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Poker Party Gangbang

by cendin©

We are a fairly normal couple. Busy with work and daily life, so sometimes we have to blow off some steam. My favorite way is to drink some beers and play poker with the boys. Usually this is a guys only thing and my wife Candy leaves to shop with the girls.

This week she agreed to stay and serve the drinks and snacks. I knew something was up when I saw her come down the stairs. Instead of the usual jeans, she was wearing red wedge pumps, a very short black leather skirt and a short top tied just under her cleavage.

"Planning some entertaining?" I said.

"Maybe" Candy answered.

Candy is a 5 foot 4 inch Chinese-American babe with dark black hair, a beautiful face and full lips that look incredible when she is coming. She has full luscious tits that love to be pinched and a nice firm bottom that loves attention.

She went about checking that the peanuts and coasters were all in place and then turned and blew me a kiss.

Before long, the guys started coming over. There was Steve a tall blond with broad shoulders and a white toothy smile, Rob, a redhaired prankster that she always had a little crush on. Jim a weight lifter with big broad hands and a package and me.

The boys gave appreciative whistles to Candy and sat down to play. Candy made sure that everyone had a full beer and made sure to brush her tits up against the guys as she replaced the beers.

After a couple hands, Candy handed us a new deck of cards with naked women and suggested that might liven up the game. The boys invited her to play and she said only if it was strip poker.

Candy is a good player, but she had a nack for losing that night. First her shirt, then her dress and thong, then she was sitting naked in her fuck me pumps. Several of the guys were staring at her bouncy tits and wondering how far she would go. I wanted to see her fucked by all these guys and covered with their come and she knew how much we would both enjoy it. Since she was out of clothes, she suggested the winner would decide what the loser had to do.

We you can guess who lost. Steve suggested that he needed a blow job. Candy walked slowly up to him. knelt at his feet and loosened his pants while looking him in the eyes. His large thick 8 inch cock popped right out and bounced against her cheek. It was tan with purple veins and a big reddish purple head. She stuck the tip of her tongue on the underside of his cock and began licking around the knob and flicking the tender undershaft. When a drop of his precum appeared, she wasted no time sucking that out and then began working on his cock. She licked it like a lollipop until it was glistening and then let him fuck her tits while she sucked on the head. Just when he was about to blow, she got off her knees and kissed his cheek.

When Candy looked around and it was clear that the game was over. She was surrounded by three other very stiff cocks attached to three very naked men stroking away. Candy began working her way down the line. Cupping their balls and sucking slowly, then pistoning like mad. When she got to me at the end of the line, she looked up and mouthed, "I love you," then asked Steve to fuck her from behind. He got it part wrong and lubed up his cock and began sliding it in her ass. Candy wasn't always into anal, but I guess this was one of those special occasions. She looked at Rob and asked if he could slide in underneath and fill her cunt. He was only too happy. She beckoned to Jim to stand next to me and she alternated between sucking him and me while both her love holes were pumped below.

You could tell she was getting lost in the orgasms the way she kept just moaning, "Oh... Oh... OOh," and then snapping back to and working on the cocks in front of her.

The whole scene was too hot for me and I blew all over her face. She wiped the cum of with a finger and swallowed every drop. Jim was taking longer so Candy licked her finger and slid it up his ass and before long he was pumping cum down her throat.

The men below couldn't hold out much longer. Steve pulled out and tried to get into her mouth but shot strands of cum across her chest and face which he proceeded to lick off and share with her. this was too much for Rob who started to spurt his river of come into her.

That was the beginning a long fuck session where each of the guys fucked Candy in each sexual opening at least once during the evening. At the end we were just a sprall of bodies Candy was laying over with a very pleased smile on her face.

Written by: cendin

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