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Cock Tease Sister

by beenthere2©

I am Stacy, nineteen, the only daughter in our house. I have a younger brother, Justin, who is 18. We live with our parents who are both in their late 40's. I am 5'10", 135lbs, and have long brown hair and brown eyes. I am tall, with a 36" inseam, which means I have very long sexy legs.

I am on my College's track team this year so I have really toned legs. I have 34c breasts too.. I love to tease most any guy, and easily can get any guys attention just by walking by, shaking my pretty little ass, or showing some leg or breast.

The one guy I love teasing the most is my younger brother Justin. He is a senior in high school and is definitely a leg man. I usually walk around the house with either my track shorts(very short) or my very short mini skirts on, usually with bare legs(cause I tan regularly). I noticed a year or so ago that Justin would watch me as I walked by. Nothing much came of that but it caught my attention.

After a few times, I thought I noticed his cock becoming hard, so I would continue stolling by him, until I could definitely see that he was in fact hard. It turned me on knowing that my younger brother was aroused just by me walking by him.

I have thought for some time that someone was taking my panties out of my hamper too. Several times I washed my panties and found white stains that I knew weren't my usual cum stains or pee. I figured that my brother was taking my panties out, sniffing them and jerked off into them. I again thought that was kinda sexy, that he would jerk off into my panties, thinking my scent that enticing.

That is when my plan to tease the living shit out of him started. I would brush up against him when we were watching tv, and sometimes sat right next to him on the couch. I would deliberately be wearing something very short or maybe even my nightie, which is nothing more than a long t shirt. I would inch the material up my thighs as I was sitting, and look over to see that Justin was watching me out of the corner of his eye.

I knew that he was a leg man cause most of his girls looked like me, tall, great legs and usually athletic. I would softly rub my legs, starting at my knees and rub up to the top of my thighs, very close to my moist panties.

I would in fact, get very wet from teasing him, which excited me even more. I also would look at his crotch, and always he had this pup tent he would try to cover either with a blanket or his hands. I continued to tease him by uncrossing and then re-crossing my long legs, causing him to stir in his seat uncomfortably. The poor boy was putty in my hands and didn't even know it. I love putting baby oil on my long legs and having Justin get hard watching me rub the oil in my skin.

I also teased him while we are eating at the family table. I usually sat across the table from him, and would play footsie with him, playfully placing my bare feet on his feet, rubbing up his legs, to his knees. As I got bolder, I even got my foot onto his lap and felt his hard cock. I couldn't believe how hard he was, and just left my foot laying against it a few seconds and then removed it. He must have know I was aware of his hard on but never said a word or acted like it bothered him.

I actually increased my teasing with him as time went on. I remember one time, sitting in the living room, I was rubbing baby oil on my recently shaved legs. He kept on staring at me, almost drooling. I slowly and deliberately dripped oil on my calves, knees and thighs as he watched. I would ever so slowly rub it into my already soft skin. Why he didn't just jump me right there I'll never know.

I actually think I saw a wet spot on his shorts once or twice which I know think was probably his pre-cum. I would usually get so aroused I would go into my bedroom and finger myself to a wet and wild orgasm. I loved to taste myself, and would think of my brother licking off my fingers, making me cum yet again.

I had never actually touched his cock, just teased him unmercifully for about 6 months. I felt I wanted to tease him even more, and waited for one day when our parents were both at work. I was home on break, and Justin came home from school early. I was in one of my teasing moods, so immediately I changed into a pair of jogging shorts, a t shirt(2 sizes too small) and took off my socks.

I told him I had just come back from a walk and had gotten a cramp in my left leg. I asked him if he would rub it out for me. He smiled at me and said okay. I went into the front room and sat on the couch with my legs straight out. I pointed to my left leg, and said the cramp started just above my left knee, on the underside. I placed my left leg into his lap, and left my right leg right next to him. Justin began, somewhat embarrassed, to rub my left leg with his hands. I said he could press a little harder to get out the cramp.

I felt his hands tighten up, and he began to get into it. He started rubbing my leg, swirling his fingers and thumb as he kneaded my "aching" leg.

I moaned and said that it was feeling better and he should rub a little higher. He was already up to the hem on my shorts, so I moved a little closer to him. He started rubbing under my shorts, and I could see that his cock was very hard. My brother had gotten another boner from just rubbing my leg. I waited a few more minutes as he continued rubbing up my thigh. As he got close to my panties, I moved my other leg right into his lap, and again rested my foot against his stiff cock.

I didn't rub him, just left my foot right against him. He moved a little, causing my foot to rub against his pants. He moved again, and my foot kept right next to his cock. It was his turn to moan, and I knew I had him good. I said that he could stop rubbing my leg cause my cramp was gone, and that I see that he might have a little problem. He got red in the face, and I said that it was my turn to help him. I moved my foot right next to his cock, which I could feel throb even thru his clothing.

I rubbed my foot up and down next to his pants covered cock, and again he moved up to meet my foot. He started to protest, but I said to lay back and relax...I know you want me to do this...After only a few strokes of my foot, I saw the little tell-tale wet spot from his precum, and then I heard him moan and saw white cum flow from his pants. I had actually made my younger brother cum from rubbing my legs on his pants covered cock. I got such a power rush from making him cum that I also came, just from jerking him off.

But the best feeling I got was when I placed my bare foot on his warm cum and rubbed it into my skin. I think that is when I fell in love with my brothers cum. Since then, I have jerked him off with nothing between his beautiful cock and my skin. I tease him by rubbing my sexy legs on his, and he ends up jerking his cock off, sending his streams of cum all over my feet and legs.

I have tit fucked his cock too, which lands his youthful cum all over my face, neck and chin. Justin has asked, and I have given him many pairs of my worn panties and he gives them back to me filled with his thick, boyish cum. I love smelling my own panties with his cum on them, and he loves it when I wear them after he's cum in them.

I now sit and watch tv with him and our parents, only now we are both covered by blankets, and I rub my legs on his uncovered cock, making him cum all over me and the blankets.

He is mine completely. Even when he goes out on dates, I have him jerk off two or three times on my legs and breasts just so he won't get so easily turned on by his dates. I know that's sick but I want all of his cum and don't want to share. I now walk into his bedroom, and he starts jerking off himself for me.

I love it when he jerks off on my thighs and on my bare breasts the best. He now wants to cum directly on my face and in my mouth. I have tasted his cum , licking it off my fingers after spreading it on my skin, and after tit-fucking him, and he loves to see me lick my fingers clean. I in turn allow him to lick my pussy juice covered fingers after I masturbate in front of him. In the past year, I probably have watched him cum on me over a hundred times.

We have not had actual intercourse...yet. Maybe for his 19th birthday.

Written by: beenthere2

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