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Whore House Baby

by ainu©

I was born and raised in a whore house. If I'd been a girl I don't know what might have happened. End up a whore, most likely. What the heck, that's about what I have ended up.

As a little kid it probably wasn't a whole lot different than most kids' life. Several of the girls working there were very nice and spoiled me, played with me. It got a little different once I started school. Turns out I wasn't all that welcome by some people. Sort of from the wrong side of the tracks. The wrong side of the wrong side of the tracks. That's even though there were no railroads. It was a fairly small town and we were actually a little outside of it. I was bussed in to school. But still, there were always a few kids willing to be friends so I got along fine.

I ended up growing fairly tall and skinny with big hands and feet. Longer than average dick, too. Not a huge salami but a couple inches more than average. I was six feet in junior high school. In high school I could palm a basketball. At 18 I ended up playing basketball and football. Caught passes. Even though I'm white, it was a little like being the only black or minority in school. I was never part of any in-group but since I was a decent athlete, I was grudgingly and limitedly accepted.

Of course I got an education outside of school, too. Living in a whore house isn't exactly like living in a preacher's house. I'd like to think it was closer to reality. The girls weren't fancy, the language was usually a little coarse, the morals were definitely down to earth. I also learned more about the female body and sex a lot younger than was probably good for me.

There were between four and eight girls working there, plus my Mom as Madam, depending on the state of the economy. If we were full, I ended up using a bedroll in the pantry because one of the girls used my room for business. Mom never actually retired. Even when I graduated high school she was only hitting forty, kept in good shape, so she still earned a few bucks herself. I mean other than her take as Madam.

One time, one of the girls complained about a sore back, muscle spasms. She asked me to massage her shoulders and back, sat facing away from me and dropped her robe. As I rubbed, she told me where to move my fingers and how to do it. I began to massage her fairly often. One time she told me how good I was and how she'd like to repay me but I was probably too young. I told her I was big enough and managed to prove it. Then I began massaging most of the girls fairly regularly. I even got a book on massage to learn more and bought some oils and stuff. I don't know whether my Mom knew what was happening or not but thinking back, she probably wouldn't have minded. It was probably all good for me.

On a school bus, coming back from a basketball game, one of the cheerleaders complained about pulling a muscle. She was one of the most attractive girls in the school. The rumors were that she was far from being a virgin. She probably knew who I was but had never actually talked to me. I suggested to her that I could massage her back and probably help her sore muscles. Surprisingly, she let me. Right there on the bus. We moved to an empty couple seats, she turned her back to me and let me massage her through her sweater. She moaned and groaned and told my how great it felt. I told her, truthfully, that it would be a lot better if I could do a full body massage the right way.

A couple days later she came to me in school and asked about a full body massage. I told her that I did them all the time for women. I also told her that to be effective, I had to massage the bare skin and that I had some oils that I used. She asked some more and I think she understood although when we finally met at her house one evening when her parents were both out, she acted modest at first and was hesitant to get naked.

Anyway, she ended up laying on her stomach on her bed, naked but with a towel over her center half. I ended up in just shorts, straddling her as I started on her shoulders. I worked down her back, moving the towel on down. Then I moved down to her foot and started massaging up her leg. As I got to her thigh, I purposely let my fingers just barely touch her pussy, very light, very slight. Then up the other leg and the same thing. Then I pushed the towel up and started massaging her butt. Lovely firm butt. By now the towel was just on her waist. She was bare from her butt down and all of her back and shoulders. She moaned and groaned and was enjoying it very much, I could tell. When I barely touched her pussy, she groaned a little but never pulled away or said anything.

Then I told her to roll over so I could do her front. I don't know what was in her mind but she rolled over. The towel almost fell off entirely but was just on her waist anyway. So most of her body was on view. Straddling her middle, I started on her shoulders. I gave her some sort of crap about how the shoulder muscles come from the chest and started rubbing oil onto her breasts. Really lovely, full breasts. I particularly tweaked her nipples. She opened her eyes at that but didn't stop me. Then I moved down to a foot and started up her leg. I had her bend the leg as I got to the thigh and this time my fingers rubbed her pussy lips most definitely as I got there. Then down to her other foot and up that leg. Again I had her bend it. Now both her legs were bent and her pussy was very open to me. As I got to her thigh and then got my fingers to her pussy I started to rub and massage it. Then I slipped a finger in, then two fingers and began to massage it inside out. Her moans got even stronger. But she still was acting like it was just a massage.

