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Amy Become a Slut of Black Cock

by dave_jones_50©

"Honey," my pretty wife asked, "do you mind if Jerome takes us to a party tonight? I would love to go and have a good time."

Since introducing Amy to Jerome three weeks earlier she had seen a lot of him. At least I was always included, so far. I'd been surprised how fast Amy had taken to a black lover. I'd induced her to realize her fantasy of fucking a black man. But I hadn't bargained on her getting hooked on Jerome. Not that what she felt was emotional, really. It was more a desire to please him by doing anything he wanted.

"What kind of party?"

"Oh, at a club he belongs to. He says it will be fun for us both."

I knew this meant sex with my wife, probably involving several black men. I also knew how Jerome's commanding manner ensured that Amy would go along with anything he asked.

"Sure, sweetie. If you want to." I'd rather go along than be left wondering what she was doing.

Her bright blue eyes smiled at me. I knew enough to expect that the night would be on the wild side. It had taken me a while to get used to the idea that my seemingly normal, conservative wife had become a slut for a black man. I sometimes wondered whether I had gone too far when I her started down this road by introducing her to Jerome. Now, as I contemplated the evening to come, the thrill of watching Jerome and his black friends have their way with Amy sent a shiver down my loins.

When I got home from work at 5:30 I found Jerome in our bedroom. He was standing near a chest of drawers, completely nude, his long black penis dangling in an arc towards his knees. It glistened with dew. Amy was lying on the bed, looking angelic in a white bra and white heels. I smelled fresh semen in the air. As Amy turned to face me I could see it on her inner thighs, spilling out into a wet spot on the sheets.

"Hi, Mark!" said Jerome. "Good to see ya. I've just been priming your honey for the evening's fun." He laughed. "Are you all ready for action tonight, baby?"

"Yes, Jerome. That was wonderful!" She smiled at him.

"Good. Now take a shower like a good girl while we pick out your clothes."

Amy was in the shower for ten minutes. Jerome spent the time looking through various items of lingerie and clothing.

"I hope you don't mind my taking your wife while you weren't here, Mark. I prefer letting you watch, but there wasn't enough time to be ready and go. You'll see how a good hard fucking gets Amy in the right mood for the evening." For a dominant man, Jerome was remarkably considerate of my desires.

"No, I don't mind." Somehow, I didn't feel I could object.

"Good. I'll be sure you get to watch lots of action tonight." Let's see now, maybe we should go with these red high heels, the red miniskirt and top. H'mmmm. What we want, Mark, is for Amy to look like a slut. The gentlemen appreciate that. A nice white girl all dolled up as a whore always appeals to black dudes, don't you agree?"

"Uh, yes." I gulped. It still shocked me to hear him talk about my wife like that. But as always seemed to happen when Jerome was with Amy, I felt a familiar bulge in my pants.

"OK, I think the red should do it. Maybe we should add some black fishnet stockings, for that hooker look."

The bulge got bigger. When Jerome first induced her to dress like a prostitute I had immediately felt a big erection. Still, I doubted Amy would go out in public in that getup. After all, she normally dressed like a Talbot's catalogue.

Amy appeared from the shower, glistening clean. She smiled at us.

"Hey babe. I've got just the outfit for you." He showed her his selection. "Put that on and we'll really have a good time tonight."

"Ohhhh. I'd love to, Jerome." She giggled and gave him a kiss, touching his fat penis at the same time.

"Now baby don't get me going again or we'll be late."

"But it's sooooo nice and big, Jerome. I can't wait for later. Please? I want it again." She cooed at him.

"All right, I'll give it to you one more time, but I won't cum so you can get dressed without another shower. Now lick my cock and get it hard."

She knelt down before him and took his prick in her two hands. She slowly masturbated the shaft while she licked the head. It stiffened into a long pole, standing straight out from his body.

"Your honey is a fine cocksucker, Mark. It's not every lady who can handle the big ones. Now tickle my ass, baby, that's it." She moved a finger to his asshole.

A minute of this treatment and his cock was ready for her. He lay down on the floor and pulled her down over him, facing him.

"Hey, Mark, give us hand. Put it in for me, man."

I reached down and grasped his prick. Amy wiggled around as I slowly slid the thick black penis into her vagina. She moaned a grunt of satisfaction as it went in. She began to fuck him, swiveling her ass around his big dick.

