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Mother In Law's Gift Ch. 02

by droopy dog©

Karen called her daughter Jill on Saturday a couple of weeks later.

"Jill honey, I hate to be a bother, but my kitchen sink is leaking and there's water everywhere. Do you think Rick would mind coming over to check it out?" Karen asked

Jill told her mom she was sure Rick wouldn't mind. As he went about getting his tools from the garage Jill strolled in.

"Damn, for an attached garage it sure is cold in here. See what I mean!" Jill said

Rick turned to see his wife standing there in her tiniest bikini panties and one of his undershirts. He believed they were now called wife beater t-shirts. Rick felt his cock getting hard just looking at Jill's hard nipples through the thin white fabric. He started making excuses about not finding the right tools and keeping Karen waiting. Jill peeled off her shirt and brushed her tits against his back as he bent over the tool chest. Still mumbling he turned to look in the garage loft. Jill became frustrated sensing she wasn't going to succeed with her seduction. She said something that froze Rick in his tracks.

"What are you rushing to mom's house for? You hurrying over there to fuck her instead of me?" Jill asked

Rick feigned a surprise look and an even faker laugh and said, "Yeah right Jill. She's over there in her garter belt and heels bent over the kitchen sink just waiting for me!

Jill instantly felt like a heel for accusing Rick of this.

"Oh you know I'm just teasing. The way you are always doing things for mom, you would probably give her some of your cock if she asked! Jill told him

"You know me, always willing to please the family." Rick laughed

He gave Jill's nipples a good firm tug and suggested she visit the adult store that was a few miles away. He told her to find some new "slutwear" as he liked to call it or even a new dildo. They would spend the evening trying them out. When Rick arrived at Karen's house she was waiting by the door to let him in. She led him to the kitchen. Rick could see that she had evidently cleaned up most of the mess as the place was spotless. He looked under the sink and noticed that everything had recently been wet.

After a bit of troubleshooting he told Karen, "Looks like it's only your P-trap that's come loose. I should be able to fix that in a jiffy."

Rick went to his truck, retrieved a couple of wrenches and came back. His mother in law was no where to be found. He figured she was in the restroom or downstairs busy with laundry. He set to work on the P-trap. He decided he might as well replace the gaskets while he was there. As he was tightening everything down he heard Karen's footsteps on the kitchen floor.

"I replaced your gaskets while I was down here too." He told her

She replied, "I have something else for you to do while you're down there."

Rick rose up enough to afford himself a partial view from beneath the sink. From his vantage point he saw a pair of stiletto heels and legs that were encased in off black stockings which were held up with a satin garter belt. All of this sexy lingerie perfectly framed his mother in laws gloriously thick bush.

As he wriggled from under the sink, he lay flat on his back and said, "Why Mom, what ever did you have in mind?"

Karen laughed lustily and squatted directly over his face.

As Rick plunged his tongue in her sopping snatch she said, "I haven't been able to think of anything else but you and your tongue and cock since you gave me my birthday fucking. That damned old sink has dripped forever. It was the perfect excuse to get you here."

Rick just continued lapping at her thick cunt lips. Karen moaned as she rocked back and forth on his tongue. Rick reached up and took both of her erect nipples between is fingers and thumbs. As he began his assault on her clit he pinched and twisted her nipples hard. This just caused her to hump his face harder. Before Rick could get her off, Karen stood and told him to remove his clothes. Rick quickly stripped and lay back down where he had been. Karen straddled his face once again, only this time they were in the 69 position. As Rick placed his hands on his mother in laws ass cheeks, she swallowed the entire length of his cock. Rick groaned loudly and buried his tongue in Karen's ass hole. He in turn heard Karen moan with her mouth full of cock. It became sort of a game to them. As long as Karen licked and sucked at his cock and balls, Rick kept his tongue on her clit. As soon as she deep throated him, he would tongue fuck her ass. Rick felt Karen's impending orgasm and intensified his work on her clit. He sucked her clit and nipped at it with his teeth, which drove Karen over the edge. As she began coming she swallowed Rick's cock once again. As she done it this time though, she inserted one of her fingers in Rick's ass. That was all it took. Rick began bucking and thrashing on the kitchen floor. He tried desperately to keep his mouth on Karen's cunt. Karen had her finger in his ass and his pulsating cock down her throat. She could feel his hot load sliding down her throat as she finger fucked her son in law's ass.

As they were lying spent on the kitchen floor, Rick said, "Well mom that was certainly something new. I guess you turned the tables on me for a change huh?"

