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My Wife's Affair Ch. 3

by ryker47©

Well, here's p3, hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed the feedback, particularly from the females. Let me know what parts you enjoyed. Ryker.

* * * * *

As I said, Annie acted perfectly normal that week. On Saturday night, our usual fucking night, Annie came out of the shower and said she had a surprise for me. She dropped her towel, displaying a perfectly shaven pussy! I sucked and fucked that pussy all night long, we had great sex! But Annie didn't know that I knew the real reason for her shaving her cunt. It made me harder thinking about it as I fucked her.

The following Wednesday came soon enough. I had been horny all week. My cock was already hard, waiting in the laundry room, camera ready, for Phil and Annie. I soon heard the garage open and a car pull in. Shortly thereafter, I again heard Annie and Phil's voices, coming down the stairs. Annie had had meetings earlier and was dressed formally. She was wearing a red silk shirt and a long skirt. Phil was in jeans and a tee shirt. Annie pulled herself against Phil and gave him a long kiss.

"MMMMMM, I've been so hot for you, last week really turned me on!" Annie said.

"Ahhhh, so you like the role of slut?" asked Phil.

"I love it!" said Annie, "I love being your hot fucking slut, Phil!"

Phil was slowly unbuttoning Annie's shirt. As he opened each button, he would squeeze Annie's big tits through her shirt. I could see her nipples pointing through the thin shirt. When Annie's shirt was open, Phil pushed the material off Annie's shoulders, to the floor. My wife was wearing a front closing bra, which Phil promptly unhooked. Annie's bra also fell to the floor, exposing her big, beautiful breasts. Her nipples were hard, extending 1/2 of an inch away from her tits. Phil grabbed a nipple in each hand, and rolled them between his thumb and forefinger.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa" moaned Annie, "Your hands feel sooooo good!"

"My slut likes having her nipples pinched, doesn't she?" demanded Phil.

"Oh Yesssss" cooed Annie.

"And did my slut do everything I told her to do last week?" Phil asked. Annie said "Let me show you!" leading Phil over to the desk and having him sit down. Annie even turned on the light for Phil to see. Annie stood in front of Phil, and began slowly pulling up her skirt. As she pulled her skirt above her hips, I saw that my wife wasn't wearing panties. Annie stood in front of Phil, her shaved pussy exposed. Phil smiled and said "I love your shaved cunt" as he reached out to touch it. I could see that Annie's pussy was already wet, the lubrication on her pussy easy to see on her smooth skin. Phil stuck his tongue into Annie's pussy and began licking her clit. Annie began pinching her nipples and swaying as Phil licked her hairless cunt. "Does my slut remember everything she promised last week?" asked Phil.

"Yessssss" hissed Annie, " I masturbated all week thinking about it."

"Tell me" said Phil. My wife looked down at Phil, still fondling her tits. She raised the right nipple to her lips and swirled her tongue over the tip. "MMMMMMM, I'm your slut, your hot fucking slut! I will do whatever you say, you can use my body for ANYTHING!" gasped Annie, already close to an orgasm. Just then the doorbell rang!

Annie was startled, but, Phil didn't seem to be. He said "I'll get it, you're not dressed! "No Phil, Don't!" said Annie, but Phil was already up the stairs. I heard the front door open, then shut in a few seconds. I didn't hear any voices, but then heard two sets of footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Annie, this is Dan" said Phil. Annie looked shocked, as was I. I guess we had both thought that the sex talk was just talk, but it seemed that Phil had other ideas. Annie had let her skirt fall and was demurely holding her shirt in front of her breasts. As "Dan" came into the room, I saw that he was in his late thirties, good looking, well built and dressed in a sports coat and tie. He stood in front of Annie and grinned sheepishly. Phil came around behind Annie, putting his arms around her waist.

"Dan and I work together" said Phil, "when I told him about all the things you said last week, he was anxious to meet you." Annie was turning deep red now, and seemed very embarrassed. I also knew that Phil's hard cock was pressed into her ass and that she was also very turned on. I could see a flood of emotions wash over my wife's face. She was very turned on and horny, very aware of Phil's hard cock against her ass. She seemed to have been turned on to the fantasy of being a slut, but now, confronted with the reality of fucking a stranger and getting fucked by two men at once, she seemed hesitant. Phil was trying his hardest to convince her.

