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Showing Heather


About 2 months ago when my wife Heather and I took a trip up to visit her younger sister Jen and her husband Rob.

We started out a little after 3pm on a Wednesday figuring we would get to Jen's house around 9 or 10 that night. Other than the drive being on schedule it was pretty uneventful and we arrived about 9:45 pm and were pretty tired.

Let me tell you a little about my wife's little sister. She is 30 years old and has been married to Rob for about 2 years. Actually it was at her wedding the last time we all had seen each other. Jen is the exact opposite of my wife. She has straight long blonde hair, big blue eyes and she is about 5' 7" 120lbs. Her breasts appear to be much larger than Heathers. Jen has a great body and she likes to wear clothes that show it off. Rob is an all right guy just very set in his ways. You know the type he has an exact time and a place to do everything. Rob is about 5'9" dark hair and not a bad looking guy.

Heather on the other hand is 38 years old. She has short black hair, brown eyes and is also very thin. She is about 5'4" 110lbs and her breast are no bigger than two oranges. Taking a guess I would say she is about a 34B.

My wife is very conscious of her chest. Not because of the size but because of her nipples. Heather is very light skinned and her areola's are very dark and the perfect size of quarters. You could lie a quarter on them and it would make a perfect circle. But the best part of her tits and the thing that she is self conscious of is her nipples. She has very long nipples. They stick out just over half an inch when she isn't excited and they grow to over an inch and a half when she is aroused. Its like she has her constant high beams on all the time.

Heather always dresses very conservatively and always wears a double padded bra to hide her nipples. Even when she sleeps she puts on her bra.

This was our first time seeing Jen and Rob's new house, which they had just moved into about 6 months ago. So after the customary kisses and handshakes we brought in the bags and got the grand tour. It was a split bedroom house and we would be staying on one side of the house. We had our own access to the pool and our own bathroom. In addition to the pool they also had a hot tub located on the screened in patio.

It was late so everyone decided to go to bed. We all said our goodnights and went to our rooms. Heather decided to take a shower first, so I went out on the patio to test the temperature of the hot tub. Now the hot tub is at one end of the patio and our bathroom door leading out to the patio is at the other end. While I was testing the water temperature, I saw the light click on in our bathroom and I couldn't believe my eyes. I could see straight into the bathroom right thru the curtain on the door. I could see Heather like I was looking at her thru a window. My mind was going a mile a minute. I had always fantasized about showing heather off but I knew she would never go for it. Now finally I was going to have my chance with her own sister and husband.

I crept up closer to the door and watched as heather started to remove her clothes. She pulled her shirt over her head and unclasped her padded bra. Her nipples came into view and I got an instant erection. She next pushed her shorts and panties down in one quick motion and stepped out of them. She was now completely naked. Her dark patch of black pubic hair stood out unbelievable against her fair completion.

I immediately went back to the hot tub and sat down to see what type of view I had. It was unbelievable. Anybody sitting in the hot tub could see right into the bathroom. Heather jumped into the shower as I sat thinking of ways to use this. After about 5 minutes she was done with her shower and stepped back into my line of view.

She either took a very cold shower or was very excited because her nipples were at full attention. She began drying herself off and when she bent over to dry her legs, her ass was sticking straight at me. I couldn't take it anymore and began rubbing my cock thru my shorts. As she was bent over I could actually see her pussy lips and than were wet.

She stood up and stared at herself in the mirror. Than cupped her breast and started pulling on her nipples. (If she only knew she was being watched) Heather than sat down on the toilet and spread her legs. The position of the toilet and the way she was sitting gave whoever was outside the door a bird's eye view and left nothing to the imagination. After only a couple of minutes her breathing become heavier and her clit was really sticking out. She started rubbing her pussy faster while pulling on her nipples. Than she shoved 2 fingers up inside her. From where I was sitting I could see right up inside her. Here was my very conservative wife completely naked, with 2-inch nipples and 2 fingers buried deep in her pussy making her self come. It was too much for me to handle and I shot my load all inside my pants. It felt like I would never stop coming. Within in seconds I heard Heather moan clenched her teeth in order not to scream as she came in what appears to be in waves. She than stood up composed herself and finished getting ready for bed.

