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My Two Lovers

by dreamingjeanne©

My two lovers

I have two lovers. They know about each other, and are in fact, friends. I have a favorite fantasy that I'd like to share with you:

Mark is visiting and we've asked Rick to come over for dinner one evening. After satisfying our culinary appetites, we move to the living room, where I end up sitting between them on the couch. During all our talking, I can't help but wonder what it would feel like to have both of them touching me at the same time. I look to my right and give Mark a naughty grin, then look to the left at Rick with the same grin. They both know me well enough to know what that grin means. Mark and Rick exchange a look that I don't quite catch, and quite quickly the talk turns from reminiscing to sex. Then, just as quickly, there is no more talking. They are both very good kissers, and I become very wet just from being kissed by both of them.

My couch is very large, but not large enough for three, so I rise and take them both by the hand and lead them to my room. We barely pass the threshold when clothes start coming off. Mine mostly, at first. I have a fleeting thought that it's not quite fair that I'm fully naked before either of them, but it's a very fleeting thought because my naked skin is being caressed and kissed by two mouths and four hands and I am soon incapable of any coherent thought whatsoever! I'm not quite sure how we manage to position ourselves with me in the middle, but it affords me the chance to finish removing Mark's clothes. Poor Rick has to finish his himself! I reach my right hand around behind me and stroke Rick's cock while my left hand strokes Mark's. Mark is kissing one side of my neck while Rick is kissing the other and hearing both of them moan at the same time almost sends me over the edge. I love the feel of Rick's long, thick, hot cock against the small of my back as he presses against me. My knees go weak when Rick slides his hands across and up my ribs to cup my breasts. Mark is kissing his way down my stomach and over my belly on his way to my bare pussy. I almost come when Mark kisses my clit, and it's a really good thing Rick is holding me up by the breasts or I would have collapsed in a heap right then and there! Judiciously, we move to the bed.

At that point, we are all so close to orgasm that none of us want to spend any more time on preliminaries. Mark takes control and directs Rick to lie on the bed and tells me to straddle him. Mark's voice has always aroused me, even when not talking dirty, so when he tells me to slide Rick's cock into my dripping wet hole, I can't refuse. Mark positions himself behind me, pressing close to me, sandwiching his cock between our bodies. His left arm is around my waist, guiding my movements up and down on Rick's cock. His right hand is gently rubbing my clit. I'm so lost in the sensations that I'm a little startled to feel Rick's mouth on my breast. He gently scrapes his teeth over my nipple and I moan in ecstasy. Mark is still rubbing my clit and stops when he realizes how close I am to coming. He makes me stop all movement for a minute or so, causing me to calm down just a bit. When my breathing slows, he starts moving me up and down again. I'm enjoying riding Rick's cock, when the next thing I know, Mark is pushing me forward to lie on Rick's chest. Rick's hands slide down over my ass, cupping my cheeks and spreading them apart. Then I feel the tip of his cock against my anus. I've never had anal sex before, but have promised Mark that he can have the pleasure of taking that virginity too. I start to rise up, but Mark holds me against Rick's chest. Rick starts kissing me. This distracts me enough so Mark is able to slip more of his cock into my very, very tight ass. He takes it slow, letting me get used to the feel of it. Ever so slowly, he slides more of it into me, until he has buried his shaft up my backside. He goes slowly at first, sliding it in and almost all of the way out of me. He lifts me up again so he's able to rub my clit while he slides in and out of my ass. Our moans get louder and breathing gets faster, and then I erupt into an amazing, mind-bending orgasm! My contractions cause both of my lovers to come at the same time!

I can only imagine what it will feel like to have their hot semen filling me in both places at the same time!

Written by: dreamingjeanne

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