"God, I love a really big cock! It feels soooo good!" She looked at me. "Oh, Mark honey, I can't believe how much I want this. It's so big and hard. Take a good look while I do it!"

"Your wife is one hot fuck!" She ground her hips down on him, taking it up to his balls. "Now don't get carried away, baby, or I'll shoot another load up your cunt." Amy must have still been worked up from the last time because within a minute I saw her tremble and moan with the pleasure of orgasm.

Jerome pulled off her. "Now get dressed, babe. There's gonna be a lot more cock for your little twat when we get there." She followed his instructions quickly. In 7" platform high heels, her red skirt barely covering her crotch, black fishnet thigh-high stockings and a tight tank top showing her pert tits, I barely recognized her.

Jerome parked several blocks away from the club, making us walk. It was still light out. As we made our way I saw people stop and stare. No wonder: a black 6'6" former basketball player accompanied by a sexy white hooker strutting her stuff would catch anyone's attention. Several men whistled. A woman gave us a strange look of surprise and perhaps envy. Lord knows what she thought of me, trotting beside.

As we entered the club I again felt pangs of anxiety. It was not what I expected. Instead of a nightclub or bar I found myself in a private swingers club. A sign inside the entrance informed members about this evening's special attraction – "Slut Amy and her Ebony Studs." I shuddered. There was no way Amy would perform for an audience. Not my sweet wife!

Amy, however, looked quite serene. With Jerome at her side, she seemed oblivious to what was coming, or perhaps too excited to care. The club was surprisingly spacious, with a big room suitable for dancing, and several smaller rooms, evidently for private or not-so-private sex. We went into the larger room, already crowded with men and women in various states of undress. Most of the women were white; the men were mixed. Loud dance music filled the room.

"Couples come here to enjoy themselves," Jerome informed us. "Some of them just watch the show, or other couples play. Many of the husbands like to watch their wives get it on with other men, often black ones." He grinned.

"Come and meet some of my friends," said Jerome. He led us toward a small bar, where three black men were lounging, completely nude. Three white couples were talking with them. As we came up to them, I could see the women eyeing the oversize equipment hanging between their legs.

"Excuse us, ladies." Jerome smiled at them. "These gentlemen are performing tonight with this nice lady and have to save their strength, if you know what I mean."

"Oh, couldn't they spare some for us, too?" cooed one of the wives, a cute young blonde. Her husband seemed embarrassed.

"What do you think, brothers? Will you have some juice for a little party later?"

"Sure thing, man," answered a tall young black we later learned was Spencer. "I think we can give our pony girl a good time and have some left for you ladies as well, what do you think, Alvin?" He asked the older man next to him.

"Sounds fun to me."

You in, Derek?" He addressed a handsome young stud with washboard abs and the biggest penis I'd ever seen.

"Yeah. I'm in." He smiled at us. The ladies all looked at him admiringly.

"Great. We'll all meet in the room at the end of the corridor about midnight. The show will be over and we'll have a chance to catch our breath a bit. You guys," pointing to the husbands, "will have a good time looking at your brides get balled by these black bulls." He grinned. The women giggled. Derek's cock grew larger. One of the women reached to touch it.

"Go right ahead, ladies. You can touch the merchandize." The three women all eagerly reached for black cocks. They began slowly masturbating them as we all stood around and talked.

Not knowing what to do, I asked one of the white men if he came here often.

"Yeah. My wife has a good time and I get off watching her. The black men really get her going. I've seen her cum again and again for hours with two or three blacks. There's no way I could do that for her."

"I know what you mean. My wife has been with Jerome here for the past couple of weeks and it's turned her into a different woman."

"Mine has become quite the slut when she's with blacks. I like to see her like that. Hell, I actually love it. When she turns into a slut I go wild with lust. And these black men can do it every time."

We chatted on for another half an hour or so until the music stopped and Jerome took the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen. I'm delighted to introduce a new girl to perform for you tonight. Her name is Amy and she's completely new to the lifestyle here. Three handsome studs have volunteered to entertain her and you for a full hour. As always, they are free to do whatever they want with her—no holes are barred! Come right here, Amy."

I swallowed nervously. How in the hell had we gotten ourselves into this? I'd gone along because Amy seemed game and because the whole place excited me. Now my sweet spouse was about to perform in public like a whore! It seemed too much. But what could I do?

