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Trophy Wife

by afrodisiacmwf©

Finally, Maurice confided the real reason for opening up to Heather. Evidently, the key to happiness was being intimate with someone who really turned him on and was totally uninhibited with him. Maurice now realized caving into reverse racial prejudice all his life, not admitting and yielding to his long suppressed libidinal desire to be with such a wonderful sexy white woman as her had kept him emotionally, romantically and sexually unfulfilled.

Looking Heather directly in the eye, Maurice emphatically exclaimed, "I don't want Anthony to waste his life missing out on this ecstasy and passion!" And his next comment astounded Heather. He asked in a quiet, yet pleading voice, "When my son comes to visit our new home, would you consider seducing Anthony and accepting him as another black lover?"

Affectionately throwing her arms around his neck, Heather replied, "No man has ever made me feel so fulfilled and complete. I now realize I am a sexually motivated woman and how much I love interracial sex with you. I get off just sucking the luscious cum out of your black cock and really love you fucking me with your big, thick black cock. I certainly get a lot of gratification with you and want to give the same sexual pleasure back to you. My phenomenal lover, I would, no make that I will, do anything you want me to do. If agreeing to be both you and your son's lover makes me a black cock slut, then not only do I love you for asking me to do it, but also am delighted to be able to totally enjoy my sexuality, live with it, and for it, devoted to you as your black cock slut."

Thrilled by her cooperative response, Maurice offered to have Althea meet him in the city for after work drinks two afternoons next week in order to provide her time alone with Anthony. He then planned to encourage Anthony on those mornings to see if their neighbor needed any help. If Anthony went for all of this, then they would simply let human nature take its inevitable course.

With Heather's mind whirling over unexpectedly being enabled to freely introduce Maurice's son into the pleasure of bedding a willing white woman convinced her to conclude, "If he is hung anything like his father, then why not?" Their phenomenal weekend concluded with an ebony and ivory sixty-nine, evolving into another mutually gratifying multiple position sexual marathon. Neither of them could resist showering together turning into a farewell fuck before Maurice slipped next door to dress as neither one of them could take off work that Monday.

As they had conspired, Maurice and Althea Morris met for drinks the next evening. Extending her hand to Maurice's son, Heather led Tony into the master bedroom knowing her husband would not return before Tuesday and hopefully not until Wednesday. Turning into the neighboring son's arms she plastered her lips to his and swapped tongues with the handsome younger black man. Breaking apart the two excited partners feverishly stripped their clothing while appreciatively eyeing each other's hot bodies.

Stripped of her business suit, Heather led Tony to the bed and pushed him down into a sitting position as she knelt between and spread his muscular ebony thighs. Adoringly her hand reached for his rampant midnight hued magnificence, certain her mouth could fit around the girth similar to his father's black cock she had successfully deep throated over the weekend. Worshipping Tony's big, thick black beauty, Heather found herself engrossed in oral foreplay as she willingly deep throated her newest black extramarital partner.

Licking the sides of his midnight magic while catching her breath she wantonly looked up at her handsome young black stud. Sucking his ebony erection back into her throat, she felt his girth thicken markedly just before pulling his black cock out of her throat to welcome Tony's luscious load into her mouth. She ravenously swallowed every bit of his copious load and then sucked his ebony meat back into her throat overjoyed that behaving like the total black cock slut she had now become kept her latest black lover's big cock hard.

Switching positions she wantonly offered her hot wet white pussy to her primary black lover's son. Tony notched his purple mushroom cock knob between her profusely wet pink pussy lips. In his rush to fulfill his lustful desire for the married white wife living next-door Tony drove his big thick black cock to the hilt in one stroke. A totally surprising penetration orgasm minimized whatever initial insertion pain she felt. Uninhibitedly Heather blurted, "Oh my God Tony I love your big thick black cock! Fuck my married hot white pussy deep and hard with your ebony enormity!"

Tony felt himself reaching climax far too soon for his liking. Considerate of the fact that she was a married woman he began to pull his cock out of her hot wet pussy. Leaning over her chest he laid his thick black cock between her 35D boobs. She squeezed her boobs around his big black cock, enjoying the erotic contrast between her alabaster skin and his ebony erection. Leaning forward she captured Tony's cock knob between her lips as his big thick black cock once again exploded a copious load of luscious cum into her mouth.

Living next door to each other at the end of the elite suburban subdivision cul-de-sac enabled the gorgeous white wife to discreetly gratify her sexual needs with the visiting younger black neighboring son whenever her husband and his parents were away throughout that one wonderful week. In less than ten days Heather enjoyed being an uninhibited secret interracial slut with not just one big thick black cock, but an irresistibly well-hung father, and also with his equally well-endowed son.

Five more years of single-minded focus finally enabled Heather's husband to achieve his long sought after promotion as the Fortune 500 firm's financial analysis vice president. Preserving the façade of being a prim and proper, happily married wife prevented her husband discovering his trophy wife's secret adulterous interracial life-style. Absolute discretion during those years enabled Heather to ecstatically enjoy the highest compliment that can be given to a white trophy wife ... a devoted black cock slut.

Written by: afrodisiacmwf

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