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by naughtygirl69s©

The following is a transcript of private messages between two people. It was transpired of the course of a couple days.

Originally Posted by naughtygirl69s:

I do like anything to do with my ass, especially if I'm really worked up. I get to craving it in my ass. I love just having it teased while being fingered, and OMG, do I LOVE having my ass humped on, God that is so hot. Fat fucking cock between my cheeks all slippery and hard grinding down on me, squishing me into the bed. Sliding on me, pressing into me, saying naughty things in my ear as he humps himself. Getting off on my ass. Getting his big dick off, being a naughty fuck. Pushing my legs tight together so my pussy is squeezed...


If you only knew how hard and sloshy gushy creamy the head of my big fat cock is right now after reading your message!

I'm thinking you would love this: You would be facing down, with your thighs tight together. I would be on top facing down too, with my big fat long penis oozing my horny creamy fuck juice in between your buns. As I slid it through your ass crack on its way to fuck your tight pinched squeezed pussy. I would get deep in you and start humping your from behind, as you squeezed your thighs together and you feel the shaft of my distended cock sliding back and forth between your gushy ass cheeks. I would angle the tip of my cock into your g-spot and give your cunt a good steady deep screw.

I would reach under you with my hand to rub your clit and press it into my motions and you would feel my sweaty tummy sliding over and rhythmically humping your ass reeeeeal slow. I keep humping and tucking my hips back and forth to keep my big cock thrusting in and out of you. I think an hour of this wouldn't be too short, don't you? Don't you just go wild when your hear that wet, luscious, dirty juicy sfuck..sfuck...sfuck..sfuck..sfuck...sfuck sound as I keep thrusting my big fat round cock into every millimeter of your creamy horny fuck sucking cunt?

Can you feel my shaft tickle your horny little asshole as my dripping hot round tip keeps steadily pumping my slick precum onto the walls of your thirsty....of your thirsty hot hole as you grip and pull at me? Feel the ridge of my oozing head tugging and pulling your pouting tight cunt walls out to your swollen juicy cuntlips as your ass cheeks wrap around my hard cock shaft like a glove. My thighs and hips wrapped around your ass as I just keep humping into it?

Oh yeah baby, I know you do because your wiggling squirming ass is humping back and forth the way mine is! Maybe I will just have to pull my nasty dick out and put in a nice big fat toy. One that fills you up and hugs your clit and gives it a good pulsing buzz to pull all that energy into your hot little pea. While I kiss your dirty little rose bud with the tip of my wet penis and slide it first past one tight hungry ring. We need to stretch and cream that tight hot ringy thingy baby. Then get in through that next hungry tight ringy thingy. Do you like the way my hot round throbbing cock feels there? Let me just slide it in a little farther, in out..and in... and out...and in a bit, ooooh, grab the base of my cock babe, milk it. Milk my hot creamy fuck juice out of this big fat horny dick. Your tight hot dirty butthole is squeezing my big shaft. Yeah, that's it baby. Fucking yes, baby.

Ooooh. I want to hump your ass with my big fucking dick deep in it. Think of me humping and fucking that naughty butt of yours. Now we are giving both fucking holes some good hot dirty fucking and humping. Ooooh, squeeze it babe, massage your fat creamy ass onto my big dick. Feel me finger your hard erect burning clit, stroking that little pea, stroking your clit off. Imagine me humping you, rolling wave after wave into you. Imagine your ass and you cunt being filled up with big cock. I can feel the big vibrator in your filled cunt, it's vibrating on me, pulsing. Oh yes, it's vibrating my big dick that's up your big butt. Shit that feels good, you're so full, look at you, all filled up with dick. Such a naughty little bitch filled up in her holes.

Feel my big fat balls rubbing and grinding into your thighs as you keep holding them together, tight. When I get this aroused my nutsack gets so tight and hard, and my balls are like hard stones bursting with cum. Can you feel them grinding into your thighs and ass? But don't cum yet. I need you to fuck me more. Oh yeah babe, fuck my fucking dirty horny drippy cock with your hot hungry ass, baby. Fuck me baby, fuck it, hump yourself for me. That's it, you're so dirty, humping yourself off for this fat dirty dick up your butt. Fuck, fuck, oooh you're so hot and tight, but don't cum yet. I need your fucking. I need to churn you, churn your creamy dripping sexy ass. Hump with me, oooh yes hump with me, please just fucking fuck...fuck...fuck...

Are we having fun yet????


Oh Jesus, yessssssssss. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

I came so good last night. I wanted to hold out, I couldn't. As soon as I got into a good position, it was there, my orgasm, gripping me, ripping through every inch of my body. I had my fat purple g-spot vibe up in me and straddling and riding it on my pillow, grinding into it, buzzing between my thighs, your words echoing through my head. Humping myself, really fucking it, working it up into my hot swolen horny cunt. My hot little clit throbbing, starting to rock back and forth feeling it build, trying to stop but I can't. Im in heat, my cunt is hot for it, spreading my ass open with my hand teasing my hole with a finger.

Oh Shit yes, I need it. I feel so naughty; I'm a naughty girl for getting all hot and needing to fuck myself. A hot horny bitch humping her cunt making it feel all creamy and juicy. Really needing a good fuck. Needing a big fat dick. YOU make me fucking want it, yeah that's it. Getting me hot for your fat fucking dick, aren'tcha? Hot for big older guy dick, so naughty to get off on this. Im so horny for it, I can't stand it, get me off, you hot fuck. Make me be a horny lil bitch, humping myself, all day. Getting my cunt off, knowing you're pumping your fat dick while you type to me, oozing slick pre-cum juice for me.

Oooh fuck yes, make me need it, my pussy is quivering. I'm a little horny bitch in heat for Daddy's dick. Look at me, and my naughty cunt. Creaming myself, my hot clit throbbing, so fucking swolen, my clit is swelled up like a little dick; I'm going to stroke it. Yeahhh, little bitch stroking her clit off.

Fuck Yeah, Daddy.

God, dont stop. So fucking naughty, getting myself off to your words. Wanting to read more, your hot naughty words making me hot for it. Making me so hot and creamy. Wanting hot horny fat dick, pleaseeeee. A big fat purple dick head massaging me, yeah that's naughty. Your dick head massaging my my horny clit. I want dick, I'm horny for it. I neeeeed humped, get your dick off on me, make me sloppy. Make it feel good, your dick head creaming itself all over me. Hot horny fuck juice oozing out of that fat cock, yeahhh, shit, yes. Get it in me, cream it all over me, big hot creamy dick. Get off in me, get your dick off, be naughty for me.

Be a naughty fuck, fucking a younger girl, that's hot. Getting yourself off on it, oooh yes. I can't stop, I want more, do it for me. God you make me in heat, so fucking horny for your hot older man dick, that's it. Hot Daddy dick, be my Daddy. Fuck your lil girly pussy. Get off on her, oh shit, Daddy. I need it, please, get your dick in me, hump it. I like it when Daddy humps on me, he's being so naughty. Makes my pussy creamy, it's oozing out of me. My little girly cunt is oozing creamy juice. Get it real sloppy Daddy, your naughty little girl likes it fuckin' real sloppy. Big hot dirty Dad dick fucking bald lil pussy, that's it.

Real dirty and hot, I need it. I need to hump, let me hump on you Daddy, you like that? You like your girl in heat to hump you? Can I Daddy, I love your fat Daddy balls, big hot hangy balls, filled with fuck juice, is that it Daddy? Does that feel good, your little girl with her bald creamy pussy getting hot for her Daddy.......please don't stop.......

Written by: naughtygirl69s

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