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Christmas at Hawkwood

by in_a_hawks_world©

Dear readers, this story was written by me and my partner Midnitehawk. I hope you enjoy our story. I am sure our love and lust for each other shines thru into the story. Please write and let me know what you think and I will show all mail to Ian. We love to receive feedback on our stories.

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The kitchen smelt of apple and blackberry pie. Heat, from the oven, pervaded the whole room. It felt like Fran had been cooking all day. A streak of white gashed her forehead, and she swept some loose hair behind her ear with the back of a very floury hand. Deciding it was time for a break, she washed and dried her hands at the sink before opening the back door and sitting on her porch rocker. Her eyes circled their back yard looking for the children. Fran smiled when she saw John up near the oak tree making a mountain of snowballs. They loved the snow even if Fran wasn't too fussed. This would be there first white Christmas since moving to Hawkwood. Christmas in Australia was always in the middle of summer and usually scorching hot. But the job Ian had been offered in Abbotsville was just too good to turn down. Besides it was good for the children to experience a different country and all the things that come with it like snow.

The dogs were running around John wanting to play the game as well. Just then her son threw a snowball towards the garden shed as he yelled, "Ready or not". She saw Natalie's elfin face peek around the corner of the shed, a cheeky grin plastered across it. She had a snowball in hand and tossed it at her younger brother missing him by mere inches. The snow splattered up over the bottom of his long pants and snow boots.

"Damn Nat, you are too good a shot. Not fair!"

A giggle erupted from her mouth when Nat's next shot hit him fair in the side as he bent for another snowball. John quickly grabbed a couple of balls before ducking behind the huge trunk of the old oak. She watched him checking out the lay of the land, knowing full well he was planning his attack. There were a few apple trees scattered around the yard that he obviously hoped to use as shields as he made his way towards the shed like a young soldier in the jungle.

In Abbotsville, Ian had been clock watching all day at work, desperately willing the time to pass so he could rush home to his gorgeous wife Fran and their two wonderful kids, Nat and John. Not that he didn't always rush home to them but today was special, Christmas Eve, their first since moving to Hawkswood and the first white Christmas the kids had seen. Ian had promised to help them decorate the tree that they had picked out together and to take them sledding, but he also had plans for a night of passion with Fran, the beautiful red head who had captured his heart 15 years ago and who he still loved with the same intensity.

Snapping out of his daydream and noticing the bulge in his pants, Ian smiled to himself at the effect just thinking of Fran still had on him. At that moment a couple of the guys walked into the office

"Ian, we're going for a few drinks, are you coming?"

Realizing he had daydreamed the last hour away, Ian was eager to be home.

"Sorry guys I have some last minute shopping to do, maybe another time."

As they walked away laughing, they called back, "Yea, yea rushing home to the lovely Fran more like."

Ian smiled. He was used to the ribbing he got from his friends but took it all in fun as he knew they were secretly jealous of him. He had seen the looks they had given Fran at the first office party they went to. Fran had been dressed to kill in a figure hugging silk dress in deep burgundy slit to the thigh and with a plunging neckline that had all the guys drooling. Ian loved to show off his beautiful wife, not that he saw her as a trophy, just that he wanted the world to know how lucky he was.

Looking down at her watch, Fran saw that it was nearly time for Ian to finish work. He had told her that he would be a little late today as he wanted to get a few last presents. Most of his family was coming the next day for Christmas lunch. Fran was excited by the thought. She had come to love his folks and, as hers had both died when she was younger, Fran was quickly taking to his Mum especially. She would miss having her sisters with her to celebrate, but Ian had promised her a holiday home to Australia for next year.

She thought about the menu for Christmas lunch again. Going thru the list, she mentally checked off all the things she had prepared. The turkey had been steamed for her at a friend's restaurant and was sitting in the fridge ready for stuffing and roasting. She had all the ingredients for Ian's famous chestnut stuffing ready to go. All the vegetables were in their containers, and she would prepare them tomorrow while the turkey was cooking. A pot of cranberry sauce sat atop the stove cooling down. Her plum pudding hung in its cloth from the pots and pans rack over the bench. It swung there like a single large testicle hanging in its scrotum. A trifle was setting in the fridge ready for the whipped cream to be added, and an apple and blackberry pie was now baking in her oven. The smell was intoxicating, and Fran loved the idea that the fruit was from the trees and bushes on their property.