I didn't have to do anything because Amy walked right up to Jerome, swinging her hips a little in her slutty outfit.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, I want to assure you that although she likes to look like one, this lady is no professional hooker. She's the wife of a nice gentleman who's here tonight to see the show just like the rest of us." He pointed at me. "His name is Mark and he's going to enjoy the performance."

With that the music started to play a striptease tune.

"Now, Amy, show us your stuff."

Amy began to gyrate to the rhythm. She did it so naturally that I was sure Jerome must have been giving her lessons. I'd seen quite a few strippers in my youth and knew a good act when I saw one. Amy was superb. She knew exactly how to tease. Slowly the top came off. Then the skirt. Finally the panties. She left the stockings and heels on.

Alvin and Spencer joined Amy in the center of the room, where a small couch and mattress had been placed.

"Ladies and gentlemen," announced Jerome, who was acting as master of ceremonies, "I would like this lady's husband, Mark, to join us and assist in the action. Come right this way, Mark."

Startled at this unexpected invitation, I did as he asked.

"Now, Mark, why don't you spread your wife's legs for her?" I pulled Amy's thighs apart.

"Now, take Alvin's cock and insert it into her hot little cunt."

I heard a murmur from the audience as I grasped Alvin's thick prick and put the head to the entrance of my wife's vagina. She was so wet that it easily slid in. Alvin began to fuck her hole with long hard strokes.

What happened for the next hour could have been described as a gang rape if the girl had objected. But she didn't. My wife submitted happily. Whatever they wanted, she did. Whatever position or combination, she complied. She was like a doll they were playing with. They put their cocks in her mouth, in her cunt, in her ass. They put them in two at a time and three at a time. They pounded her with their fat dongs. They spanked her ass and pinched her nipples. The whole time Amy was moaning with pleasure. The audience began to count her climaxes, chanting the number in succession.

I stood right near them, entranced by the scene. Occasionally I was asked to insert a prick into her cunt, or reinsert it if it slipped out. I did my duty.

The black fuckers spurted their semen into her, at least once each, probably more. I could see the cum oozing from her holes and mouth. Alvin was sitting on the floor, his legs extended, and his cock standing tall. Spencer brought Amy over him, standing facing his feet, and slowly lowered her to his cock. He inserted it into her cum-lubed ass. When she was fully down on it, she sat back on Alvin, her arms extended back to support her. Her legs were spread and we could all see the big black cock stuck up her ass. Then Spencer crouched down and shoved his cock up her vagina.

"Do you like it this way, slut?"

"Oh yes. I love it. Fuck me, please."

"OK, baby. We're gonna give it to you just the way you want it."

"Do you like it better than your husband?"

"Oh, God, yes. It's soooo much better and bigger than Mark's cock." Somehow, I didn't mind this remark.

Two of them slowly fucked her pussy and ass while we all watched. Derek stood over her and put his huge penis into her mouth. The three-way fuck had the watching crowed in a trance. Amy moaned and moaned with the pleasure of black cock in all her holes. With a load grunt, she convulsed in a final climax.

"Cum number 21!" someone in the audience announced. Alvin and Spencer pulled out and shot big spurts of gooey semen over her face.

Then Derek's penis emerged from Amy's lips and let go with a thick white stream into her open mouth. She lapped it up. Coming over to me, she gave me a deep kiss. I swallowed the cum as I kissed her back. The audience cheered and clapped. The four of them stood up and acknowledged the applause.

Five minutes later I found myself standing with the other three husbands in a private room with Amy, Jerome, his three black friends and the husbands' white wives. The four of us stood and watched while they paired off with our wives and pleasured them. Every few minutes they rotated, pulling their glistening black rods from one pussy and pushing into another.

One of the men next to me had his cock out and was masturbating. Pretty soon all four of were doing it.

"I guess I'm not the only one who enjoys doing this," I said. "It's not the sort of thing you expect another man to appreciate."

"I know just what you mean," said Neil, the man next to me. "Most husbands would think we're crazy. The thing is, once you get a taste for this, you gotta have it."

"Yeah," said Don, rubbing his long prick next to me while his wife took Derek up her petite white ass. "This is the best there is. There's nothing like it to get me hard!"

"It's the greatest," added Rob, whose big-titted wife was taking it doggy style from Jerome. "Jean and I love it together. She loves black cock and I love to watch her fuck. It's heaven for us both."

