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Interracial Anilingus Ch. 2

by Nudemodel©

Chapter 2: Party Continues

Motown music continued to play softly in a living room in the mostly black Cleveland suburb. The exclusive little midsummer party had been going on for about a half-hour and was getting more relaxed and boisterous.

It was a hot, sweaty, muggy August day. Partygoers came and went. They were still mostly the half-dozen black men and women who owned a production company that solely made interracial porn and a dozen black college men and women who had been apprentices or guests during one or more of their interracial porn productions.

Casually attired in summer clothes, only two of the now twenty-six partygoers were not black. The exceptions were young two white women who had accompanied black men as guest observers to the porn videotapings. One had come to the sex-party with her black boyfriend, but the other had come alone. The party guests continued to chat and joke in small groups. The beer keg on the conference table was half empty, and so were several wine bottles. The hors d'oeuvres were half gone.

It continued to appear like a party of informally attired black business people and artists. But none of the black people in the room were unaware of two naked white women and a naked white man in the room. And they knew that all three naked whites had been put to use as asshole-licking whores several times. From time to time their conversations would mention it with dirty snickers and contemptuous sneers.

All three naked whites had been porno models. They had been on-camera engaging in interracial sex-acts for the black porn producers and had been procured as party whores. For added party fun, all three naked white whores had their hands handcuffed behind them.

Gayle, the blond, blue-eyed, thirty-five-year old female, had made six porn videos with six different black males. She stood there sweating, slightly unkempt, and wet all around her mouth area from licking in black male asses. She had arrived at the party with light blue eye shadow and thick mascara. Her pony-tailed blond hair had been held with a blue hairclip, but had gotten mussed. Blond pubic hair above and around the split bulge of her twat proved she was a natural blond. Her bright red lipstick matched the nail polish on the fingers and toes. She was a part-time nude dancer.

Kathy, a thirty-seven-year-old blue-eyed and brown-haired female, had made four porn videos with five different black males. She, too, was sweating, unkempt, and wet all around her mouth area from licking in black male asses. She had arrived at the party with her brown hair clipped into a bun on top of her head with a brown hairclip. Her pubic hair was a rich brown over and around the split bulge of her twat. She had on aqua eye shadow and thick mascara. Her red lipstick did not match the aqua nail polish on her fingers and toes. She was also a stripper.

Tom was a brown-eyed graying fifty-something male. He had made five porn videos with five different black females. He was sweating, looking used, and wet all around his mouth area from licking in black female asses. His graying brown hair was long, but not too. His pubic hair was still a rich brown all around his penis and balls. He worked as a nude art model at Cleveland-area colleges.

At the beginning of the sex-party when the single-chain stainless-steel handcuffs were showed to the three naked white whores, Gayle had compliantly put her hands behind her back. One of the black college boys handcuffed her. She had felt the metal of one of the handcuffs slide against her wrist. She had felt and heard it click closed. Then she had felt the metal of the other one on her wrist. She felt and heard it click closed.

Kathy had felt the same, and then had felt the college boy's hand feel around her bare ass several times.

Tom had obligingly put his hands behind his back. He had felt LeeAnn grab one of his arms and felt the metal of one of the cuffs slide on his wrist. He had felt and heard the click of it closing on his wrist. Then he had felt the metal of the other cuff as LeeAnn hooked in on his wrist. He had felt the pressure of her closing the cuff and had felt and heard the metallic snap as it closed around his wrist.

The naked male whore had stretched the handcuff chain and found it did not allow his hands to move even as far as the sides of his bare buttocks. LeeAnn had pinched his bare ass, and he had automatically reacted in trying to jerk his arms. The hard steel handcuffs and their chain had held his arms in place against his bare ass.

The two naked white women had similar experiences. It brought the message home to all three naked white sluts that they had been had. They would be the partygoers' servile naked asshole-licking slaves all afternoon.

Now, a half-hour later, the naked white whores had grown slightly used to the hard steel handcuffs restraining their arms behind them. After being used as whores to lick black assholes, all three accepted their degradation as naked party sex-slaves.

Two black college boys had just finished using Gayle and Kathy as cocksucking and asshole-licking whores. They had sauntered away and were now chatting with a group at the other side of the room.

