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My Daughter's Garter Belt Ch. 03

by rockandroller©

She led me past the Principal Barger and the policemen, who all went silent as I walked past. We walked down a short hallway past the vice-principal's office.

"I'm sorry about all this, Mr. Kent. It never rains, it pours."

I had no idea what that meant. She was leading me towards the principal's office at the end of the hall, and I knew that that was where they were going to confront me. They probably just wanted to get their facts straight before they came in to gang up on me.

As we went past the nurse's office, I glanced casually inside. There was a girl sitting in a chair, sobbing quietly, her eyes red and her face puffy. She didn't notice me because her attention was on the doctor's table next to her. A boy I recognized as one of the students was holding a bloody bandage to his side.

Ms. Richter looked back and saw me pausing in the doorway. She came back a few steps so that she could explain what had happened. The boy and girl were too wrapped up in their own miseries to hear her low voice. "We had an incident today outside the school. There was a fight over Maggie, and Greg got cut with a knife. It wasn't too bad, and he's waiting for his mother to pick him up and take him to his own doctor. Of course, that's why the police are here. We have to report incidents where weapons or injuries are involved."

Although I was staring straight at the aftermath of the fight I just couldn't believe my eyes. In the last fifteen minutes my mind had gotten too used to the idea that I was about to be shown up as the monster who was molesting his daughter, even if I couldn't figure how they had learned about Andie and me. I just knew that the police were here for me, not to file some report about a teenage fight over a girl that got out of hand. Maybe they were here for both of us. Yeah, that was it. They were going to fill out some paperwork on the fight and then confront me in the principal's office.

"Mr. Kent?" Ms. Richter's voice called me back from my daze.

I turned to look at her and said, "Yes?"

She read something in my eyes. Of course she wasn't reading the whole truth, far from it. She didn't know that I'd come here thinking that our little secret had been found out, that I'd been making love to Andrea. But what she did see made her raise her fingers to her lips in surprise.

"Oh, my. I hope that you didn't think that Andrea was involved in this?" The look on my face gave her an answer, just not the right one. "Oh, I am so sorry. She had nothing to do with this. I guess in all the confusion I didn't explain myself on the phone very well. We've never really had anything like this to deal with before, and I was on the phone with you when they came into my office. Andrea's down here, waiting for you in Principal Barger's office." She held her hand out, beckoning me farther down the hall.

Stunned, I followed.

When I reached her Ms. Richter put her hand on the doorknob to the principal's office and stopped. She spoke softly, knowing that Andrea was on the other side of the door and obviously not wanting her to hear.

"Andrea began crying in her psychology class, and she couldn't stop. She couldn't explain why to Mr. Hardy and she was disrupting class, so he gave her a hall pass and sent her to me. I didn't have much luck getting an explanation either. She says she's not hurt, and that she's not sick. But she did say that it had something to do with family, and that she'd be all right if she could just see you. It's really most unusual. I was calling you just to discuss it. We can't have students disrupting class for no good reason. But she was obviously in some distress. Then Greg came in bleeding and it just seemed easier to tell you to come in. I hope it's all right."

"Of course," I said. My thoughts were scattered and racing. I had just been through too much. Andrea wasn't hurt, Andrea wasn't sick, and our secret was apparently safe. My brain lurched as I tried to switch gears from guilty suspect to concerned father. Why was she crying? Did it have something to do with our affair? Maybe she was feeling guilty and was about to turn me in, but wanted to tell me about it first. Maybe Evan had hurt her somehow. I was gonna kill the little bastard. My mind was reeling.

Ms. Richter opened the door to the principal's office to let me in first. It was a large office, more nicely furnished than you'd expect for a public school servant. There were several chairs and a large cherry desk. Morning sunlight shone in from a row of windows that looked out over the front lawn of the school. One wall was covered with certificates and degrees and awards.

Andrea was sitting on a chair in front of the desk. When she turned to see who was in the doorway, I could see that her eyes were puffy and wet. My heart went out to my little girl, who had definitely been crying.

Andrea squealed, "Daddy," and stood up and rushed over to me, wrapped her arms around me and put her head on my shoulder. I held her in my arms as parents sometimes have to, trying to comfort her but not really knowing what the problem was. As I patted her on the back Ms. Richter said, "Well, I'll leave you two alone. I have to see to Greg and talk to the police. Are you going to be all right now, Andrea?"

