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Strap On Something New

by Cockatoo©

As told to Cockatoo, by Esmerelda Molybdenum-4 Sanchez-Smithe

* * * * *

Back when Chelsea Clinton was America's first openly Lesbian president, it was really fashionable to be gay (or at least bisexual) again, just like it was back in the 'zands. So for eight years, Henrietta and I happened to be in style. Now we're out-of-touch nerdzos again, because these days, everybody who isn't into the Het Anal scene gets looked down on like we're dinosaurs or something. Well, I guess I'm no spring chicken. I'm in my sexual prime, and you know what that means for a gal. So what if I don't feel like shaking it at the butt clubs with all the twenty-year olds? Put me in my 'jamas, plant me on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, hook me into the Mesh for an old movie or two, and I'm your girl for the night. Besides, I'm happy and proud to be an old-fashioned rug muncher. I've got a dyke haircut, a life partner, and a purple wardrobe complete with comfortable shoes, the whole shebang. I'm just traditional that way.

So, when 'Retta suggested we try something new, I was nervous. Her last Big New Idea ended up being a weekend marriage to those two gayboys, Bernard and Ernest, and that was okay, I guess, but I wouldn't want to do it again. Don't get me wrong, I love a good fuck. When the moon is full and the lights are low, there's no force in the universe strong enough to keep me out of 'Retta's sweet snatch. And honey, my bitch gives as good as she gets. I've got no complaints, believe me. So when she got a bee in her bonnet about getting one of those newfangled sex toys… I was at her mercy. That special glimmer which sometimes appears in the eyes of Henrietta Daffodil-11 Von Ishikawa is a precious gift to the world, and may the Goddess forgive me if I ever do anything to squelch it. This time, when she turned that look on me and said, "What do you think, Esme?" I tried to make my face light up and say it was a great idea while my brain was busy groaning at me. 'Retta wasn't fooled, but she said she appreciated the act, and she was sure I would be pleasantly surprised.

We know this other old-fashioned dyke from the co-op, her name's Lucrecia, and she got one of those new gadgets from Doc Johnson's. You know, like an old-fashioned strap-on dildo, but that uses the same bio-neural linking technology that they put in prosthetic robot limbs for people who're waiting for their cloned grafts to mature in the tank farms, or who don't want to do grafts for some religious reason. The techies got real good at that kind of thing when the HTLV-19 virus got loose and made everybody's parts start falling off. They finally eradicated that nasty disease a few years ago, thank the Goddess, and y'know, now that I'm thinking about it, the fact that they came up with a cure is probably the reason that Het Anal is the "in" thing these days.

Anyhow, Lucrecia tried out this new gizmo that hooks up to your central nervous system right through your skin, one with the complete kinesthetic feedback package and enhanced sensoderm matrix freshly approved for recreational use by the FDA, and she swore it felt just like having a real seven-inch dick. She said that when she used it on her partner Heloise, she fucked the shit out of poor girl, the way a good solid fucking was meant to be done, all with the pelvis, till her pussy was ragged and sore. That was all 'Retta had to hear. For a sworn lez, my sweetie pie has a real penetration fetish. I mean, Bernard and Ernest were her idea, and she spent that whole weekend trying to pry them apart from each other so that one or the other of 'em would drill her.

Of course, 'Retta meant for me to be the one wearing the fake whanger. She swings a lot more to the bi side than I do, and this was one of those times she was hungry for cock. If it could be a girl's cock, MY cock, that's even better, right? The trouble is that I've never liked those toys. I mean, vibrators are perfectly fine for getting yourself off, but plastic is plastic. It doesn't feel like skin. It's not like a partner. And, I like women. When I'm with a woman, I want us both to BE women. I feel stupid strapping a cheapo plastic prong in front of my perfectly good, warm, wet, aroused pussy and pretending like I'm a boy. It's just silly. But, I'll do what it takes to keep 'Retta happy because I love her more than life itself and I don't want to risk losing her. Besides, it's just play. This is for her, not for me, and that's okay. I can indulge her like this, because Goddess knows she indulges me all the time! So I agreed to her little scheme, and she immediately placed an order from Good Vibrations on the Mesh linkup.

The next day, we got the package from California. I opened the box and fished out the crystal to pop in the viewer, trying not to look at the dildo itself. 'Retta, on the other hand, was transfixed by the damn thing. She pulled it out and started stroking and tasting the floppy sausage of flesh-colored plastic. I left her to it and tried to focus on the active A.I. instruction program, which was an attractive blond talking head, hovering in the holomatrix three feet in front of me.

