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Camping Trip

by robodud©

I could then hear Poppie as he yelled out "I am going to cum. Can I please cum inside you? I want to feel your warmth as I explode inside you." Cathy then said "Don't you dare pull out as I want to feel you inside me as you cum. Push as deep as you can as you cum inside me. Make me cum with you as I want to feel us cum together." With that Poppie started pumping a little faster and pushing in a little deeper as he worked his way toward cumming. This was about all Pat could stand as he was approaching his climax too. Pat cried out "Mom, I am going to cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow it all. It would be so hot if you swallowed your son's seed as your step-dad cums inside you." "I want us all to cum at the same time." I watched in wonder as the three of them worked their way to simultaneous orgasms.

Cathy started bucking up and down on Poppie as he was shoving hard and deep. I could hear a gurgle coming out of Cathy's mouth as she started to cum. Just about that time I heard Pat say "Here it cums Mom. I am going to shoot it out into your mouth. I am starting to cum, oh, here it cums." Poppie then said "I am there; I am starting to cum inside you. Feel it shooting inside you. I want you to cum with me." Cathy started writhing about as her climax hit her. She was trying to scream but with a cock that was exploding in her mouth it made it hard. I could tell by the way that her body was moving that the hardest, most intense climax had just hit her. Her hands were going everywhere. First she cupped Poppie's ass to push him in further and then she would reach up to take Pat's cock in her hand as she tried to milk him dry.

The three of them all stopped moving about the same time and just lay in a heap as they recovered their senses. Pat was the first to pull his cock out of her mouth. I could see some of his cum running down her chin as he pulled out. Poppie then pulled out and rolled over completely exhausted. Cathy lay there for a second trying to catch her breath just as Jim crawled up and positioned himself to enter her too. As Jim pushed forward I saw Cathy's eyes fly wide open. I heard her say. "You are so big, I had no idea. I can't believe how much you are stretching me and how full I feel as you enter me." "I have fucked my step-dad and now I am being fucked by my son and I couldn't be happier." "You feel so good inside me, please push as far inside me as you can. I want to feel all of you as you fuck your mom."

Jim started pushing in hard and then pulling all the way out to shove back in hard again. This again put Cathy over the top as she cried out "Oh my, I am starting to cum again. I can't believe how full you make me feel. You have the biggest cock I have ever seen and now it is inside me. Pound that fucker in me, make me your slave." With that Jim started pounding her as hard and fast as he could. He grabbed her ass and pushed her into him as he shoved as far into her as he could. Jim pounded her for what seemed like forever as his staying power was phenomenal. Cathy wrapped her legs around his waist and yelled "Fuck me faster oh please fuck me harder. Pound it in me and fill me up with that monster. I want to feel all of it and I want to feel all of it hard. Please fuck me, oh please fuck me hard."

I had never heard Cathy so out of it and talking so vulgar. She was so lost in her passion that I thought she might pass out. Jim finally let out "Oh ma, here it cums. I am going to shoot inside you. I am going to cum inside my own mother and put my seed where I once was. Here it cummmmmms mom." With that he pushed as deep inside her as he could while he let himself shoot deep inside. It was all Cathy could take and she started screaming "You are cummmmmmmmminnnnng inside me and you feel so hot. I can feel your cock pulse inside me. Please empty yourself inside me and I hope I can keep it there forever." With that she let out "I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggg. Please fill me with your cum as I cum with you. Oh my God I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmin so hard."

They stayed locked together for another five minutes while they both came down from their highs. Cathy then said "I have never been fucked so much and so hard in one night before. I have always had only one guy at a time and now I have fucked two and gotten a third to cum in my mouth. I cannot believe how high I got and how intense this all is." Jim had still not pulled out and I could see that he was starting to go in and out again. Cathy then said "You are not going to fuck me again are you. I cannot believe that you are still hard after cumming like you did." Jim then said "You feel so good and I am so turned on by this that I may never get soft again." With that he started pushing in and out a little faster.

Pat then got behind Cathy and put his arms around her to feel her breasts as she was being fucked again by Jim. Pat then reached down and put a finger in her hole while Jim fucked away. Between her wetness and the cum from her earlier fucks Pat's hand came away plenty wet. He took his hand and started rubbing it around her asshole making it extremely wet. Cathy was starting to get the feeling back again as she started rocking with the movements of Jim.