Andie nodded wordlessly, her head bobbing against my shoulder as Ms. Richter watched from the doorway. It took her a moment to be satisfied that this was what Andrea really wanted, and I'm sure that if she hadn't had a knifing to deal with that she wouldn't have left us alone. She wanted to know what had caused Andie's crying jag as much as I did. But she had bigger things to worry about. "I'll be around if you need me," she said, and pulled the door shut behind her.

I put my arms on Andie's shoulders and pushed her back a little so I could look her in the eye.

"It's all right, baby. I'm here now. Now what's the matter?"

Andrea palmed her eyes dry so that she could see me better. She looked at me and I could tell that she knew what she wanted to say, but she couldn't get the words out. As she faltered she became embarrassed, and her face turned pink.

She took a deep breath and I thought she was going to talk to me, but instead she walked over to the windows and began closing the blinds, moving down the wall so that she could get all of them. Her voice was low and self-absorbed, almost as if I wasn't even in the room.

"I had to," she said. It sounded like she was trying to convince herself as much as me. "I just couldn't wait until tonight to see you. I know I shouldn't have done it. But I knew that you'd be done with your first appointment, and I couldn't think of any other way."

I was aghast. All of the worrying that I had done, all of the guilt and stress of the last twenty minutes had been because my little girl wanted to see me? Why didn't she just call? What was so damned important that couldn't wait? Didn't she know what she'd put me through? I could feel myself going into mad-daddy mode, and it didn't bode well for Andrea's selfish scheming. I held my tongue and tried to count to ten so that I wouldn't blow up at her.

Finished closing the blinds, Andie had made her way around the principal's desk to the door. I couldn't fathom why, but she turned the key to lock it before she came back to stand in front of me.

"Please understand, Dad." Her voice was nervous, but with an undercurrent of apology running through it. She was asking and explaining at the same time, and I could tell she was worried about what I might say. "I can't help it. It'll just be the one time, I promise. I just had to. I won't ever cry in class and make them call you down here again. I promise." Andrea solemnly crossed her heart with her finger. "Besides, it'll just be a quickie."

Ohmigod. My mouth fell open in amazement and I went dizzy with the realization of what she wanted and how far she had gone to get it. I understood better now, but I liked it less. Andie had pretended to be upset just because she wanted me to fuck her. In the principal's office, no less! I had thought that I was giving her all the sex she needed, but now it looked like her desires were getting out of hand. What kind of girl had I turned her into?

"You've got to be kidding me," I practically yelled. "Don't you know what you did to me? Don't you know how worried I was when I got a phone call from the nurse? " I lowered my voice to a harsh whisper. "And all you wanted was for me to come and fuck you?"

I know I was looking daggers at her, but I couldn't help it.

Unfazed by my anger Andie turned on her puppy dog eyes and stuck out her lower lip. Her feigned guilt didn't fool either one of us, and we stared at each other for a minute. I couldn't hold my anger even though I tried not to let it show on my face. She was so damned cute standing there. I felt frustrated and mad and exasperated. I wanted to stay angry at her. But how many times are you needed so badly in your life? Besides, I wanted her, and we both knew it. I fought to stay stern and cold, but apparently I didn't manage it well. My eyes must have given me away, because her lips gradually turned into a huge and knowing smile.

Andie looked down at the button on her jeans and began to unfasten them. "We have to hurry, Daddy. I don't know how long it'll be before Ms. Richter comes back." Andie kicked off her sneakers, unzipped her jeans and pushed them down. I stared at her, fascinated as I always was by the sight of her long bare legs and her taut tummy. But I wasn't as willing as she thought I was. I was definitely going to have to teach her a lesson about what she could and couldn't get away with around her father.

Andie kicked off her jeans and panties. She looked at me long enough to see that I hadn't made a move yet. "Hurry up, Dad," she said impatiently. Her breasts bobbled free after she threw off her t-shirt. Her young body was white and perfect, and I wondered again why she wanted anything to do with an old guy like me. She stood there waiting in nothing but her white socks, certain of her attractiveness and keen for her father. Apparently I wasn't moving fast enough because she crossed her arms under her bare breasts and raised one eyebrow at me. I reached down and slowly unzipped my jeans and pushed down my shorts. My fully erect cock sprang free, anticipating a visit to my daughter's tiny pink hole.

