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Business Trip

by Chuckie©

My name is Cindy and I'm a married woman with two children ages 13 and 11. I've held a position as a regional manager of a nationwide house wares company for a little over five years. My husband owns a small home business which affords him the opportunity to supervise our kids when I'm busy at work or on travel. I'm 42 years of age though I tell all at work I'm 38; a girl has to keep them guessing. I've managed to keep my figure intact and avoid the middle spread that so many women allow. As of this morning I'm 5'4", 123 lb, and wear a 34C bra and size 8 (many time size 6!) dress. My hair is what guys' call a dirty blond and I keep it cut a little less than shoulder length framing a face though far from ravishing, many tell me is cute; button nose, freckles and all.

The company is divided into seven regions and I manage one of them. The other six managers are male and we all are between 37 and 47. Nick, the oldest, is our group lead and it is common knowledge that he's being groomed to take over the VP's spot as soon as the VP moves on which should be in the next couple years or less. That makes Nick to all intents and purposes our leader, a position which he handles very well. The only real competition in our group of managers is some of us to try to line up to take his slot which is a long way off.

As I said Nick is the oldest, our leader, and the Alpha male of the group; quite the handsome "Italian Stallion", though a modest one. Stevie is the youngest, 37 and very fit and quite good looking. All of the guys are married and are reasonably attractive, no fatties, baldies, etc. It's a nice bunch of guys to be seen with.

Per company policy the seven of us get together for a week every quarter in rotating regions. The week is a mixture of marketing and sales presentations, new hire interviews, and various company businesses. Though the days are full of work related issues, the evenings are supposed to be bonding and enjoyment. The local regional manger sets up the work and fun related schedule and stays with us usually in a very nice private conference hotel setting.

Though I'm the only female the boys, as I like to call them, treat me almost as one of them. That includes all the dirty jokes, comments, stories, etc. Sometimes it's embarrassing and I blush but secretly I love it. The lone exception is one of the evenings when the boys go off to the local strip/nudie bar. They always are polite and ask me but I thank them and tell them I don't want to put the girls to shame.

This last meeting was in Nick's territory and he found a very nice location. The rooms were all off a private hallway with a master suite that had a huge dinning/living room. The dinning table seated a dozen people and doubled as a conference table and the living room had comfortable seating for even more. The living room was equipped with a stocked bar and opened onto a deck with a large sunken Jacuzzi, very swank set up.

Monday we flew into town and went over some business in the afternoon then all went together for dinner. After dinner and lots of bawdy jokes, most aimed to see if they could make me blush, the day was done.

Tuesday was another matter, after some general business in the morning we sat in on some interviews for the new #2 person in Nick's area. The last interviewee was a young lady in her early 30's, quite attractive, dressed I thought improperly for a job interview. Her skirt was too short and she showed way too much cleavage. The boys thought I was jealous but I pointed out that showing her thighs as she crossed and uncrossed her legs kept them from paying any attention to her answers. And as for her cleavage, I stated that I possessed more than she did.

Of course the boys wanted me to prove it and after much cajoling, I somewhat relented. I wanted to go back to my room to change my bra into something less sheer but they whined to such a degree that I agreed to unbutton as much as the younger girl. I then opened two additional buttons, reveling more that I normally would. The guy thought that was very promising but the I needed to go a bit further to let them see as much as the young hussy was showing. After Nick fixed me a nice Absolute Cosmo I felt more like playing their game and unbuttoned two more. Now my blouse was pretty much open and once I folded it back I knew the boys could see my nipples revealed though my bra. I have to admit that the six of us sitting around the living room area with my breasts to some extent exposed was exciting me. It was very apparent by my erect nipples the reaction I was feeling.

Another Cosmo and they boys talked me into opening my blouse completely, my full 34C breasts visible through my low cut sheer bra. At this point they had to admit that though not as young I had a better "rack", their word. Of course they wanted me to remove my bra but I told them they'd have to take my word that I still had almost no sag.

The next subject of discussion of the young girl was her pouty full lips. Since I am thin lipped I felt that hers were injection inflated. The boys then got into a discussion of which looks better wrapped around their penises, thin or full lips. When asked my opinion I told them that so far I had never received any complaints with my thin lips. Of course this triggered questions about my oral history/experiences/and favorites.

I replied that I'd answer any and all questions but they would all have to do the same for me. They all agreed, some more readily than others, and they started with another round of drinks. By this time I had closed my blouse but not buttoned it, leaving them enough to keep glancing at.

Since we had been talking about oral sex the first question to me was do I suck cock. I answer in the affirmative and then asked them if they all licked pussy. They too answered yes as I knew they would. Next I was asked the next question which is always asked; spit or swallow. I answered that of course I swallowed, always have. Since the question would not pertain to them I let theirs slide. They wanted to know how many pricks I had sucked and I think I shocked them when I answered that they needed to be more precise with their question; did they mean how times total, how many different men, how many different men had I sucked or had ejaculated in my mouth, etc. Nick clarified it by asking how many different men had cum in my mouth. I thought for a bit and answered that would have to think about it for an exact number but certainly over 20.