"Thank you for your purchase of Doc Johnson's new neuro-active 'Casanova' strap-on penis, Esmerelda." The A.I. was pretending to read my name off a prompter in front of her, but of course it already knew both our names, credit histories, blood types, current bank balances, and our stated preferences about everything that's ever been compiled by the dynamic profiles loaded into our viewer. The programmers just make it do that because some people find it creepy when unfamiliar faces display such intimate knowledge of you so quickly. Usually, an A.I. program will pretend to get to know you as you get to know it, which just seems to work out better. This one took on the air of somebody that you'd spoken to on the phone once or twice before, but were only just now meeting for drinks. Cute.

"The 'Casanova' is specially designed for female couples who want to experience the sensations of one partner with a real penis. Many products in the Doc Johnson catalog are intended for novelty or fantasy, but the Casanova's realistic proportions and textures are similar to what we use in medical prosthetics for male patients who require synthetic replacement genitalia. Every effort has been made to insure that the colors, temperatures, tastes and smells of your new penis will be your very own. The porous membrane will adapt quickly to your pigmentation and pheromone structure, once you calibrate the unit."

It paused. It was waiting for me to pick it up and turn it on, or whatever. These damn A.I.s are getting smarter all the time. I expected it to know who I was, despite the fact that 'Retta's name is on the purchase authorization, but it somehow guessed that I'd be wearing the thing even though 'Retta was right behind me playing with it. Someday these fucking programs are going to run the world. Hell, maybe they already do and just haven't told us. Well, anyway, if the Casanova could do what Lucrecia said, this just might be fun after all. As I turned to 'Retta to ask for my new penis, I saw her pouting unhappily at it. The Casanova was all limp and floppy and plastic-looking. She'd even put the tiny little E6 power cell into it already and it hadn't woken up or anything.

"Retta, honey, the A.I. wants me to calibrate it to my body."

"Hmm? Oh. Here. Maybe you can figure out how to turn it on."

"Please take a moment to stimulate yourself before inserting your end of the Casanova into your vagina. Your own natural lubrication will facilitate the neurological connection, as well as provide a sample to be distributed through the skin of the device. If you like, I have some arousing material on this data crystal to help you."

"Show us," said 'Retta. She likes porn better than I do. The attractive blond talking head zoomed back to show us the full length of her nude body. There was a darker girl with her who looked partly Asian, so the two of them were just like the two of us. The A.I. must have used our profiles to come up with a scenario that we'd find appealing. The darker girl was nestled down on the blonde's breasts, nibbling and nursing at her nipples. A deep rosy flush was quickly spreading all over the blonde's tits and upper chest as her breathing became deep and husky. Her fingers moved to her own pussy and she lazily began probing at her deep red folds. The Golden-skinned girl was kissing her now, and her own hand moved to join the blonde's. The blonde pushed the other girl's hand away. She took hold of her long, silky black hair and bent her head back, breaking their kiss.

"That's not for you today. Today you are the pussy. Do you understand me?" our A.I. hostess demanded of her partner.

"Ooo. Oh. Okay."

"That means you lean back and spread it for me, pussy girl. Do it NOW."

"Ah…" The golden girl bent back, put her hands on her knees, and opened her thighs wide for the blonde. Retta and I watched the spectacle with our hearts pounding in our throats and both our cunts gooshing out of control. This program really had our number. The blonde leaned in and scooped a finger through her lover's puss, then brought it to her mouth and sucked on it teasingly. "Touch me…?" said the golden girl.

"Oh I'll touch you. I'm gonna fuck you. I'm gonna touch you like you've never been touched. Touch you with my fucking DICK. No, STOP! You're not allowed to touch yourself."

"Oh, please? Please? I need it."

"That pussy of yours is MINE, got it? Mine for Me to Use. You just sit there and hold it open for me. There you go. That's it. Ooo, look, it's twitching. It looks hungry." She was right. The girl's pussy lips were pursing in and out. She wasn't even bucking her hips or anything, she was just throbbing. The blonde continued on: "This is the way I put in my dick. Take a good look at my own dick going into me." She produced a floppy little bit of pink plastic- a little holographic Casanova of her own… shit, this wasn't just porn designed to get us going, the A.I. had created a tutorial, specially tailored to us! She bent a little at the knees and squatted slightly as she inserted one end (not the business end) up into her puss. She gasped and shook like she'd grabbed a live power line.