Pat then pushed his body up against the back of Cathy and run the head of his dick up and down her asshole. Cathy then cried out "Oh this feels so good. You are so good at this and you are making me hot all over again." With that Pat pushed the head of his dick against her hole and pushed forward until his head popped through. Cathy could not believe what had just happened and cried out. "What are you doing. I can't have two cocks in me at the same time. I have never done anything like that before."

Pat just pushed a little harder so that half of him was inside her ass. Cathy then cried out "Of fuck you are both going to fuck me and I am going to let you. I want you both deep inside me and make me cum." Pat and Jim built up a good rhythm and worked their cocks in and out together. As one would push in the other would pull out and then they would reverse. Both working on her until I heard her cry out again. "You are making me cum again. I have lost count how many times I have cum tonight but I hope I can keep up. I have never felt this intense in my life. I am cummmmmmmminngggggg. Oh my I am cummmmmmmmmiiiiinnnnggg. Please fuck me harder." Pat and Jim both could not take it any longer and let out screams as they shot their loads inside her.

I thought the fun was over as everyone had a chance to fuck Cathy at least once and Cathy seemed to be fucked out. She just lay there not really believing what had just happened. She looked around and everyone was watching her. She looked at me and then Poppie and then at both her sons. Nobody had gotten dressed yet and four cocks, including mine, were gathered around her.

She finally spoke "I was not sure about fucking Poppie when we first started but it seemed so special that he wanted me and I had always worshipped him. I did not want my relationship with him to change but when he came to the tent this morning and told me he wanted me it just seemed right. I was too far gone to object when you kids came in but I do think it is wrong for us to carry on like this. I am going to go and take a shower to clean up and I want us all to get some sleep and we will talk about this some more when we have had time to think." With that she got up and went outside the tent to clean up. Nobody else moved or made a move to put their clothes on. Jim finally said "I don't know about anybody else but that was the best sex I have ever had and I don't want to give that up."

We were all still naked and most of us were semi-erect when she got back from the shower. She looked from one cock to the other and could not believe that nobody was dressed. Cathy said "I thought we were all going to sleep on this and talk about it later." Poppie then said "We all agreed that you are the hottest fuck we have ever had and we do not want to lose that. I have never felt as good as I did when we were making love and your kids feel the same. We want to have you more and we would all like to fuck you one more time before we stop today."

Cathy looked from one to the other and saw that as she looked around their cocks all started getting hard again. "I can't believe that you all feel this way and I am shot from our earlier workout. I think we should all get a little rest and talk about it some more later." Pat then stood up and walked over to Cathy and put his cock right in front of her face as he said. "I remember how hot you were when I first put this in your mouth and how great you were as you made me cum in your mouth. I want to experience that feeling again and I can only experience that again with you. I know you liked it when I was in your mouth and I think you would like it again." With that he pushed forward until his cock rested against her lips.

Cathy knew that she could not talk as he would push it in her mouth but she had no where to go to back away from it. The longer that it stayed against her lips I could see that her mouth was shaking and she was having a hard time resisting. Jim moved over and started undoing the buttons on her top. As he got the last button undone he pulled it down off her shoulder until she was once again topless in front of everyone. I knew that it was just a matter of time before things heated up again. Poppie then moved over to take one of her breasts into his mouth and started licking her nipple. Cathy finally let out a little gasp and that was all Pat needed to slip his cock past her lips.

Cathy now had Poppie sucking and licking her nipple and Pat with the head of his cock inside her mouth and Jim was moving his hand down inside her bottoms as he was touching her mound. Cathy looked at me like she did not know what to do. I mouthed that I loved her and enjoy. Cathy then reached up and took Pat's cock in her hand and started licking the head and flicking her tongue under the crown. This had its effect on Pat as he yelled "I knew you would want this again as much as we did. You enjoyed it too much last time to give this up. I want you to suck my cock until I cum in your mouth again and then I am going to fuck you properly this time."

Jim lay on his back and put his head between her legs and started licking from one crack to the other. He would flick his tongue a few times on her clit as he got to the front and then work his way back again. Poppie was working from one nipple to the other. Cathy then said "You are right, I did enjoy it too much last time to stop now. I want you all again and will let you do anything to me that you want for as long as you want." She then went back to deep throating Pat and sat down further on Jim's face as he attacked her clit. Cathy was the first to scream out "I am going to cum again for you. You all are making me so hot that I am going to cum and cum for you."