Next we all had to answer when and who was the last person we had orally pleased. My answer was my husband the Sunday morning before I left and all the boys said pretty much the same, within a few days. With this question we all started to get more personal, thing like position used, did the partner achieve orgasm, etc. I admitted to getting between Chuck's (hubby) legs and taking him into my mouth as I looked up into his eyes until he ejaculated. The guys admitted to pretty much the same, them between their spouse's legs, though their success rate varied. The one surprise was Terry and his wife. Terry is the least sexist looking guy in the group; both he and his wife were chubby but not fat, baby faced with very quiet demeanors. He told us that his wife liked getting on her knees, face and shoulders down on the bed, and having Terry lick her from her clit to her ass. He admitted under more questioning that he tongue probed both holes and made oral love to her twat and ass often.

This got us into that subject with varying degrees of participation. Nick, Stevie, and some of the other guys admitted to tonguing their wife's butts and Terry said his wife did his. At this point I was forced to divulge that Sunday morning, prior to sucking Chuck off, I had tongued his asshole. This really got everyone going with the formal question and answering abandoned for more free flowing confessions, down and dirty.

Again, much to our surprise Terry admitted that he and his wife frequented nude beaches and they often went on their vacations to nude resorts in the Caribbean. When pressed he admitted that it turned him on to have strange men see his wife naked. Of course the public nudity question got to me and I also confessed that Chuck loved to observe other men looking at me and yes, I loved it too.

As this very personal conversation was taking place we were all sitting on sofas and easy chairs in the living area. My blouse had remained unbuttoned and had shifted open leaving my breasts uncovered except for the low-cut sheer bra. It was obvious by the bulges in the boys pants that they too were turned on. Nick, who was facing toward me on the opposite end of the same sofa, made no attempt to conceal his erection and whenever I looked toward him he adjusted his dick, for my benefit as well as his own.

Once the public nudity subject had been opened the guys got on me, wondering why I wouldn't show them all. My answer was we enjoyed the thrill in showing off to complete strangers.

This led us all into using the Jacuzzi which was certainly big enough. Knowing no one was contemplating bathing suits I agreed to join but in my undies. I used the rest room and when I came out four of the guys where in the hot tub, their clothes, shorts and all, stacked on the table. They dared me to join them totally nude, promising to be gentlemen, yeah, sure.

As they watched me, I removed my blouse and skirt and added them to the pile on the table. Then I did a slow stroll over to the sunken hot tub, knowing the reaction I was causing. As I stood looking down at their up-turned faces, I slowly reached behind me and unsnapped my bra, letting it fall to the floor. The room was very quiet as I hooked my thumbs to each side of my panties and very slowly move them down over my hips until they slid gently to the floor.

I stood there for a full minute letting them get an eye full. There were murmurs of appreciation as they took in my body. My breasts are a full C cup, with minimal sag and my pubic hair is trimmed off my pussy lips to just a small bush above. It was so electrifying to be revealing myself to the boys in that way, as long as I knew them, now they knew me.

I stepped into the bottom of the Jacuzzi but before I could sit Stevie came out of a bathroom and walked over to the edge of the tub. He was buck naked and as hard as any guy could possibly be. I had never realized what a solid firm body he had; with the exception of his head he was entirely hairless. He had the 6-pack abs, and muscular well defined chest and arms, and his cock was beautiful. It was not overly large but was in perfect proportion to the rest of him, and was solid as the rest of him and pointed straight up to his naval from his hairless crotch.

Slowly I moved over to him and placing both my hands on his hips. I leaned toward him and using the tip of my tongue I licked a drop of precum off the head of his dick. I heard the boys gasp as I then proceeded to plant little kisses and licks all over his cock and balls. As the guys murmured in amazement and encouragement I ran my tongue all over his firm cock. Then with my hand still on his hips and his hands on my shoulders to steady each other, I slowly took his rigid meat bit by bit into my mouth, moving my head up and down, each time down a little further, stroking his beautiful cock with my lips. Soon I was able to take his complete cock into my mouth and throat where I held it for a full minute before coming up for air. As I held him in my mouth the boys exclaimed over what I was doing,: "that's the way to go, Cindy", "beautiful cocksucking", "man, Cindy, you are a great cocksucker", "Cindy, you so hot with a cock buried in your face", etc.