She laughed as she recalled the children coming home last summer covered head to toe with blackberry juice. They had carried the bucket which was half full of the juicy ripe berries. Their faces testified to what had happened to the other half. That had been the afternoon that Ian had found her in the kitchen preparing dinner and had made love to her in there. Her body started to tremble as she recalled how he had started by nuzzling the back of her neck. His hands had snaked around her to caress and tease her nipples, causing her to go weak at the knees.

"Where are our Nat and John, love?" He had asked.

"I sent them out to pick a bucket of blackberries." She had answered croakily.

Ian had then proceeded to unbutton her blouse and hitch her skirt up before he had picked her up to deposit her on the work bench. Starting at her mouth, he kissed her all over working his way steadily down towards her feet. By the time he had got to her now sopping wet pussy, Fran was shaking with want. He pushed aside the black thong she wore.

"Oh God, Ian, please fuck me," she had pleaded, but he had continued his onslaught on her, rubbing the tip of his nose on her hard little clit as his tongue entered her, licking around the walls of her vagina.

"Please love, I need something inside me. Please fuck me," Fran again implored.

Ian's answer was to reach for the cucumber on the bench waiting to be chopped up in the salad and pushed it inside her before she realized what he was doing. At first she baulked at this strange object entering her, but her pussy had other ideas and as Ian started to fuck her with it, her body built its crescendo before erupting into an earth moving orgasm. Ian removed the cucumber and tossed it in the rubbish bin before turning back to her with his head bent. Moving his mouth to her pussy once again, he started to suck and slurp at the juices pouring out of her.

He had picked her up then carried her to their bedroom. On their bed, Ian had made sweet tender love to her bringing her to another orgasm before spilling his seed deep inside. They had lain together snuggling after as was their practice. Then descending the stairs, they had walked out to the porch where they sat waiting together for the kids to return from their blackberry picking.

A loud smacking noise brought her out of her reverie. John had landed a snowball on Nat and was laughing as he continued to pelt her with more. Fran looked at her watch again, wondering if Ian had finished his shopping yet and on his way home to them. She called to the children that they had ten more minutes then time to feed the animals and have their baths.

"Awww!" complained John. "We have only just started."

"Ten minutes!" Fran said sternly before smiling at them and entering the kitchen.

Sending up a silent prayer that the traffic would be light and the shops not too crowded, Ian started the car and headed downtown. It was a long drive out to Hawkswood but it was worth having to commute to work so the kids had plenty of space, John to explore the woods, always with the dogs by his side. So much like Fran in looks but so full of mischief, Ian chuckled to himself thinking of all the times he came running home clothes torn, covered in mud with his latest prize to show his mum, usually some creepy crawly that had Fran and Nat screaming as he chased them.

"Dammit, Ian, stop encouraging him," was Fran's usual response. "He's such a tease, just like you."

Nat was different, tall and slender with the first hint of the beauty she will have in just a few short years. Her passion was riding, which she did every chance she got, looking so graceful astride her pony.

The smell of the pie filled Fran's senses as she walked into the room. Going to the stove, she checked and found it was ready. Fran donned her oven mitts and removed the pie from the stove, placing it on the cooling rack near the window. She turned and quickly started cleaning up the mess. Stacking and setting the dishwasher, she gave the counter another quick wipe over before heading to the back door to call the children inside.

The dogs ran inside first, heading directly to their food bowls. Stumps were wagging as they anxiously waited for their supper to be served. John followed thru the door, complaining as always when he had to stop playing and come in. His cheeks were flushed with excitement matching his red hair. He looked like a young male version of his mother. The same strawberry blond hair with just a hint of a curl. The same smattering of freckles arching his nose as hers had when she was his age. The same deep grey/blue eyes that lit up with the excitement of life. Nat brought up the rear, shutting the door behind her. She was tall for her age and had a body that threatened to curve in all the right places in a few years time. She was the image of her dad but in a pretty way. Her dark hair was cut short in an elfin style, framing her pretty face. Her large eyes were surrounded with the longest, darkest lashes making her hazelly brown pupils light up. But she wasn't all her dad. Nat's long legs were from her mother's genes. Ian had often groaned that he would need a shotgun to keep all the prospective boy friends at bay and it looked like he would be right.