"Oh, honey, are you okay?" asked the submissive darker girl.

"It's kind of intense. If you've never put one in before, it can be pretty disorienting, even overwhelming. It establishes a direct interface with my clitoral tissues. Secondary and tertiary pathways form with other sensitive areas. My pussy is very busy right now. I have a dick." Her voice had changed. It had gotten darker. More aggressive. More dangerous. She'd started out dominant, but this… I've never seen it before. The next day, 'Retta told me that she knew that look. She said it was the look that straight guys get right before they stick it in. "Hello, little girl," growled the blond, stroking her gloriously erect new cock. Damn, it was amazing. It didn't look like a plastic thing at all, it had blanched to the color of her own milky-white skin, but was somehow… musky-looking. Richer. Darker. Her fingers strolled lazily around the upper third, stroking its head and throat like she was petting a cat. "Gonna fuck you now. Gonna fuck you good."

"Oh yes, please. Put it in me. Fuck me. Fuck me with your penis."

The blonde positioned herself above her partner and maneuvered the head of her cock above the opening of her puss. Then she drew back.

"Ask nicely."

"Pretty please?"

"You'd better fucking beg me for it."

"Oh, come on, you have to! Fuck me! Please! I need it!"

"Keep going."

"You bitch! Fuck me with that cock of yours! You know how! It'll feel soooo good! Imagine it, honey, you're stroking your cock, I bet that feels good, just imagine how it'll feel when I squeeze down on it with my pussy muscles. I'm so fucking wet, I need it in me, I need a fucking, won't you please, please, shove that monster of yours all the way up in me? I neeeeeed it!" She was practically whining. She'd moved her hands lower, spreading her pink lips open. She was gaping and drooling with her nectar. I could almost smell it. No, wait, that was me.

"Okay, are you ready? Here it comes…" She continued to hover over her lover, tantalizing her, "Say 'pretty please with sugar on top'."

"Fucking GODDAMN!" screamed the wide-open pussy girl, and thrust her hips up against her lover's cock just as the blonde finally chose to bear down. Both women let out ragged grunts as their bodies met like gears twisting together. The blonde's cock plowed deeply into the girl, their eyes were screwed shut, their foreheads strained, their whole bodies were shaking like houses in a hurricane.

"Fuck. Fuck you. Fuck you and fuck you…" the blonde muttered into her lover's ear as her body worked an unfamiliar but surprisingly strong, jerky, pistoning motion. The darker girl let out a little "ih!" at the top of each thrust as the blonde speared her cock up and in. "ih! ih! ih! ih! ih! ih!" She squeaked, with her fists balled up and clutched against the blonde's lower back, pulling her in. Her heels were dug into her girlfriend's buttocks, nudging her on like a racehorse. After just a few minutes, the blonde froze and her head jerked upright with a pronounced "Nnnnn!" and a few out of control spasms that just HAD to be her orgasm.

"Mmmm. Oh, that was incredible. I know what it's like to fuck you. Fuck you with my fucking DICK. Oh, god." The blonde pulled out and we saw that her cock had gone semi-flaccid again.

"Oh, honey, you can't be done…" the golden pussy girl was groggy, drunk on the unfamiliar stimulation of heavy missionary sex.

"Shit. Oh, darling, you need more, don't you? You're not done, I didn't hold back. A man would have held back for you and let you come, but I forgot. Here." The golden girl's eyes sprung wide open as the blonde's softening cock instantly shot back into full erection. Fuller than before! At first, the thing had been fair to average size, just totally realistic, but now it was just plain BIG. I had my doubts about whether or not the lady's puss could take it. As if that wasn't enough, the blonde cocked an eyebrow and her penis sprang to life with a loud whirrrrrrr and a very visible vibration, along with something that looked like marbles grinding together in the base of it. Then the blonde turned away and looked up at me.

"You might want to hold off on trying out the advanced features right away. The first time, just be aware that your erectile response will be entirely voluntary- a little advantage of technology over nature. And, I'm required to warn you that prolonged or extensive use of this device may cause what is commonly known as "phantom limb syndrome." That's a strong physical feeling that the penis is there, usually in the form of an aching sensation, when the Casanova is not actually being worn. It's because your neural pathways will eventually realign themselves to compensate for the input of the Casanova whether it's there or not. So don't overdose on this little wonder, okay, Esme?"