I then went ahead and moving my head up and down while sucking on his handsome cock, I masturbated him with my mouth. After a couple minutes Stevie took his hands off my shoulders and grabbed each side of my head and began to push his cock in and out of my mouth. Then with the head of his cock jammed in my throat he unloaded his cum straight into my belly as I swallowed as much as he had to give. The guys were going crazy as they could see my throat gulping down all he had to give all the while I kept sucking for more. Stevie relaxed his hold on my head but I kept nursing on his prick as it slowly softened and diminished in my mouth. The boys where totally turned on by my whorish display. As I serviced Stevie they kept making comments on how an eager and accomplished cocksucker I was.

I let myself fall back into the hot tub on Carl's lap as Stevie slid down to sit also. Then I said "thirty-two". They look puzzled until I explained that earlier they had asked how many guy's had cum in my mouth. I'd thought about it and the answer was thirty-one, now thirty two. I slowly looked around, looking into the eyes of each guy one at a time. I then spoke, asking the question "does this stay in this room?" They answered a definite yes and Nick slowly looked around and guaranteed it. With that I reached under me and grasped Carl's cock that was poking into my bottom. I told him to sit on the edge of the tub and arranged myself kneeling on the seat, between his legs.

Without speaking another word I bent forward and kissed the head of his cock before I slowly took him all the way into my mouth. I then started to stroke his cock with my mouth, in and out, sucking as I went. I used one of my hands to grasp his meat by the base and jerked his cock in time to my lips moving up and down on him. Within a couple minutes he began to tremble and pushing upward he sprayed his slime in my mouth. This time I held it for a few seconds and slowly gulped it, making sure the boys knew I was drinking their co-workers sperm.

After a short break I moved on the next guy, Charlie, repeating my oral performance, draining him of his cum. Andy was the third guy, next around the hot tub but he thought my knees needed a rest. He asked me to sit down in the water and lay back until my head was resting on the edge. After he gave me a towel to fashion as a head rest he moved up over me, straddling my head. He bent his knees, and supporting himself on the side, he lowered his firm cock down and into my waiting mouth. Then as I sucked he proceeded to fuck my mouth. He started gentle enough, moving his smooth meat in and out of my mouth and as he built up speed I placed a hand at the base of his cock. This let him push it harder and harder into my face until he stiffened and pumped a large cum load into my stomach. I swallowed all he had to give and did not release his dick until he pulled away.

The guys's were into a super state of frenzy, not only were they amazed at what they were witnessing, but I was amazed on the show I was providing them. This left the last two; Terry & Nick. As I mentioned before Terry was the least in shape of any of them, not fat but plump as well as normally quite shy. As he stood up I realized that he was plump all over including a thick, fat cock; maybe 7" long but darn near as wide as a soda can.

The boys were quite impressed as was I and we all agreed to Nicks suggestion that something that big belonged in my pussy. I was lifted out of the hot tub and over to a sort of nest of bedding & pillow they had fashioned in the middle of the living room. I was laid back and my legs spread to get me ready for Terry's invasion. It was just so nasty to be laying spread, in full view of the men I had been working with for the past five years. I looked from guy to guy; catching the eye of each guy in turn as I lay spread open.

Nick thought that I could use some oral lubing to get me as open as possible & he quickly went to his knees between my thighs. Without anymore preliminaries he attached his tongue and lips to my open twat. He licked, lapped, and sucking with great fervor, bringing me to a sharp orgasm getting my hole to open completely.

He moved out of the way and was replaced by Terry who wasted no time and plunged his thick cock deep into my cunt. My legs were spread as wide as possible and in the air, giving him entire access to my snatch. The boys were impressed that I could take that massive cock in one stroke and I told them between my groans and moans that I'd had plenty of practice over the years. As Terry pounded into me I let them all know that my cunt could open up enough to take any cock that I'd ever seen, including ones I'd seen on porno films. Terry may have been quiet and shy but we all got to witness the skills he had learned with the sex games he and his wife had experienced. In short I received a world class fucking; being brought to climax a number of times before Terry pumped his cum deep inside me. He kept pumping after he unloaded; still erect enough to stay in me, until I told him enough.

After Terry got off me Nick came back to kneel between my legs. He had been the only one not to cum in me someplace and now politely asked me what I preferred; always a gentleman. I didn't say anything but turned over on my knees. With my ass in the air and my head and shoulders down I looked back as his shocked face and told him that if he could find some lube my asshole was his for the taking.

Some lotion was quickly found and liberally applied with fingers up my butt. Again, as the guys looked on I looked each one in the eyes before tell Nick to "go ahead, stick your cock up my ass". He did and within just a few strokes I had yet another orgasm and Nick forced my ass full of his jizz.

There it was; I laid there trying to recover while I wondered how work would be from now on. Could I still function as an area manager having let my co-works gangbang me, because that was what had happened. I had allowed myself to be gangbanged like the most common whore.

If anyone would like to hear about the rest of the week with the boys, please drop me a note. All comments are appreciated & I'll reply if requested. Post comments or e-mail as you wish.

Written by: Chuckie

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