That ended when I leaned in and started licking her. She had an orgasm almost immediately. I just kept sucking and licking, almost biting her clit, and she came again. I slid a condom on, crawled up over her, aimed into her and shoved in slowly. I just kept pushing in more and more. I think I could feel that I was bottomed out about the same time that I could tell I was fully in her. Then I began fucking. Slow, long strokes getting faster and faster and pounding into her harder and harder. She came again, this time screaming with arousal and any pretense that this was a massage and not just plain fucking was over. She began shoving back at me and we both worked like mad until finally I came. By then she was asking for more so I got back down and finished her to orgasm again with my mouth on her clit.

She told some others, I guess, because several girls asked for massages. And I gave them. Then I had a phone call from a mother of one of the girls. She wanted a massage, said she'd heard the girls talking in her daughter's room one evening. I remembered that one of the girls at the whore house had told me one time that I was so good, I could probably earn a living at it. So I told this lady that I would be glad to give her a massage but that it would cost $20. Today, I would have asked much more. But this was a long time ago and $20 popped into my mind because that's what the girls charged their johns.

Well, she enjoyed it so much that I had other women come after me. It started to be difficult to find time to fuck the high school girls because of their Moms all using me. I ended up paying my way through college as a male escort or gigolo or whatever you want to call it. And my athletic career ended in high school. I never had the time in college. There are a lot of frustrated women out there, many of them with some serious money available.

When I'm with a woman we both know we're going to fuck. So we don't have to go through all the song and dance that's usually needed by others to get to the point we are. Basically, there's no romance. There's almost no kissing even. Usually just a 'hello' kiss and then we get naked and I get started. I'm always aware of the woman and what she might want. My livelihood depends on my satisfying them better than anyone else ever has. While the girls at the whore house weren't exactly like these amateurs, they were still basically women. So most everything I learned early on still applies.

Women are slower to arouse than men. My massage abilities make use of that. I slowly arouse them as I relax them and cause them to lose any fear or caution they may have of me. In the process, I slowly tease them by barely touching their pussies, or cunts or vulvas, whatever you prefer. Then going on with the massage and coming back to their pussies a couple times before getting serious. It always gets them thinking of sex. Then eating them, licking their pussies to orgasm gets them completely aroused.

Most women can have multiple orgasms. So the one from oral sex is just the beginning. But there are women who are really done after just one orgasm. There are some women who get aroused a lot by fucking, by having a cock inside them. There are others that like the feel of fucking but it doesn't really get them all the way to orgasm. So, depending upon reactions, I often have to change my normal pattern. If I'm lucky (or really, if they are) and they talk to me and tell me what works, it makes it all come off better. One woman, who used me many times, both could only handle one orgasm and could not get to orgasm from having my cock in her. So with her, I started by fucking and ended by eating her and it always worked out perfect.

For some reason, I love the female body. The whole idea of naked bodies entwining with one another, of my having the use of another human body, is terrific. I particularly like what's different from mine -- the breasts for one thing but mostly the pussy, cunt or vulva. I really love fooling around with a pussy. Feeling it, penetrating it, licking it, tasting it. They're as different from one another as the women are. Size, color, shape, flavor; hairiness; sensitivity. Every time I can get at a new one, I love it. I guess it's good that I do because that's how I earn my living.

I charge a lot more now. I've never got into anything close to a permanent arrangement. I've certainly had repeat sessions with many women. Sometimes quite a lot. I've h ad women want to marry me, have use of me permanently and solely. But I've never wanted to be a kept man. I think of myself as an independent businessman offering a useful service to whoever is willing to pay the rate.

I have a client now that uses me once a week. She's done that now for four months. So far she's paid me $25,500. Fortunately she's a very attractive woman with a very decent body. She obviously has plenty of money. She also has a husband who apparently doesn't care how much she spends or how she spends it. His not caring is probably why she's using me. I give the impression of caring for her whether it's true or not. Of course, the truth is, sex almost always involves a certain emotional involvement. So I do care for her to some level as I do for almost every client. I've had others that over time have ended up paying me five times as much as she has.

Many people would think I'm missing something. I have no strong emotional connections, no family, no children. I'm aware of that and there are passing moments when I have some regrets. But they are passing moments just as many 'normal' people probably have passing moments of wishing they were on a desert island, naked with some beautiful girl or handsome stud instead of with their family and commitments. I'm actually very content with my life.

I saved money for years. I was sure that when I got old, I needed a nest egg. No woman would want an old man. Was I wrong! I'm now 63 and have more business than I can handle. I see no reason why I won't still be pleasing women twenty years from now as long as my prostate stays healthy.

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Written by: ainu

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