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My Doctor, a Nurse & My Cock

by statestreet©

Yesterday I went to my doctor's because I had contracted an infection to the foreskin of my penis. It was inflamed and swollen to the point where I couldn't retract it over the head of my manhood. I was somewhat embarrassed because my physician is an older (mid-50's) woman and it had been a long time since a woman other than my wife had seen or touched my cock. But I decided Dr. Wendy is a professional and everything would be done in a clinical, impersonal way.

I arrived at the office about 15 minutes early. It was early evening and with the pending holidays the office was pretty empty. I had just hung up my coat when a pretty, 30-something nurse called my name and led me to an examination room. She took my weight, blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. Then she asked me for details about my problem. I was sitting on the examining table and she was seated in a nearby chair. In this arrangement I was positioned higher than her. As I replied to her questions, my gaze fell to her uniform blouse, which I noted was not buttoned all the way exposing a fair amount of cleavage. Her tits looked to be very full and all natural. I guess I was staring at her chest because she soon changed the tone of her voice. I looked up at her face and saw a sly smile cross her face. We continued with the Q and A. Out of the corner of my eye I saw she had crossed her legs. My gaze drifted down to see some good-looking calves and thighs clad in white nurse's hose. Her uniform skirt had ridden about 1/2 way up her thighs. Once again, a change in her voice alerted me that I was staring.

Finally the questions were over and the nurse told me to strip down to my shorts and the doctor would soon come in. She gave me a smile and turned to leave the room. I swear she purposely gave her ass a jiggle as she closed the door. I sighed and took off my shoes and pants and sat down to wait for the doctor. About 5 minutes later Dr. Wendy walked in. She looked over my chart and read the answers I gave to the nurse's questions. Dr. Wendy asked if I was feeling any pain or discomfort. I said the only time I felt discomfort was when I was getting an erection. Then the swollen foreskin got stretched to an uncomfortable degree over my expanding organ. Otherwise there was no pain and very little discomfort. She asked whether I had any difficulties getting an erection. I replied that there was no problem with that but that I wish there was until I could be cured of this infection. We both chuckled at my answer.

All this talk about my cock and erections had woken it up from its slumber. As the main character in the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" once told his TV wife, she had "started the launch sequence." So it was with me. Dr. Wendy told me to remove my briefs so that she could examine my penis. I was instructed to recline on the table and open my legs. Dr. Wendy moved her chair between my legs and began assessing my cock. I couldn't help but watch what she was doing. She looked up and told me that I definitely had an infection. Then she looked back down and took my cock in her hand. She firmly, but gently, began to pull the foreskin back. It felt tight and unpleasant, but my dick didn't care and responded the only way it knew how, by filling with blood and growing in length and girth. Dr. Wendy looked up at me and joked that I really didn't have any problems getting an erection. I think by then my face was beet-red and I was trying very much to ignore her touch. It was a losing battle. Soon I was completely hard and a pearl of pre-cum appeared. I watched as Dr. Wendy continued pulling back the foreskin to see how far it would go before discomfort turned to pain. That threshold was reached just as the tip of my penis became exposed.

She released my cock and wrote down her findings in my chart. Then she told me she'd prescribed a couple of medications that would take care of the problem in about a week. One was a pill and the other was a cream to be applied on the outside and inside of my foreskin. As it happened, Dr. Wendy had samples of the cream and said she'd give me a couple of tubes. Dr. Wendy then described how to apply the cream inside and out. There was a bit of a trick to applying it inside the foreskin and she realized I didn't quite understand the details. She asked me if I'd want a nurse to show me how to do it. I told her that would probably be a good idea because I didn't want to make a mistake where my most precious possession was concerned. She rolled her eyes at my comment.

Dr. Wendy wrote out a scrip for the pill and handed it to me. By this time my cock had deflated to about half-mast, but the drop of pre-cum had gotten so big it threatened to fall to the floor. Dr. Wendy took a couple of tissues from a nearby box and gently wiped the oozing liquid from my cock. My cock twitched and Dr. Wendy smiled. She told me to relax and a nurse would be in shortly to demonstrate the application of the cream. With that, she left the room. I sat there for a couple of minutes but soon got bored. I got up and walked over to read some of the medical signs and posters adorning the walls.