His hands had worked their way under her arms and were squeezing my wife's breasts, pinching the nipples, which were rock hard. I was completely unsure of what to do. I wondered if I should stop things before that went too far. My cock, however, was hard and stiff, anticipating seeing my wife act like a total whore!

Annie's resolve seemed to be weakening. She leaned back against Phil as he continued to massage her tits. Dan seemed to be relaxing, he had taken off his jacket and tie and was now unbuttoning his shirt. Phil was kissing Annie's neck as he played with her tits and softly spoke to her. Annie's arms relaxed and fell to her side, letting her shirt fall to the floor. With Annie's big breasts now fully exposed to Dan, Phil said "Didn't I tell you she had great tits!"

Dan was now down to a pair of shorts. His bulge looked huge! Annie's eyes were closed and didn't seem to notice what was going on, she just seemed lost in the sensations her body was feeling. "Don't you want to be my slut?" Phil asked Annie. Annie nodded her head, shivering in anticipation. With that, Phil unbuttoned her skirt, pulling down the zipper and letting it fall to the floor. My wife now stood totally exposed to Phil and this stranger, her tits were heaving and her shaved pussy glistening with her juices. "Say it" commanded Phil. I saw my wife's eyes flutter. Dan had now put his hand on Annie's smooth pussy and was rubbing her cunt lips which were swollen and slippery.

"MMMMMM, I want to be your slut Phil, I want you to fuck me!" groaned my wife.

"And you want to be Dan's slut too, don't you?" said Phil, now pinching her nipples very hard. Half in shame, half in lust, my wife dropped her head, and whispered "yes." Phil said "lift your head up Annie, look Dan in the face and tell him. Apparently now resigned to the role of slut, Annie straightened up and opened her eyes. She got a nasty smile on her face and looked Dan right in the eye.

"Oh, Dan, I want to be your slut toooooo" said my formerly shy wife, "I want to fuck that big cock of yours, I want to suck it, have you come in my mouth and I'll lick every drop. I want you to fuck my tits, wrap my big swollen breasts around your hard throbbing cock. I want you to come all over my tits. I want your cock in my ass and I want to fuck you and Phil at the same time"

"Yessss!" said Dan. "Now kneel in front of Dan" said Phil, "I have a surprise for you!" said Phil. Annie obediently knelt in front of Dan. She appeared half crazed with lust and was unconsciously fingering her pussy.

"Pull his shorts down" commanded Phil. Annie hooked her fingers into the waistband of Dan's shorts and began slowly pulling them off. She uncovered Dan inch by inch. When she pulled the shorts down over the base of his cock, she gasped! Already, Dan's cock looked huge, the base alone was at least 6" around. Phil was getting undressed while he was encouraging Annie. Annie continued pulling Dan's shorts down. Finally, his cock sprung free of his shorts and my wife pulled his shorts completely off. Bobbing in front of Annie's face was a cock that was at least 11" long and semi-hard. Dan smiled down at Annie, his huge dick waving in my wife's face. Annie let out a low moan and stared, as if hypnotized, at Dan's big cock.

A drop of precome escaped from the tip of Dan's cock, resting at the tip. Annie slowly brought her mouth closer to Dan's cock, as if in a trance, unable to help herself. Her mouth opened and her tongue slowly extended to the tip of Dan's cock. Gradually, she licked clean the tip of Dan's dick, making the precome disappear.

She brought one then two hands up to hold his cock as she sucked with more enthusiasm. Both of her hands fit on his big cock, stroking him as she licked the head of his cock all over. Now she was running her tongue up and down the length of Dan's 11 inches. From the tip of his cock to his balls, my wife was licking his dick like a big Popsicle!