Karen told him she just wanted him to have some of the pleasure he had given her. She stood up and told Rick to follow her to the living room. Rick admired her shapely ass as she walked in front of him down the hallway.

She asked Rick, "Are you ready for another go round? Momma wants some butt fucking!"

Rick said he wasn't so sure he could recover that quick or not. Karen told him to sit on the edge of the couch and lean back and enjoy. Karen knelt between her son in laws legs and ran her tongue up and down the length of his semi hard cock. She slowly sucked each one of his big balls into her mouth. Rick could feel the stirrings of another hard on developing. Karen then began stroking his shaft as she bent lower. Rick's cock made a noticeable increase in size as Karen stuck her tongue in his ass. She was matching strokes on his cock with the thrusts of her tongue in his ass. Rick's cock was fully erect in seconds. Karen stood and straddled Rick on the couch. He pushed his cock in her wet snatch with one mighty thrust. Karen leaned forward and thrust her tongue in Rick's mouth as she rode him. Even though minutes earlier both their tongues had been in their lovers ass, neither cared. They were both too horny to care. "Fuck momma's hairy pussy, fuck it good." Karen shouted as she rode Rick

Rick noticed that the taboo act of doing her son in law was almost as erotic to Karen as the sex itself was. Rick took hold of Karen's hips and physically lifted her up and down on his cock. Karen ordered her son in law not to shoot his load.

"I want that cock up my ass when you shoot this time" she said to him

Rick stopped pumping several times and squeezed the base of his cock to keep from coming.

Playing one of her own games Rick said, "I'm going to fuck mom's sweet ass now."

Rick lifted Karen from his cock and stood up. He pulled the couch out from the wall and bent Karen over on of the deep arms. In this position Karen's ass was sticking straight up in the air.

"What about some lube?" Karen asked

"Don't you worry about lube you little cock slut! I'll take care of the lube." Rick said to his mother in law."

His forceful language made Karen shiver from head to toe. True to his word, Rick lubed Karen's ass. He bent down and stuck his tongue as deep in her ass as he could get it. He had to hold Karen's hips still as he thrust his hot slippery tongue up her ass hole.

Rick then stepped around in front of Karen and said, "Wet my cock you little whore."

Karen spit on Rick's big throbbing head and quickly spread it around with her tongue. Rick stepped back behind her and spat on her asshole as well. Karen groaned loudly as he began pushing himself up momma's ass.

Little did either of them realize the events that were about to transpire. Right outside the door Jill was parking her car. She had been to the adult toy store and wanted to show her mom her purchases. She was surprised to see Rick's truck still here. She clutched her shopping bag and entered the door quietly. As the kitchen was in the front of the house, she figured on surprising Rick under the sink. As she peeked around the corner she noticed nothing in the kitchen, except for a pile of clothing that looked like RICK'S. Almost instantly she heard noises from the living room. Jill crept silently down the hall and looked around the corner. There right before her eyes was her naked husband behind her mother (dressed in slutwear mind you) fucking her to within an inch of her life. Upon closer inspection Jill realized her husbands big thick cock was buried up her own mother's ass. The longer Jill watched the wetter her pussy became. Rick was pounding mom's ass good. Jill found herself reaching into her own pants and rubbing her hard clit. She quickly retreated to the kitchen and opened her bag. When she walked down the hall again she was wearing a red waist cincher, red stockings and 5 inch stiletto pumps. Her big tits hung beautifully over the cincher's top.

As she stepped into the living room she said, "Is this your guy's definition of plumbing?"

Karen screamed and Rick's dick instantly wilted. It slid out of Karen's stretched ass with a plop. Rick began stammering and stuttering while Karen seemed ready to burst into tears. Jill enjoyed their discomfort for a while and let them squirm. Karen then blurted out the whole story. She told Jill how Rick had made her feel on her birthday. How her self esteem was practically gone. She was quick to add what a great lover he was too. Jill said she was glad her mom had chosen someone "safe" to have her fun with.

"The part that pisses me off is, WHY WASN'T I INVITED?" Jill said as she thrust her big tits in her husbands face.

As Rick went to work on his wife's big tits he noticed Karen quietly leaving the room. He whispered to Jill, "Watch this."

"Where do you think you're going cock slut?" he shouted to Karen

"I figured you two wanted to be alone." Karen replied.

"Get back over here and bend over. I've still got a load to shoot up your ass!" Rick commanded

Karen rushed back over and gave her son in law and daughter both a kiss before bending back over the couch arm. Jill stroked her husband's cock back to life and placed it at her mom's ass.