"Mum, snow is awesome!" John expounded for the hundredth time in the last week.

He went to the fridge removing the scraps of meat set in there for the dogs and filling up the plates. Greedily the dogs gulped at their food, growling at each other if they threatened to invade the other's space.

"Please go have your baths now. Don't make me tell you again," Fran ordered them. "Your Dad should be home anytime now, and we have to finish trimming the Christmas tree before dinner."

They headed out of the kitchen, and she heard them stomping up the stairs. Fran headed thru the door to the lounge room, the dogs, now finished eating, following her. She picked up the huge box of ornaments from the side table and brought it closer to the tree. It was an enormous evergreen, Ian and the children had picked. She wondered once again how they would reach the top to place the angel on the tip. The angel's wing tips would only just clear the ceiling when she was set in her position.

Looking outside, Fran saw that it was starting to get dark. She walked to the light switch, turning it on. Then to the power point that controlled the Christmas lights that Ian, John and Nat had put up outside a few weeks ago. She turned it on and saw the blue lights flashing around the windows and eaves. She had wrapped all the presents the day before, and they now lay beside the tree ready to be opened the next day. There were a few more to come including the ones Ian was getting on the way home. Two still lay hidden in their bedroom, the tags reading with love from Santa. These would come out when they were tucked up in bed fast asleep.

"Not that they really believe in Santa anymore," Fran said a little sadly.

After going to the stereo and turning it on, she walked to the sofa, sitting down to relax. Christmas carols belted out of the speakers. It was Nat's favorite song "I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus." She still giggles when she hears it even though she had just turned thirteen. Fran relaxed back on the sofa and reminisced about their first Christmas together. It was in Australia some fifteen years ago. They had met at a hotel Ian was staying in on a business trip and had instantly fallen in love as well as lust. They had become an item and a short month later it was Christmas.

Ian had asked her what she would like for Christmas, and she had jokingly replied, just him. Christmas morning she had woken next to him and when she opened her eyes, saw that he was laying there on his side looking at her. Her eyes followed his body downwards and she giggled when she saw his huge erection tied with a big red bow.

"Mmmmm all for me?" she had asked chuckling.

Ian had proceeded to make love to her slowly and sensually making her cum three times before letting himself release. As they had lain snuggling in each others arms after, Ian had turned to his bedside table removing a small box. He had opened it and removed the most beautiful solitaire diamond ring. Placing it on her finger, he asked her to marry him. There was never a hesitation. Fran knew they were soul mates and destined to be together.

"Yes." She answered before kissing him deeply.

They had then made love again, both getting extremely sweaty in the heat of their passion as well as the promise of the heat to come with the day.

Just then Nat and John came bounding into the room, bringing her out of her reverie.

"Dad not home yet!" John said in disappointment.

"He shouldn't be much longer love," his mother replied.

Fran was getting a little anxious herself. He should have been home some time ago. She thought perhaps that he had decided to buy extra presents and was having trouble deciding on what. Worry creased her brow and she prayed that was all that was holding him up. She got up to go to the phone, thinking to call his mobile. But when she lifted the receiver it was dead. No dial tone was to be detected at all.

"Damn phone company, that's the third time this week. Oh well, that would explain why he hadn't rang to tell her he would be late." She thought to herself.

"Okay kids, looks like Dad is gonna be late so you may as well start hanging the baubles on the lower branches," Fran said with a pretend joviality. She was really getting worried about her husband but didn't want the kids to see that worry.

Reaching the shopping mall Ian quickly headed to the boutique where he had seen the perfect gift for Fran. Walking past the sexy lingerie on display his thoughts drifted back to the time he came home early and caught Fran dusting wearing just a black lace apron and tiny black thong, her legs encased in sheer black stockings.

With her back to him Ian had sneaked behind her wrapping his arms around her his lips brushing across her neck as his hands slipped beneath the apron to tease her nipples.