Two black college girls, Danielle and LeeAnn, had just finished using Tom as their asshole-licking whore. They were having fun standing around with the handcuffed naked white male piece-of-ass whom they had humiliated and debauched. They majored in film and photography and had secretly been porn-making apprentices.

Both young women had on white college sweatshirts with the names of their colleges bulging with pairs of young breasts. Both also wore plain tight white shorts and white sneakers with white cotton socks.

A young black woman accompanied by one of the party's two young white women sauntered slyly over. And then a couple more black college boys ambled over and joined them.

The two new females had rather obviously ambled over to use Tom to lick their assholes. But until they actually used the slut, they intended to just stand around and taunt and tease the naked whores. Both looked with amusement at the wet-around-the-mouth faces of the two naked women and at his wet-around-the-mouth face.

Actually LeeAnn and Danielle had washed all three of the handcuffed sluts' faces with warm soapy washcloths. Gayle's and Kathy's had been hockered with cum after the black boys had ejaculated onto their faces, and they had decided to have Tom's clean for the next whore-user.

The two new young women were a little older than LeeAnn and Danielle. The young black woman, who was wearing a red suit and white blouse, had the same straightened black college-girl hairstyle as did Danielle and LeeAnn.

The young white woman had, six months earlier, been the sexy blond blue-eyed girlfriend of a black male spectator. They had broken up, and he was not there. But since she had been a spectator to a porn videotaping, she had been invited. She had her blond hair pony-tailed and was wearing a tight-fitting white shorts with a yellow blouse.

The college boys both had short haircuts and had on mundane khaki slacks and name-brand sneakers. The taller one wore a Camel cigarette logo tee shirt. The other had on a plain white one.

The two young women strolled up to LeeAnn, Danielle, Gayle, Kathy, and Tom like they might have to any other group at the party. But they also made points of conspicuously looking over naked Gayle's, Kathy's and Tom's flesh, sex-organs, and handcuffed wrists.

Everyone in the room was hot and sweating, but their clothes absorbed a lot of it. It was different with the three naked party whores. Everyone could see beads of sweat sometimes become drops that ran down the naked white flesh.

"Hi, I'm Janis," the young blue-eyed blond woman said to all.

"And I'm Sonya," the young black woman said to them.

The black college boys looked over the bare bodies of the two white women.

"I'm Alex," the taller one in the Camel shirt said.

"I'm John," the other said.

"Hi, I'm LeeAnn," the black girl introduced herself.

"And I'm Danielle," her friend said. She snickered contemptuously. "And you know the three naked bitches, Gayle, Kathy, and Tom."

"Yeah, we know the pieces-of-ass," Janis said. She grinned at the naked handcuffed party prostitutes. "Hi, whores," she greeted.

"Handcuffs bothering you any?" Sonya asked them.

"Little hard on my wrists. Thing I notice is my hands constantly against my bare ass," Gayle told her.

"Same here," Tom said. He could feel the metal on his wrists and its chain and his hands brushing against his bare buttocks.

"Since no one's going to take them off until the party's over, we'll live with them," Kathy added.

"They make you sluts look like defiled and sexually usable slaves," Janis grinned.

Hanging on a twined leather necklace around Janis's neck was a large black iron ankh symbol. Tom tried to change the subject.

"That's a neat Buddhist ankh," he told her.

She grinned at his ignorance." Ankh is an Egyptian symbol of life, party whore."

"Well, anyway, it looks nice on you," he complimented to cover his ignorance.

She looked over his sweating handcuffed naked body and especially his dangling penis with a self-important grin. "Everything you have on looks nice, too, naked slave-bitch," she teased.

"He just licked our assholes," LeeAnn told her.

"That's what he's here for," Alex told her while grinning at him. He turned to Gayle and Kathy and said, "That's what they're here for, too."

John looked over Gayle's bare body like he was inspecting meat. It was clear to Gayle that he would be the next one to use her as a whore.

John turned and sneered at Tom, then nodded to Gayle. "I want to fuck Gayle in the ass, Tom. So lick her asshole. Lubricate it. Now. Right here," he said loudly so more in the room might hear. Some in the room turned to watch.

Danielle, LeeAnn, Janis, Sonya, and Alex sneered approvingly. LeeAnn and Sonya went, "Ooooo."

Janis shot naked Tom and Gayle a contemptuous sneer and a couple dirty winks.

