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My Boss & His Wife

by Gregorz©

I was amazed. I'd never seen my boss without a three-piece-suit -- never seen his tie loosened. And here he was barefoot in some kind of hooded druid-like robe. 'Twas different.

I'd been working late and was dropping off papers at his house.

He was a short stocky man; not at all fat, but thick. Looked so natural in his three-piece-suits, with his shaved head, wiry blonde goatee, and tinted glasses. He seldom spoke, which was a bit spooky. He passed notes.

But here he was, and he looked even more natural in his splotchy druid suit.

His wife popped into the hall. She cocked her head and wiggled hello with her toes.

I'd met her many times. Usually she wore tank-tops, which showed off her tattoos. Now she was wearing another druid suit, and I couldn't see any of her extensive tattooing. She was a tall thin Korean woman, with a midwestern suburban twang. I couldn't guess her age. She talked freely.

She cocked her head the other way and told me to come in for some wine. So, of course, I did.

As I sat chatting on the couch, I wondered whether I was an interruption or take-out food. They sat on a couch opposite me, five feet of open carpet all that was between us.

She did most of the talking, he did none. The wine was fine. She asked about my girlfriends, and pressed for sexual details. She was so alluring, curled up on her couch in her hooded cowl. I started telling her things that I hadn't told anybody. Then he started rubbing his cock through his robe.

This was new for me. So were the druid suits, but this was a more noticable first. I stopped chatting mid-sentence. She responded by scooting over to her husband and theatrically lifting his robe. His legs were thick and hairy. Blonde hair, pale flesh. She lifted it higher, and there was his naked erect cock.

Now, this was for sure a landmark new moment. I'd never seen, in the flesh, an erect human penis that wasn't mine. His was shorter and a lot fatter than mine. T'was thick, pale, and uncut. (I'm cut, and cross about it.)

I'd been getting hard, too, but this sight deflated me at once. Then, keeping her eyes on mine, she started to suck his cock.

My dick got suddenly hard again.

She explored his foreskin with her pointed tongue. Then she slurped it down inch by inch, all the while glancing up at me and fondling his balls. My erection was becoming uncomfortable in my pants.

Suddenly, she let him out of her mouth, and started to crawl over to me on her hands and knees. She took my pants down to my ankles and took my engorged dick into her hands.

He followed her. He threw her robe up, exposing her naked lower half, and with a squilch shoved his cock into her pussy. I saw that her tattoos went all the way down her spine and around her buttocks. Very artistic.

When she took my whole dick in one gulp it became my first three-way. They seemed practiced in how they thrust and pulled in unison. She groaned and ooo'd and aaah'd. He was silent and never took his eyes off mine.

I was about to come, when she pulled hard on my nuts. Ow!

Then she pulled off both of us. She slithered onto the couch and pulled up the robe, showing me her vulva. 'Twas wet and swollen, with a narrow whisp of dark hair above.

"Fuck me hard," she said.

Naturally, I dove in. She wrapped her legs around mine, and her arms around my shoulders. I pushed my dick all the way in and held it there, bobbing. 'Twas wonderful.

Then I felt fingers on my nuts, rubbing and fondling gently. This was very new -- they were his fingers. Then he sucked on my nuts a little, gently.

I struggled briefly, but she was strong. "Relax -- it'll be easier," she cooed before clamping her teeth onto my earlobe.

Then he went to work on my poor anus. And yeah this was all new. He greased me up, stretched me out with his fingers, and plunged his fat cock up my ass.

All the while she was milking my dick with her vaginal muscles. He had one hand on my hip and the other on my back as he humped my virgin cornhole. I could hardly move. His big balls slapped into mine.

I came, long and deep. Then he came. All I felt was heat in my bowels and pain in my butt. He jerked a bit, then disengaged and went to the bathroom to wash up.

She let me go, and I rolled off her onto the carpet. She handed me my wine. I sat there and chugged it, with my pants around my ankles, and made a nasty stain on their carpet from my poor arsehole.

I was gone before he came out of the bathroom. Not long after, I found a new job. I don't think she ever came. I never did see her tits.

Written by: Gregorz

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