Satisfied that I was finally getting ready to fuck her, Andrea turned to Principal Barger's desk and leaned over it, moving stuff out of the way. God, would I ever learn to resist the call of her white ass and naked legs? They begged me to fuck her, to hurl myself inside her while she was bent over the desk. The only reason I was able to defy my begging dick at that instant was because I knew I'd have her soon. And because sometimes a father's duty comes before his pleasure.

I stepped up beside her while she was moving Mr. Barger's calendar and tangled my fingers in her hair. It was silky and soft, and Andie closed her eyes and moaned a little. She obviously thought my touch was a prelude to a caress.

Once I had a good grip on her short locks, I pushed her face down towards the top of the desk. She resisted at first, but then she thought that she was being positioned so that I could fuck her from behind and she willingly bent over. She whispered, "Like this, Dad?" She turned her head so that her cheek rested on the dark cherry wood and I tightened my grip on her hair.

She had always kind of liked having her hair pulled, so she didn't realize my ulterior motive. I had never done anything to her that she hadn't wanted, that she hadn't begged for. So the thought never crossed her mind that by being held bent over the desk she was very vulnerable.

I jerked her head and bent low so that I could hiss in her ear. All of the fear and frustration that I'd held inside bubbled out of me, and I made no attempt to hide the anger in my voice. "I can't believe you did this to me. I don't care how damned much you want me, you cannot just arrange to get laid because you feel like it."

Her face was turned away from me, but I saw her eyes open wide in surprise. I wound her hair tighter in my hand, gripping it near the scalp.

"I haven't had to give you a spanking in years, but I don't know what else to do. You need to be taught a lesson. Maybe next time you'll think twice about pulling a stunt like this."

"Daddy! No!" Andie tried to wiggle out from my grip.

I held her down firmly with one hand, and swatted her ass. Hard. Andie yelped in surprise and pain. I hit her again as she struggled to stand up.

"Daddy! No! Wait!"

I pushed her head hard back down onto the desktop and paddled her bare little butt. I smacked her hard, over and over again, and if her ass hurt half as much as my palm did then she was smarting pretty good. With each smack her ass turned a deeper shade of pink - a rosy color which was all the more striking next to the creamy white skin of the rest of her. I hoped that the distinctive sound of a hand slapping flesh wouldn't carry through the closed door and down the hall, but I almost didn't care.

Andrea squealed with each slap. After a few good spanks she started crying out loud, and this time her tears weren't just to fool some teachers. She jerked and yelped with each slap but she tried very hard to keep her voice down so the sounds of her punishment wouldn't carry to the hall. She resigned herself to her paddling and didn't try to get away, sobbing onto the desktop as her whole body rippled with each blow.

Andie's ass squirmed between slaps, wiggling and shaking with each bare-handed smack. I couldn't believe how hard the sight of her bare rosy bottom was making me. Tears fell off her face and splashed on Mr. Barger's dark cherry desk, but I didn't stop.

Occasionally I spanked Judy just because she liked a little bit of pain mixed with our lovemaking. But this was different. This wasn't a spanking just because she wanted the extra arousal. I was spanking my daughter for a real transgression that required a real punishment. To my surprise that made the whole thing much more erotic than anything I'd done before. I was a man in a daze, spanking my daughter's ass while I held her down. My dick grew harder with each slap, and I suddenly realized that it was about to shoot cum all over her ass without my dick even touching her.

I let her go.

Andie stood slowly up and turned to face me, her eyes puffy and wet as she got her crying under control. She wiped the tears from her eyes with the palms of her hands and stood naked in front of me.

"I said I wouldn't do it again." The complaining tone in her voice was tempered with a tinge of fear. I could see that she resented being handled this way, and she didn't want to accidentally set me off again. Andrea reached behind her with both hands and cradled her sore ass, which made her wince.

"The fact that you did it even once is enough to make me question your judgment."