With four women getting balled at the same time, we were serenaded with the sound of their orgasms every 30 seconds or so. It was awesome how these black men could keep them going. One by one we shot our loads over our wives as they writhed before us. It was strangely satisfying.

As we drove home that night Amy lay in a kind of trance. "Did you have a good time?" I asked.

"Oh yes! I had a wonderful time."

"You didn't feel embarrassed doing it right in front of all those people?"

"No, not with Jerome there. He makes me feel so relaxed." She snuggled next to me.

The following week Amy spent a lot of time with Jerome. I had to work, so I couldn't be with them much. On Friday night he arrived at our house at seven p.m., a package in his hand.

"Here, Mark. I've brought a present for you."

"Oh, thanks, Jerome.'

I opened the bag and found a DVD with a lurid cover saying "Anal Bride's Black Gangbang."

"That should get you going, Mark."

"Geez. Well, I guess it just might." I had always loved raunchy pornography.

"Let's watch it after dinner."


Amy emerged from the bedroom in her favorite streetwalker attire: a tight short skirt, platform heels, and a tight tank top that showed her curvy figure. During dinner she and Jerome exchanged knowing looks. I could tell that he was feeling her up under the table.

After dinner she sat next to Jerome on the couch and pulled down his zipper. She pulled out his fat cock to play with.

"Let's watch a movie, Mark," said Jerome. Amy took Jerome's penis into her mouth.

I got the DVD and started it up. The first scene had a tall brunette with a young black man. She sucked him off while the camera roved over her face. Like a good porn star, she smiled at the camera as she licked his black balls and cock.

The next scene was a redhead with a different black man. She took him in her pussy and then her ass until he splattered his cum all over her face.

"You'll love the next bit, Mark." Jerome grinned while. Amy giggled.

The next scene featured a cute blonde with four black studs. When I saw her face, I was shocked to recognize the blonde was my lovely wife. Amy. I was too surprised to say anything.

You gonna get married tomorrow, slut?" One of them asked Amy.

"Uh huh," she smiled.

"You want to have a little party with us before you tie the knot?"

"Yes, please. Anything you want. I want to be your whore."

"OK, slut. We're gonna give you something to remember for the rest of your life. We'll make sure your cunt isn't too sore for your bridegroom tomorrow, too." They laughed.

I sat there and watched while four black men penetrated my bride's vagina and mouth with their fat pricks. They fucked her in various positions, displaying her hole for the camera full of black meat.

One of the men put her on all fours and slapped her bottom. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and stuck his finger into her anus. They her lubed up his cock and stuffed it in. He ground into her, hard. She was moaning. Another stud took his place. He fucked her ass for several minutes until the next one took over. They gangfucked her anally while I looked on, fascinated. I could feel the erection in my pants. I pulled out my cock and stroked it.

"God, this so much better than my husband's cock!" The blonde looked into the camera. "I love these black dicks. They're so big and hard!"

The gangbang brought the blonde to a series of gasping orgasms. I could tell she loved it. She held her cheeks open while they pounded her, giving us a good view. I wondered how much she could take. One of the studs seemed to wonder the same thing.

"Don't let hubby try the back door, babe. It might be a little sore." They roared with laughter.

At the end of the scene the four blacks stood around and masturbated until they erupted with big loads over Amy's face.

"You think about us, slut, while you fuck your husband after the wedding tomorrow. I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

"Oh, I'll do that. It won't be anything as good as this!" She smiled at the camera, licking the dripping with cum from her cheeks. The scene ended.

"Did you like that, Mark?" Jerome asked.

"Yes," I admitted.

"So did I," said Jerome as he squirted sperm into Amy's mouth. "Here, Mark, see what you can add to that." I found myself complying. I stroked my shaft until the cum came boiling up and shot it over my slut bride.

Two days later I came home from work to find Amy and Jerome in our bedroom. The first thing I noticed was a big tattoo on Amy's butt saying "I love Black Cock." A gold ring hung from her navel.

Wearing only high heeled shoes, Amy was straddling Jerome on the bed. His thick cock penetrated her to the root. I saw that Amy had shaved her pussy. I stared as they fucked and groaned their way to orgasmic delight. Slowly their breathing calmed. Still plugged into Amy's vagina, Jerome turned and looked at me.

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