"Spit on her ass hole and my cock too." Rick told his wife

As she did this Rick told Jill to place her hands on her mom's ass cheeks and spread them. The sight of Jill's manicured long red nails on her mother's ass cheeks made Rick's cock throb. Soon he was buried once again and butt fucking Karen like there was no tomorrow. Jill stood on the couch and offered her pussy to Rick as he fucked. Here he was, cock buried in his mother in laws ass and tongue buried in his wife's pussy.

Karen looked over her shoulder to see what was going on. "That's it, lick her. Lick that little tramps cunt!" Karen said

Her mother's vulgar language sent Jill over the top. She pulled Rick's head deep in her crotch as she came on his face. As soon as Jill stepped away Rick let it be known, his orgasm was not far behind. Jill knelt beside the pair, and with one hand she massaged her husband's balls. With the other hand she began pinching and rolling her mom's hard nipples. She felt Rick's balls contract as he began shooting his load in her mom's ass. The sensation of Rick's jizz and the stimulation of her nipples made Karen go over too. All three of them collapsed on the couch when it was over. As they lay there talking, Karen informed Jill of both her and Rick's new found attraction for ass play. Jill let them know that the days festivities were no where near over.

"I've not had any cock yet! You two go get showered and get back down here." Jill told them "And mom, keep your slutwear on. I like it"

Rick and Karen showered and were back in less than half an hour. Rick lay back on the couch and admired his two women. Jill with her trimmed snatch and big tits and Karen with her thick full bush and permanently erect brown nipples. The women got on each side of Rick and began showering his cock and balls with kisses. He let his hands roam over their asses and tits. Jill felt her husbands cock actually pulse as her mom went lower to stab at his ass with her tongue. Soon Jill was down there rimming her husband too. After a while Jill stood and walked over to the love seat. She got on her knees in the floor and hiked one leg up on the seat. Rick knew what she wanted and was immediately behind her. He took hold of her ass cheeks and slid his cock up her wet pussy. Jill groaned and pushed back. Karen came over and lay on the floor next to them for a close up view. Every fourth or fifth stroke Rick would pull his cock out of his wife and let his mother in law lick it clean. Jill would yelp as he slammed it home again. Having his third erection of the day, he felt like he could fuck for hours. When she wasn't licking her daughter's pussy juice from her son in law's cock, Karen licked Rick's balls and ass. With a free hand Rick would stroke Karen's clit.

"Hey, your mom needs some more cock too you know! Karen said

As Rick pulled his meat out Jill stood up.

"I bought just the thing we need here today." Jill exclaimed and disappeared down the hall

Rick went down and enjoyed his mother in law's hairy pussy while Jill was out of the room. When Jill returned she was wearing a strop on dildo. The strap fit snuggly around her waist and supported a big realistic black cock. She walked up to her mom and stuck it in her face. Karen giggled, got on her hands and knees and started sucking Jill's cock. Rick knelt behind Karen and began fucking her. When Karen had lubricated the black dong with her saliva, Jill stepped around and knelt behind her mom. As she grasped her mom's hips, she slowly pushed the cyber skin cock in her mother's pussy. Rick got behind Jill and did likewise. The trio developed a rhythm and was soon fucking like a machine. Karen was the first to come.

Her fingernails dug into the carpet as she screamed, "Fuck mommy's pussy with your big black dick!"

Jill gave her plenty of long deep strokes as her mom came. Karen rolled on her back and played with herself as she watched her son in law pound her daughter.

"Fuck her up the ass Rick! Fuck her up the ass." Karen said

"Uh uh, no way I'm leaving this hot pussy now." Rick replied

Karen reached under her daughter and stroked her clit while Rick pummeled her pussy from behind. When she felt Jill release, Karen sucked her own daughter's nipples while she had her orgasm. The sight of mother and daughter together was too much for Rick. Me pulled Jill's hips to him and stayed perfectly still as his cock shot pulse after pulse of jizz deep in his wife. Karen turned into somewhat of a sixty-nine position and was in the right spot when Rick pulled his cock from Jill. Karen fastened her mouth to Jill's pussy and proceeded to eat her son in law's seed from her daughter's pussy. The action of her mom's tongue caused Jill to have another quick orgasm.

Later as the three of them soaped each other up in the huge shower stall, Karen suggested that they just stay the entire weekend with her. Both Rick and Karen readily agreed.

Written by: droopy dog

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