My daughter sniffed and gently rubbed her butt as she struggled to get her breathing back under control. She wiped her tears away again, and defiantly said, "So, do I get my fuck now or what?"

I chuckled. I never had any intention of skipping her fuck. Besides, I kind of figured that after all her subterfuge with the school that she had earned it.

Andie took my laugh for consent. She stared at me a moment, resentment and lust mixed on her face under the last of her tears. She sniffed and put her hands behind her on the edge of the desk. She hoisted herself onto it, sliding her little butt onto the tiny drops of tears that she'd left behind.

Andie leaned back and spread her legs as far apart as she could, which was pretty damn far. She put her heels in their white socks on the edges of the desk. She was so damned sexy. It was as if her legs became a lustrous funnel channeling all of my thoughts, all of my attention, all of my need towards the little pink slit between her legs.

Her bald pussy reminded me of her eyes, puffy and pink and swollen and wet. It looked as if the slightest touch might cause her to cum, and I wondered just what that spanking had actually done to her. Her slit glistened, her shiny girl juice calling my tongue, my nose, my dick. It oozed from her, mixing with her tears on the desk.

I sat down on one of the chairs in front of the desk and lowered my face between her legs. I paused, teasing, and Andrea pushed her crotch up, trying to touch my mouth with her clit. I moved away, denying her the touch of my lips. Then, suddenly, I flicked my tongue over her clit, once, twice. With each touch a spasm rippled through her body, starting at her pussy and traveling up through the muscles of her tummy like a pebble thrown in a lake. Andie whimpered, a sound I'd never heard her make before.

I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed, tears were running down her cheeks again, and her breathing was ragged and edgy as she fought for air. Her disheveled hair fell about her face. I leaned in again and took one long lick of my little girl's opening, slurping every drop of juice from her hole to her clit and ending in a little flick of my tongue.. She gasped again, and breathlessly pleaded, "Oh, please, Daddy." Begging. "Please?"

I stood up, my dick practically dripping pre-cum. As I looked down at my daughter I realized that I'd never seen her naked in the daylight before. Our trysts before had always been at indoors at night, and only sometimes with the lights on. The sunlight leaking through the blinds striped her skin, and I noticed how flawless she was from tip to toe.

I took hold of my dick and lined it up on her little hole and pushed.

The ripples that had been traveling through her tummy engulfed her whole body, shaking her in huge spasms as I slowly pushed my way into her. Andie's orgasm was like I'd never seen before, consuming her from the inside out. Instead of riding her orgasm, it rode her, and hard. Her usual cool manner when we were fucking vanished, memories made cool and distant in the fire of the moment. My little girl convulsed around my dick as I started to fuck her.

"Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy!"

I fucked her deliberately, trying hard not to succumb to the urge to hurl myself into her like a freight train. Her pussy gripped me like her wet hand, soft and so tight that it caused us both to heat up with the extra friction. Andie surrendered her spirit to her cumming body and the man who gave her life. She was a little girl lost.

I slid my hands down her legs until I could grab her ankles. I pushed her feet up until they above my head and then I spread them as far apart as I could. I fucked her harder, giving in to the need that both of us had to fill the space between her legs with sperm. My daughter was a wanton picture of sin beneath me, an innocent angel in white. I'd never felt so damned hard or so damned needed. My breath failed me, and I felt faint. My long deep strokes grew slower, and I pushed her farther onto the desk as I neared the end. Suddenly I came, the sperm erupting from my dick in waves, splurting and gushing life into her.

I fell onto her, almost crying myself from the joy of being hers. She wrapped her arms gently around me and whispered in my ear as I spasmed in her wet pussy. "That's it, Dad. Oh, God, I needed that. You feel so good inside me." She stroked my hair as I pushed myself and my cum inside her. She whispered in my ear, "I love you, Daddy. I love you, Daddy."

She twirled my hair in her finger as I finished spilling myself into her. She was mother, daughter, mistress and wife all rolled into one. I loved her so very much. I slid in and out, each thrust longer and slower, each ending with a smaller gush of sperm shooting into her. Then there was no more left. I slowed and stopped, cradled in my daughter's arms. Andrea wrapped her silky smooth bare legs around me and we rested in each other's embrace.

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