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by LePretre©

He reached his hands up and spread her legs. She obliged, and brought both her knees up to allow him more room. He crawled between her legs so that his mouth was just over her pussy.

"Oh, God, Luc, I've wanted you to taste me for so long..."

He rubbed his nose on the top of her hair, once again teasing her to no end. She giggled and gasped in expectation. Replacing his nose, he softly stuck out his tongue, drawing yet more circles on her lower body. He could smell her musk emanating from her pussy, and could hardly wait to taste her sweet juices.

He leaned his head down and brushed his tongue against her pussy lips. She gasped again as he did this, not believing that such feeling was possible. After drawing an almost-oval shape around her entry-way, he quickly, lightly touched her exposed clitoris, his tongue leaving it as quickly as it touched it.

"OH! Luc, don't tease me, please..."

He spread her lips with his mouth and went back and forth against her clit, slowly. He wanted her to enjoy this, and was rewarded with his administrations with her rocking her hips to and fro, also very slowly. He wasn't sure how long he could keep this up; he was still fully clothed and his hardened manhood simply YEARNED for freedom and attention. But, he said to himself, the wait will be well worth it...

He started picking up his pace with his licks and sucks, gently bringing her engorged bud inside his mouth to mimic fellatio. Back and forth he went, bringing her to yet another climax. She SCREAMED with delight as she came a second time, amazed that she could cum so soon after her first, and so much stronger.

He slowed down on her, easing her back into semi-reality. Finally, she could take it no more, "Luc, I want you inside me... please... fill me..." she pleaded. He was only happy to oblige.

He stood up and slowly removed his clothing. As he undid the button on his pants he noticed her hand drifting to her clit, rubbing slowly as he took off the rest of his clothing. He wasn't terribly long, only five or six inches in length, but the sight of him nude in front of her was more than she had ever dreamed.

"Come here, Luc..." she said quietly. He went on top of her and kissed her mouth so tenderly, as only two lovers could.

Suddenly, she flipped him over so that she was on top. Her strong legs wrapped around him and he felt her wetness on the sensitive side of his penis, rubbing against it as she masturbated herself, erect penis against erect clit. All the while they tasted each other's mouth, tongue on tongue. His hands went to her perfect ass and kneaded her cheeks in expectation.

She leaned down next to his ear and whispered, "I couldn't imagine my first time being with anyone else but you..."

Now it was his turn to mutter, "Oh, God," allowing the moment to rush over him. Soon, he thought, he'd be fucking his little sister.

She sat up a bit, stopped her rubbing against him. She reached down and put the tip of him just inside her. "I love you, Luc," she smiled, looking down at him.

"I love you too, Collette; so much. I always will," he smiled back.

She replaced her hand next to his head. This was it, this was the moment they both had wanted, but hadn't known until an hour ago.

She pressed her hips down, so that he was inside her only and inch. She closed her eyes and brought herself back up. Down she went again, allowing more of him inside her, and up again. Down and up she went, taking her time, enjoying the feeling of her brother's hardness inside her.

After a minute, she slowly pressed down, all the way, until their pubic hairs met. Luc rocked his head back, scarcely believing how warm, tight, yet soft she was inside. Her hymen must have ripped long ago, he thought, with the heavy dancing and stretching that she'd done over the years, so she felt no pain as she took him in.

"Oh, Luc, you're so hard... I love you."

"I love you too... please... don't stop, Collette."

He pulled on her butt, leading her up so that just his head was inside and back down, up, and down, until she had set a rhythm she was comfortable with. Her soft, wet muscles practically pulled him in every time she went down.

He removed his hands so that he could grasp her full, soft breasts, and she started humping his cock faster, harder. Back and forth she went, until both of them were gasping for air. "Oh, LUC, FUCK ME! OH FUCK ME! " she screamed. "I want to feel you cum inside me, oh Luc!"

He could hardly resist her wishes.

Soon, too soon, he felt his balls tighten, and he knew he was about to send his seed inside her. He wondered if she was protected, but the thought was wiped away as she pumped hard against him.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh yes, Collette, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop!"

"Mmmmm... you feel so good!" she cried.

Closer and closer he could feel his sperm climbing through his shaft. He was sent over the edge with her saying:

"Oh, Luc, I'm cumming AGAIN, OH LUC I'M CUMMING SO HARD!"

With an animal howl, he felt his cock being milked by his sister until he spurt hot cum deep, so deep inside her. Time after time he could feel himself spraying into her, her motion never slowing down a bit. He couldn't tell where he was or who he was, the only thing real to him at that moment was how his sister was making him feel. He never came like that before, and, he felt, he never would again.

Eventually, he started to soften as he struggled for air. She slowed her pumping motion, eyes still closed in ecstasy, allowing her juices to mingle with his. Soon after, reluctantly, she climbed off of him and his spent penis drooped onto his abdomen. There they stayed for long minutes, touching and kissing, their forbidden fantasies realized. They had loved each other for so long, now their love had entered into another dimension.

She looked at him, still under him. "I love you so much, Luc. Thank you."

"Thank YOU, Collette," he replied, unable to say anything more.

She rested her head on his shoulder, and soon brother and sister drifted off into satisfied, peaceful sleep.

Written by: LePretre

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