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Baby Steps

by torrid girl©

"God yah becka, oh fuck you feel so good… Daddy's gonna really give it to you now."

And with that warning he starts to pound into her. The thrusts slightly staggered as he starts getting too worked up seeing his cock driving in and out of his daughter's virgin ass… he gives her a few hard strokes then slows a bit, wanting to make it last as long as he can. He presses his body to her pain wracked one again as he slows and slips that hand back around her between her legs and starts that soft insistent rubbing again... cooing into her ear as he tickles her little pink clit.

"You're doing so good… "He grunts softly, still sliding in and out slowly now, her pussy tellingly slick and juicy and he gives that clit a little squeeze before teasing the virgin hole again with a finger tip and whispering. "See that baby... that one's next… look how wet you are for Daddy… "He groans again feeling just how warm she is and keeps rubbing the clit softly as he pumps her ass slowly. She gasps and grips on to the counter top, relaxing and tensing in the same moment… pressing her hips to his hand, half grinding against it as she starts to get lost in the feeling, able to ignore the searing pain in her plundered little ass, or maybe it's just making it all the more pleasurable for her. She whimpers and squirms like a dream.

Her squirming just does it and he pulls his hand away and straightens and starts driving into her with hard, steady strokes, mashing that little ass, making it his, invading it completely. She squirms and screams and he takes a hold of her long pony tail and pulls... forcing her to arch her back, plump baby tits coming up to just barely rest on the counter top, her ass high up in the air and he tenses and starts shooting stream after stream of semen into that tight little ass. She feels the heat of it explode into her and yowls, wiggling around under him as he keeps thrusting into her slower and slower.

Finally he collapses on top of her and releases her hair… slides his hand away from her juicy hungry slit and rubs at her hip softly. Panting he bites down on her shoulder, licking at her sweet soft skin as he calms down. Finally easing out of that stretched out ass with a little pop of suction… his fluids dripping out looking so pretty on her inner thighs… he scoops a bit of it up and smooths it over her pink ass as she wiggles... keeping her cheeks parted and watching that tiny bud spasm and contract as it tries to readjust. He sticks his finger in her ass hole and plays around with the cum, feeling her muscles contract slowly around him with a grin.

Then he slaps that wet ass and picks her sobbing little form up off the counter and half drags her towards the stairs. Talking cheerfully as they go.

"We have lots of work to do becka, your mother is only away for a week and there's just so much to be done isn't there! First things first though. We're going to get my wet little cunt shaved nice and clean for Daddy. Make you soft and ready."

Pulling her protesting form up the stairs, her legs still so weak and shaky... she's just hauled, whimpering and sobbing softly... her raped ass still screaming out in painful protest as they move, stumbling to keep up. Once they reach the top of the stairs he steers her towards her pretty pink room. Full of pictures of friends and cds and clothes spontaneously thrown over the chair. He dumps her unceremoniously on her bed and moves to her bed side table. She knows what that means and starts whining again.

"Daddy no... Daddy I'll be so still I promise… please don't tie me down. Please I promise…"

But he just keeps on humming to himself as he withdraws the well used ropes from the drawer- and he smiles down at her. She can't even meet his gaze and she wiggles on the bed a bit, feeling her ass and back stick to the pink sheets, his cum saturating the cotton.

"Shhhh… don't ruin my mood please. I want to hear you talk to me when I fuck that slutty little snatch. Don't make me gag you becka. Assume the position please. You're in for a nice treat. You'll like this I promise. I'm very proud of you kitten."

He smiles again as she spreads those long pale legs and raises her arms over her head with a sob… he moves in and sings a soft little lullaby as he secures her wrists to the head board and then her legs to the foot board… tight knots, no chance of escape. He tugs off the red bra and gives her rip nipples a little pinch. Licking his finger he moistens them and smiles again, murmuring

"Such pretty pink little nipples. I have just the thing for those. You just stay where you are kitten, I'll be back in a moment."

He leaves her shivering on the bed… the air hitting her wet pussy and his drying cum and she sobs softly... the tears still running over her cheeks. Breasts bouncing softly as she trembles. He comes back a short time later with an armful of things. Setting them down on the table beside her bed he sits next to her and slowly pops a tight nipple clam around one of those pink berries with a smile. As she yelps he tugs at it a bit, tightening it painfully and then affixes the other one quickly. Her back arches with the pain, grinding her ass into the sheets as he watches her wiggle.

His finger trails down her chest over her tummy and to her inner thigh… giving the skin there a harsh pinch before dipping into the soft little pussy with a sigh and giving her soaked little clit another brief rub. She closes her eyes and throws her head back with a half scream, half moan as he smiles. He continues to rub it softly… continuing in a steady rhythm until her thighs are pink and trembling and she's squirming again, grinding that ass into the bed and then he stops. Leaning down to brush her lips with his for a second he smiles into her eyes as he picks up the small scissors and shaving kit.

"Such a good juicy girl for Daddy. You're going to need to hold very still baby so that you don't get nicked. I want this pussy to bleed tonight but not that way. If you're very very still, Daddy will give you a wonderful treat."

He puts down a towel and starts to trim that tiny little tuft of red hair between her legs. Gently then he lays some shaving gel over her and starts to shave her… so slowly- she barely breaths... too afraid of getting cut. The cold blade of the razor eases over her hot pussy lips and she whimpers again, shutting her eyes. Finding something so soothing about this. Once he's got her clean and smooth he takes a warm washcloth from a basin of water and mops her up. Taking the towel out from under her he inspects his work. Getting down between her legs for a close inspection. He looks up at her and smiles, landing a kiss on her tummy, one hand on her inner thigh. He purrs warmly.