"Uhm. Yeah. I understand."

"Good. Now, would you like to see more? Because it looks like 'Retta is ready to go." She bobbed her head in the direction behind me. 'Retta had stripped completely naked and laid back on the couch. She'd curled her legs up into a ball and stuffed two fingers from each hand up into her pussy and was mercilessly reaming herself, lost to all other sensation. "Of course, if you want to leave us on, we're fully interactive…"

"No. No, that's okay, thank you."

"All right. If you have any questions, or if you ever want me, or her, or both of us to entertain you again, just activate us anytime. And don't forget to wash the Casanova off with a mild medical disinfectant solution after every use. Now, if you'll excuse me, I really should fuck this beautiful cunt here until she walks bowlegged for a week." With that, she turned back to her partner and the program faded out.

I still had the floppy thing in my hand. I had my other hand in my cunt. Pulling it away, I traced a wet line of my own juices with my fingers around the base of the Casanova. It sprang to life and started twitching, looking for the interface. I put it against my crotch, and if I didn't know better, I'd say it reached out and grabbed hold of me. The instant it touched, I felt my hand around it… not with my hand, with IT. I felt the pressure of my hand with my… penis. It sprang to life and twisted around slightly, straightening itself against the centerline of my body and nestling itself up into me, taking firm hold. But I couldn't feel it up in me, I felt it AS a part of me. Weird. Deeply… ooo. Good. Very good. Shit, is this what a penis feels like? Goddamn, you guys out there don't know how good you've got it. This was fucking incredible.

I swear I didn't make my hand start moving on it. It did that all on its own. I was just enjoying how it felt, and I looked down, and I was surprised to see myself stroking it. I could feel where it was sensitive, it was almost kinda like the head was my clit, and the underside of the shaft was my G-spot, but also not like that at all. My other hand was curled around the base of it, squeezing, and it was like the pressure made it better. Oooh. Shit! I realized that I was squeezing the part where blood goes in and out… sorry where blood WOULD go in and out if it were real, and I was making it puff up a little harder in response.

God, it looked real. And felt real. Just like a part of me. It matched and everything, but it was still different, foreign, full of a life of its own. My hips were rocking. Did I do that? This thing was telling my body what to do. Somehow, I was lying back and leaning down and touching it. All those yummy sex touches that used to run along my skin and make my pussy puff up and gush were sticking straight up out of me like a flagpole, and I couldn't keep my hands off of it. The littlest touch made my whole body go ZING, but I couldn't keep it to little touches. No, I was TUGGING on it. It didn't come out or anything. Can you guys really take this kind of abuse? Goddess, it felt GREAT. It was like my whole body was just the launching platform for my rocket.

I don't know when 'Retta started watching me. I was laying back with my eyes closed, just touching myself and enjoying it. I had almost made myself come when I felt her mouth on me. I jerked forward and saw the top of my sweet lady's head start bobbing up and down on my dick.


"Mmmm." She let go with a schmacking pop and gazed up at me. "Sorry, lover. I had to taste you this way. I saw you playing with yourself, and I tried to sit back and watch, but I can't keep my hands off you. You're so goddamn sexy this way. Let me suck it. Please?" She reapplied her mouth, but didn't break eye contact, rolling her eyes all the way up as she slurped on my cock like a Popsicle. I melted into a puddle of flesh and pleasure.

I was used to having her go down on me, but it was nothing like this- everything felt so, so EXTERNAL. It was a lot less personal. Like she wasn't getting all up into me and into my body, but like she was tonguing my antenna, my thing that was broadcasting FUCK THAT'S GOOD into my brain and jamming out any other thought that might appear in there. And my girl knows how to give a champion blowjob. My hands found their way to the back of her head, just like they usually do, but before, I was trying to mush her into me, and this time, I was trying to violate her. Penetrate her mouth. Fuck her face. Goddess, that was not me. That was not me.

I remembered thinking about dinosaurs. There's one that has a little brain in its tail, because the one in its head was too small to handle it and everything else 'cause it was the size of a walnut. I thought that that's what men must be like. The penis has a little brain of its own, and every once in a while, when it gets all turned on and goes up, it just kind of takes over. It must override the big brain and hijack the body to make it fuck. That's what it did to me, cause honey, I couldn't even see straight. My pelvis was rocking into her face, her lips distended around my bone, her eyes squinched closed as she rode out my onslaught. The blurry sight made something in my head click.

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