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Fucking a Dirty Talking Bitch Ch. 02

by theprince©

This story picks up where the first one left off... Enjoy.

And do tell me where you want this story to go...


I ripped my black briefs off and knelt beside Jenna. My body glistening with her cunt juice and sweat. My cock sprung out like a canon. Hard, throbbing and angry. Jenna got on her knees and took my donkey dick in her hands. She frigged it and spat on it hard. I grabbed her head and plunged it into her hot wet mouth.

"That's it slut fuck this cock. FUCK IT WITH YOUR WHORE MOUTH."

I rammed my cock in hard into her face making her gag and choke. I could feel her throat muscles squeeze around my cock. Her spit mixed with my pre cum was frothing and drooling from the sides of her mouth as her mouth got plundered by my cock.

I thrust hard into her mouth. Fucking it like a cheap cunt. And Jenna took it all with equal gusto. I could hear her grunt hard as she sucked my cock like a wild woman. She slapped my ass hard, pulling me harder and deeper into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down furiously as she fucked and licked my cock. Her grunting growing louder as she felt it sliding down her drooling lips.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and Jenna gasped for breath. I spat hard into her open mouth and stuffed my balls into her waiting mouth. Jenna gurgled and moaned as she sucked on my balls. I was screaming in pleasure from her tongue lashing. I pulled her face closer to my body and stuffed my balls deeper into the whore's mouth.

Jenna finally popped my balls out of her mouth. She was growling like a bitch. Her face dripping with her drool. She collected in her hand and put it back in her mouth. Then she spat it hard on my face and smeared it all over.

"TAKE THAT YOU BASTARD. How do you like that? Eat my nasty spit you cunt licking motherfucker." She slipped in her fingers into my mouth and spit hard into it again. I gulped the nasty whores spit down. She slapped my face and spat on it hard again.

This slut wanted it rough and nasty. And I loved that. She was going to get it hard. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down. Then I shoved my ass into her mouth. She gave a muffled squeal. Then she spread my ass cheeks and plunged her hot tongue deep inside my asshole.

"Aaaaarrrghhhh... Lick it you skank. Lick it like the shit eating pig that you are you nasty slut. LICK IT CLEAN. I want to feel your tongue slither up my ass and LICK IT. Fuck it bitch. French kiss my hot ass. That's it. Spread it wider and TONGUE FUCK MY ASSHOLE. HARDER whore Come on!"

I thrust my ass back on her tongue hard. Her face was a mess from her spit and my ass juice. I pulled her face out of my ass and spat on it. She smeared it all over, laughing saucily at me. I kissed her deeply. I could taste all the body fluids mixed together in one heady sexual potion on her lips. Our bodies were grinding against each other with the sexual heat of animals. I could feel that she wanted to devour me.

Jenna pulled away and raised her arms again. Her armpits glistening from the sweat of hardcore sexual activity.

"Lick it dirty boy. Lick it like a pig, motherfucker. I want to see you feasting on my armpits like the dirty nasty bastard you are." She spat on her own hands and smeared it over her armpits. I shoved my face in, licking her shaven armpits like a man possessed. I could smell the faint lingering deo she uses as my tongue slathered up her under arms. She was moaning and screaming like a banshee, slapping my ass and clawing on my back as my tongue pleasured her.

Jenna finally pulled my face out and looked straight into my eyes. Her body heaving with sexual energy.

"Fuck me! Fuck me now. Stick that cock into my ass and fuck it like you own it baby. FUCK MY ASS HARD!"

I threw her on all fours and spread her ass cheeks. Her puckered asshole was tight and winking at me. I grabbed my cock in my hands and SHOVED it in hard. Jenna howled from the assault. I rammed it in deeper and harder till my cock was stuffed into her tight asshole all the way to the base.

"How do you like that slut? My donkey dick stuffed right up your whore ass?" I leaned in front and cupped her swinging tits in my hand and then gave it all that I got. I thrust hard and fast into her ass. Out bodies slamming hard as I drilled her asshole like a wild stallion.

"FUCK ME! Fuck my ass. Oh god YEAAAARRGGHHHH! Harder motherfucker. Fuck that dirty ass with your donkey dick. Urrgghh...urrrggghh...urrrghhhh...YEAAAH! FUCK IT," Jenna screamed.

"That's right baby, I am gonna fuck this asshole till you can fit your whole fist inside it. THIS ASSHOLE IS MINE! I am gonna fuck it like I own this asshole. Your shithole is mine to fuck bitch. And I am going to fuck it so hard that you aint gonna shit for a month, you fuckpig. TAKE IT. YEAH! Fuck my cock with your ass!"

We were fucking like two street dogs. My cock thrusting hard in and out of her ass. I could feel her pushing back at me everytime I rammed my cock up her tight shithole. I grabbed her shoulders and started fucking it faster. Jenna was throwing her head around in pure pleasure, barking and growling like a bitch. My cock fucking her shit out of her made her feel like a horny bitch and she was showing it.

I pulled my cock out of her just when I could feel the cum boiling up. I did not want to cum so soon. I wanted to fuck this hardcore slut silly before I covered her in my thick creamy cum.

Jenna spun around as soon as my cock was out and stuffed my cock in to her mouth. She sucked and licked her dirty ass juice from my cock like a hungry pig. She took it deep into her mouth and made it wet and harder. She pulled her face away and I could see her gathering up the spit in her mouth. I opened my mouth wide and she spat the nasty mix straight in. She slipped in two of her fingers and mixed it around, making sure that I got a taste of it. Then she spat hard into it again.

She rasped near my face. "Baby, enough of this tame shit. I want it kinky and dirty you motherfucker. Do you think you can make me feel like a dirty two cent whore? FUCK ME UP YOU BASTARD! Fuck me up real good"

I knew that this whore was going to take some serious fucking today. And boy was I ready for it!

Written by: theprince

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