" Mmmmm you're early love, " Fran moaned as she reached behind to stroke the length of his already hard cock through his trousers.

As he continued his soft kisses on her neck and across her shoulder, Ian's hand slowly slid down Fran's body across her flat stomach until he reached the tiny strip of hair that meant her clit was only inches from his fingertips. Stopping there as he rolled one nipple gently between his fingers and thumb, he felt Fran stand on tip toe trying to move her clit towards his fingers.

"Please Ian don't teas,." Fran whispered then moaned softly as one fingertip began slowly circling her clit her legs parting as her hand tore at his pants to release his throbbing cock.

As it slipped between her thighs, Ian could feel her warm wet pussy lips around the shaft, the tip of his cock touching her clit as his finger continued stroking it. Turning in his arms, lips finding his in a hungry kiss, Fran ripped off his shirt her nails scratching lightly across his chest.

Breaking free from their kiss Fran gasps, "Fuck me, Ian, please, I've been waiting all day for this."

Lifting her in his arms, her legs around him, Ian had lowered her until just the tip of his cock entered her pussy moving his hips slowly.

Nipping his shoulder gently with her teeth Fran whispers, "Stop teasing and fuck me hard," and with one movement Ian lowers Fran onto his hard throbbing cock burying it deep in her pussy. Then, pushing her against the wall, begins fucking her with long, slow strokes, his wiry pubic hair rubbing against her clit.

Fran's nails rake his back leaving bloody marks as her orgasm builds. Sensing she's ready and feeling her pussy gripping his shaft, Ian slams his cock in faster, fucking her wildly, balls tightening as he races to cum with her. Their moans become one as her body rocks with orgasm and his cock explodes deep inside her.

At that moment Ian's attention returns to the present, and he blushes when he notices a young salesgirl staring at the obvious erection he has.

"Can I help you sir?" she giggles.

Blushing even more Ian quickly picks out the gift he has already chosen for Fran, a burgundy satin basque with matching thong that he knows will look perfect on her.

As he pays for it, the salesgirl smiles and with a twinkle in her eye says, "I hope you both enjoy that. You looked like you did choosing it."

Blushing once more and grinning from ear to ear Ian replies, "I'm sure we will," and rushes out anxious to be home.

In Hawkswood, the children started to hang some balls. Natalie was telling John where he should put them. Of course as per usual he was ignoring her and hanging them where he pleased. Two of the dogs lay crouched around their feet, their short tails thumping against the carpet. Hovis had seen the balls and thought they were to have a game of fetch. He pranced around them waiting for them to throw a ball to him.

"Aagh sit down, Hovis." said Nat. "You will knock over the Christmas tree."

But Hovis continued to circle the box which contained all the bright balls. John held up some silver bells that tinkled as he moved them.

"This was Nana's, right Mum?" he asked her.

"Yes love," his mother answered. "It's such a shame that she never got to meet the both of you or your Dad," she added wistfully.

"Tell us about Christmas when you were a girl, Mum," Nat asked.

She was always in for a story, our Nat. Their Mum sat back and recounted some things that they had done or had happened around Christmas when she was a child. The children sat engrossed even though they had heard most of the stories before. Bing Cosby was singing "White Christmas" in the background. Fran glanced at her watch and saw it was past time for them to have their supper.

"Well, we may as well start our dinner, kids. Looks like your Dad has been held up."

Driving along, Ian's thoughts turn to his family and what they would be doing now, Fran would be in the kitchen busy preparing for Christmas day, her hair tied back in a pony tail which somehow made her look even sexier than normal. All his favorite dishes would be prepared, and Ian's mouth began to water as he imagined the aroma that would greet him when he got home.

The kids would be outside playing in the snow, John throwing snowballs at Nat who would pretend to sulk before chasing after him and rolling him in the snow as the dogs darted between them wanting to join in the fun. Fran, he knew would have one eye on the baking and the other on the kids smiling at their rough and tumble games and careful to call them in before they got too cold knowing they would never admit it themselves. As he smiled to himself thinking he would soon be home and in Fran's arms, hopefully long enough for a long passionate kiss before the kids noticed he was home, Ian noticed the car was losing power.

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