Pat then started fucking her face as she flicked her tongue as he slid in and sucked as he slid out. It was not long before Pat cried out "You are making me cum in your mouth again. I am starting to shoot into your mouth. Lick me dry and let me cum in your mouth." With that Pat started shaking as he shot rope after rope into her mouth. As Pat pulled out Cathy screamed "I am cummmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiinnng. I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnngggg on your face. It is shooting out of me like never before. I am cummmmminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng."

Pat then turned her over so that she was on all fours. He stuck his cock into her in one stroke. As Pat was filling her cunt, Jim moved around in front and put his cock to her lips. Now Cathy was being pushed into Jim's cock as Pat filled her from behind. Both cocks were going in and out with a speed that I did not think possible. Pat was in no hurry to finish this time as this was the first time he had the pleasure of being inside Cathy. Pat said "I just knew you would feel this good. I could tell you would be the best I have ever felt. I am fucking you so good mom and you are fucking me back even better. You feel so good; I want to do this all day. I want to live inside you from now on." Jim was getting close as he started closing his eyes and feeling the lips around his cock. Just then he shouted "I am cummming in your mouth mom. I am shooting my seed inside your mouth and you are drinking it down. I have never felt this good in my life, suck it all down, suck my juices as it shoots into your mouth."

Jim pulled out to make room for Poppie as he could not get his cock inside her mouth fast enough. He said "I need to be inside your mouth. I need to feel your lips around my cock making me feel soooooooo good." Pat and Poppie started working out a good speed as they both attacked their respective holes with vigor. Cathy had her hand on Poppie's cock as he slid it in and out of her mouth. She was working her mouth around it so that she could lick it as it slid in and out of her mouth. Poppie was the next to lose the battle as he could take the pleasure no more "Oh Cathy I am starting to cum in your mouth too. Take my juices as I shoot in your mouth. I have never cum so many times in such a short time but you are making me so hot I can't get enough. Here I cummmmmmmmmmm."

With that he pushed his cock into her mouth as far as it would go and started shooting string after string of cum. Cathy was quick to swallow as fast as she could so that she did not lose a drop. When Poppie pulled out Cathy then cried out. "You are taking me over the edge as you pound in me over and over. I have never been fucked so hard and so long before but it feels wonderful. I am starting to cummmmmmmmmmmm for you. Fuck me hard, I need you to fuck me hard."

I then walked in front of Cathy and offered her my own cock as I could take it no longer and needed to get off myself. Cathy was more than willing to let me enter her mouth and started working on my cock like I knew so well. I was so horny from watching everything that it only took me a couple of minutes before I was blasting away in her mouth. Cathy did not miss a beat and drank down every drop that I offered. As soon as I pulled out, Pat rolled her over so that he was on top and could really sink into her.

He started really pounding away as everyone else was spent and willing to just watch. Cathy then wrapped her legs around his ass and urged him on. "Pound me, fill me up with your hard cock. I need you to fill me up with your cum. Please fuck me and make me cum with you as you shoot your seed into your mother." With that Pat started pushing a little deeper and a little harder as he was going to make her wishes come true.

Cathy then shouted out "I'mmmmmmmmmmm cummmmmiiiiiinnnnnnnnng, pllllease cummmmmmmmmm with me. Shoot inside me please, I need you to cum inside me." Pat buried his cock inside her as he finally let fly with all he had left in him. His hips were bucking and he kept shooting spurt after spurt into her. Cathy yelled out "I can feel how much you are cuming in me. Keep shooting inside me, I need for you to fill me up. Oh God heeeeeeeeere I cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm again."

With that her hips started bucking and she was bouncing up and down to take him for another ride as she had an earth shattering climax. Pat rode her until she settled down and then pulled out and rolled off next to her. Cathy leaned over and started kissing him on the lips and neck and chest. She said "That was an incredible fuck and I came so hard for you. It did feel incredible having you inside me and I am sorry that I said that I did not think we should do that anymore. I don't think that I will be able to refuse any or all of you from now on. I hope none of you think less of your mom for allowing this to happen but it was very enjoyable and I would like it to happen again."

Poppie said "I don't know about anybody else but I have always loved you and love you even more now. I will not try to abuse you but I would like to make love to you from time to time. You have made me feel years younger and I look forward to when we can be together again." Pat and Jim also said that they would like it to happen again either together or alone whenever they stop over for a visit. Cathy just smiled and said that they all made her very happy.

Written by: robodud

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