed from her jaw line to her shoulders, where I could see it penetrating that silken mane. She was wearing only a tight-knit fishnet top, with her hair hiding her breasts, yet accentuating them at the same time. The top was obviously only for the upper body; as I followed down her lean frame, her hips swelled out and there was a deliciously vulnerable slit of exposed flesh between the bottom hem of the fishnet and the top of her hip hugging jeans. The denim of those pants were the luckiest thing I could find in the room, sucking tight along her hips and thighs, but flowing loosely around her calves to her bare feet and pink painted toenails.

I felt my cock twitch in my own rapidly tightening jeans. I swallowed hard and wrenched my eyes from the Indian girl to their third companion. Her beauty made that act worth all the while.

This one was blonde. Her short hair looked like it was messed up from a stocking cap she should have been wearing earlier. Her small ears stuck out just far enough to suck on, but not too far from her pixie-like face. Her skin was pale as the driving snow outside of their home, and aside from a few freckles splashed across her cheeks under her sparkling emerald eyes. Her neck was slender and graceful and was swallowed up by a baggy, but incredibly worn red t-shirt; it was only tight across her modest breast, and between the wear and the tightness, it was more than evident that she was bra-less.

A plate seemed to float in her hands, and I could see some turkey and what looked like dressing on it. The plate itself was the same fine alabaster as the Blonde's skin; flawless and perfect. It was situated nicely in my line of site, just below those small tits and just above the bottom hem of her shirt.

She was wearing jeans like the other two, but the Blonde's were baggy from hip to ankle, so baggy in fact, that I would have had to say that any wrong move and they'd have ended up at her feet. As she moved closer I could see plain as day that she wasn't wearing any panties either; the barest hint of a well trimmed blonde bush stuck out over the top of those miraculous jeans, and it was being slowly more revealed as the jeans shifted on her swaying hips.

Still, that haunting melody hung in the air, softly being sung by these three beauties. My eyes drifted lustily from one to the other, mixing with the smell of the burning hickory and the smells of the kitchen, blending with the ambient flickering firelight. Every move became a little heavier, though not forced; it was as if every sense in my body became something tangible. I half expected to be able to reach out and feel the light on my skin.

The redhead knelt down in front of me. I focused on her and felt my cock throb in my trousers. She didn't stop singing, but her eyes drank me in as hard as mine were consuming her and her friends.

"I'm sorry, it's, um, awfully rude of me. I mean I don't even know…" I stammered. The left hand of the redhead slowly covered my mouth, the tender flesh of her fingers was the lightest feather but delivered the most electric of shocks through my body at a deliriously slow speed. Her head shook and she stopped singing, but the other two continued.

"My name is Tanya," she said. Her speaking voice made my cock twitch. It was as sultry as her singing voice.

"Tanya? But that's my wife…" I said, my head swimming. My eyes looked over the other two; the blonde moved to my feet and the Indian girl between me and the fire. The redhead took the plate from the blonde and set it down between her spread knees.

"Your wife isn't here. But my sisters are. That's Becka, and that's Monica," Tanya said pointing to the Blonde and the Indian respectively.

"But those are my sister-in-laws…" I said dreamily. Nothing of this was making any sense, but these women were so compelling. Between their beauty, their voices, and the feel of the air around me, I had to be in Heaven.

"Eat, you're still not warmed up and you'll need your strength," the redhead said and rejoined her sisters in the soft lullaby-like tone. I turned, confused and hungry, to the plate and tasted some of the turkey. It was as if I had never had turkey before and it was the Holy Grail of food. The stuffing was even better, and the little bit of mashed potatoes on the plate topped them both. My mouth was a little dry from the food, and then it dawned on me.

"These two are your sisters? But…" I said cautiously as my eyes moved from the softly singing blonde who was now with her knees tucked up to her chest; the fact that her ass was bare on the fur of the rug wasn't lost on me. I looked over to Monica and she had pulled her hair behind her shoulders, only two stray braids fell down across her chest, each one swaying to the edge of her ample chest. Her chestnut brown nipples were dead even with my eyes, and even with the heat of the fire on her back, those thick nipples were straining against the fishnet top for everything they were worth.

I brought my head back around after taking in Monica's show and my eyes looked at the plate, which was not only empty of food but looked completely clean as well. Also, not escaping my enfeebled observation was the fact that Tanya's thighs were naked, the firelight flickering on her skin like a thousand shadowy dancers. I followed the toned thigh up to its junction and saw the most beautifully well-trimmed flame red bush I had ever seen. It was full and thick, but trimmed short and into a perfect circle with her pink slit bisecting it beautifully.

She stopped singing for only a moment as she swung her delectable pussy to my lips and said, "Eat, you'll need your strength."

At that moment, I didn't care how her pants disappeared so fast. I didn't care that she and her sisters looked nothing alike, and one wasn't even the same race. I didn't care about anything but my tongue softly separating her delicate petals of flesh and dipping into her inner folds to sample her nectar.

Tanya's pussy was the best I had ever tasted. Its taste was faint and muted like dust on a rose, but there was the barest hint of a sweet tanginess to it. She was wet, though not soaking; and that was something I tried to remedy. My fingertips drug up her calves to her thighs and back to her firm ass. My hands slowly mauled her meat as my tongue drifted lazily from softly circling her clit to teasing the rim of her pussy. With a single dip inside her, I felt the roughness around her g-spot and flicked it as fast as I could and then lazily spiraled my tongue's tip back out to circle her clit. I looked up and she was kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples softly with her head thrown back, that lullaby still crooning gently from her instead of the soft moans I was accustomed to from this position.