Naked Gayle shrugged. She turned around so her bare ass faced Tom.

LeeAnn and Danielle exchanged grins. Sonya and Janis exchanged smirks. John and Alex grinned dirtily.

Janis helped the handcuffed naked white man kneel behind the handcuffed naked white woman. Gayle bent forward to accommodate Tom's face in her ass. She knew the others wanted to see the male bitch's tongue going around her asshole.

LeeAnn, Danielle, Janis, Sonya, Alex, and John watched with sneers and naked Kathy looked on blandly while Tom glanced at her handcuffed hands and large fleshy bare ass.

Her sweating buttocks were a little flabby, but large and shapely nice ass. She had a large beige asshole. The ridges of it stood out in contrast with the smooth white flesh of her ass all around it. In front of her asshole, she had a large juicy cunt. The fleshy fillets of her cunt lips were way larger than Danielle's and LeeAnn's had been.

He pressed his face between her buttocks, and to deliberately get her asshole lubricated, sloberingly licked a lot of wet saliva around and into it.

"I wish I could watch you fuck the white slut in the ass," LeeAnn told John while the white man's tongue was lubricating the white woman's asshole.

"Sure, watch," John told all of them. He pointed to the asshole-licking white man. "Him, too. Might need his dirty asshole-licking mouth again."

Gayle stepped her ass out of Tom's face. He saw some of the other guests were laughing. Wet with saliva around his mouth, Tom shot them sheepish smiles. Janis helped him up.

John guided handcuffed Gayle toward a bedroom with his hand on her ass. Janis, Sonya, LeeAnn, Danielle and Alex followed them. Janis and Sonya each put a hand on Tom's bare ass pressed him forward and followed them into the bedroom.

A black businessman in a business suit was leading handcuffed naked Kathy to another bedroom with his hand feeling her bare ass.

John, Gayle, LeeAnn, Danielle, Alex, Sonya, Janis, and Tom went in. Alex partly closed the bedroom door, but left it slightly ajar. No one saw fit to close it.

There was a strap-on ivory-white plastic dildo on a stand beside the bed. Janis picked it up and waved it cutely to the others. "Place is completely equipped," she quipped. She studied it as if creatively thinking up a use.

Gayle was a whore. She had been fucked in the ass a lot of times. She was handcuffed, but she knew what worked and what didn't. She immediately crawled up on the bed on her knees. She dropped her chest and head to the bed, positioned her bare ass out over the end of it, and splayed her thighs widely. Everyone could see the glistening saliva wetness around her asshole from Tom's licking it.

John dropped his pants and underpants to the floor and stepped out of them.

His young black cock was almost completely hard, apparently from just the thought of fucking the white slut. He shoved his stiff black penis into Gayle's cunt. She let out a faint gasp.

He fucked her for some seconds. Then his cock was a hard stiff rod.

In a second he backed it out of her cunt and pressed it into her asshole just below her handcuffed wrists. Gayle groaned slightly.

The large fat black cock spread her asshole into a larger hole. The black college boy began, slowly at first, fucking her in the ass. Gayle's head was turned sideways on the bed. She just looked straight ahead across the sheet as if waiting for it to be over.

When John's long thick hard black cock rammed into her asshole, the force of it moved her bare body forward. When he backed it out for another plunge, her bare ass went back to where it had been.

She had a stupid expression. From time to time she winced. But she had been fucked in the ass hundreds of times, and there was no terror in the pain. It just sharply hurt a little as the large fat cock rubbed against her widely stretched anal walls and shoved deep against the walls of her rectum.

Alex, Sonya, LeeAnn, and Danielle exchanged grins. Janis nodded at the naked white bitch getting publicly fucked in the ass and shot them a sneer about it.

They all watched Gayle's fleshy white ass while John's large black cock went deep into her asshole, slipped back almost out, and went deep into her asshole again. He made crude animal grunts while he fucked the naked white woman in her ass. Gayle made a grunt every time the college boy's long fat stiff cock plunged deep into her rectum.

The college boy's ass-muscles squeezed and he thrust his cock hard and deep into Gayle's rectum. She winced and yelped slightly.

His stiff black meat plunged in and back out again. It rubbed stimulatingly on the walls of her rectum about fifty times. Each time it went in, the flesh of Gayle's anal orifice bent inward with the thrust of Roy's black penis. Each time it came out, the flesh of her anal orifice bent back to follow his long thick black cock.

