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Lost Sister, Lost Brother

by foehn©

lost sister    lost brother
the clouds in the western sky are swift
and i am here in the desert lost
at the edge of the desert almost lost

lost sister    lost brother
the breath of a hundred years from now
warms the lashes of my eyes and moves
over my face and i can smell the future

lost brother    lost sister
raindrops floating above japan
are in their clouds as i am in my life
but i am touching them    and touching you

lost sister lost sister
the earth is colorless without the light
the light of in love i struggle with myself
at the fringe of almost was or might have been

lost star blisters    lost further
than coins adorned with kings lost in the sea
lost brother and brother and brother
lost sister and sister you

yes you lost brother and sister
sparkle with death in a blackness yet undreamed
and in the glitter of the distant grass
i see god’s fingers drawing forth the wind

lost sister    lost brother
the earth in giant boredom spins
its strings of traceless years around the sun
and i never saw you but i have a friend

lost sister lost brother
lost as a speck of cactus in the sand
i will be wind i will uncover you
and i will rest with you as we have been

lost sister lost brother and lost brother
and lost sister minted equally with blinding light
and legal tender for the universe   lost sister lost brother
in my empty pockets i will carry you

Written by: foehn

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Category: Non-Erotic Poetry Submissions