I looking through the window blinds to see what was going on outside when the same nurse who brought me in entered the room. I turned around, giving her her first glimpse of my partially engorged cock. She had brought in a tray with some disposable cloths, cotton balls, and a few applicators that looked like overgrown Q-Tips, a small dish of water, and a tube of the cream. She had me recline on the examining table and described what she would be doing as she put on a pair of surgical gloves. She told me that before applying the cream I was to carefully wash and dry my foreskin both inside and out. She soaked the cloth in the warm water and applied some soap. The nurse took hold of my penis and very gently washed the outside of my foreskin. Then she took an applicator and draped a square of soapy gauze over the end. She told me to pay attention and proceeded to carefully clean the inside of my foreskin. Her touch felt really nice and within seconds my cock was once again aiming for the sky. A bead of pre-cum formed at the tip.

The nurse looked at me and said my penis had to be completely clean and dry before the cream could be applied, but it seemed I was having some trouble cooperating. I was very embarrassed and blurted out that I had no control over my cock. She made a comment about me being a typical man. She took some cotton balls and wiped and dried the pre-cum from my penis. No sooner did she finish than a fresh drop emerged. The nurse looked at me and said she couldn't show me what to do in my present state. Maybe it would help if I relieved myself first. I croaked out that it would probably help. Did I want her to leave the room? I asked her to stay. Then she looked me straight in the eyes and asked if I wanted her to masturbate me. In a quiet voice I replied that I did.

Now that that was settled, the nurse applied a bit of lotion to her gloves. She told me to lean back and began to manipulate my cock. Her technique was pleasant; her strokes alternated between fast and slow and she frequently changed the pressure of her grip. However, at all times the nurse was careful not to pull the foreskin too far back. About a minute into it she asked if I liked her breasts. I was startled by the question, but she just chuckled and said that earlier she saw me staring at her tits and then her legs. I said they looked "nice". Was I a "breast-man"? I answered that I preferred women's butts and legs. The nurse said she thought her ass was too wide and her thighs too big. I told her that from what I saw of her thighs they looked very shapely. She smiled and said I was nice to say so. I assured her that I don't lie about such things.

My cock hurt because the swollen foreskin was stretched to the bursting point. The nurse sensed I was nearing orgasm and turned to get a small paper cup from a nearby shelf. She positioned it in front of and slightly below my cock. Her stroking increased in speed and pressure and before I knew it I was jetting streamers of semen into the cup. The nurse's eyes widened and she said I must not have ejaculated recently because of the large volume of sperm I had shot. She looked into the cup and said something about how thick it looked.

Finally my nut sack was empty. The nurse put the cup on the shelf and began to once more clean my cock. This time my cock behaved and soon all was ready for the cream application. The nurse squeezed a small ribbon of cream onto her forefinger and gingerly applied it over the whole outside of the foreskin. That was the easy part, she said, telling me to pay careful attention to how she applied the cream to the inside. She took one of the applicators and squeezed some cream over the cottony top. Then, with one hand she held onto my penis, while slowly inserting the applicator inside the foreskin opening with the other. She ran the applicator back and forth, around and around all the inside surfaces.

In seconds she was done. The nurse took off the gloves and threw them and the other used items into a sealed trash bin. She told me I could get dressed and to stop by the front desk to arrange a follow-up appointment in about a week. She put the cum-filled cup on the tray and got up to leave the room. As she was opening the door she asked if I really liked her legs and ass. I said they were just fine. She thanked me and exited the room.

I finished dressing and went to the reception desk. The nurse was in the small office talking with the receptionist. The receptionist asked if I could return next Tuesday evening for the follow-up visit. Then she added that the doctor indicated she wanted to take samples of my blood and semen in order to do a complete workup. I was given a couple of forms to sign. As I placed them on the receptionist's desk I noticed the paper cup with my "specimen" sitting there. I looked up at the receptionist and saw her and the nurse looking back at me. They thanked me and said they looked forward to seeing me next week. Both had big smiles on their faces.

I put on my coat and left the building. When I got to the sidewalk, I looked back at the doctor's offices. It was dark outside but the blinds to the receptionist's area were open and the lights were on and I could clearly see inside. Dr. Wendy had joined the nurse and receptionist and all three women were laughing and doing something that at first I couldn't figure out. They kept bringing one hand to their faces and sticking their fingers into their mouths.

What could be going on? Then it occurred to me that they were licking their fingers clean of the sperm collected in that paper cup! In more than 15 years of going to Dr. Wendy's, I never imagined she could be so sluttish. It was just then the nurse looked out the window, spotted me staring at her and lifted the paper cup in salute. Damn, next Tuesday couldn't come soon enough!

Written by: statestreet

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