Her sisters were not idle, either. I could not tell which sister was doing what to me, all I know is I felt soft kisses and bites alternating between my nipples and lighting all my usual ticklish spots up like Rockefeller Center, but the tickle was electricity, making my cock bob and throb at the same time as the feeling coursed through me. My whole body felt like it was on fire, and I could feel my legs twitching from pleasure between the pussy I was slowly devouring and the hungry mouth tickling and teasing me.

That all stopped in a heart beat when I felt the tongue softly run up from the base of my balls to the very tip of my cock and a warm mouth envelop it. That tongue worked my crown like it was a lollypop. The same slow deliberate sucking, kissing, and occasional nibbling I was lavishing Tanya's pussy with was what the owner of that mouth was doing to me. I noticed in a split second of clarity that the only sister still capable of singing was Tanya—much to my charagin—and yet I still heard all three voices. Only now, the voices weren't driving me closer to sleep, but were instead driving me mad with lust.

I felt the mouth on my chest move down toward my crotch and then the mouth on my cock move down to my balls; at least, that's what I think happened. I had no idea how the hell my clothing vanished, let alone which sister was doing what with her mouth.

I sped up my tongue in Tanya's twat. I wanted her to get off and I pulled myself up into her, fucking her hard and fast with my swirling tongue while my hands massaged her ass and teased along the ridge of her pelvis. She started to softly buck in time with the beat of the song, and I felt her cunt contract around my tongue, trying to pull it deeper into her as her orgasm neared. I had a hell of a time concentrating on her with her sisters stroking and sucking my meat, but I was determined to get Tanya off.

My lips closed around her clit and sucked it into my mouth. My tongue batted for all that it was worth against the tip of her love button and she lost it. Her pussy pulsed against my chin and I was relentless in the assault of her clit as her orgasm washed over her in pounding waves. Her thighs quivered slightly as she tried to move away and I let her go, giving her ass and thighs a very gentle caress as she swung away.

The site before me was stunning. As I had guessed, Monica was softly working my dick in and out of her mouth, the ridge of my head pulsing with pleasure every time it escaped around her lips. Her tongue slowly licked every inch of my cock, taking her time with each slow stroke.

Becka was busy with my balls. She softly sucked at my sack and then slowly enveloped one ball, then the other, and then both with her angelic mouth. Her hands, like her sister's, were to her sides holding her up: the only thing touching any part of me was their mouths. I didn't even feel the fur of the rug and the heat of the fire were lost on me and I had only those two heavenly creatures feasting on me.

I never wanted to cum so bad in my life. My cock was twitching with every tongue stroke, practically begging what was left of my brain to let it shoot its load down the beautiful brown-skinned throat it was around. Rational thought was gone, all I had was the fuzzy electric pleasure of pure orgasmic bliss. I felt my back arch and my ass clench to try to push more of my quivering manhood to these two beauties and they willingly accepted.

Each of them gave a final, long suck and a teasing lick and, as if by cue, they both slid their bodies against mine, both of them kissing up my body, Monica on the left and Becka on the right. Both perfect mouths found my neck and teased up to my ears, Monica kissing and sucking, and Becka licking and tonguing. Tanya lifted my head and slid her thighs under it for support and both her sisters licked her pussy juice from my face.

Still, blending harmoniously with the cracking fire, was that sultry melody. I felt hot breath on my skin moving in time with the words, but it wasn't possible for them to be sucking my ears and licking their sister's pussy juice from my face and sing, was it.

The fingernails teasing along my cock pulled my attention back to matters at hand. Both of them had my hands pinned against my body, but Becka's hand moved to my cock and softly teased it with only her fingernails. Monika moved away and Becka swung her naked hips over me and sat up, rubbing the length of her soft wet slit against my steel shaft. The feeling of her hot juice coating my rod like butter was enough to make me want to cum.

She slowly lifted herself to a squat, giving me the first clear look at that golden bush. Where Tanya's was neat and short, Becka's was only neat. A thatch of golden curls the size of my hand surrounded the entirety of her pussy, and it was a third of the way to her belly button. Only the edges were kept shaved clean, giving her a nice, oblong nest of blonde fur between her legs. Her wet, pink core slashed through the center, opening further as Becka rubbed her hot slit against my throbbing cock. Her wetness was getting my meat wetter than the saliva of her and her sister only a moment before, and each drop added to my desire for these three beauties.

Monica reached between us and slowly stroked my meat against her sister's boiling sex. Every slow motion from her clit all the way along her lips, and a quick tease with just the tip of my head penetrating into her quivering cunt was heaven and hell at the same time. Never in all my life did I want to feel a pussy devour my cock as I did now. Monica's hand sped up, using me to jack her sister off, and soon the wet slapping of my cock against her drooling pussy added to the chorus of their voices.

I tried to slide up into Becka on every stroke from Monica's hand, though I just couldn't do it; she kept holding me down. It felt like my balls were going to explode, and there was nothing more than I wanted to do than hose down that delectable pussy with my cum, but Monica clearly had other plans. She moved forward and I felt my swollen, soaking cock contact her tight rosebud. The head sank in slowly as Becka squatted the rest of the way down, taking my inside her hot, tight ass a centimeter at a time. Monica's hand went to rubbing her sister's clit and her cunt dribbled more juice through her pink folds and around my rapidly vanishing meat.

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