"Good girl. Such a good girl... you should see how pretty you look with your new hair cut. Now I'm going to give you a present baby. It's going to be similar to your usual inspection where I make sure you're still Daddy's little virgin, but it will be a bit nicer this time."

As she shiver he ducks his head back down and eases two fingers into her pussy… feeling for that nice little barrier and shudders, knowing that he's going to pop it so, so soon… patience though… He spreads his fingers a bit to fill up the tight little hole and lowers his head, taking that throbbing little pink clit into his mouth. Sighing softly at the sweet taste of his little girl. She squirms and gasps as the sensations just pummel her and arches her back to grind her pussy against his face. Her arms tugging on the rope she sobs in confusion as the feelings just wash over her.

But he just continues, sighing at the soft feel of her silky thighs on his cheeks. He very gently starts twisting his fingers in a corkscrew motion and nips at her clit with his lips lapping it insistently as she squirms and moans… so, so wet now, just drenched for her daddy. She starts to tense… legs trembling hard and she squeaks, alarmed... half hissing

"Daddy..? Daddy! I dunno…. Stop! Something's gonna happen!"

He smiles and pulls up a bit... one hand smoothing her tummy softly and he kisses at her cheeks and neck softly and whispers as his fingers still work her, his thumb now rubbing hard at her clit.

"Let it go baby… close your eyes and relax and let it happen."

Scared but feelings flooding her that are just impossible to ignore she closes her eyes as her body starts to tense up… and then…. Just as her eyes fly open and she explodes into her first orgasm, his thick cock SLAMS into her spasming pussy. She screams out, head going back and her back arching as he just tears into that thin little cherry, popping it in one fell thrust with a grunt of satisfaction as he feels her cunt sucking on his cock- still locked in orgasm.

His thumb still on her clit, guiding her through the last throws of it as he snarls in pleasure feeling how soaked she is- his own, untouched little pussy. She starts thrashing and squirming and trying to throw him off as the horror of what's happening hits her. As she looks up and sees him slamming his hips into her soft little skin, the widest smirk on his face. He slips his hand off of her clit and brings it up to her mouth… popping the wet fingers between her lips with a groan, his other hand pinching and mashing at that soft baby breast. He growls.

"Clean off your cum from my fingers… oh GOD you feel so good… look how nice my pussy stretches out… How does it feel baby… how does Daddy's cock feel tearing into you?"

But her mouth is full as she gags and tries to lick at his fingers… shoved so deeply in her mouth and she starts to sob little hot tears of shame again, still feeling her body shivering from the pleasure she accepted from him. She grunts and turns her head after a few seconds, squeezing her eyes shut.

He leans down and slaps her hard, a nice red hand print on her cheek and he hisses

"Open your eyes whore... watch your daddy fuck you... I want to see those eyes!"

She gasps and starts to cough, but does as he says, huge brown eyes stare up at him with fear and pain and ashamed desire. He SLAMS into her, burying himself to the balls inside her and leans back, undoing her legs and bending up her knees around him so that he can get even deeper with every thrust.

Working her so hard, a little bit of that first trickle of blood on her inner thighs he grunts at her, finger digging into the skin on her legs.

"Oh fuck you're going to make Daddy cum….such a tight little slut…"

Still working her so hard, such powerful strokes that make her think her hips might shatter, she just screams and screams until her voice just breaks and gives out. He half roars and pulls out of her… his hand pumping that cock and he starts to spray stream after stream of his hot gooey seed all over her pale, abused skin... it just splatters her everywhere, her soft tummy, her perky breasts and her sweet little face, mixing with her salty tears. She gasps and wiggles around trying to hide from it but it's impossible…

He slowly comes down and leans in and slips his lips against her soft, shaking ones, then leans up and whispers.

"Teasing little slut. Look what you made Daddy do. You made me fuck my own daughter! You should be ashamed you filthy, nasty whore."

He slaps her cheeks, and her breasts and her soiled inner thighs leaving pink hand prints as she sobs and screams soundlessly. He stands up and frowns at her cum coated body and scoops up one of her ankles. Securing that and the other one again he stands back and looks to the bed side table. He speaks to her calmly as she shivers... exhausted and used.

"It's all your fault Rebecca. It's a shame you have such terribly slutty thoughts. You will have to be punished very, very thoroughly. It's lucky your mother is away for a whole week isn't it."

He drags out two vibrators. One largish one and a smaller one as well as a leather belt like thing. Smiling he advances on her again and slips the large one into her gapping pussy and the smaller one into her well fucked ass. He pushes them both in to the hilts and then slings the little belt around her to keep them in. He reaches again and turns both of them on, a dull humming starts to sound in the room and he nods at her.

"There dear. This will be a good way for you to sleep tonight. Tied down, covered in Daddy's cum and both slut holes filled right up properly. Tomorrow, we'll start again."

With an evil twinkle in his eye he reaches down to stroke her cheek once and then heads off out of the pink little slut's room to takes a shower and cook himself up a nice steak, the sounds of his daughters whimpers and moans would make for nice dinner music indeed. All in all, it had been a rather satisfactory day.

Written by: torrid girl

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