Phil, who was also naked, said "lets get the slut on the floor and really FUCK her!" Annie moaned audibly as Phil and Dan repositioned her. They put my wife on her back, with her legs spread and her head on a Pillow. Phil said, "You know what Dan, my slut here told me that she would love have one of my friends fuck her beautiful tits and come all over them, isn't that right slut?" Annie was shuttering on the floor, she already seemed to be orgasming she was so turned on!

"Oh yes Dan, pleeeeaaaase fuck my tits, please let me wrap my soft tits around your BIG cock" pleaded my wife. With that, Dan straddled my wife's waist and put his big cock between Annie's tits. Annie squeezed the tits together to form a tunnel around Dan's big cock. When Dan pushed all the way forward, the tip of his dick came right to Annie's lips. Dan reached around to my wife's pussy and began stroking her already wet pussy lips. Phil, meanwhile had positioned himself, kneeling, to the side of Annie's head. His cock draped down over Annie's face and he was slowly rubbing it all over her mouth, chin and cheeks.

Annie opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue. Phil guided the big head of his cock right into my wife's waiting mouth. Annie slurped it in and began sucking his hard cock. Dan was really fucking Annie's tits now, his huge pole sliding between my wife's well lubricated tits. Annie was squeezing and fondling her tits and pinching her nipples. Dan pulled his cock from between Annie's breasts. He brought the tip to her lips. My wife took Phil's hard cock in her hand and moved her mouth to Dan's cock, which she took in her other hand. Dan moved to the other side of Annie's head and then she had two hard cocks hanging in her face. Slowly stroking both cocks with her hands, she alternated between the two cocks with her mouth, licking first one, then the other.

"Look at this slut," said Phil, "two hard cocks in her mouth and she cant get enough! "isn't that right, Annie?"

My wife removed Dan's cock from her mouth and said "Oh god yes!!! I love being a slut, I LOVE having two hard cocks in my mouth." My wife was writhing on the floor now. Dan had four fingers pounding in and out of her cunt. She was dripping wet and her juices covered her from her belly to her thighs! She look as if she'd been rubbed with oil. Phil has reached around my wife and had two fingers working in and out of Annie's asshole.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH" cried Annie, "I'm gonna come!!!"

Phil said "Yeah slut, suck that cock!" as Annie took about half of Dan's 11 inches down her throat. She was stroking Phil's slick cock rapidly now, and everybody looked close to coming.

"Lets give this slut a sperm bath" said Phil "Can we do that Annie, come all over your tits and face?" he asked. "Ohhhhhh yesssssss" said my wife, "I want to feel your hot come all over me, I want to taste it, I want your come on my face and lips and on my tits!"

Dan grabbed his big cock with his free hand and began stroking it. His first shot hit Annie in the cheek and began rolling down her face. That set Phil off and his first shot caught Annie right on the lips. Both men were now coming wildly and pumping their loads all over my wife's face and tits. Phil was shooting come all over Annie's face and neck. Her tongue was out and was trying to catch as much come as possible. Dan was shooting his load all over my wife's big tits. Annie was rubbing it into her chest as she continued to massage her tits and nipples.

"AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH" my wife screamed as she had a massive orgasm. Annie's ass was banging up and down on the floor and I could tell she was coming like never before. I watched my naked wife, acting in pure lust, and I shot my load all over the floor. "God, this bitch is HOT" said Dan as he milked the last few drops of come from his huge cock, onto my wife's breasts. "

"Yeah, who would have thought that a married lady like Annie could be such a slut" said Phil. He was rubbing his semi hard cock all over my wife's face, pushing the stray sperm into her mouth, which she was anxiously licking up! Annie was laying on the floor, softly moaning, come all over her face, hair and tits.

Phil got a towel and gave it to Annie. As she sat up and wiped her face, Phil began licking her hairless pussy. Dan stood in front of her and began feeding his big cock to my wife. I watched Annie's cheeks bulge as she tried to get as much of Dan's cock in her mouth. As she slid her mouth up and down his hardening cock, she managed to get about 9 inches of his meat into her mouth and throat. "Shit, this girl sucks cock like a pro" said Dan.

"Turn the slut over and let's fuck her," said Phil.

Part 4 soon

Written by: ryker47

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