After my wife was done I went into the bathroom to clean myself up and inspect the door. When the light was out you could see out on to the patio but as soon as you turned the light on it was like looking at a solid wall. You couldn't see anything. I knew that what ever I did would have to be done at night.

The next day Rob went to work and we did some running around. I couldn't wait until nighttime to arrive. Finally at around 9 o'clock we all decided to go in the hot tub so we went to put on out suits. Of course Heather had on her 1pc suit with the padded bra but Jen came out and blew my mind. She was in a light blue bikini that showed off her body great. This was the first time I had ever seen her dressed like this and yes by far she had bigger tits than my wife and I wondered if see also had the long nipples. I could see right away Heather was uncomfortable with the way Jen was dressed. After about 20 minutes Jen said she had had enough and was going to go to bed. Heather also decided to call it a night. Everything was going perfect. I knew Heather would be taking a shower so I purposely slid around the hot tub so my back was to the bathroom door. This way rob would be able to see Heather getting ready without me knowing it.

After about 5 minutes I saw the light flick on and I knew Heather was now in the bathroom. Rob had seen her because I saw him look up when the light came on. I was worried that he might say something but that went away in a hurry when Rob slid around to get a better view without me noticing him.

The whole time I was talking to Rob he was looking past me and over my shoulder at the bathroom. I knew Heather was taking a shower but I wondered if Rob was going to get the same show I had the night before. Rob kept shifting in his sit so I figured he was getting a good view. After about 15 minutes I lend over the side to get a drink and I glanced back towards the bathroom and sure enough there was Heather sitting on the Toilet with her legs spread, her hand between her legs and her nipples at full attention. I quickly turned back around and acted like I didn't notice anything. Rob had the best sit in the house and appeared to be enjoying it. I had never thought this would work this great.

About 5 minutes later the light went out and I knew Heather had brought herself to orgasm but what she didn't know is she had an audience. She would die if she only knew that her sisters husband not only saw her naked but saw her masturbating. I decide I had enough and was going to bed. I quickly got out of the hot tub and rapped a towel around my now erect dick. Rob decided to stay in a little longer, probably because he didn't want to stand up, so I headed off to bed. Once inside the house I went into the bathroom but didn't turn on the light and waited until Rob got out of the hot tub. I was right he had a hard on sticking out of his swimsuit. What he did next I didn't expect, he dropped his swim suit around his ankles and starting jerking off right there on the patio. Although he was hard his dick appeared to be very tiny. Only about 4 inches long and very thin about as thick as a permanent marker. I felt sorry for Jen. Myself I am not the largest man I am only 6 inches long, but I have a very thick dick that Heather can just barely get her hand around.

Now here is my brother in law with his pants around his ankles jerking himself off thinking about my wife playing with herself. I t didn't take him long to shoot his load all over the floor. He may have a small dick but it seemed he shot a gallon of come.

At this point I was ready to burst. I went right in to the bedroom and heather was already in bed, I had a ragging hard on and I curled up next to her and started rubbing her ass. Now I said earlier that Heather dresses very conservative but she is very sexual and it doesn't take much to get her going. I slipped my hand under her nightshirt and into her panties, with my other hand I slid it up under her bra and starting pulling on her nipples. A low moan escaped her lips and she parted her legs a little further. I quickly unhooked her bra and took her nipple in to my mouth and sucked it for all I was worth. Heather nipples are so sensitive that I can often bring her to organism just by sucking on them. I started pulling on her nipple with my teeth and I plunged 2 fingers deep in side her drenched pussy. She started squirming and bucking and as she started to come.

She had one of the longest organisms I can ever remember. By now I was ready to burst, this was the first time anybody had seen my wife naked except for me and her doctor in over 30 years and they also got to see her put on a show. I climb on top of her positioned the head of my dick at her opening and pushed forwarded. She engulfed me in one quick motion and I starting pumping like there was no tomorrow. My orgasm built up in my balls and after only 10 strokes I was filling her pussy with my come. After what seemed like minutes I collapsed on top of her and thought to myself this was only the first day we have 3 more days left and I have plenty of ways of showing Heather off not only to Rob but to her sister Jen.

Written by: ZIPHER

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