The sexual exertion caused drops of sweat to run down the flesh of both the ass-fucking black man and the ass-fucked white whore.

With each thrust into her rectum, Gayle let out a half yelp, half pleasure groan. She liked getting fucked in the ass.

LeeAnn, Danielle, Janis, and Sonya exchanged smirks and sneers at the older white woman getting fucked in the ass in front of them.

"Suck my cock, bitch," Roy told Gayle as he slowly drew back his hard rod of black male meat.

He slipped his cock out of her asshole. The orifice of her asshole remained open. The moist vitreous pinkish-red tissue inside it could be seen.

All eyes were on sweating Gayle. For half of a second everyone wondered whether she would disgracefully defile herself in front of them by sucking John's stiff black cock that had just come out of her asshole.

John waited with a dirty sneer. He knew she would.

Gayle remained on the bed with her ass high in the air. She had felt the stiff cock slide back out of her asshole. But his stiff male meat had done that several times already, then plunged back deep into her rectum again.

So with a stupid look on her face appropriate to just having been fucked in the ass in front of a small audience, she looked back past her handcuffed hands to see if Roy was through fucking her in the ass.

She glanced at his stiff cock, then looked up at his grinning face. It was clear that he was through, and now he was waiting for her to orally insert the stiff cock that had just come out of her asshole.

Everyone else was also waiting to watch the sweating white bitch defile herself doing the dirty deed.

She avoided all their eyes rolled over on her back on the edge of the bed with her mouth invitingly open and waiting for the black cock that had just come out of her asshole. He strode up to her waiting open mouth. She looked at his stiff black phallus.

Showing not even a faint sign of disgust at sucking a cock that had just come out of her asshole, the dirty degraded slut held her mouth invitingly wide open to receive it. Everyone could see her teeth, moist throat, and waiting moist pink tongue extending out solicitously over her lower lip. The black male acted speedily to get the asshole-fucking cock into her mouth.

All watched while he stuck the big stiff black cock into her mouth. With her mouth full of a large fat asshole-fucking black cock, Gayle closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around it.

LeeAnn, Sonya, Janis, Danielle, and Alex whooped up laughs. They giggled dirtily, sneered contemptuously, and snickered insolently at the white female party whore who not only just got publicly fucked in the ass, but now sucked the dick that had come out of her asshole.

"Filthy slut," LeeAnn smirked.

In another second Gayle was vigorously cocksucking the stiff black penis. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that John was actively fucking Gayle in the mouth.

Quickly after that, John ejaculated down Gayle's throat.

She gaggled as gobs of sperm and semen struck her larynx. The white bitch rolled her bare handcuffed body half off the bed. She coughed five or six hacking coughs while getting her feet on the floor. She bent over and hacked several more coughs, then cleared her throat and swallowed John's cum.

Then she straightened up, scowled, and looked away at the wall. The black students who had been audience to her degradation applauded and sneered at her public humiliation and disgrace.

Naked Gayle cleared her throat again. She turned and shot the group a sulking look. She gulped, took a deep breath, and let it out. Then the naked female party whore looked back at the small grinning and sneering audience who had witnessed her humiliation. She shot an insincere thin smile at them.

She had been fucked in the ass and then sucked the ass-fucking cock in a porn video. She had been fucked in the ass and had sucked the dick that had come out of her asshole when she had whored. So it was hardly a unique experience.

But she did feel a touch of being disgraced and humiliated after having done it in front of everyone. It was partly in reaction to being sneered contemptuously at while she stood naked in front of them.

Janis, in the meantime, had retrieved a strap-on dildo that the theater owners had conveniently placed on a dresser top. The small six-inch ivory-white plastic dildo had chrome-studded black leather straps attached to it.

While the college boy was fucking Gayle in the ass, Janis had strapped it on over her tight white shorts. While naked and disgraced Gayle was sucking the black boy's cock after it had come out of her asshole, Sonya had knowingly helped Janis tightened the dildo straps.

It looked out-of-place on her shapely body and in her white shorts. The imitation male sex-organ contrasted with her shapely and sexy female figure, but the white plastic of it seemed a somehow appropriate extension of her sexual desires.

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